DDG - Toxic (Audio)


  1. Heriberto Rodriguez

    Heriberto Rodriguez2 日 前

    It sounds he sampled the bees- I love you , both good

  2. Ahmaud

    Ahmaud3 日 前

    Where’s the music video?

  3. Kendel Hall

    Kendel Hall3 日 前

    We’re the music video?

  4. AI Wilson DW

    AI Wilson DW4 日 前

    2mil otw

  5. Josiah Ward

    Josiah Ward6 日 前

    Who still bumping this because it’s a banger🔥

  6. AlwaysEcho

    AlwaysEcho6 日 前

    Who’s here after exotics

  7. Devan Vallee

    Devan Vallee7 日 前

    That baby would look hella cute no homo ddg

  8. Faycel Guelaia

    Faycel Guelaia10 日 前

    La voix comme xxtentCion

  9. Austin LLJ Y 7

    Austin LLJ Y 710 日 前

    What about if ddg and tete had a baby on the low

  10. Drip king

    Drip king10 日 前

    Who else ain't forget this

  11. WaterNoAqua

    WaterNoAqua10 日 前

    this shit too fire to forget

  12. Jxmmi Reacts

    Jxmmi Reacts11 日 前


  13. Zack Sohayda

    Zack Sohayda12 日 前

    we need a video for this one boys

  14. Kidus Dereje Degefaw

    Kidus Dereje Degefaw13 日 前

    Ddg is the best rapper on JPreporter

  15. Milo Bandz1

    Milo Bandz113 日 前

    💔🥀😪 listening to this on repeat cause I’m going thru something bad right now

  16. DMV Weezy

    DMV Weezy14 日 前

    This song tuff💪🏾 tho

  17. Lesuh Mona

    Lesuh Mona16 日 前


  18. Kell Edwards

    Kell Edwards16 日 前

    I fucking love this song 😭😭😭 I keep this shit on repeat. & honestly it deserves way more views!

  19. TOOxCOOLxEHY Pascual

    TOOxCOOLxEHY Pascual17 日 前

    Ddg’s best somg imo why only 1 mil views

  20. David

    David13 日 前

    Video will do more views

  21. TOOxCOOLxEHY Pascual

    TOOxCOOLxEHY Pascual17 日 前

    Did kennedy have a miscarriage?

  22. jason yt

    jason yt17 日 前

    How am I just finding dis out they had a miscarriage?

  23. That GirlM

    That GirlM6 日 前


  24. anonym 116

    anonym 11617 日 前

    such a banger

  25. mr pimp

    mr pimp18 日 前

    This deserves to be platinum


    LIFE AS KIYY18 日 前

    This bih poo asf

  27. NGG TV

    NGG TV18 日 前

    Why am I now just finding out about this🤦🏾‍♂️

  28. Youtube Viewer

    Youtube Viewer日 前


  29. Sammy The cooker

    Sammy The cooker11 日 前

    Ur late omg 😂

  30. Daylin Robinson

    Daylin Robinson18 日 前


  31. James William

    James William18 日 前

    I’m writing this shit cause I’m in my muhfuckin feelings nigga

  32. Lafanna Williams

    Lafanna Williams19 日 前

    Awwww my baby in his feelings... mekkin joke witcha 1st Love..... kennedy Please Come Back To DDG

  33. Kenai Mitchell

    Kenai Mitchell19 日 前

    Still listening

  34. Horsey Prodd

    Horsey Prodd20 日 前

    he said "by the time you realize i'll be taken'" Real Talk

  35. Michael Derr

    Michael Derr20 日 前

    I know how you feel ddg my ex was the same way

  36. Deluxe Nofuxz

    Deluxe Nofuxz20 日 前

    New song...same subject....can the streets listen to something?please!

  37. Vshawn Webster

    Vshawn Webster21 日 前


  38. Sonic The Hedgehog

    Sonic The Hedgehog21 日 前

    THIS SHIT SLAP!!!!!!!

  39. Franklin Cooper

    Franklin Cooper21 日 前

    THIS IS King James BTW DDG music fire like this if you want my auto graph

  40. Julian Smith

    Julian Smith22 日 前

    Definitely his best song

  41. YuZ

    YuZ22 日 前

    This is a banger.

  42. Honestly Isaiah

    Honestly Isaiah23 日 前

    Ouuu this song nice



    after this song Kennedy and DDG are never getting back together 😂😂

  44. Kenny Anderson

    Kenny Anderson17 日 前

    sad but true😭



    Use this to listen to da song again <a href="#" class="seekto" data-time="0">0:00</a>

  46. custom trucks off-road Outlaws

    custom trucks off-road Outlaws24 日 前

    He the best um teetee disrespect

  47. Prada XI

    Prada XI24 日 前

    Wait did they lose their baby is that why he wants a kid so bad bc he had one but lost him

  48. Babie Sagie

    Babie Sagie24 日 前

    I love this song soooo muchh

  49. saron banks

    saron banks24 日 前

    Facts if dog had a baby with Kennedy👼

  50. TheMusic Analyser

    TheMusic Analyser24 日 前

    Go get your wife bro bro

  51. h ejg fb thwj bc .

    h ejg fb thwj bc .25 日 前


  52. J G

    J G25 日 前

    see wat u did ddg u made me text my ex broh

  53. alvine mkalla

    alvine mkalla25 日 前


  54. Red Asian

    Red Asian25 日 前

    Like if this song on repeat💕

  55. Ksavage13 CD GOD

    Ksavage13 CD GOD26 日 前

    “Even though we lost the baby, I still wonder if we didn’t.” That’s tough😔

  56. NEON Official

    NEON Official26 日 前

    Bump this in the whip at night time.

  57. Judah Douglas

    Judah Douglas26 日 前

    you hard bruh I know how you feel

  58. Nathaly Lopez

    Nathaly Lopez26 日 前

    I rlly fw your music it go hard

  59. Itstazz

    Itstazz27 日 前

    no disrespect i love ddg and all but the song sounds so similar to another song but his one be hittin hard on the next level

  60. some 1

    some 127 日 前

    fist time i listened to this song i didn’t like it but now it’s one of my top songs on replay.

  61. YourRAGEvsYourREVENGE

    YourRAGEvsYourREVENGE28 日 前


  62. Jaidens World

    Jaidens World28 日 前

    this man great with his music



    Like this if you’re here before he BLOW UP

  64. iBRAEYON

    iBRAEYON28 日 前

    PRETTYGURLDEJ To be honest I’m not but he’s still one of my favorite JPreporterrs and soon as you click that subscribe button and turn on post notifications the you are official in the DDG FAMILY

  65. Amaya Booker

    Amaya Booker29 日 前

    I think this is my favorite song by you ❤️❤️ the beat, lyrics, allat I’m fw it

  66. Nathan Peterson

    Nathan Peterson29 日 前

    been here since the collage vids no cap

  67. Yizzy

    Yizzy29 日 前

    Shit hitting kinda different rn ngl

  68. TayVionne Edwards

    TayVionne Edwardsヶ月 前

    Yall this is all a big scam They really still together he could never let her go

  69. Dontell Wilkins

    Dontell Wilkinsヶ月 前

    You snapped no bappp🔥

  70. Ayanah Ijames

    Ayanah Ijamesヶ月 前

    This junk go crazyyyyyyyy

  71. Krisztina Gáspár

    Krisztina Gáspárヶ月 前

    This music gives new emotions.

  72. CashmirVlogs

    CashmirVlogsヶ月 前



    EVA BELLAヶ月 前

    A vibe

  74. Gaming 4 Clout

    Gaming 4 Cloutヶ月 前

    Wait ...... Kennedy was pregnant?

  75. Sebastian Alonso

    Sebastian Alonsoヶ月 前

    All the ppl who disliked it is out of their fucking mind

  76. Hear my words

    Hear my wordsヶ月 前

    <a href="#" class="seekto" data-time="13">0:13</a> what if this song lowkey bout riley 😂 (~jkjk)

  77. HZ Killz

    HZ Killzヶ月 前

    This needs to blow up ASAP niggas need to wake up 💯

  78. paradoxoncrack

    paradoxoncrackヶ月 前

    Almost 1.4 million

  79. Janiah Martin

    Janiah Martinヶ月 前

    AYE that was fire

  80. r3ckless ron2x

    r3ckless ron2xヶ月 前

    I fw this

  81. jiraiya the toad sage

    jiraiya the toad sageヶ月 前

    I'm proud of ddg most JPreporterrs music be cringy asl but he deadass talented

  82. Taj M

    Taj Mヶ月 前

    Yeah I ain't writin' this shit 'cause I'm in my mu'fuckin' feelings, nigga Yeah Love you, I just used to love you Now I wouldn't touch you or see what you been up to Nowadays it's fuck you, I was tryna fix this shit You ain't even want to, why the fuck I want you This shit finna haunt you, all them bitches want me I ain't gotta fake it The bitches that you hangin' with ain't like you 'til you made it When you seen me with another bitch you couldn't take it A couple other bitches that you with I seen 'em naked When I sent them roses to yo crib, the shit was cool though See you at the function next week, with a dude though I already knew though, it's fuckin' with my mood though Now I'm in the clubs and I'm lookin' for a new ho Not a ho, a lowkey girl, still in school though Could've drove the car to Mexico, but we flew though Blowin' on this gas and it feel like I'm in Pluto (Pluto) Stayin' repeatin' I gotta go Do I still love you?, I never know If I'm tellin' too much then let me know But if some shit was done in the dark it gotta show Stayin' repeatin' I gotta go Do I still love you?, I never know If I'm tellin' too much then let me know But if some shit was done in the dark it gotta show Young, rich teens, when I met you, you was innocent Started off great, I was hopin' we could finish it Love in the air everytime that we got intament Messaged you on Instagram, I'm thinkin' 'bout unsendin' it 'Member you got pregnant and we rushed up to the clinic You was scared, but I hadn't been that happy in a minute Even though we lost a baby, I'm still wonderin' if we didn't Would we still be together?, probably not, who am I kiddin' We was toxic, really we was toxic Our relationship was not shit Shit was outta pocket You was playin' games the whole time like a bop it Can't cry over spilled milk, we gotta mop it I'm just really datin', prayin' you not hatin' I wanna see you happy, please don't let that be mistaken By the time you realize it's no better, I'll be taken (By the time you realize it's no better, I'll be taken) Stayin' repeatin' I gotta go Do I still love you?, I never know If I'm tellin' too much then let me know But if some shit was done in the dark it gotta show Stayin' repeatin' I gotta go Do I still love you?, I never know If I'm tellin' too much then let me know But if some shit was done in the dark it gotta show

  83. Amya Myers

    Amya Myersヶ月 前

    i am in love with this song

  84. Miyana Thomas

    Miyana Thomasヶ月 前

    Sorry about the baby but the song is fire

  85. Money jordan_

    Money jordan_ヶ月 前


  86. GLOOM btw

    GLOOM btwヶ月 前

    Drop the video 🤍🦦

  87. 10,000 subscribers with 0 videos before June

    10,000 subscribers with 0 videos before Juneヶ月 前

    All his songs are linked in some way