DaBaby - ROCKSTAR (Live From The BET Awards/2020) ft. Roddy Ricch


  1. Haris Berbic

    Haris Berbic13 分 前

    fuck tik tok

  2. Its Cayden

    Its Cayden14 分 前

    BLM ✊🏾 ✊🏿 ✊🏽

  3. M Andirasyah

    M Andirasyah16 分 前

    two of my fav rapper collab, 2020 ain't that bad at least

  4. Rowayda Marra

    Rowayda Marra24 分 前

    This Song is my favorite😍😍

  5. Partha Manzi

    Partha Manzi26 分 前

    if you love African music check out am here Nectar

  6. Muriaroha Goodfellow-Yorke

    Muriaroha Goodfellow-Yorke28 分 前

    true it is hard for them . you do not know it is true how there skin thay should not suffer

  7. Jewell Blevins

    Jewell Blevins34 分 前

    This song is trash

  8. Kindy Krei

    Kindy Krei41 分 前

    All lives matter

  9. Matchelo Metropolis

    Matchelo Metropolis43 分 前

    I didn’t even go to jail or hit the news and I’m lucky that Walmart thing was good for your carrier but I’m happy how everything went down in my crazy stories good song

  10. Brandon

    Brandon52 分 前

    Thanks for ruining the song

  11. **Ashish*Ron** Ron*

    **Ashish*Ron** Ron*58 分 前

    Am crying heart touching

  12. Queen 01

    Queen 01時間 前


  13. Lotang-Leruo Matshekga

    Lotang-Leruo Matshekga時間 前

    I wish this war ish could stop ✋ I don’t like hearing people die just because of their skin cause of racism we must all work together to make the world 🌍 a better place I believe we can make a difference.✊🏾✊🏾✊🏾black lives matter

  14. Dawson Hallett

    Dawson Hallett時間 前

    This is stupid he's pushing a nartive that doesn't even exsist. Police officer are not the worse people in fact they are another human being with children and kids. Not all of them are bad but no we cant come to that agreement as a society because we have thugs that rap about shit they don't know about and if they do it's because half of the time the like to challenge cops and their authority, and God forbid they didn't get their way their gonna take it to Instagram live and brainwash other into some bullshit lie. Now if that's not the truth I don't know what is.

  15. jivraj singh Panesar

    jivraj singh Panesar時間 前


  16. pablo es

    pablo es時間 前


  17. Patrick Howard

    Patrick Howard時間 前

    I hate the people who be racist 😡😡😠😡😡

  18. Memphis Finning

    Memphis Finning時間 前

    It doesn't matter if your black or white all lives matter 🤞

  19. Andrew bike gang

    Andrew bike gang2 時間 前

    This song low key be touching No Cap

  20. Rusina Ruseva

    Rusina Ruseva2 時間 前

    The end made me cry seriously😞

  21. Andrew bike gang

    Andrew bike gang2 時間 前

    The first part is a lil off but the rest of the song is full on 🔥 I mean my man be spitting SOME BARS

  22. kayserene martinez

    kayserene martinez2 時間 前

    You guys need help with me i sted i don't give up on my life

  23. kayserene martinez

    kayserene martinez2 時間 前


  24. David Sweatt

    David Sweatt2 時間 前

    Black lives matter

  25. TheYasQueen

    TheYasQueen2 時間 前

    I hope all the cops see this so they can see what they doin to the black lives

  26. Kathy Redd

    Kathy Redd3 時間 前

    Why are there ads in a music vid lol

  27. kingston mcmullen

    kingston mcmullen3 時間 前

    Best quote "should have seen them hating when I bought that Lamborghini" 👌👌



    Comment an like which rockstar version you like 👇

  29. Samuel Sharpe

    Samuel Sharpe3 時間 前

    Promoting violence against the people who for the majority of the time protect you,, in the police... In the same breath using kids to promote a narrative that the result and devastation of your violence is hurting kids, when YOU are causing it. Wake up rich fools.

  30. Daniel Peka

    Daniel Peka3 時間 前

    Daniel and

  31. Gg sweaty7449

    Gg sweaty74493 時間 前

    I a shame that cops are killing black people because they where born to live ,they are all idiots you can’t choose your race you are buetiful for the way you are I love you all have the best years of you life

  32. Marcus Clark

    Marcus Clark3 時間 前

    no bro


    I'M NOT BITCH3 時間 前

    Stay strong fight for RIGHT..

  34. Noane Papalii

    Noane Papalii3 時間 前


  35. Jennifer Norman

    Jennifer Norman3 時間 前

    Black lives matter 🖤

  36. Jennifer Norman

    Jennifer Norman3 時間 前

    Can I call

  37. Morningstar Chico

    Morningstar Chico4 時間 前

    man i was crying i was like why do they have to treat them like this man

  38. Jonas Hartman

    Jonas Hartman4 時間 前

    great song just fire the dababy is an insperation

  39. Juan Cristobal

    Juan Cristobal4 時間 前

    the ppl who dislike this are dumb

  40. suklez YT

    suklez YT4 時間 前

    Yg suka free fire like👍

  41. Lane Hughes

    Lane Hughes4 時間 前

    Yes racism is bad but just cause one cop does something bad is no reason to riot and burn things and get more people killed

  42. Mateo Spaini

    Mateo Spaini4 時間 前

    Justice for George floyd

  43. Joseph Glidden

    Joseph Glidden4 時間 前


  44. Hawt Sause boss

    Hawt Sause boss4 時間 前

    This song describes 2020

  45. jagarnaut singer

    jagarnaut singer4 時間 前

    Blm is an org. Run by filthy rich ppl who getting all the donations and doing nothing for black hoods or they children! Fools keep protesting for nothing..

  46. Smart Buds

    Smart Buds4 時間 前


  47. Beauty4AllAges

    Beauty4AllAges5 時間 前

    I Stan. Black lives matter to me!!!!!!

  48. Bombem Marasigan

    Bombem Marasigan5 時間 前


  49. Charles Phillips

    Charles Phillips5 時間 前

    Out of all the new school rappers da baby 9a a favorite of mine

  50. Jonhquil Barcellano

    Jonhquil Barcellano5 時間 前

    Please respect♥️ please like

  51. Nicoo Caruso

    Nicoo Caruso5 時間 前


  52. نواف مباركي

    نواف مباركي5 時間 前

    هلا من عرب هنا غير الاجانب

  53. G G

    G G5 時間 前

    ياخي ليش العنصريه..🙂

  54. T

    T5 時間 前


  55. alyn pimentel

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  56. alyn pimentel

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  57. Nipun Lakshan

    Nipun Lakshan5 時間 前

    From Sri Lanka 😭

  58. Max 12

    Max 125 時間 前


  59. LegendAwesome

    LegendAwesome5 時間 前

    Because of that cop who murdered George Floyd... The America Gone Crazy.....

  60. LegendAwesome

    LegendAwesome6 時間 前

    This song is already stuck in my head Lol.....