DAY6 "You Were Beautiful(예뻤어) & Congratulations"_ DAY6 2ND WORLD TOUR 'GRAVITY'


  1. Tessa lonika

    Tessa lonika7 時間 前

    lagu galau se juta umat, bye

  2. Namgay Donka Bhutia

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  3. min

    min11 時間 前

    4:50 4:50 4:50 4:50 4:50

  4. mnlila

    mnlila17 時間 前

    Im so stupid that I didnt stan them right away OOF

  5. Integer Numbers

    Integer Numbers18 時間 前

    Really fall in love with this group

  6. Natalie Bouley

    Natalie Bouley19 時間 前

    Oh no the lyrics to you were beautiful literally got me in tears dhmu I'll be crying over here if you need me

  7. Javiera Camacho

    Javiera Camacho19 時間 前

    Day6 itself is a masterpiece! I think the world is better only by their existance, they're are so precious:c

  8. Hannam Dong

    Hannam Dong20 時間 前

    New MyDay hereeeeee😭🥺

  9. Bethany H

    Bethany H日 前

    They are unbelievable!!!! Their style of music is my favorite!!!! And they are one of them best by far!!!!

  10. Kim Gwihan

    Kim Gwihan日 前

    This video just reminds me of my parents love story🥺 But now my mom found another man😬

  11. Hilda Deer

    Hilda Deer日 前

    Congratulations is my fav song from day6

  12. 우지Teletubbie

    우지Teletubbie日 前

    i just stumbled upon this song accidentally, and they're really good. i should have been here earlier.

  13. Samantha Mae Legaspi

    Samantha Mae Legaspi日 前

    Yeh eaJ!!!!!

  14. M Lee

    M Lee日 前

    Okay.. so my boyfriend and i broke up today.. and this video hit 100x more than usual..

  15. nemo ndr

    nemo ndr日 前

    Show this to your friends who still sleep on their music. My friend showed this to me and now I am Myday

  16. 너랑 나You.N.I

    너랑 나You.N.I日 前

    I love how young k improvises the rap part :)

  17. adelia khrisna

    adelia khrisna日 前

    hallo from Indonesia~! lagu ini tidak sengaja terputar, dan saya baru pertama kali dengar dan langsung suka sekali dengan lagu ini... much love from indonesia yaa~!

  18. An Binh Nguyen

    An Binh Nguyen日 前

    this video clip is really healing myself thooooooo

  19. Kyon Kyon

    Kyon Kyon日 前

    everytime I hear these songs (You Were Beautiful, Congratulations) my emotions eventually dropped. It's like I'm hurting too.

  20. ashee 96

    ashee 96日 前

    Sungjin miss u

  21. mekayla putri

    mekayla putri2 日 前

    sumpah gue yang bukan nge stan day6 , aja kagum anying sama vocal nya gilaaa !!

  22. Nurul Ainun

    Nurul Ainun2 日 前


  23. Yan Olmedo

    Yan Olmedo2 日 前

    Beautiful 😭😭😭😭😭

  24. MrCat on Drugs

    MrCat on Drugs2 日 前

    i wondering is this show in korean? why the fan know exactly the lyrics? and the title is world tour?

  25. Izzati Hariffin

    Izzati Hariffin日 前

    This was the start of their Gravity tour last year. It kicked off in Seoul, Korea, like their other tours/concerts..

  26. xiu seven

    xiu seven日 前

    Their last world tour names gravity.

  27. xiu seven

    xiu seven日 前

    This is one of Day6 concerts!

  28. Jy

    Jy2 日 前

    this is a masterpiece.

  29. Kenneth Paul Navarette

    Kenneth Paul Navarette2 日 前

    This is great in a band there are four singers..., Plus the song's are pretty beaitiful..

  30. Nurlaila Purnama

    Nurlaila Purnama2 日 前

    Well, we need online concert pls:)

  31. ᄒ97년생처돌이

    ᄒ97년생처돌이2 日 前

    박성진씨..................... 보고싶어

  32. zhuldyz bakzhan

    zhuldyz bakzhan2 日 前

    it's soo beautiful like omg!!! i just became a fan and i want to cryyyy 😭😭

  33. SABA TV

    SABA TV2 日 前

    Good beautiful happy weekend nice creativity have a nice day👍👍👍😘😍

  34. emily s

    emily s2 日 前

    day6 world domination

  35. Bini bini

    Bini bini2 日 前

    This song is so sad

  36. jihan zayn

    jihan zayn2 日 前

    all the member have beautifull voice

  37. Dan Lazarte

    Dan Lazarte3 日 前

    But how could you not love Day 6? They are too perfect to be ignored.

  38. yas bitch

    yas bitch3 日 前

    sungjin miss u so muchhhhh

  39. yas bitch

    yas bitch3 日 前

    2:53 am, yes this is the best time to watch this :)

  40. zelvy syabani

    zelvy syabani3 日 前

    This is the first time for Day6 stage i have watch, and i appreciated. It's so so so good song i feel blessed:)

  41. Yan Lin

    Yan Lin3 日 前

    Love every song 🥰 whenever I listen your songs I feel like no tension at all...😊😊😊😊

  42. caramel machiato

    caramel machiato3 日 前

    i came back here everyday

  43. Day Walker

    Day Walker3 日 前

    I like the voice of the guy playing the acoustic guitar....kind of has a little rasp to it

  44. M J

    M J3 日 前

    That is Sungjin. He is the leader of the group :)

  45. pirzandss -

    pirzandss -3 日 前

    like Day6, from Indonesia...

  46. pirzandss -

    pirzandss -3 日 前

    love love love love love.....

  47. Jennifer Pascual

    Jennifer Pascual3 日 前


  48. rose prk

    rose prk3 日 前

    This is so beautiful

  49. Arti Jumi

    Arti Jumi3 日 前

    I love you 💚💚💚

  50. kwkwkwkw

    kwkwkwkw3 日 前

    Vocal of JYP 🤍

  51. Joseph Jovencio Valerio III

    Joseph Jovencio Valerio III3 日 前

    JYPE songs are so good!

  52. Essa Anne

    Essa Anne3 日 前

    Thank's to Ben&Ben Cover of "You Were Beautiful" I am now a fan of Day 6. My kind of Music! Downloaded it on my Spotify! Make this group famous, please! Tired of seeing sing and dance kpop! hahahhahaha!

  53. 풀필Full-Feeled

    풀필Full-Feeled3 日 前


  54. AC

    AC4 日 前

    guys,,i don't really know a lot about day6 but i cried... this performance literally brought tears to my eyes... a really REALLY GREAT song ❤️ all the power and blessings to Day6. Thank you for this beautiful song

  55. Jemela Llanes

    Jemela Llanes4 日 前

    Walang kupas. Kahit anong balik ko dito, ang magical at sakit pa rin :(

  56. Herman Santoso

    Herman Santoso4 日 前

    This is masterpieces

  57. SillyWolfCatty Gamer

    SillyWolfCatty Gamer4 日 前

    “you were beautiful” was the song that made me a myday 🥺🥺

  58. Izabelle Yaba

    Izabelle Yaba4 日 前

    damn bro imagine being able to attend their concert, hearing them live, and drowning in tears

  59. shxxk *

    shxxk *4 日 前

    I'm not a fan of them but I like "you were beautiful" because it's sounds good when it covered by Ben & Ben then i check it out.

  60. Denisia

    Denisia18 時間 前

    Same! Only knew Day6 thru Jae and his podcast. Checked out this video after Ben&Ben’s cover then happily fell into a rabbit hole after hahaha

  61. widyaningsih suprapti

    widyaningsih suprapti4 日 前


  62. kelly Saja

    kelly Saja4 日 前

    Tgn gw gt l. Pgn komen

  63. Amri Ani

    Amri Ani4 日 前

    So beautiful song ❤️❤️

  64. Pretchie Rhoan Legada

    Pretchie Rhoan Legada4 日 前


  65. maria

    maria4 日 前

    me in quarantine: listeningggg to day6 songssss aaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaa

  66. Raiza Valdez

    Raiza Valdez4 日 前

    I checked this out after hearing Ben&Ben's cover of You Were Beautiful. I'm glad I discovered Day6. I like their sound, they kind of remind me of The Script.

  67. V Kim

    V Kim4 日 前

    I love Day6 so so so muchhhh. Their songs fits perfectly on all of my moods. HARDCORE! ♡♡

  68. 뀨뀨

    뀨뀨4 日 前

    베이스소리 진짜 잘들린다

  69. Grim

    Grim4 日 前

    I want to cry.

  70. ia Zalde

    ia Zalde4 日 前

    Not a fan. But shems, this is ethereal. Love to be in their crowd. A very refreshing image in kpop.

  71. D Gar

    D Gar4 日 前

    Who's here because of Ben & Ben's cover of You Were Beautiful? 🤚😍 The song is indeed beautiful! ❤

  72. eyoyoyoyoyo 123

    eyoyoyoyoyo 1235 日 前

    0:46 who is that guy he's so beautiful wtf. I already heard of day6 before but I just listened to their songs now, I regret not stanning them before. Help me out guiz I looked at their profiles in google and I am so confused, the only guy that I remembered is Jae.

  73. fancy youniverse

    fancy youniverse4 日 前

    It's young k

  74. nraezazh n.

    nraezazh n.5 日 前


  75. Daniela Silva

    Daniela Silva5 日 前

    I don't know why I can't stop crying... This is so beautiful ❤👏😭

  76. latte americano

    latte americano5 日 前

    the bg vcr for congratulations..... that my tears rn

  77. Ryu Daiduji

    Ryu Daiduji5 日 前

    I am here because I want to be in that crowd someday. Like this if you want to be with me.

  78. Mich Doza

    Mich Doza5 日 前


  79. Miss Potatoface

    Miss Potatoface5 日 前

    "you were beautiful" is the song that put me in the situation to stan Day6! Thank you❤️

  80. hoely twice

    hoely twice5 日 前

    ok I'm stanning them!!!

  81. Asahew Kim

    Asahew Kim5 日 前

    The first video of Day6 that I watch and I didnt even regret watching it. They're so talented 🤧💗

  82. A man of culture

    A man of culture5 日 前

    Their concert is really one of a kind. Like everyone shuts up just to hear them sing. Diving into the sceneries their voices are creating. Really beautiful .

  83. Maria Isabel

    Maria Isabel5 日 前

    Woah their vocals are no joke💙

  84. bong bong

    bong bong5 日 前

    5:16 어이 박성진씨 그렇게 웃지 마쇼, 예? 콘서트 못간 마데 심장떨리니께

  85. bong bong

    bong bong5 日 前

    1:55 여기 기먼필 왜 이렇게 조곤조곤하고 애련하게 불러 사람 심장 떨리게퓨ㅠㅠㅠㅠㅠㅠ

  86. Natthida Toomjaroen

    Natthida Toomjaroen5 日 前


  87. peachy jark

    peachy jark5 日 前

    mishu sungjin

  88. peachy jark

    peachy jark5 日 前

    i miss sungjin

  89. Happy Smith

    Happy Smith5 日 前

    I stan this group!!

  90. Diana Elizabeth Catad

    Diana Elizabeth Catad5 日 前

    Ben&Ben brought me here 😅

  91. stay 1117

    stay 11175 日 前

    MyDay stealing Day6's job is so beautiful :,)

  92. rainbow-bromance

    rainbow-bromance5 日 前

    The rap in congratulations tho is so out of place. A bridge would have made it perfect. Great song tho, still.

  93. mar AF

    mar AF2 日 前

    Listen to their original one. Young K change his tones of rapping after 2-3 years bcs he said he’s not hurt anymore (kinda character development) like when Congratulations first drop in 2015.

  94. M J

    M J3 日 前

    it's a relic of their earlier songs (congratulations was their debut, pretty much everything in the 1st and second album had a rap section). most of their later songs don't have rap sections!

  95. Roxette Jumawan

    Roxette Jumawan5 日 前

    Thanks to BEN&BEN 😱😭❤

  96. Jer Tom

    Jer Tom5 日 前

    I Miss them so much

  97. hu wan s

    hu wan s5 日 前

    I came here after watching ben and ben rendition of you were beautiful and indeed u guys were so beautiful. I want to know you all the more!

  98. Akina Maulana

    Akina Maulana5 日 前


  99. Charms Benigno

    Charms Benigno5 日 前

    Here coz of ben&ben haha

  100. Nanda Aisyah

    Nanda Aisyah5 日 前

    i miss them so much

  101. Bandana Bashyal

    Bandana Bashyal5 日 前

    An exol here .. and always open for vocal groups

  102. Prime Minister A

    Prime Minister A5 日 前

    Days6 Congratulation...

  103. W

    W5 日 前

    MAHAL KO KAYOOOOO you heal me

  104. Jadeyy Corpuz

    Jadeyy Corpuz5 日 前

    my two favorite song in one video. I'm so blessed

  105. cha means tea

    cha means tea5 日 前


  106. im nayeung

    im nayeung6 日 前

    my two fav songs:))

  107. BTStuspatrones__ inyourheart

    BTStuspatrones__ inyourheart6 日 前

    Me encantó chama

  108. kiara;

    kiara;6 日 前

    no puedo dejar de verlo.