Dance Moms: The Dancers STAND BY SARAH Through the DRAMA (S8) | Extended Scene | Lifetime


  1. Lifetime

    Lifetime10 ヶ月 前

    New episodes Tuesdays at 9/8c!

  2. VampireTutorials

    VampireTutorials3 日 前

    I love the way Brady is saying right right ok

  3. Oankgoga Makobo

    Oankgoga Makoboヶ月 前

    When is season 9

  4. Jessica Vander

    Jessica Vanderヶ月 前

    this one single season 8 has more dramas than all of the 7 seasons' dramas combined

  5. Yung Clutch

    Yung Clutch2 ヶ月 前

    Sarah is my favourite person she is so pretty

  6. Andrea Zambrano

    Andrea Zambrano2 ヶ月 前


  7. Giselle Atkinson

    Giselle Atkinson8 時間 前

    Trisha and Brady are my favorites Brady : " thats not what we are trying to do right?" No one: ... Brady : " right"

  8. slipperyfish

    slipperyfish9 時間 前

    Brady is now the new holly😂

  9. sharon Chong

    sharon Chong15 時間 前

    Why in this season all the moms are so argumentative.

  10. Georgia

    Georgia17 時間 前

    Brady is LITERALLY the BEST kid in season 8 he is so unproblematic and sweet



    Leave them alone

  12. • Ć L Ø V Ė •

    • Ć L Ø V Ė •日 前

    Why am i always late ughhhhhhhhhh 😤😤😤 anyways lifetime can you make the full episodes free i have loved this show every since i was 6 years old so please pretty pretty please 🥺 🥺🥺🥺🥺🥺🥺🥺🥺🥺🥺🥺🥺

  13. Cassie Coughlin

    Cassie Coughlin日 前

    The only "nice moms" are Ann, Michelle and Kisha on the show all the other moms argue a LOT

  14. Taya&Lil sisters

    Taya&Lil sisters2 日 前


  15. Emma Ball

    Emma Ball2 日 前

    Bradey is soo sweet

  16. Tara Spinelli

    Tara Spinelli2 日 前

    Michelle is a karen

  17. It’s Me

    It’s Me2 日 前

    Studio 19 is the new candy apples

  18. Chloe Mae

    Chloe Mae2 日 前

    Preach Brady

  19. Amanda B

    Amanda B3 日 前

    Michelle literally didn’t do anything wrong tho

  20. Dionne Breidel

    Dionne Breidel3 日 前

    These moms are even worse than the other moms. 😤😤

  21. george is a monkey

    george is a monkey3 日 前

    Sarah looks like she's 30

  22. Josie Sarah

    Josie Sarah3 日 前

    Michelle really thinks Abby will do something about their own drama

  23. Audrey & Ashleys Fun Factory, Kids & Family! !!!

    Audrey & Ashleys Fun Factory, Kids & Family! !!!3 日 前

    If everyone just listened to Brady all our problems would be solved

  24. Sarah

    Sarah3 日 前

    I feel like Michelle is gonna be the new Melissa. Always running to Abby. But, they Michelle did nothing wrong. The mothers harassed her and forced her to do things. She couldn’t control studio 19.

  25. zionn danaee

    zionn danaee3 日 前

    i love brady

  26. Madi J

    Madi J4 日 前

    Tbh I feel horrible for Presley right now. She doesn’t deserve to be treated like that because the moms are acting like middle school bullies. And I Stan. Gianina and Brady try to help the situation and the moms and Sarah are just making everything worse. 🤷🏼‍♀️

  27. Alyssa Moore

    Alyssa Moore4 日 前

    Aww Brady is so sweet

  28. Solimar Rivera

    Solimar Rivera4 日 前

    I love the part where Brady is like we don’t want to fight no yes we don’t

  29. Ava Peña

    Ava Peña4 日 前

    I think Brady is such a great friend to the girls and is always there for them when they need him.

  30. ximena Najera Gonzalez

    ximena Najera Gonzalez5 日 前

    Am I the only one getting stress cuz Sarah’s pony tail looks perfect every time she does it and than she take it off 🤣🤍

  31. A M

    A M5 日 前

    you don’t understand how much i want to punch ashley

  32. WoeL `

    WoeL `5 日 前

    i mean... calling her a coward because she is getting bullied in making decisions isn't ok. those moms need to chill

  33. Omg_its Myra

    Omg_its Myra5 日 前

    I hate that the moms just act like a gang and act like their bad

  34. livia xx

    livia xx6 日 前

    Omg Brady is the sweetest kid ever.

  35. Milky Moo moos

    Milky Moo moos6 日 前

    “Stop there freaking Sarah out” aww I wish I had a friend like GiaNina

  36. Jenna S

    Jenna S6 日 前

    The one thing Keisha said was right. Now the kids are upset with each other. It was because those mothers don’t even think about the kids when they’re screaming at each other the kids don’t want to hear that that wanna dance without any drama

  37. Jenna S

    Jenna S6 日 前

    I am so freaking tired of Ashley and Stacy blaming Michelle every single week for studio 19‘s behavior. When will they understand that it’s not her fault if the whack jobs? When will they understand that she has done everything that she needs to do? When will they realize that Michelle can’t control their behavior? I’m sure they would act the same way Michelle is acting if they were in her situation there’s nothing more that she can do and I’m tired of them blaming her every single week. It’s obvious that the other mothers are fond of Sarah but they keep telling Michelle to leave and go with studio 19. Is that really what they want? Do they want a perfectly good dancer away from the team just because they can’t take studio 19’s behavior?

  38. Briley Brooke

    Briley Brooke7 日 前

    The moms are making the kids hate each other

  39. Suzanne Passalacqua

    Suzanne Passalacqua7 日 前

    Moms care kids not wrong? Mom so be nice and kind to you

  40. Shia Castello

    Shia Castello7 日 前

    I feel really bad for Michelle I don't think it's all her fault 😔☹️ and I think the moms should just calm down

  41. Andrea Gonzalez

    Andrea Gonzalez7 日 前

    Stacy: ‘can you please call aunt tammy’ ABABAHHAHAHAHAHAHAJJAHHAHYWYWHHA

  42. Maria Griffin

    Maria Griffin8 日 前

    Kesha idk how to spell her name but she’s the only one who just sits and observes

  43. Veronica Pointer

    Veronica Pointer8 日 前

    Stacey and Ashlee sound like middle school mean girls, like seriously grow up!

  44. iwatch ytwhenimbored

    iwatch ytwhenimbored9 日 前

    is Michelle, the new Melissa?

  45. Arantza Ganem Vazquez(Student)

    Arantza Ganem Vazquez(Student)9 日 前

    i feeel like theyre being way to rude to michelle and then blaming her for trying to defend herself

  46. Maha and Mariam

    Maha and Mariam10 日 前

    Holly = Brady

  47. NamesR4Noobs

    NamesR4Noobs10 日 前

    Brady simpin

  48. Freya & Pearl Present

    Freya & Pearl Present10 日 前

    I feel so bad for michelle they are being so rude it makes me so annoyed ☹︎☹︎☹︎☹︎☹︎

  49. Jordan Stuecken

    Jordan Stuecken10 日 前

    stan kisha and brady

  50. Jordan Stuecken

    Jordan Stuecken10 日 前

    the blonde mom is a nightmare

  51. guruarti patel

    guruarti patel11 日 前

    Kisha was kinda right the kids are fighting because of the moms

  52. Scarlet Quinterosrodriguez

    Scarlet Quinterosrodriguez11 日 前

    The moms: we are not pushing her to make decisions Bradys mom: (•_•) Michelle: I can make my decision Everyone in the world: MICHELLE DID NOTHING WRONG JUST LEAVE HER ALONE

  53. HSN Kids

    HSN Kids11 日 前

    The mum in the yellow dress and the one next to her with the polka dots r really rude and annoying

  54. Sieera Beth

    Sieera Beth11 日 前

    I feel like Stacey and Ashlee need to shut up and mind there own business and literally so rude

  55. Angel Lacarner

    Angel Lacarner11 日 前

    When Ashley did that baby thing that really shows that shes the problem and a mean person

  56. Lucie Marie

    Lucie Marie12 日 前

    Take a shot every time they say ‘threw us under the bus’

  57. Vivian M.

    Vivian M.13 日 前

    Bro Ashley is freaking annoying!!!! Be a grown up. She’s like Regina gorge and pressley is acting like a brat

  58. Taylor Calafiore

    Taylor Calafiore13 日 前

    Studio 19 is not a big issue... sending someone gifts is not a big issue. Iswear some of these moms are just overreacting🤦‍♀️..... they wouldn’t survive a day with Candy Apples it seems... Plus I’ve been more on Abbys side this season then I ever had any other past season... which is so weird.

  59. Malik Sims

    Malik Sims13 日 前

    Kesha is like the peace maker she not there to fight she’s there for her daughter

  60. Mia Gozzard

    Mia Gozzard14 日 前

    I like when brady said “right , right?” And no one said right lol

  61. Silvana Vizcarra

    Silvana Vizcarra14 日 前

    I love brady

  62. Candy

    Candy15 日 前

    Brady: Right? No one: Brady: Right! Okay..

  63. Beth Mair

    Beth Mair15 日 前

    Brady and Holly should become co-president


    VIOLET MOON16 日 前

    Brady is more mature than all the others, even the mothers

  65. Olivia Y

    Olivia Y18 日 前

    MICHELLE: Im NoT afRaiD tO cAll tAmMy! STACEY: "her face lit up"

  66. Gryffindor_Dancer

    Gryffindor_Dancer18 日 前

    I hated the moms in this clip, but I have to say, "put that @%#$ on clearance, nobody's buying it" was kinda funny

  67. emma k.

    emma k.18 日 前

    the thing is why do they feel like Michelle has to call Studio 19?! like #1 isn’t that just gonna make things worse. #2 if they want her to call studio 19 so bad then why don’t one of them do it

  68. Imara Person

    Imara Person18 日 前

    I was washing dishes while watching this and all I could think was how mean and highschool these mothers are

  69. claire hardy

    claire hardy19 日 前

    ok but every time sarah took her hair out, it just stayed in place lol HER HAIR IS SO FREAKING GREESY 🤢

  70. avaasurfs

    avaasurfs20 日 前

    Ok, can these mothers leave Michelle alone, like even if she did call studio 19 it wouldn’t change anything. And if any of those moms were in Michelle’s position they would do the same thing smh.

  71. ella. clary

    ella. clary20 日 前

    I love how brady is like “right?? right” i want him to be my friend

  72. Leiah Andrews

    Leiah Andrews20 日 前

    do not bully someone that do anything to you moms cause she did nothing to you but you guys still make fun of the people that did nothing to you

  73. Charlie St. Dennis

    Charlie St. Dennis20 日 前

    Brady=Dr. Holly

  74. XxKåÿłåxX

    XxKåÿłåxX21 日 前

    Am I the only one who loves Sarah’s top? 😂 (Ik this is random)

  75. Artistic Wolf

    Artistic Wolf21 日 前

    Tbh I think Sarah is really spoilt.

  76. Sam milligan

    Sam milligan21 日 前

    At the end when Pressley was talking you could tell Sarah was upset. Those moms are acting like middle school bullies.

  77. Nnnn Pppp

    Nnnn Pppp21 日 前

    I miss the old dance moms this one has a lot of build i mean GROW UP

  78. Sara Flayhan

    Sara Flayhan22 日 前

    Ok but Michelle can’t control studio 19, they are grown adults. Just because Michelle calls and says “please don’t come to the competition”, doesn’t mean they’ll listen to her.

  79. millie o Sullivan

    millie o Sullivan22 日 前

    Brady is just like Holly The only peace maker

  80. Summer Doremus

    Summer Doremus22 日 前

    Do we have another Melissa ?? Because Michelle is acting like her going to abby no hating on her or nothing I'm just saying

  81. Angelina Nguyen

    Angelina Nguyen22 日 前

    Honestly, for once, abbys not wrong in this situation

  82. Claudia Z

    Claudia Z22 日 前

    i love how the moms say call tammy like the fact that they think a phone call from michelle is gonna stop them like if they were “grownups” they would know a simple phone call can’t stop a persons action

  83. maddie sterett

    maddie sterett22 日 前

    instead of michelle leaving.. i think stacey should leave.

  84. The AM Squad

    The AM Squad23 日 前

    Brady: Right Absolutely Nobody: Brady : Right

  85. Haamira Albarati

    Haamira Albarati23 日 前

    Ughhh I hate ashley she acts like a child