Dance Moms: JOJO IS BACK! at the ALDC (Season 8) | Extended Scene | Lifetime


  1. Lifetime

    Lifetime7 ヶ月 前

    New episodes Tuesdays at 9/8c!

  2. 2024 Ameen Raissi

    2024 Ameen Raissi16 日 前

    Jay Rafael 11111111(1111111110🤯🤯🤯🤯🤯🤯🤯🤯🤯🤯🤯

  3. 2024 Ameen Raissi

    2024 Ameen Raissi16 日 前

    Lifetime love 💝 🇮🇷👨‍👩‍👧‍👦😍😚♥️🤯🙏🏽👱🏽‍♀️👩‍🎤

  4. Amy Braho

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  5. Habiba Akter

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  6. GvJ

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    Abby Before : yOu DeSeRvE nOtHiNg Also Abby : I wanna find the next maddie Abby now : i WaNnA fInD tHe NeXt JoJo

  8. Anya

    Anya22 時間 前

    I miss old dance moms😔

  9. ludy Abrantes

    ludy Abrantes日 前

    Do you miss JOJO Abby

  10. Lucas Kufel

    Lucas Kufel日 前

    3.20 well write you back in *blank*

  11. kiara hayley viray

    kiara hayley viray2 日 前

    wow JoJo has a great outfit and one of the girls cried by the way JoJo spins so good

  12. Syahirah Alawih

    Syahirah Alawih2 日 前

    Well.. i guess jojo doesn’t forget who raised her name 😌

  13. Magaly Muñoz

    Magaly Muñoz3 日 前

    Wow i like jojo swia shes unspoiled

  14. bzduck s

    bzduck s4 日 前


  15. Keir Simmons

    Keir Simmons4 日 前


  16. Riverdale Fan1

    Riverdale Fan15 日 前

    *maddie has left the chat*

  17. Rhy Skye

    Rhy Skye5 日 前

    No! This isn’t the girls we’ve known for so long!!!!

  18. Ciel Phantomhive

    Ciel Phantomhive7 日 前

    I LiKe it -jojo

  19. Trina Carty

    Trina Carty7 日 前

    you guys should do one where Abby throws up instead of Maddie! That would be cool 😀

  20. Roblox Is quite cool

    Roblox Is quite cool8 日 前

    Jojo needs to grow up

  21. AruyAgarik

    AruyAgarik9 日 前

    Jessalyn: I'm so sorry, but I couldn't let you down... So I wanted to come Kids: Great...

  22. Who You

    Who You9 日 前

    omg the pink windmill kids show!

  23. Hi Sis

    Hi Sis10 日 前


  24. Arnie Macanip

    Arnie Macanip10 日 前

    That is not true she is scting to be greart to jojo

  25. EmberWindyhollow AJ

    EmberWindyhollow AJ11 日 前

    Stacey/Stacy is the new Cindy...

  26. Anjlee25

    Anjlee2512 日 前

    Jojo reminded me of Naruto in this, especially with the “goggles” and voice 😂 I’ve always liked her, such a good role model for the younger kids!

  27. Annika Ericksen

    Annika Ericksen13 日 前

    Jojo then: CaN I dO A sOlO? Abby then: NO! YOU DESERVE NOTHING!!! Jojo now: CaN I dO A sOlO? Abby now: YES!!! WE WILL WRITE YOU IN!!!

  28. Silversinger

    Silversinger14 日 前

    Abby now:look how you should be a star!!!

  29. Silversinger

    Silversinger14 日 前

    Abby before:yOu deSErvE NoThiNG!!!!!!!

  30. Nate EatsCake

    Nate EatsCake14 日 前

    Crazy how Maddie, Kenzie, and Jojo started on Dance Moms are big now.

  31. SsJoy _L. MSY

    SsJoy _L. MSY15 日 前

    When you realize that your old student who was bad turns famous

  32. 2024 Ameen Raissi

    2024 Ameen Raissi16 日 前

    I want to see you so much laylee

  33. ciara reid

    ciara reid17 日 前

    Yess jojo still has it

  34. Rachel Myo

    Rachel Myo17 日 前

    Yolonda used to be shouting at jesselyn and now OMG girllllll

  35. Episodecrack

    Episodecrack18 日 前

    Guys. The reason Abby adores Jojo is because she was the ONLY girl from ALDC who visited her in hospital. You would do the same.

  36. Crystal Diva

    Crystal Diva18 日 前

    No one can replace JoJo.

  37. Sky Thekidrs

    Sky Thekidrs18 日 前

    *Yare yare daze...*

  38. Omar Olivares

    Omar Olivares18 日 前

    I can't belive Jojo is 5'9😬😬

  39. ocean qrage

    ocean qrage19 日 前

    You see, Abby.. We don’t want another JoJo..

  40. Sh00k Potato

    Sh00k Potato19 日 前

    When jojo whipped out those turns I was like OH MY GAWSH

  41. I_dont_post_bootlegs

    I_dont_post_bootlegs19 日 前

    Anyone else thinking about how jojo came back for the episode with the girl doing a dance called carrie And Jojo Had that carrie solo

  42. blue jay

    blue jay20 日 前

    Me sees jojo is back: YAY me sees "at the ADLC": noooooooooo shes back at the paparazi noooooooo

  43. alice hyland

    alice hyland20 日 前

    woah that was a good turn from jojo

  44. shazz matazz Gaming

    shazz matazz Gaming21 日 前

    Why is abbey in a wheel chair

  45. SGBR

    SGBR21 日 前

    “And you kind of slowly pull in, but fast”-2:45

  46. Jack Thirlaway

    Jack Thirlaway21 日 前

    It’s so fun because Jojo was the least favourite of abbys and now jojo is the most famous former aldc member and Abby loves her

  47. Erica Vazquez

    Erica Vazquez21 日 前

    Jojo at 1:13 Drake:had me out yay like a light 💡

  48. Park So Hyun

    Park So Hyun22 日 前

    Jojo didn’t wasted her hard work

  49. Rose Mary

    Rose Mary22 日 前

    The whole squad is replaced lol

  50. fluffy larios

    fluffy larios22 日 前

    Yolanda:Stacie chased her out Stacie:if i could chase ppl out Yolanda u wouldn’t be here Jess’s face was like:Ooo Tea

  51. Bella Clayton

    Bella Clayton23 日 前

    Jojo: *starts speaking dance* Me: ??????

  52. Allison Escalante

    Allison Escalante23 日 前

    I was literally so surprised that JoJo could still turn REALLY WELL

  53. Xanadu468

    Xanadu46823 日 前

    I hate Jojo

  54. Scarlett Cloete

    Scarlett Cloete23 日 前

    Gianna has to be like 30 now

  55. Laarni Clob

    Laarni Clob24 日 前

    I HATE Jojo siwa

  56. John Men

    John Men24 日 前

    Me: Mom can we get Jojo bizarre adventures mom: no we have jojo at home Jojo at home:

  57. Grand Master Yoda

    Grand Master Yoda24 日 前


  58. ItsJustPsycho x

    ItsJustPsycho x24 日 前

    I love the way you hear the squeak of the door and jojo just enters the room 🤣

  59. Erin Kasher

    Erin Kasher24 日 前

    'Kinda slowly but fast' Oh Jojo 🤦‍♀️😂❤️

  60. Madison Winchester

    Madison Winchester24 日 前

    Jojo that was amazing!!!!!!!!!! YOU GO!!!!!!!!!!

  61. Jordan Kreps

    Jordan Kreps25 日 前

    The girls were just as fake happy as Jojos receding hairline.

  62. Lilly Nelson

    Lilly Nelson25 日 前

    So you know what is good night

  63. Isabel Chung

    Isabel Chung25 日 前

    2015 JoJo: Can i do a solo pls Miss Abby Abby: NO definitely not 2019 JoJo: CaN I dO A soLO? Abby: Yes we'll right u in Jill: OH anD WhAT ABoUT MY litTLE KeNDALL?

  64. Skye

    Skye26 日 前

    "Your child will never be a star" Prolly regrets that now

  65. Evie Ye

    Evie Ye26 日 前

    I want Maddie and Kenzy to come too I wanna see Abby's reaction