Dance Moms: The Dancers STAND BY SARAH Through the DRAMA (S8) | Extended Scene | Lifetime


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  2. Bristol Bristol

    Bristol Bristol20 日 前


  3. Tahamina Khatun

    Tahamina Khatun21 日 前


  4. Jessica Johnson

    Jessica Johnson21 日 前

    These mothers make you don't even want to watch this tv show anymore.

  5. Kayla Ortiz

    Kayla Ortiz23 日 前

    could you make your episodes free to watch without a tv provider for all dance moms episodes. I have watched up to season six but season 7 needs a tv provider

  6. samxnthaesthetic

    samxnthaesthetic24 日 前

    I know you’ll never reply but I’m SO annoyed that ep 8 isn’t even out in the uk yet😡😂🍉

  7. Alexia Hernandez

    Alexia Hernandez時間 前

    I feel so bad for Sarah and her mom. The moms are a bunch of bullies

  8. Andie Hideroa

    Andie Hideroa2 時間 前

    Brady is such a sweet person he melted my heart ❤️

  9. Matt Dickerson

    Matt Dickerson2 時間 前

    I feel so bad for these kids....they are all bright and talented and the moms act like complete animals. I understand protecting your children, but they need to tone it down.

  10. Love me and mom Scott

    Love me and mom Scott3 時間 前

    You’ll need to leave him alone and stop telling her that she needs to call them she doesn’t have to do anything that you’re saying she has to do if she doesn’t wanna called and she doesn’t have to so don’t try to make her call themAnd she’s not afraid to call them so just shut up right about now

  11. Brielle Alexa

    Brielle Alexa3 時間 前

    Brady is the nicest

  12. CoachElla 15

    CoachElla 159 時間 前

    Awwww Brady’s so so so sweet. I feel like he always finds the bright side of things.♥️


    JA'MAYA GRAHAM19 時間 前

    Brady is such a peacemaker 💕

  14. Ilovegaming!

    Ilovegaming!20 時間 前

    Brady is the kind of kid I want.

  15. Ellie Castillo

    Ellie Castillo21 時間 前

    Brady: That's not the way we wanna do this, right? Nobody: Brady: RiGhT!

  16. Melody He

    Melody He21 時間 前


  17. Gaming with Sam

    Gaming with Sam23 時間 前

    Awww pressley was so nice 😇😇

  18. Bangtan Army

    Bangtan Army日 前

    Y'all sick of these moms being rude to Michelle but I'm sick of all of them and miss the og dance moms, just saying

  19. Madison Jones

    Madison Jones日 前

    Lilianas mom is so annoying she always start drama

  20. Avery Moss

    Avery Moss日 前

    How is Brady so calm and smart and nice to everyone like srsly

  21. Gymnasticbezzies 07

    Gymnasticbezzies 07日 前

    Why isnt the show called Drama Moms

  22. Gymnasticbezzies 07

    Gymnasticbezzies 07日 前


  23. Jesssiixxa Baby

    Jesssiixxa Baby日 前

    Ion know what this show is but this lil boi got good energy all these lil girls and moms starting drama for what ? Dance yeah no

  24. crazybean101_

    crazybean101_日 前

    Brady is the mood

  25. varundeep singh

    varundeep singh日 前

    Brady is kinda cute tho

  26. Ryann Wenck

    Ryann Wenck日 前

    who misses the old team

  27. Terry Jacobsen

    Terry Jacobsen日 前


  28. Jonty Gainer

    Jonty Gainer日 前

    I love brady

  29. Lucy SHEPHERD

    Lucy SHEPHERD日 前

    GiaNia was so funny stop u freaking sarah out hahahahahahahahah

  30. Blythe Elizabeth

    Blythe Elizabeth日 前

    Love Brady 😂

  31. Katie

    Katie日 前

    What did Michelle do? All Michelle did was leave studio 19 and join the ALDC! If Stacey and Ashley just mind their own business, maybe the team would be nice

  32. Bob Dillybob

    Bob Dillybob日 前

    These moms are idiots. Studio 19 is CLEARLY trying to start drama by sending them stuff. And the moms are letting them win. Poor Michelle and Sarah, literally join ALDC to start fresh and they get bullied by ALDC moms for being at a previous studio....the other moms seriously need to get over themselves. Worry about your kids sickled foot and less about other studios.

  33. Jose Horan

    Jose Horan日 前

    Stacey , Ashley , darlings , sweethearts, shut up

  34. Jay Jay

    Jay Jay日 前

    Stacey and Ashley and Tricia are like my least favourite moms.

  35. Sxnflowers

    Sxnflowers2 日 前

    Instead of holly we have brady

  36. Maham Sardar c:

    Maham Sardar c:2 日 前

    Okay Ashley and the other moms need to get this in there brains it’s not Michelle’s fault there the ones who are causing all the stupid DRAMA

  37. Olly Jackson

    Olly Jackson2 日 前

    these moms are VILE they need to grow up they are truly bullies!!

  38. sunshine sweethearts

    sunshine sweethearts2 日 前

    Brady is a better mom then all of the dance moms

  39. Savannah Fisher

    Savannah Fisher日 前


  40. Amber Nicole Massey

    Amber Nicole Massey2 日 前

    I love how Abby always thinks the show is about her, it is called dance moms it is about the moms. Lol

  41. Makayla Lowe

    Makayla Lowe2 日 前

    They are the ones that only cares about themselves

  42. Makayla Lowe

    Makayla Lowe2 日 前

    They act like they aren't scared of anything

  43. Maddiee K

    Maddiee K3 日 前

    I couldn't be one of the moms I would start cursing everyone out LOL

  44. hollie Norman

    hollie Norman3 日 前

    Does anyone else find that Sarah and her mum cause alot of drama just asking

  45. Sabine Ekope

    Sabine Ekope3 日 前

    The other moms are haters

  46. Sabine Ekope

    Sabine Ekope3 日 前

    There just Jealous of Michelle’s daughter and plus Ashley She didn’t go down weeping crying to Abby she just went and told next time correct what u say 👍

  47. Janet Ekope

    Janet Ekope3 日 前

    Stacey and Ashley are actually so annoying. They don’t care about the dance they just care about studio 19 and Mitchell. They think that studio 19are creating the drama(well they are)but that don’t know that there creating more drama

  48. lucky Abby

    lucky Abby3 日 前

    i would yell at them

  49. xXRed RosesXx

    xXRed RosesXx3 日 前

    If none of them are scared they can call them

  50. Cassandra McKeever

    Cassandra McKeever3 日 前

    i love brady so much😂😂😂

  51. Cathleen Snell

    Cathleen Snell3 日 前

    No one: Absolutely no one: Brady: right???.......RiGhT?!

  52. Jazz

    Jazz4 日 前

    Those moms are evil bullies. I can’t believe they’re acting like mean girls in Hs hanging up on the unpopular girl. Cornballs

  53. tippi maravala

    tippi maravala4 日 前

    real elia goulding body found and fake one hiding next door and this forty shade even presents as mrs iqbal and keeps ringing a black psych at loxford clinic she wrapped on too to acknowledge her fake reports on me to get him indict me DANGEROUS

  54. Fat-hiya Ali

    Fat-hiya Ali4 日 前

    Bullying Sarah's mum wont hurt

  55. California

    California4 日 前

    mostley the dance moms i click on it says Sarah

  56. California

    California4 日 前

    subcribe to my channel

  57. Gamer Soul

    Gamer Soul4 日 前

    Is there an episode Sarah isn’t crying

  58. Johnna Rohlman

    Johnna Rohlman4 日 前

    Okay Presley is super rude. She is always the one to get mad when the moms are fighting and blame the kids. Lily and Sarah get mad at the moms but Presley is actually mad at the kids, that’s just wrong

  59. Mallie Mackenzie Taylor

    Mallie Mackenzie Taylor4 日 前

    I only like Anne Joanne and Michelle so the only ones who know how to stick up for Sara the other moms are bullies

  60. Mallie Mackenzie Taylor

    Mallie Mackenzie Taylor4 日 前

    Ashley sushhh

  61. Kemta Marsella

    Kemta Marsella5 日 前

    Brady is like an amazing older brother to all of the girls

  62. iyagianna

    iyagianna5 日 前

    If my mom was on this, she would just be quiet 😂

  63. Alison Elias

    Alison Elias5 日 前

    says something true the one boy : right? everyone: rolls eyes and sighs the boy : right!

  64. leonora naranjo

    leonora naranjo5 日 前

    Poor Brady he tries to solve the problem but everyone walks away

  65. Ruby G

    Ruby G5 日 前

    Wait I missed a lot Why is Abby in a wheelchair

  66. NEO Xx

    NEO Xx6 日 前

    Wtf is Stacey doing 😂😂 like girl your daughter was a mini and now she feels some sort of superior person ... elliana needs to come back

  67. Isabella Benitez

    Isabella Benitez6 日 前

    Brady: When you get angry everybody screams and that’s not how we wanna have it right? Girls: *ignores him* Brady: *in a depressed tone* Right! OK!!!