Danganronpa Series - ALL Deaths and Executions [ENTIRE SERIES SPOILERS]


  1. Broccoli luvs Kokichi

    Broccoli luvs Kokichi時間 前

    Me: *starts watching dr V3 gameplay* Me to myself: ok, remember to not get emotionally attached to any character, they might die. Especially not to Kokichi, I know you like the rat boys but last time Nagito died too and you've already seen enough memes to know that he gets hydraylic pressed. Kokichi: *appears in the screen for one second* Me: I love him

  2. Ashilah Young

    Ashilah Young5 時間 前

    Lol mondo butter

  3. Saucii

    Saucii10 時間 前

    No one: Monokuma in Mondo's execution: 2 tImEs tHe fAt!

  4. Weaboo Idiot

    Weaboo Idiot11 時間 前

    Is nobody gonna talk about how fucked up some of the executions are?

  5. Sweet Sweet Angel malak

    Sweet Sweet Angel malak12 時間 前


  6. ALİ Eymen

    ALİ Eymen13 時間 前

    03:44 chihiro fujisaki :"( he is mi favorite...

  7. Madison Pyle

    Madison Pyle日 前

    What I find interesting in Danganronpa 2 is that in the e-handbook, Mikan’s profile shows that she dislikes oversized things and both the syringe and the arm she rode on in her execution were incredibly oversized. Beforehand in chapter one, TeruTeru is literally deep fried into a chicken drum stick and on his profile it says he dislikes junk food (a category which fried chicken DEFINITELY qualifies under). It doesn’t happen with all the executions, but it’s like Monokuma works in that extra little bit of despair for the victims

  8. Default Fish Skin

    Default Fish Skin日 前

    I think what makes the executions so scary to me is the music. It's really unsettling and oooopppp

  9. Mei MSP

    Mei MSP日 前

    I never watched Danganronpa but I knew I was watching this video I am afraid now

  10. чиби котик

    чиби котик日 前


  11. Icy Dango

    Icy Dango日 前

    The execution theme is music to my ears

  12. Buzzy Lights

    Buzzy Lights日 前

    He finally reached for the stars

  13. Miffo mupp

    Miffo mupp日 前

    Why did i klick this i hate anime

  14. Snowswirl

    Snowswirl2 日 前

    I found Junko really interesting, she survived everything except for the After School Lesson, and she’s really confident if you know what I mean

  15. finvaly

    finvaly2 日 前

    it always cracks me how happy is monokuma to bring punishment upon the notebook

  16. homucchi

    homucchi2 日 前

    21:32 Top 10 Most Satisfying Deaths

  17. Charles Ratburger

    Charles Ratburger2 日 前

    Monokuma: sadistically murders teens Also monokuma: comforts hamsters after gundhams death

  18. Charles Ratburger

    Charles Ratburger2 日 前

    Me: *skips all boring deaths*

  19. Nagito Komaeda

    Nagito Komaeda日 前




    I liked Leon to 😢

  21. Random Girl

    Random Girl2 日 前

    Great I just watched about a hour of despair

  22. Mike The Doomer

    Mike The Doomer2 日 前

    Teruteru gets deepfried Peko gets backstabbed Chiaki gets crushed Kyoko and junko gets crushed as well Mondo turns into butter Monomi gets shot by a mech controlled by monokuma Kaede gets hanged and then crushed Kirumi gets illuded into thinking she could escape And Korekiyo gets boiled alive and then his soul gets salted by the love of his life and monokuma in some weird outfit Those are the most cowardly and not laborated deaths of all times for me

  23. Ana Clara vinhote

    Ana Clara vinhote2 日 前

    O jogo é horrível prefiro o anime

  24. KoyKoy

    KoyKoy3 日 前

    I’m bout to say something controversial Monokuma is just junko’s fursona

  25. Default Fish Skin

    Default Fish Skin日 前

    KoyKoy I cackled

  26. Jamie Eller

    Jamie Eller3 日 前

    The fitst one reminds me of kitos death

  27. PrettyBluePrincess AllySunMiChin

    PrettyBluePrincess AllySunMiChin3 日 前

    I love junko's death/punishment it's the best and looks epic.

  28. UwU nuzzles n wuzzles Huggie wuggies UwU

    UwU nuzzles n wuzzles Huggie wuggies UwU3 日 前

    45:49 *ItS a LiE!*

  29. Rosie • Russell

    Rosie • Russell3 日 前

    Junko : meditating Truck : let me introduce myself

  30. Vasile Surchicin

    Vasile Surchicin3 日 前

    Why monokuma is so evil😭

  31. MusicLyrics

    MusicLyrics4 日 前

    Only kyoko and Makoto were innocent but meh

  32. Ty -YT

    Ty -YT4 日 前


  33. Freddie Taylor

    Freddie Taylor4 日 前

    31:08 GO GO POWER RANGERS!!!

  34. Pookie Pie32

    Pookie Pie324 日 前

    I have never played or watched danganronpa but holy fuck junko WHAT did you do?!????

  35. Yale Susie

    Yale Susie4 日 前

    The hamster tho

  36. astrallux

    astrallux4 日 前


  37. Cosplay Boba bean

    Cosplay Boba bean4 日 前

    When I wasn't in the Danganronpa fandom I didn't realize that Leon was being executed but now look at me watching a 53 minute video of teenagers dieing

  38. dead meme

    dead meme4 日 前

    Who was the first guy for he was never in the game

  39. david

    david4 日 前

    Poor leon

  40. Dylan Short

    Dylan Short4 日 前

    My mum: what u watching Me: throws my phone to another planet because I'm watching people die for 53 min strait

  41. Shafira Riyanto

    Shafira Riyanto4 日 前

    Prognarist can't dead! Kaede: *HOLD MY BEER*

  42. literal agony

    literal agony5 日 前

    i think the writers felt more pain than the fandom because they have to write 3 dimensional characters, so people care about them. the thing is, its hard to write 3d characters. and you'd have to write 10+ characters too, knowing they'll die, and have your hard work wasted.

  43. Precious Studios

    Precious Studios5 日 前

    Who watches this just because they like danganronpa or just wanna know the executions? lol *_wait why does Keebo destroy the academy when his ahoge just got cut off_*

  44. Fuukuma YT

    Fuukuma YT5 日 前

    Monokuma is crazy, I like it.

  45. Juan Camilo Muñoz Peña

    Juan Camilo Muñoz Peña5 日 前

    Danganronpa is cool

  46. Juan Camilo Muñoz Peña

    Juan Camilo Muñoz Peña5 日 前

    Oh yes yes

  47. Blue :3

    Blue :35 日 前

    Gundhams just makes me really sad

  48. ღ·Kone Kun·ღ

    ღ·Kone Kun·ღ5 日 前

    My friend was watching this in class...He didn't get caught

  49. Joe Schmoe

    Joe Schmoe5 日 前

    Why’s all the blood pink?

  50. Trinity Chicken

    Trinity Chicken5 日 前

    you just triggered me

  51. Manorama Rout

    Manorama Rout6 日 前

    Makoto's expressions in After school lesson were heartbreaking. Poor boy he was so terrified

  52. TheInsane Ghost

    TheInsane Ghost6 日 前

    I just realized I watched 40:00 minutes- TIME TO FINISH

  53. Panther Gamer 32

    Panther Gamer 326 日 前

    19:23 pause quick.. just why?

  54. Apples and Cream

    Apples and Cream6 日 前

    Celeste: The community The Firetruck: literally every part of the series

  55. caseicool

    caseicool6 日 前

    Celeste would have had a cooler death if the truck was more sudden

  56. Panasonic Toaster Oven

    Panasonic Toaster Oven7 日 前

    Is this a fever dream?

  57. Shoto_Izuku_BNHA

    Shoto_Izuku_BNHA7 日 前

    So... Just found out... The guy who died in Blast Off!! Was the headmaster and.... HE WAS VOICED BY J MICHEAL TATUM!

  58. Kimberly Roldan

    Kimberly Roldan7 日 前


  59. noriko the husky

    noriko the husky7 日 前

    what was that first execution?

  60. Karime Castro

    Karime Castro7 日 前

    8:13 When there’s no WiFi.

  61. Intelligent, Witty, and Full of Wisdom

    Intelligent, Witty, and Full of Wisdom7 日 前

    I love the paper/cardboard style of all of the scenes

  62. bleona !

    bleona !7 日 前

    15:10 is that season 2 ?

  63. Amatsuki

    Amatsuki8 日 前

    0:16 *_MmMmMm Crispy_*