Dead by Daylight | Greek Legends Collection Trailer


  1. Curelia

    Curelia時間 前


  2. kurenai sensei

    kurenai sensei12 時間 前

    where's the skin for my grandpa bill ??????????????????????????????

  3. Mulberry

    Mulberry17 時間 前

    Spirit's hair in-game looks nothing like the trailer's hair, what gives?

  4. Oh Zai

    Oh Zai日 前

    Is this collection limited edition or here to stay?

  5. Fragonus

    Fragonus日 前

    The Minotaur looks mighty good. ~

  6. Batteri Blitz

    Batteri Blitz日 前

    I saw the notification for this and I thought it was a new chapter lmao

  7. abbsnn cose

    abbsnn cose17 時間 前

    Why does this look like mortal kombat

  8. Johnny Topside

    Johnny Topside日 前

    I accidentally misread the title as “Geek Legends” at first.

  9. johnsbanana

    johnsbanana日 前

    I’m so gay for that feng min

  10. alida flus

    alida flus日 前

    Неделю ошибка у половина игроков, они скины хуярят. Молодцы разрабы!

  11. M644theawesome

    M644theawesome2 日 前

    I wonder if Springtrap/William Afton from Fnaf would be an interesting killer in the game

  12. DerpyCake777

    DerpyCake7772 日 前

    No matter what happens the spirt will always get a new fucking skin.

  13. Jackie Santos

    Jackie Santos2 日 前

    So we're going to all full Greek mythology now huh

  14. Jake Wizard

    Jake Wizard2 日 前

    that is the most badass oni skin

  15. bilias hour

    bilias hour2 日 前

    They did a very well job and detail to everything especially the oni

  16. Barbecue & Chili

    Barbecue & Chili2 日 前

    That feng skin daamn ...spirit outfit is awesome first time covering her body

  17. Louie Velez

    Louie Velez2 日 前

    They missed their chance with Kate being goddess of love :(

  18. bilias hour

    bilias hour2 日 前

    Wow this got me recommend 4 days late. Is Yui skin still available??

  19. Noah

    Noah2 日 前

    Artemis skin for huntress. That's it.

  20. Kayaba Akihiko

    Kayaba Akihiko2 日 前

    That fing min

  21. Daniel Daman

    Daniel Daman2 日 前

    Aaand I'm horny, goddamnit Minotaur

  22. Yuna

    Yuna2 日 前

    Hag as Medusa would be neat

  23. Jovana T

    Jovana T2 日 前

    dayumm this looks good even tho i dont play the game

  24. Shilcha May

    Shilcha May2 日 前

    Feng is goddess... Her skin is no joke

  25. Da_Boss_3807

    Da_Boss_38072 日 前

    Why does this look like mortal kombat

  26. Dani Rivera

    Dani Rivera2 日 前

    Yui one sucks, like make her have more of a greek aesthetic. I don’t like it, but everything else looks really cool.

  27. _ •KRYPTON•_

    _ •KRYPTON•_2 日 前

    Неделю ошибка у половина игроков, они скины хуярят. Молодцы разрабы!

  28. Gonçalo Cardoso

    Gonçalo Cardoso2 日 前

    clown and mino are top , the rest is just meh.. david looks horrible

  29. Brandon Browning

    Brandon Browning2 日 前

    I think all the characters look good in the new greek skins but I have to say David king and the oni are coolest ones and the fact they are in the same pack makes it even better because you got david king a brawler vs an ancient Japanese demon of samurai descent which in my opinion is freaking awesome because these two characters have to be my favorite even though I never got to play the game.

  30. Luanderson Vicent

    Luanderson Vicent2 日 前

    Why the skins I want is always the last one to be release? T-T 1 week more do get my Goodness Jane

  31. Elementroar

    Elementroar2 日 前

    Clown should’ve been Dionysus imo, throwing intoxicating wine clouds and swirling an amphorae

  32. Ellie X3

    Ellie X32 日 前

    Wish one for Kate too 😭 Even thu rin , Feng and yuis Are so lovely 😎

  33. The dancing jelly dounut

    The dancing jelly dounut2 日 前

    The oni skin looks pretty cool, props for such a great job for developers

  34. Juice Fi

    Juice Fi3 日 前

    Wow this got me recommend 4 days late. Is Yui skin still available??

  35. master kang

    master kang3 日 前

    David's new skin is so cool!!!

  36. Golden_Hatty

    Golden_Hatty3 日 前

    Fix the game.

  37. Dominic Garcia

    Dominic Garcia3 日 前

    can we might get a left 4 dead legends skins like The clown have a boomer skin ,Plague have a spitter skin , and the legion have a hunter skin ?

  38. Xighlont

    Xighlont3 日 前

    The spirit looks like revenant lui kang

  39. Cedie Abellana

    Cedie Abellana3 日 前

    They should release house of wax. A community of wax figured people.

  40. mixio hili

    mixio hili3 日 前

    Please change oni’s scream to a more scary one, also the kanobo to an axe! Who agrees?

  41. kokam2

    kokam23 日 前

    Never anything for Jake and when he does get a new skin its dog crap

  42. Futtapat 910

    Futtapat 9103 日 前

    This is where Percy Jackson comes usefull...

  43. Tadeo Coronel

    Tadeo Coronel3 日 前

    4 new future killers:Slenderman, jason,djinn and art the clown

  44. Alexi

    Alexi3 日 前

    Welp there goes all my money again

  45. GRIM REAPER1616

    GRIM REAPER16163 日 前

    For some dumb reason I thought they had a new killer. Damn I can't read

  46. Эмиральдов :3

    Эмиральдов :33 日 前


  47. swaggy chips

    swaggy chips3 日 前

    Oni skin looks hella fire tho

  48. George Raptidis

    George Raptidis3 日 前

    I'm Greek and I find most of these to be SO BAD. Like come on guys... is that the best you can do?

  49. ismael marrero sosa

    ismael marrero sosa3 日 前

    Lame of company

  50. cnmmd qiuoo

    cnmmd qiuoo3 日 前

    guys from this part of the world itself. Please understand.

  51. Kyle

    Kyle3 日 前

    These developers are now more concerned with their next quick cash grab than the actual gameplay, none of the developers play the game properly any more and the ones that might do seem to have no say or cant be bothered as long as they can pay the bills. If more people stopped spending money on this game then the developers might actually get some incentive to make gameplay more smooth and this tick rate system in which hitboxes are tied to a more stable and playable stance. i do not play this game to be stressed as garlic breath cote says, i play this to have fun and if i am not having that i will not be handing any money over for expensive cosmetics that are now whole outfits that cannot be mixed or matched with other items of clothing.

  52. Kvin7 Land

    Kvin7 Land3 日 前

    Может что-то про коронавирус...

  53. Kvin7 Land

    Kvin7 Land3 日 前

    @cnmmd qiuoo таки да, но коронавирус было бы в тему

  54. cnmmd qiuoo

    cnmmd qiuoo3 日 前

    damn, that oni ? and feng min ? she look gorgeous

  55. voldemort

    voldemort3 日 前

    I hoped for medusa

  56. sss ,aaa

    sss ,aaa3 日 前

    အစပြုသူတွေကိုရည်ရွယ်ထားတဲ့ဆွဲဆောင်မှုရှိတဲ့လူသတ်သမားတွေအများကြီးရှိတယ်။ လုံခြုံစိတ်ချမှုမရှိပါ၊ ဖျားနာမှုကြောင့်အသံများကိုမကြားနိုင်၊ မကြားနိုင်သူများအတွက်လည်းထည့်သွင်းစဉ်းစားခြင်းမရှိပါ။ ငါဟာဒီဂိမ်းအတွက်ပိုက်ဆံပေးရတဲ့လူထုံပေါ့။

  57. Dying Waffle

    Dying Waffle3 日 前

    Damnit ofc they put the feng skin last😭 take my money I want it now😤

  58. ok boomer

    ok boomer3 日 前

    FR 😭😭 like I can’t wait that long 😭✨

  59. Reverse X

    Reverse X3 日 前

    Please change oni’s scream to a more scary one, also the kanobo to an axe! Who agrees?

  60. Peter Parker

    Peter Parker3 日 前

    Oooh thiccy jane

  61. lin

    lin3 日 前

    adam wears fendi?

  62. : Chef :

    : Chef :3 日 前

    I really don’t care about Greek mythology, Egyptian stuff is way cooler, but that’s none of my business

  63. ً

    ً3 日 前


  64. Tythemagicguy06

    Tythemagicguy063 日 前

    Why do the guys look like they are wearing knock Off Versace 😂

  65. darkblueCAROLS

    darkblueCAROLS3 日 前

    Woahhhh Feng Min looks so gooooooood

  66. Zach North

    Zach North3 日 前

    Food for thought.. wendigo next killer?

  67. Solely Manual

    Solely Manual3 日 前

    Oni skin is the best one