DDG - Cotton Mouth (Official Music Video)


  1. The DDG Family

    The DDG Familyヶ月 前

    Make a tiktok & triller and use #CottonMouthChallenge IM REPOSTING THE BEST ONES!! 🔥🔥

  2. PayDay Rich

    PayDay Rich18 日 前

    The DDG Family sign me

  3. unknownK2

    unknownK219 日 前

    I fw u bro 🗣💯

  4. ImDaOne DellyBandz

    ImDaOne DellyBandz19 日 前

    This slap

  5. Ysn- Gunna

    Ysn- Gunna22 日 前

    this shit fireeeeeeeeeeee

  6. Kam Moten

    Kam Moten22 日 前

    Smoking big blunts of that ddg bc that boy fiya💪🏾🔥🔥

  7. Fragrance Musiq

    Fragrance Musiq日 前

    I respect your work bro💯✔

  8. Angel Vazquez

    Angel Vazquez3 日 前


  9. vonie

    vonie3 日 前


  10. Unice Wright

    Unice Wright5 日 前

    I love that JPreporter video who is sexy DDG😍😍😍

  11. Unice Wright

    Unice Wright5 日 前


  12. Unice Wright

    Unice Wright5 日 前


  13. Unice Wright

    Unice Wright5 日 前


  14. 6 9

    6 95 日 前

    Bro his music getting better and the new song that gonna come out sounds fire as fuck

  15. Keyro Griffin

    Keyro Griffin6 日 前


  16. Cronos pLm

    Cronos pLm7 日 前

    Luke Cage

  17. nicholas wolf

    nicholas wolf8 日 前

    You like ganja now huh 🤔

  18. Zakaria Keyse

    Zakaria Keyse8 日 前

    This song is💯🔥🔥

  19. Maya Group

    Maya Group8 日 前

    Fire song frl but are just gon ignore that he's not inhaling at all

  20. Querencia.tv

    Querencia.tv8 日 前

    Awesome Work 👍

  21. Linda Sosa

    Linda Sosa8 日 前

    You smoke ????

  22. James Bond

    James Bond9 日 前

    This shit lowkey go crazy

  23. Alexander TheGoatDiamond

    Alexander TheGoatDiamond9 日 前

    I dead ass can't stop listening to this song

  24. Joseph Dinero

    Joseph Dinero9 日 前

    solid visuals, I like your style and taste in instrumentals. can't really see a meaning behind the song tho, lack of a story but the lyrics are cool. in my opinion; I like your work tho

  25. RUTV Highlights

    RUTV Highlights9 日 前

    THIS SLAPS🥶🔥🔥🔥

  26. Tamara Hopson

    Tamara Hopson10 日 前

    Issa BOP! 🔥

  27. Bradley 12

    Bradley 1210 日 前

    First time that l saw ddg smoking

  28. Abenzer _s

    Abenzer _s10 日 前


  29. d w . Baltimore

    d w . Baltimore10 日 前


  30. TheBoyPresident !

    TheBoyPresident !11 日 前



    FRAXILLE11 日 前

    shoutout to the guitarist, melody fye ong

  32. Mr.bracewavyy

    Mr.bracewavyy11 日 前

    He doesn’t eve know how to inhale the gas

  33. Rayybandz

    Rayybandz12 日 前

    Hey DDG I think a lot of your viewers would love to see a video of you going in depth on strategies and tips to building a following on JPreporter from zero followers.

  34. famousqueen_k gang

    famousqueen_k gang12 日 前

    This is my fav song on god it go hard.🤩😍😍

  35. shamer figueroa

    shamer figueroa12 日 前


  36. stankaa bee

    stankaa bee13 日 前

    I like this song tho no dick riding shit

  37. Kaya Drew

    Kaya Drew13 日 前


  38. Natalie Hall

    Natalie Hall13 日 前

    Love this song, well done bro 💕 Cotton mouth streamed Spotify 💕 I want the smooooke

  39. Big steppa

    Big steppa13 日 前

    I would’ve been smackin tf outta that wood

  40. LugoTheManHD

    LugoTheManHD13 日 前

    This shit fire 🔥

  41. Lazae Jenkins

    Lazae Jenkins13 日 前


  42. Gaming with tony

    Gaming with tony14 日 前

    Fire as hell

  43. Gaming with tony

    Gaming with tony14 日 前

    Really watcha talm bout

  44. Shoota 300

    Shoota 30014 日 前

    Any way I can posted on here?🤝

  45. Samson Pihema

    Samson Pihema14 日 前

    Underrated asf!!

  46. khema h

    khema h14 日 前

    This cud be a hit just need to be longer .... I love it tho I'm just a 4 min girl js

  47. Wiremu Barlow

    Wiremu Barlow14 日 前


  48. dif elfo ficj Ed goe

    dif elfo ficj Ed goe15 日 前

    lmao over three million fans and only got a little over 300k views this song was not it dawg lol some of your songs lit though

  49. Roscoe Realshit1

    Roscoe Realshit115 日 前


  50. Marchello Christian

    Marchello Christian15 日 前


  51. שלמה מוגס

    שלמה מוגס15 日 前


  52. Tj

    Tj15 日 前

    I subscribed bruh where that bread at I need a come up been down to long

  53. Eric Jaramillo

    Eric Jaramillo15 日 前

    Yo @DDG This Shit Slapped Iaint even gon lie b this MF a Banger!💯💯🔥🔥

  54. KingzMen

    KingzMen15 日 前

    Ts ass dog

  55. The Ancient Netherlands

    The Ancient Netherlands16 日 前


  56. Loc China

    Loc China16 日 前


  57. Poetic Jonnie

    Poetic Jonnie16 日 前

    This shit fire. Come to New York.

  58. Poetic Jonnie

    Poetic Jonnie16 日 前

    Travis Scott feature???

  59. Golden Eagle

    Golden Eagle16 日 前

    This song should already have a million views ‼️‼️‼️‼️‼️‼️‼️‼️‼️‼️‼️

  60. Derek Wilson

    Derek Wilson14 日 前

    It does

  61. ishmael hairston

    ishmael hairston16 日 前


  62. Dominique Wilson

    Dominique Wilson16 日 前

    🗑 (trash)

  63. Diamond Pink

    Diamond Pink16 日 前

    Ok I love this ppl sleeping

  64. Venise Brantley

    Venise Brantley16 日 前

    I love it!!

  65. SIR ALZZ

    SIR ALZZ17 日 前

    Song is fire but comon we both know ur not a smoker 😭

  66. Sean_ Trolls

    Sean_ Trolls17 日 前