Dance Moms: Kira Threatens to Pull Kalani (Season 5) | Lifetime


  1. Lifetime

    Lifetime9 ヶ月 前

    New episodes Tuesdays at 9/8c!

  2. Carine S

    Carine Sヶ月 前

    More karen drama yayyy

  3. Sophie HF

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  4. Abigail Vickers

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  5. Kattig Tjej

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  6. Fa# B

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  7. Diane

    Diane3 時間 前

    Gianna said in an interview that they only record Gianna's facial expressions but never record what she says or what she did prior to the moment

  8. Meghan Webster

    Meghan Webster2 日 前

    This is supposed to be dance not drama😂

  9. Emma Macdonald

    Emma Macdonald3 日 前

    They should all where shirts that say I survived the ALDC

  10. Shannon Goins

    Shannon Goins3 日 前

    Abby:give me hugs me if I was a mom: hunk naw no hugs for you .

  11. Kylah Boyer

    Kylah Boyer4 日 前

    Gia just try’s to be Abby

  12. Kylah Boyer

    Kylah Boyer4 日 前

    I love when she says peace out

  13. John Renehan

    John Renehan4 日 前

    Emotional manipulation 😍

  14. arikalamari

    arikalamari5 日 前

    apart from the reality show factor, people like gianna scare me in real life

  15. Kamara Burney

    Kamara Burney9 日 前

    Gianna is kinda stuck up and rude how could she do that and I’m on Kira’s team that’s not how to treat children

  16. fantasyqueeninacoffin

    fantasyqueeninacoffin10 日 前

    abby was super rude by telling the other kids to go away...

  17. Poppee Nicholas

    Poppee Nicholas11 日 前

    I never understood why she started crying

  18. benny gaylord

    benny gaylord12 日 前

    gianna really showed her true colors HAH

  19. Daulton Guthzeit

    Daulton Guthzeit13 日 前

    Is that jojo siwa?????

  20. Speedy Gacha Life Draws

    Speedy Gacha Life Draws13 日 前

    I thought the assistant was nice but she is not,she is as mean as Abby

  21. Nicco Moo

    Nicco Moo13 日 前

    When Abby refused to hug Kalani, you could see how upset Kira was. Her lip was even quivering 😢

  22. Sally LaPlant

    Sally LaPlant14 日 前

    Why are you mean abby

  23. Sarah M

    Sarah M14 日 前

    Gianna said something they just muted her

  24. Shelley Munford

    Shelley Munford15 日 前

    Gianna is not rude it’s that Kira was shouting rude things at Abby and that’s who gianna loves so I can understand why she’s sad and also she never says a word about the moms rudely like if you understand why she cries

  25. frensicca fernieleysia

    frensicca fernieleysia17 日 前

    you know abby was wrong when she started to cry boo hoooo

  26. Mystic_ C

    Mystic_ C19 日 前

    “I don’t like mommy’s playing dancing school!” Well “I don’t like children abuse”

  27. Anayeli Barajas

    Anayeli Barajas20 日 前

    Abby is ALWAYS right!

  28. Rc Pahayahay

    Rc Pahayahay20 日 前

    C'mon abby SAVE THOSE TEARS FOR THE PILLOW !! 😂 Lol 0:49

  29. Violetvia _

    Violetvia _22 日 前

    Giana has some nerve. Can she dance? *no* Does she lead the ALDC? *no* Did she once speak up to Abby? *no and she never will*

  30. Kenna Vienna Hetherington

    Kenna Vienna Hetherington22 日 前

    Abby is so rude and she’s rejecting people’s hugs and takes everyone else’s and talking about relationships that’s non of her business and she’s the one who said in one episode there’s two things you don’t talk about marage and divorces

  31. Ella Scott

    Ella Scott23 日 前

    No one: Abby: peace out ✌

  32. Saba Tesfay

    Saba Tesfay23 日 前

    When Abby sad bad guy I started to sing bad guy by billie Ellish!

  33. Grace Bella

    Grace Bella27 日 前

    Omg I love Jessalyn in this scene 😂

  34. Iliana Ily

    Iliana Ily29 日 前

    2:16 Jill’s face 😂😂🤣

  35. Zocker Tv

    Zocker Tvヶ月 前

    I can understand Kira😭

  36. Jose Guandique

    Jose Guandiqueヶ月 前

    Dance moms

  37. xhanae Fra

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  38. Sarah Sunil

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  39. selena ,your famous singer

    selena ,your famous singerヶ月 前

    To be honest, Gianna was probably told by the producers to be on Abby’s side.

  40. CollinTheCreator

    CollinTheCreatorヶ月 前

    God I just feel that all these moms are over react about everything planet earth has to offer 🤦🏾‍♂️

  41. Unixla Builds

    Unixla Buildsヶ月 前

    Holly is so chill

  42. Anu corn

    Anu cornヶ月 前

    Abby(season5) - *ignores JoJo's hug* Abby(season8) - I brought jojo in so the kids can learn something 😳

  43. Ms. Mystical

    Ms. Mystical28 日 前

    Jojo is worth 12 million

  44. nct is the grass to my mark

    nct is the grass to my markヶ月 前

    “Call MattyB” *i wheezed*

  45. Paige Ferrari

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  46. Tim ban

    Tim banヶ月 前

    She barks like a dog

  47. Tim ban

    Tim banヶ月 前

    Omg she should shut down this stupid dance moms things

  48. Tim ban

    Tim banヶ月 前

    Gosh I saw her roll her eyes so rude

  49. Tim ban

    Tim banヶ月 前

    Omg those moms can do better then that fat Abby

  50. Shaheen Zabair

    Shaheen Zabairヶ月 前

    Abby is being Savage

  51. Ashley Wilford

    Ashley Wilfordヶ月 前

    I love Kalinin

  52. Emily Ryan

    Emily Ryanヶ月 前

    Ashley Wilford Who?

  53. Madi

    Madiヶ月 前

    tbh there’s always stuff to fight and argue about but i don’t get why they can’t just discuss it when the kids aren’t around like what abby said about kalanis mom sleeping with some guy and all that i feel embarrassed for kalani because everyone can hear that stuff

  54. PMF MSP

    PMF MSPヶ月 前

    1:34 omg really jill? Your so annoying if she rejected "your little Kendall" then u would have stuck up for ur child too (Edit: she was kind in the end tho)

  55. Aesthetic Sunflower

    Aesthetic Sunflowerヶ月 前

    Gianna is a wimp she should stand up for herself

  56. dave singh

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  57. holly schultz

    holly schultzヶ月 前

    “i’m the bad guy?” she says as she literally rejects 3 students when they’re just trying to be nice to her lol

  58. Hessa Aldereih

    Hessa Aldereihヶ月 前

    I’ve never seen the whole video of this, Ive just seen when Abby says to kalaini and nia and Jo-Jo to get away and never knew the reason

  59. Aajae Reavis

    Aajae Reavisヶ月 前

    U can see kiras hurt when she tells the other girls to move

  60. Aajae Reavis

    Aajae Reavisヶ月 前

    I wish they had put a mic on Gianna because I wanna hear what she be saying

  61. Kutokama Shinheoki

    Kutokama Shinheokiヶ月 前

    U know I seriously thought Gianna as a person was much better than Abby. But how dare she start crying and being so rude after Keira stood up for Nia, JoJo, and Kehlani after Abby told them to get away from her? Like Gianna u were right there and u heard her tell them to get away from her, y’all adults need to get ur lives together cuz this is just insane.

  62. Valerie Poon

    Valerie Poonヶ月 前

    Kira is a great mother, she steps up when Kalani is threatened, keeps quiet when the other moms fight. Luv her!!

  63. Wang Zi

    Wang Ziヶ月 前

    Sis Kira really popped off

  64. Exotic Gaming You have a lot of cootie

    Exotic Gaming You have a lot of cootieヶ月 前

    One like one pray for Nia Kalani JoJo

  65. Tayy

    Tayyヶ月 前

    When Abby said “I DON’T LIKE MOMMIES PLAYING DANCING SCHOOL”: 👁👄👁. 👁👅👁. 👁👄👁 I felt that

  66. Jadyn Guerino

    Jadyn Guerinoヶ月 前

    Wait if Abby wants Kalani with her and not Kira, why did she reject her hug?

  67. Nicole Smith

    Nicole Smithヶ月 前

    Jessalynn "Starts balling like a baby of course she would know what that looks like"😅😅