Danganronpa - All Objections/Interjections/Refutations/Rebuttals/Identifications/Eurekas/Breaks


  1. DHC

    DHC年 前

    Note: Missing Makoto’s rebuttal in DR2, the rebuttal scene from UDG, the alt refutals from chapter 5 of DR2, and K1-B0’s interceptions. If you like this video, check out the Ace Attorney version I spent 3 weeks making here: jpreporter.net/v/%E3%83%93%E3%83%87%E3%82%AA-2lQgZ52iONU.html Also check out my blind Let's Play of Danganronpa Another Episode: Ultra Despair Girls: jpreporter.net/v/%E3%83%93%E3%83%87%E3%82%AA-aww1_8dNgQc.html

  2. Luis Enrique

    Luis Enrique18 時間 前

    1:17 Hajime and Chiaki: No That’s Wrong! My favorite moment in the franchise ☺️

  3. Luis Enrique

    Luis Enrique18 時間 前

    Law Class in Japan would be like:

  4. ItsMadd

    ItsMadd日 前

    Guys.. *_NO, THATS WRONG_*

  5. LunaTheSpade

    LunaTheSpade日 前

    Any student: **says literally anything** Anyone else: NO, THAT'S WRONG!

  6. MintyFlakes353

    MintyFlakes3532 日 前

    *D I S P A I R W I L L N E V E R D I E*

  7. Jeno Ko

    Jeno Ko3 日 前

    *N* *O* *,* *T* *H* *A* *T* *'* *S* *W* *R* *O* *N* *G*

  8. Cathycat

    Cathycat3 日 前

    2:34 Am I the only one that just notices Suichi's hat dissapearing omg

  9. Clutz Biscuits

    Clutz Biscuits3 日 前

    There’s only 1 thing 2 do 3 words 4 you! NO THATS WRONG

  10. Cândÿ Ørêo

    Cândÿ Ørêo4 日 前

    Nobody: Shuichi’s hat: aight ima head out

  11. King

    King4 日 前

    0:27 no dats wong!

  12. Masterelia

    Masterelia4 日 前

    n o t h a t s w r o n g !!!11!

  13. Coolernow

    Coolernow5 日 前

    1:00 He going K R O N K O M O D E

  14. Stinger Redshock

    Stinger Redshock6 日 前

    Makoto: No, that’s WRONG!! Nagito: NNOO, THAAT’S WROONG. I see the parallel there.

  15. Ice T

    Ice T7 日 前


  16. Mat

    Mat8 日 前

    You missed shuichi's Perjury with his hat in the optional chapter 1 lie.

  17. Fireplace Boy

    Fireplace Boy10 日 前

    What’s with the ahoges animation

  18. Yoshi705

    Yoshi70510 日 前

    imo class trial 4 in V3 has the best ones

  19. Didier Salazar

    Didier Salazar11 日 前

    Mahiro:your reasoning its out of focus Me:that danganronpa it's so serios Nekomaru:STUPID FOOL

  20. Errordr

    Errordr11 日 前

    I wonder what my Objection would be if i was in danganronpa (god forbid) Probably something along the lines of "Hold up" "Thats bullshit" Or even ripping off Ace attorneys "Objection!"

  21. Aleks

    Aleks12 日 前

    It'S aLl CoMiNg ToGeThEr! -2019, 2019

  22. dashyponie

    dashyponie12 日 前

    That's wrong.

  23. RainyAngel 205

    RainyAngel 20514 日 前

    C O N S E N T

  24. SyncOut 226

    SyncOut 22616 日 前

    0:27 Ok Nagito, you can't just steal Hajime's line

  25. Kofuku goddess of unhappiness

    Kofuku goddess of unhappiness17 日 前

    Were is my"SERESHPERE '?

  26. maaana dak

    maaana dak18 日 前

    1:00 oh yeah, its all coming together

  27. Christian Castro

    Christian Castro19 日 前


  28. rosii

    rosii19 日 前

    shuichi: *I REJECT THAT HOE*

  29. Masked Boi

    Masked Boi19 日 前

    *nO tHaTs wOnG*

  30. chichiaaki

    chichiaaki20 日 前

    0:28 nO DAt's *W O N G*

  31. シ.Cʜɪᴀᴋɪ.•

    シ.Cʜɪᴀᴋɪ.•20 日 前

    0:34 0:43 gundham ♡

  32. Exptea

    Exptea20 日 前

    I absolutely love Sonia's rebuttal. It's timed perfectly with the music and it really does make me want to bow down to her, like Hajime stated in the game.

  33. kazuichi is my husbando

    kazuichi is my husbando21 日 前

    kazuichi: too easy! me: eh-

  34. Kitty Crafters

    Kitty Crafters22 日 前

    Shuichi and Maki: THIS IS OUR ANSWER Shuichi right after: THATS WRONG

  35. Borus BB

    Borus BB25 日 前

    OBJECTION!! Oh wait wrong game franchise.

  36. TrueBlueDave Animations and Gameplays

    TrueBlueDave Animations and Gameplays26 日 前

    [ a lot of spoilers down here] Ryoma had a rebuttal showdown with kaede in chapter 1 and then dies in chapter 2 Tenko did that too in chapter 2 and dies in chapter 3 Miu did too in chapter 3 and dies in chapter 4 Kokichi also did that (not really it was a lie) in chapter 4 and dies in chapter 5

  37. uncleltr

    uncleltr27 日 前

    0:47 :'(

  38. jak daxter319

    jak daxter31929 日 前

    *no that's wrong*

  39. notgachablueberry ‘

    notgachablueberry ‘ヶ月 前

    Kaede: I’ll cut through your words! Shuichi: I’LL CUT THROUGH YOUR WORDS! :’)

  40. ItzGedi

    ItzGediヶ月 前

    Here's a fact! Himiko never argues in Danganronpa!

  41. Riley Paulin

    Riley Paulinヶ月 前

    I think you can have Shuichi lie with the hat by using the chapter 1 back route

  42. 《Artsy》

    《Artsy》ヶ月 前

    I'm a little sad that's only Danganronpa 2 has animated no that's wrong, objections, ect. I wish they did that with V3

  43. Liona Animates

    Liona Animatesヶ月 前

    Gonta no can't ignore that! *My turn now!*



    *when somone takes my food* Me: *"HOLD ON.. I SEE THROUGH YOUR ARGUMENTS! THE CULPRITS ONE OF YOUUUU"*



    This sums up Me and my friends during debate club lol: My enemy: ILL CUT YOU WITH YOUR WORDS My friend: YOU WRONG My enemy: OFCOURSE I OBJECT..I OBJECT I OBJECT I OBJECT! Me: YOUR SO NAIVE Me enemy: DESPAIR WILL LIVE ON I OBJECT Evryone at the same time: *THAT'S VERY WRONG/ THIS IS OUR ANSWER*

  46. Just Northicc

    Just Northiccヶ月 前


  47. Poky TR

    Poky TRヶ月 前

    *Phoenix wright has joined chat* Danganronpa characters: "WHO IS THIS ?" Phoenix: OBJECTION. *Danganronpa characters has get muted*

  48. Errordr

    Errordr20 日 前

    Kokichi: *"IT'S MY TURN NOW."* *Pheonix gets muted*

  49. {Cinnamøn Úwús}

    {Cinnamøn Úwús}ヶ月 前

    Yo if you have any funny questions or theory’s Join my discord sever discord.gg/Ac7EP8

  50. UM 098

    UM 098ヶ月 前

    Makoto : HOPE IS ON GO Hajime : NO THATS WRONG what the (oof)

  51. Vivi Artist

    Vivi Artistヶ月 前

    Me: Sleeping Danganronpa: *NO THATS WRONG*

  52. Kirbyllama 8

    Kirbyllama 8ヶ月 前

    That's beary wrong, really a bear pun.

  53. Simon Pro

    Simon Proヶ月 前

    Japanese > English.

  54. Raiyan Hasan

    Raiyan Hasanヶ月 前

    HOLD I- Wait, Wrong game. Sorry.

  55. Diana Doez Stuff

    Diana Doez Stuffヶ月 前

    *_Insert objecion here_*

  56. Floof Poof

    Floof Poofヶ月 前

    Rest in Peace Ears :/ - 2017

  57. eclipseholic

    eclipseholicヶ月 前

    NOW I UNDERSTAND!!! also this is fake where's the udg one

  58. Snehalata Jagati

    Snehalata Jagatiヶ月 前


  59. Aaron Echauri

    Aaron Echauriヶ月 前

    no that's wwong - Nagito Komaeda

  60. Saint Waffle

    Saint Waffleヶ月 前

    'This is my answer' *'This is our answer'*

  61. Kaity Klutz

    Kaity Klutzヶ月 前

    Makoto is so soft