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    New episodes Tuesdays at 9/8c!

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  3. I'm Andi Gacha

    I'm Andi Gacha2 ヶ月 前

    @Ava’s Life Gaming! hii

  4. Mark Fletcher

    Mark Fletcher3 ヶ月 前

    45 o’clock

  5. Mark Fletcher

    Mark Fletcher3 ヶ月 前

    Hi egg

  6. Emily Gibson

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  7. Amai Odayaka

    Amai Odayaka時間 前

    Jojo’s mom: she booked a flight last minute Jojo: *comes out of the exit*

  8. Dana Gomez

    Dana Gomez2 日 前

    Jojo’s turn is stunning!

  9. Courtney Geuther

    Courtney Geuther2 日 前

    Can I meet jojo

  10. kishwar nawaz

    kishwar nawaz2 日 前

    JoJo's like cup of tea like I like dances like lots of

  11. kenz xo

    kenz xo3 日 前

    Tbh it was so nice to see Jojo so happy here, it was like a different happy. Like she isn’t being controlled on the show anymore.

  12. Bhavini Ghoting

    Bhavini Ghoting3 日 前

    JoJo is the only one on dance moms season 8 , coming back and caring about Abby. She has a ton of videos on her channel too on visiting Abby . jojo is just amazing

  13. This is Cutie Ringo Joy

    This is Cutie Ringo Joy3 日 前

    If your wondering why Abby is so good to jojo now, jojo was the only one who visited Abby in the hospital so she appreciates jojo now.

  14. This is Cutie Ringo Joy

    This is Cutie Ringo Joy3 日 前

    It’s funny how things have turn lmao

  15. Layla Franks

    Layla Franks4 日 前

    Gianina Was being dramatic when she cried about Jojo she just wanted attention through her whole life on the show 🤍

  16. Francesco Cammarata

    Francesco Cammarata5 日 前

    I se lili

  17. Rajan Karmacharya

    Rajan Karmacharya5 日 前

    Abby : "YOU DESERVE NOTHING" Some years later... JoJo : *Becaomes a milloniare and makes her own stuff* Abby and all the girls : *Surprised pickachu face*

  18. Karla Quiridumbay

    Karla Quiridumbay5 日 前

    Jojo: Can I have a solo

  19. TeaTime

    TeaTime7 日 前

    Before it was who could be the next Maddie then now it's the "who's the next JoJo"

  20. kishwar nawaz

    kishwar nawaz7 日 前

    Abby acts like if jojo was her favourite maddie just left the chat

  21. Gianna Rosa

    Gianna Rosa7 日 前

    abby went from they can be the next maddie to they can be the next jojo😭

  22. Anastasija Jovanovic

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  23. Tonwisee Nandi

    Tonwisee Nandi7 日 前

    then: who will be the next maddie? now:who will be the next jojo?

  24. Poupou Niuila

    Poupou Niuila7 日 前

    I miss the original group they were the best

  25. Giselle Huizar

    Giselle Huizar8 日 前

    I feel like Lili and Eli weren't as surprised as the season 8 children because Eli and Lili knew JoJo in season 6 so they probably were still excited just not as excited as the new children

  26. Jenna S

    Jenna S8 日 前

    I feel so bad for Jess having to listen to all of their childish bickering

  27. Jenna S

    Jenna S8 日 前

    I love how JoJo tried to get that big puffy thing to sit on and it rolled into Abby’s wheelchair😂

  28. Iconxxe Angel

    Iconxxe Angel8 日 前

    I feel like Abby is not the reason jojo is a star because I mean she started with music not really dancing and Abby is not really supporting her I feel like Abby thinks she has all the credit even though she barely helped if you ask meh

  29. Valeria Alexandra Delgado Cadena

    Valeria Alexandra Delgado Cadena8 日 前

    That was so cute when they show jojo to the dancers



    Did she smoke cigarettes while she was gone



    69 looks different here

  32. tiny dino

    tiny dino10 日 前

    Ellianna is like the new Kendal in the group.

  33. SkyeLikes Music

    SkyeLikes Music10 日 前

    Jojo at the end:CAN I DO A SOLO!? Abby:YES! We'll write you in!! 🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣

  34. Gillian Crooks

    Gillian Crooks10 日 前

    *Oh my god.*

  35. Natasha Lawles

    Natasha Lawles10 日 前


  36. Natasha Lawles

    Natasha Lawles10 日 前

    It s Kevin

  37. Siyanda Ngamlana Ncube

    Siyanda Ngamlana Ncube11 日 前

    Oh my goodness wow wow

  38. Avyan Iyer

    Avyan Iyer11 日 前

    I have a set of Jojo we have to make a bow and l made one😊

  39. Ella Wilkinson

    Ella Wilkinson12 日 前

    1:55 says the one who when her daughter thought dances where too hard she would say she not doing the dance

  40. Camila Alves

    Camila Alves13 日 前


  41. Natasha Lawles

    Natasha Lawles13 日 前

    I love you jojo

  42. Allison Woodward

    Allison Woodward14 日 前


  43. Maraya Abonce

    Maraya Abonce14 日 前

    i love jojo

  44. Diya Aravind

    Diya Aravind14 日 前

    Abby used to “let’s see who’s the next maddie“ now she says “let’s see who’s the next jojo “

  45. Divyansha Sahu

    Divyansha Sahu14 日 前

    And jojo mom is very loyal lady

  46. Divyansha Sahu

    Divyansha Sahu14 日 前

    Jojo is very loyal and nice

  47. •Mochi Cola• シ

    •Mochi Cola• シ15 日 前

    I like how jojo never talks about her past, what a sweetheart.

  48. Ivan Rodriguez

    Ivan Rodriguez15 日 前

    What did she just USE A KITHE

  49. Ivan Rodriguez

    Ivan Rodriguez15 日 前


  50. Hanging with Desera!

    Hanging with Desera!15 日 前

    Lilly is here (^o^)

  51. The Farting Squid

    The Farting Squid15 日 前

    Maddie is not that loyal

  52. XX god Gamer

    XX god Gamer15 日 前

    Abby:who knows who will be the next Maddie After Abby:who knows who will be the next jojo

  53. XX god Gamer

    XX god Gamer16 日 前

    I thought Abby said “she deserves nothing” mmm look at her now jojo she is the most successful person on Aldc better than ur fav Maddie no 🧢

  54. Jelianys

    Jelianys16 日 前

    Abby was so rude to jojo and jojo was the sweetest to jojo but she didn’t do the same thing to abby she is so sweet and nice I wish i could be her friend lol

  55. Jessangela Espinal

    Jessangela Espinal17 日 前

    I don’t know why people don’t like Jojo. She’s the sweetest girl ever, she’s funny, & she’s beautiful. I love that girl

  56. Naila Naeem

    Naila Naeem17 日 前

    It is so shocking that the kid who was the most hated still gives Abby a chance and kids so didnt even get a finger put on them by Abby say Abby was strict like Maddie like this shows Jojo is a super nice person

  57. Haniyah Sarim

    Haniyah Sarim17 日 前

    I am so happy that jojo is back

  58. Freak factory Studio's

    Freak factory Studio's18 日 前

    Abby 2 years ago: YOU DESERVE NOTHING!!!!

  59. simply fleøria

    simply fleøria19 日 前

    2:23 dang staceyyy go OFFFF

  60. Khushi gaming , challenges and vlog

    Khushi gaming , challenges and vlog19 日 前

    Next maddie was byrrn and it was placed but now no one can place jojo siwa

  61. Floral Hills

    Floral Hills19 日 前

    When Gianna hugged Jojo that was best🤗🤗🤗😁😁

  62. Jemimah McKenzie

    Jemimah McKenzie20 日 前

    God bless remember God love u

  63. Ria Resurreccion

    Ria Resurreccion20 日 前

    abby: jojo our out jojo:ok ok abby and joj for 2 years ABBY:JOJO! JOJO:ABBY! Abby:Wow ur now a star jojo:i know! abby:sorry for being stric on u jojo:its ok!

  64. Fun toys and more Ortiz

    Fun toys and more Ortiz22 日 前

    The girl who had the knife is that knife real Bc they could have hurted them self

  65. your local broke youtuber

    your local broke youtuber22 日 前

    Lol JoJo isn't disrespectful-

  66. Kira's Random Thingz

    Kira's Random Thingz23 日 前


  67. Nevaeh Martin

    Nevaeh Martin23 日 前

    I am not scared of Abby

  68. YK - 06NR 799244 Thorndale PS

    YK - 06NR 799244 Thorndale PS23 日 前

    i mean abby sreiously 2 seasons ago she left cause of u and now u ask her to bring her back and then whos the next jojo before maddie left nobody wants to be likejojo and evry bodys makes fun of her remember when the slumber party maddie said see she is not cool yet and yet shes the one who went ona world tour and her networth is 12m 10x more than abby and if i was jojo i would never contact abby again

  69. Magic ocean

    Magic ocean23 日 前

    Jojo remember when Abby said YOU DESERVE NOTHING

  70. Sarah Haque

    Sarah Haque23 日 前

    Abby before : jojo is going no were Baby now:jojo want the girls to be famous and perfect like jojo Like,come on abby

  71. Semaj Clark

    Semaj Clark23 日 前

    Why are they playing sims 3 music

  72. Robert Fleet

    Robert Fleet24 日 前

    Abby really doesn't care about jojo's choice like jojo is a star

  73. Laya Hormsby

    Laya Hormsby24 日 前

    Jojo when on the team: can I get a solo Abby:no Jojo now: can I get a solo Abby:yes we will write i in



    Jojo jo was funny at this part 1:01

  75. Angelica Mercolita

    Angelica Mercolita24 日 前

    Good job juge like befor you where mad at jojo

  76. Shreeyansh Rathore

    Shreeyansh Rathore25 日 前

    Jojo is the worst stupid girl in the whole world

  77. Shreeyansh Rathore

    Shreeyansh Rathore24 日 前

    Yeah u are right

  78. Kaitlyn Peragine

    Kaitlyn Peragine25 日 前

    When jojo said can i do a solo i got emotional because i miss her being on dance moms and it made feel happy cause JoJo misses it

  79. its_Me •Life

    its_Me •Life26 日 前

    before jojo wasn't famous and make millions they hated jojo and now there exited to see jojo😑😑🙄🙄

  80. Jessica Vilt

    Jessica Vilt27 日 前

    I didnt like jojo at first during the show when she first came on but I do think she is a great dancer and she's got alot of personality.

  81. sqillthetea V

    sqillthetea V28 日 前

    Jojos fashion tho 🤢

  82. Lucas Ayala

    Lucas Ayala28 日 前

    No one Not even a soul Jojo I LIKE IT

  83. daneen chaudhry

    daneen chaudhry28 日 前

    First abby said maybe one of them will be the next maddie now abby says that maybe one of them could be the next jojo🤔☻

  84. Roy Jr Rippy

    Roy Jr Rippy28 日 前

    I love Dance momes

  85. Rakhshinda Kausar

    Rakhshinda Kausar28 日 前


  86. Hi Stay safe and have a great day

    Hi Stay safe and have a great day28 日 前

    Lilliana be like: I am gonna go slow

  87. Kanwamelina Odoe

    Kanwamelina Odoe29 日 前


  88. Marriam Iqbal

    Marriam Iqbal29 日 前

    It’s was the next maddie now it’s the next JoJo

  89. Andrea calderón

    Andrea calderónヶ月 前

    First it was you can be Maddie now is jojo

  90. Ima Deadmeme

    Ima Deadmemeヶ月 前

    I may be a boy but jojos back aaaaaaaa

  91. FAB DIY

    FAB DIYヶ月 前

    Jojo= can I get a solo Abby=sure I will write you in

  92. Ella Montgomery

    Ella Montgomeryヶ月 前

    This Is so so sad jojo comes back to help and support these kids. but in one of Brooke's tik toks she drives buy and flips it off 🙄 I love jojo for that

  93. rayden hall

    rayden hallヶ月 前

    Haileys mom from Audc said to Jojo and her mom you child would never be star i don’t see hailey a big Nickelodeon star

  94. Angela Wale

    Angela Waleヶ月 前

    Was it just me or when gianna ran up to jojo and gave her a hug I found it so cute gianna doesn't get that much credit but she has done so much for all the girls that has been on the team.

  95. Alex Nield

    Alex Nieldヶ月 前

    Jojo was the next maddie!

  96. Hannah Hayden

    Hannah Haydenヶ月 前

    I hope that is not a real knife

  97. Matilda Grace

    Matilda Graceヶ月 前

    ik this sounds crazy but i feel like abbey is nicer this season....

  98. Emina Urosevic

    Emina Urosevicヶ月 前

    Why Abby so mean to kids?-

  99. Lilyana Bielski

    Lilyana Bielskiヶ月 前

    Love you Jojo siwa 🎀💕

  100. 《Lolly LoL》

    《Lolly LoL》ヶ月 前

    Jojo is a first kid who is gonna hit 1b views.

  101. bubble

    bubbleヶ月 前

    Well JoJo may not of been everyone’s favourite yet she’s the most successful 😳😳

  102. Ninablober Rodriguez

    Ninablober Rodriguezヶ月 前

    I love you jojo

  103. Ashleigh Stangeland

    Ashleigh Stangelandヶ月 前

    Also love how Jess put the moms in their places with the question "So do you complain about all your solos or just this week?"

  104. Ashleigh Stangeland

    Ashleigh Stangelandヶ月 前

    Didn't Eli and Lil dance with JoJo in Season 6? Also didn't Yolanda and Stacy meet Jess in Season 6?

  105. Asha Sawh

    Asha Sawhヶ月 前

    I love jojo

  106. queen elize aguirre

    queen elize aguirreヶ月 前

    I hope maddie wloud come back too