Dance Moms: Brooke's Costume Is Too Ugly (Season 1 Flashback) | Lifetime


  1. Crazy_ fandom_fan

    Crazy_ fandom_fan3 時間 前

    Cathy: * is being a karen * Me: OkAY BoOmEr

  2. Ott family

    Ott family3 時間 前

    Paige Paige what’s your kids name? Brooke:hold up???

  3. nothing

    nothing4 時間 前

    One thing that was great was that Abby was total chill mode while this was all happening.

  4. MiniHorse

    MiniHorse5 時間 前

    wait a sec was maddie painting in her abs

  5. MiniHorse

    MiniHorse5 時間 前

    can we talk abt brookes side profile tho😍😍

  6. Reagan Ewing

    Reagan Ewing7 時間 前

    Cathy doesn't like sharing anyways cathy is stengy 😂

  7. Sofia Anderson

    Sofia Anderson9 時間 前

    since when did cathy have a daughter

  8. Sofia Anderson

    Sofia Anderson9 時間 前

    so i just realized that cathy was on Dance moms, but then became a dance studio owner! WOW

  9. Margie Avalos

    Margie Avalos10 時間 前

    Aw poor Brooke I feel bad for her

  10. Meggan Mills

    Meggan Mills11 時間 前

    The polka dot costume looked better than that custom top wth

  11. Floyd Sam

    Floyd Sam17 時間 前

    The woman is bad

  12. Can I have some Tae with suga with Kookies pls

    Can I have some Tae with suga with Kookies pls18 時間 前

    Cathy:She Looks Like Pennywise the clown Me:Look in a mirror And You'll see Pennywise

  13. stay peachy squad

    stay peachy squad20 時間 前

    I hate Cathy so much ugh

  14. pussi destroyer

    pussi destroyer日 前

    To be honest Cathy was not in the wrong in this situation. That was Vivi's costume, custom made. Kelly was rude about it.

  15. Itz little baby wolfxxx

    Itz little baby wolfxxx日 前

    1:18 what’s your kid name Me ma’am ummmmm her name is bork

  16. Itz little baby wolfxxx

    Itz little baby wolfxxx日 前


  17. lily loo

    lily loo日 前

    cathy just mad that her 7 year old daughters costume fits on brooke 💀

  18. Isabelle Duggan

    Isabelle Duggan日 前

    That's so ugly eww😦

  19. rubyyxtuesdayy

    rubyyxtuesdayy日 前

    Its not fair to go and take the costume off her 2 numbers before going on stage but to be fair to Cathy, they did just kinda pick it up and help themselves

  20. Dusan Ferenc

    Dusan Ferenc日 前

    Frozen 9

  21. Tiffany_pandaxx

    Tiffany_pandaxx日 前

    Cathy: she looks like pennywise the clown” me: can you look at yourself?

  22. Salim Ahmed

    Salim Ahmed日 前

    Did anyone hear melisa say kenzie would wear that penny wise costume.😂 Soz if i spelt melisa wrong

  23. lipstickprincess1

    lipstickprincess12 日 前

    Whatever Cathy!!!😂😂

  24. Alan Yung

    Alan Yung2 日 前

    I hate Cathy this is how many people who think she is annoying 👇🏻 👇🏻

  25. Aoibheann Tierney

    Aoibheann Tierney2 日 前

    Cathy is like kidzbop Karen

  26. Stella With The Stars

    Stella With The Stars2 日 前

    Nooo cathy bruke is a amazing dancer so it was all you

  27. Ka'liyah Smith

    Ka'liyah Smith2 日 前

    Kelly looks like Cathy

  28. •Luna123123•

    •Luna123123•2 日 前

    Cathy: LOOKS LIKE PENNYWISE THE CLOWN... Me: Is it bad I like it and it looks good on Brooke? *Silence while everyone looks at me and scoots over on the over side of me* Welp I’m...

  29. bts cookies

    bts cookies3 日 前

    I wonder what the dads think of when they see there wife on TV fighting with other angry mom

  30. Spinel Heart Stevenuniversefan

    Spinel Heart Stevenuniversefan3 日 前

    So much drama, but beutiful dancing!

  31. Lisa Justus

    Lisa Justus3 日 前

    cathy: she looks like pennywise the clown me: look who's talking

  32. Emerald Sunshine

    Emerald Sunshine3 日 前

    Did anybody hear “that looks Mackenzie would wear that” at the beginning.

  33. Eleonora Lojanica

    Eleonora Lojanica3 日 前


  34. Eleonora Lojanica

    Eleonora Lojanica3 日 前

    Hire one of your sewing ladies.......I intended to

  35. evie miller

    evie miller3 日 前

    this people are so rude Evan if she hasn't used one of brooks costume you. still can. be nice and give her. vivi costume

  36. Isabel Kurtz

    Isabel Kurtz3 日 前

    Love you

  37. Mel Alvarez

    Mel Alvarez3 日 前


  38. Gaming with kymonie Jones

    Gaming with kymonie Jones3 日 前

    Why do I feel like I don’t wear them because I think I see them before but why I keep watching this

  39. Samantha Montuoro

    Samantha Montuoro4 日 前

    I've been hearing about this show for many years and I've never even watched a clip until the showed up on my JPreporter news feed and I have to say that this entire thing absolutely disgusts me. These moms are just ridiculous. I got 3 minutes in and I will never watch anything like this again

  40. HS - 07BB - James Grieve PS (1495)

    HS - 07BB - James Grieve PS (1495)4 日 前

    It feels weird that brookes older than James Charles


    DIRECTIONERS 944 日 前

    I don't think is that bad

  42. Bri’s Fun Gaming

    Bri’s Fun Gaming4 日 前

    Cathy is mean

  43. Bri’s Fun Gaming

    Bri’s Fun Gaming4 日 前

    They fight so crazy NANANANANANANA it’s awful and crazy

  44. Daniela Melesio

    Daniela Melesio4 日 前

    RUD MOMS !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  45. lana ?!

    lana ?!4 日 前

    _Well the first costume was honestly better than the one she wore on stage_

  46. Reem Al-Sadoon

    Reem Al-Sadoon4 日 前

    I feel like Abby is the Gordon Ramsay of dance

  47. Angie Bonsangue

    Angie Bonsangue5 日 前

    Wow Cathy “ she only got 6th place because 5 other girls were better than her” what to have the glass half full

  48. Melody Violet

    Melody Violet5 日 前

    The fact that these moms argue like their life depended on it in front of their kids are a bad influence. You can obviously tell the kids feel uncomfortable.

  49. Lid Ok

    Lid Ok5 日 前

    How old is she in this video??

  50. shirley palmer

    shirley palmer5 日 前

    tell cathy i hate her

  51. Calvin Harris

    Calvin Harris6 日 前

    I wonder if they realize they're all obnoxious

  52. Quynh Duong

    Quynh Duong6 日 前

    Lol 😂 Cathy talk to much haha 😂

  53. Vukasin Sladojevic

    Vukasin Sladojevic6 日 前

    Kako vas mrzim

  54. Grace Irose

    Grace Irose7 日 前

    Cathy: brook got 6th place NOT because of her costume but because there wher 5 other girls that were better than her Also Cathy: *wins 2nd place at best dance teacher in the world competition and Abby wins first* Me: HA CATHY INSTEAD OF 5 DANCE TEACHERs BEING BETTER THAN YOU EVREYONES BETTER THAN YOU

  55. Jamie Madelyn

    Jamie Madelyn7 日 前

    Cathy did you forget about sharing

  56. Clare Casalinuovo

    Clare Casalinuovo7 日 前

    Hi I love u guys

  57. Your Basic Bish

    Your Basic Bish7 日 前

    Is she the tiktoker? Brooke?

  58. Teddy Beary

    Teddy Beary7 日 前

    Brooke looks like Brooke Monk

  59. Brenda Guzman

    Brenda Guzman7 日 前

    These mothers are disgusting to do that in front of the girls wow

  60. Smiley

    Smiley7 日 前

    Was the first outfit not a crop top and booty shorts?