Dance Moms: The Dancers STAND BY SARAH Through the DRAMA (S8) | Extended Scene | Lifetime


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    Lifetime5 ヶ月 前

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  2. baby alive's and me baby alive's and me

    baby alive's and me baby alive's and me5 ヶ月 前


  3. Tahamina Khatun

    Tahamina Khatun5 ヶ月 前


  4. Jessica Johnson

    Jessica Johnson5 ヶ月 前

    These mothers make you don't even want to watch this tv show anymore.

  5. Kayla Ortiz

    Kayla Ortiz5 ヶ月 前

    could you make your episodes free to watch without a tv provider for all dance moms episodes. I have watched up to season six but season 7 needs a tv provider

  6. Samantha Lavin-Agutu

    Samantha Lavin-Agutu5 ヶ月 前

    I know you’ll never reply but I’m SO annoyed that ep 8 isn’t even out in the uk yet😡😂🍉

  7. Isabelle Huber

    Isabelle Huber2 時間 前

    We love Brady! ❤️

  8. Netharrcack Pearson

    Netharrcack Pearson4 時間 前

    I would call 911

  9. Madison Lynn

    Madison Lynn10 時間 前

    The kids are more mature than the moms... God Bless

  10. Jayda Mojica

    Jayda Mojica13 時間 前

    These moms don’t understand she contacted them so many times 😂 they just don’t listen smh 💀✍🏽

  11. Kiella Adriano

    Kiella Adriano23 時間 前

    yas brady HAHAHAHA

  12. Emma B

    Emma B日 前

    This is the episode where we need dr holly to fix the issue

  13. Lillian Supo Adekola

    Lillian Supo Adekola日 前

    All the mothers are extremely immature like with actually. I hate all of them. Especially the one in yellow that was blaming Michelle. Is her name Ashley? Idek but the way they all gang.

  14. Stacy Strozier

    Stacy Strozier日 前

    I felt sooo for Michelle

  15. skrt Skrt

    skrt Skrt日 前

    I love how brady tryna make everything better and they all just walk away 😂

  16. Hailey Billings

    Hailey Billings日 前

    I love Brady

  17. Hailey Billings

    Hailey Billings日 前

    the stress that they're putting on the kids it's so not healthy the amount of anxiety attacks those kids have had...

  18. Brandon Vang

    Brandon Vang日 前

    This same continuous argument every single day is really annoying.

  19. Miranda de Vere

    Miranda de Vere日 前

    Those 'mothers' if you can even call them that, are literally at a little girls dance practice bullying another mother but they daren't call the studio up themselves this must be so anxiety inducing for both the michelle and the kid

  20. Lily Garner

    Lily Garner日 前

    It’s so dry this season so they thought let’s make all the moms gang up against Michelle who has done no wrong for no reason. Still dry

  21. Kim Nguyen

    Kim Nguyen日 前

    Brady: “That’s not that way we want to do this, right?” **crickets** Brady: RiGhT!

  22. StarBloomLunaAnikaApril SBLAA

    StarBloomLunaAnikaApril SBLAA日 前

    That dude is my favorite Periodt

  23. annabanana 0215

    annabanana 02152 日 前

    Other moms- *********** One mom- you wasn’t looking at the whole situation Brady- rIgHt?!?!

  24. Brynnie ALDC

    Brynnie ALDC2 日 前

    Brady is the new Nia. King Brady for life.

  25. Riya Chahal

    Riya Chahal2 日 前

    Holly is the Queen 🤞🏼💞

  26. Mari Alvaren

    Mari Alvaren3 日 前

    Why is it an issue that studio 19 is coming? Plenty studio's are so whats the big deal, these mothers just like to start drama so they target studio 19. Who cares who's coming womans.

  27. Christine Espinosa

    Christine Espinosa4 日 前

    I know this is all old, but I'm just now seeing all this and my gosh the children are more mature than the mothers.

  28. Haylee Mangandi

    Haylee Mangandi4 日 前

    Awe! I love how Brady is the only one trying to fix thing! He’s also really cute for trying to do that. 💕❤️

  29. charlotte noelle

    charlotte noelle4 日 前

    It’s so upsetting that the moms are getting in between the girls’ friendships.

  30. Oli Boli

    Oli Boli4 日 前

    Brady: tries to keep the calm. Also Brady: that's not the way we wanna do this,right? The girls: ignores Brady Brady: Right ok... Girls: walks away

  31. Isabella Lynn

    Isabella Lynn5 日 前

    Brady is me in this situation

  32. Children Howatt

    Children Howatt5 日 前

    does anybody else feel like the newer members of the dance studio are nicer than the older ones? i am not tring to throw shade on the older ones, it is just what i feel....

  33. Maggie Rose

    Maggie Rose5 日 前

    Brady is a mood

  34. Addison White

    Addison White5 日 前

    Literally everyone: Brady " right? Right!" Me: wondering if I'm the only one who reads the comments and sees how everyone put the literal exact same thing😂

  35. sav lee

    sav lee5 日 前

    I love Brady that’s not what we wanna do right (everyone walks away) Right right

  36. Venezia Diaz

    Venezia Diaz5 日 前

    Aw I love brady

  37. Kylie Van Cooney

    Kylie Van Cooney6 日 前

    brady: and that’s not the way we wanna do it. right?” …… “*RiGhT*” honestly me when my friends are in afight

  38. heidi burton

    heidi burton6 日 前

    Jeez just chill they shouldnt be so rude to michelle its hurts sarah and her mom

  39. abigail zeresenai

    abigail zeresenai6 日 前

    2:54 Nobody: Not a single soul: Not even the dog next door: Brady: That’s not the way we want to do this right?? RiGHt okay... 💀💀💀 He really just wanted peace 😂

  40. Malina Mayer

    Malina Mayer6 日 前

    I love Ashley she’s my favorite mom

  41. Kathryn Freyvogel

    Kathryn Freyvogel6 日 前

    The kids are better than the parents😂

  42. Vanessa Liao

    Vanessa Liao6 日 前

    Honestly I hate Liliana and Presley mom Michelle never meant to do that like shut up Presley mom and Brady and Liliana mom such a bully

  43. mia KENNEDY

    mia KENNEDY6 日 前

    1 like =1 cry for sarah

  44. Carrieann Woghiren

    Carrieann Woghiren7 日 前

    Queen Holly needs to meet King Brady. 🤴🏻👸🏾 edit: wait I mean prince- uh Chile anyways

  45. Really DS

    Really DS7 日 前

    Can someone please explain to me why all the moms hate Michelle?

  46. iiiPxsces Vibes

    iiiPxsces Vibes7 日 前

    Brady tries so hard to be a peacemaker lol

  47. Joey S

    Joey S7 日 前

    brady and kisha are the queens of this episode prove me wrong

  48. Caitlynne Kinney

    Caitlynne Kinney8 日 前

    Brady is a whole mood, he is my favorite that is on period

  49. Kaylee Latham

    Kaylee Latham8 日 前

    Michelle is the new Melissa Zigler!

  50. IIam Sky

    IIam Sky9 日 前

    You could tell Brady is going to be a loyal and nice man when we grows up

  51. Emma Rose

    Emma Rose9 日 前

    These mothers 🤦🏼‍♀️

  52. Reeei_ m

    Reeei_ m9 日 前

    Brady was the glue, but, he gon’.

  53. Alien Crackers

    Alien Crackers9 日 前

    Sarah's mother is right, she's there because it was Sarah's dream to dance for the aldc.

  54. Kamron Jones

    Kamron Jones9 日 前

    why does sarahs mom look like greg from diary of a wimpy kid

  55. erin _isachicken

    erin _isachicken9 日 前

    When kids are more mature than parents

  56. BlessedMommy127

    BlessedMommy12710 日 前

    +10 Points for "Mama Brady" ! ❤❤❤

  57. Victoria Torres

    Victoria Torres10 日 前

    Omg you guys need to stop bullying Michelle leave her alone

  58. ary geiger

    ary geiger10 日 前

    i love brady and how he tries to help solve situations

  59. Malou Wiinberg

    Malou Wiinberg10 日 前

    All Of these moms Make Me Throw Up honestly there BULLYING michelle

  60. Mesm Omar

    Mesm Omar10 日 前

    The poor girl just wanna dance

  61. tob groovy 4

    tob groovy 410 日 前

    i like the black mother, she’s so chill

  62. uh huh honey

    uh huh honey10 日 前

    frrr she be like “ugh, white people things”

  63. Bonnie10199

    Bonnie1019911 日 前

    *me listening to the other moms* Me: i just lost a brain cell-

  64. Slay Queen Gabby

    Slay Queen Gabby11 日 前

    I liked dance moms before the other girls left

  65. Alyssa Lewis

    Alyssa Lewis11 日 前

    Y’all moms be toxic

  66. Mary Dee

    Mary Dee11 日 前

    Protect Brady at all costs