DaBaby, Megan Thee Stallion, YK Osiris and Lil Mosey's 2019 XXL Freshman Cypher


  1. XXL

    XXL11 ヶ月 前

    Which artist killed this 2019 XXL Freshman cypher?

  2. Brennen Ward

    Brennen Ward20 日 前

    Not mosey

  3. Yoboi A

    Yoboi A20 日 前

    Not lil mosey😂😂

  4. Tayshaun Green

    Tayshaun Green20 日 前


  5. Dave Benny

    Dave Benny20 日 前


  6. X21 Stylish

    X21 Stylish21 日 前

    Da Baby



    “Why Baby in Miami now he in LA Baby think he Lebron” 🔥


    GAMMASTAX21 分 前

    Last night was a movie, today i woke up like the man.

  9. chopPA NLE

    chopPA NLE24 分 前

    Actually I noticed Lil Mosey is the best person of XXL trashmen

  10. DNøTS

    DNøTS41 分 前


  11. ys basketball game plays

    ys basketball game plays59 分 前

    Naw Megan likes da baby look at the way she was looking at him

  12. oofer man the 2nd

    oofer man the 2nd時間 前

    Rip dababy and megans backs XD

  13. Batman And robin

    Batman And robin2 時間 前

    Megan the stallion is actually a guy

  14. Batman And robin

    Batman And robin2 時間 前

    Fuck lil missy

  15. ynk bennji

    ynk bennji3 時間 前

    1:13 yo meg hold that mic like she sloppy it

  16. Victor Cuh

    Victor Cuh3 時間 前

    Lil mosey and yk Osiris really needed Dababy and Megan to show them how it’s done 😂

  17. OSR Digital

    OSR Digital4 時間 前

    Wdym we looking like we know you I just heard of you now

  18. OSR Digital

    OSR Digital4 時間 前

    Moosey just look like one of the kid who would bring his homie to beat someone up and when the guy pulls out the knife and holds his friend hostage he just runs away screaming idk him

  19. Lil Welch

    Lil Welch4 時間 前

    Who let mosey take the mic first 😂

  20. Adrian Angel

    Adrian Angel4 時間 前

    Who else skipped Megan’s whole verse


    K-LOW DEAD GANG4 時間 前

    Da baby merk the fuck out this beat bruh a true goat.

  22. hyp3r sp3ctr4l

    hyp3r sp3ctr4l4 時間 前

    Nigga is butt

  23. Jordan Matthew

    Jordan Matthew5 時間 前

    Lil mosey probs wrote his lines before hand and forgot his on words

  24. rtvjor

    rtvjor6 時間 前

    Da baby made a whole song

  25. Deno Myles

    Deno Myles6 時間 前

    Lil mosey woke up like becky lynch

  26. Branden Harmon

    Branden Harmon6 時間 前

    Da baby

  27. Lindsey Miller

    Lindsey Miller7 時間 前

    To be honest I do like Lil Mosey’s white sweater

  28. Mooka Myles

    Mooka Myles7 時間 前

    Juice wld should have been in this

  29. Terrance Link

    Terrance Link8 時間 前

    Dababy rode tf out that beat even had the stallion checkin him out.

  30. Nate Fuller

    Nate Fuller8 時間 前

    The video starts at 2:15

  31. Peets-san

    Peets-san8 時間 前

    dababy spiting fire for 2 min straight

  32. Apeonkrack 98

    Apeonkrack 988 時間 前

    Freshman of the year I woke up like the man shit best freestyle

  33. FB Basically I got an SRT Demon

    FB Basically I got an SRT Demon8 時間 前

    X's aye would make a better song that lil mosey speaking now XD

  34. Hot Potato

    Hot Potato9 時間 前

    DaBaby’s freestyle was clean🔥🔥

  35. Wolfmann 011

    Wolfmann 0119 時間 前

    Woke up like the man? Dafuq is that shit.

  36. Anthony Little

    Anthony Little10 時間 前

    Yk’s turn was so cringe

  37. velli payne

    velli payne10 時間 前

    Megan and baby need a whole project together. Top 5 best male and female spitters right now and their chemistry always crazy.

  38. 2turnt._mike Yt

    2turnt._mike Yt10 時間 前

    DaBaby fucking snapped and had lil mosey pissing his pants

  39. 2turnt._mike Yt

    2turnt._mike Yt10 時間 前

    Why Megan better than mosey🤣🤣🤣

  40. Mamba4Life 24

    Mamba4Life 2410 時間 前

    YK's verse was better than moseys, and YK's was trash

  41. Fakesupremeboy x

    Fakesupremeboy x10 時間 前

    Lil mosey his coat harder than his verse , and that shit is a fur

  42. Phil Ganpat

    Phil Ganpat11 時間 前

    lil mosey killed that shit🔥🔥🔥😎😎

  43. Khady Jackson

    Khady Jackson11 時間 前


  44. Brandon Madriz

    Brandon Madriz11 時間 前

    4:02 maybe if I look taller I won’t lose all credibility.

  45. No No

    No No11 時間 前

    The djs verse is better than lil moseys

  46. Kellz Buffaloe

    Kellz Buffaloe12 時間 前

    Yk the only one off beat

  47. Guilherme Martins

    Guilherme Martins12 時間 前


  48. YRN_ Block

    YRN_ Block12 時間 前

    Yk o crisis rapping was a crisis

  49. YRN_ Block

    YRN_ Block12 時間 前

    Lil moose head tried copying Kodak

  50. traxxinitý

    traxxinitý12 時間 前

    This a lame ass beat. Nigga shut the fuck up 😂

  51. Viper

    Viper12 時間 前

    Mosey: "this a lame ass beat" Beat: "bold words for a rapping trashcan"

  52. Jay Pick

    Jay Pick13 時間 前

    Lot of cringe in this video

  53. Carlos Cadena

    Carlos Cadena13 時間 前

    Dababy ran circles around every one else

  54. Jesus Pavon

    Jesus Pavon14 時間 前

    Dabby went in 💪💯

  55. Ahmed Roman

    Ahmed Roman14 時間 前

    Feels like YK Osiris was not told this is a freestyle

  56. Among la

    Among la14 時間 前

    Lil mosey a kind of person to diss himself

  57. Ricardo Sotelo

    Ricardo Sotelo14 時間 前

    Lil mosey was the best one 🚫🙅‍♂️🧢

  58. I KMAR

    I KMAR15 時間 前

    DaBaby killed the track

  59. joshua angeles

    joshua angeles15 時間 前

    yk osiris FUCKING SUCKS

  60. jet6119

    jet611915 時間 前

    Is dababy the only one that made his verse a actual song

  61. Brendon Hood

    Brendon Hood15 時間 前

    @3:02 Yk and meg are feelin it

  62. gucci

    gucci16 時間 前

    Mosey rhymed man with man bruh

  63. Krystel aggh

    Krystel aggh16 時間 前

    😂😂cypher 2016 comment section brought me here

  64. Zachary W

    Zachary W16 時間 前

    Why is YK Osiris the only one who has real talent. He combines rapping and singing.

  65. Brody Bradley

    Brody Bradley17 時間 前

    Lil mosey was jus horrible

  66. willard mcweezie

    willard mcweezie17 時間 前

    My mouth is staying open when I heard dababy

  67. Tonay Aldaco

    Tonay Aldaco17 時間 前

    Dababy and Megan the only ones that got the flow

  68. Shay Shay

    Shay Shay18 時間 前

    Megan hit diffre

  69. Gavin Anderson

    Gavin Anderson18 時間 前

    Mosey: this a lame ah beat Kodak: pulls up Mosey: goes back to sleep and never wakes up like the man again

  70. Shan Kaushik

    Shan Kaushik19 時間 前

    Dababy killed it

  71. Shan Kaushik

    Shan Kaushik19 時間 前

    Osiris trash

  72. Shan Kaushik

    Shan Kaushik19 時間 前

    Megan and mosey shit

  73. Sky Hawk

    Sky Hawk20 時間 前

    I think I enjoyed Lil Mosey's verse. Though my volume was on 0

  74. Serenity Channel

    Serenity Channel20 時間 前

    All of them have the same beat

  75. gabriel kassem

    gabriel kassem20 時間 前


  76. Demarcus Johnson

    Demarcus Johnson21 時間 前

    Lil mosey dressed like young thug pillow 😂😂

  77. mihaela pihureac

    mihaela pihureac21 時間 前

    My dad's mind 00:12 when he is ignoring my mom

  78. ZeSty

    ZeSty21 時間 前

    Yk osiris > Megan

  79. Lincey Pierre

    Lincey Pierre22 時間 前

    DaBaby🔥🔥 Megan🔥🔥 Cameraman🔥🔥 The DJ🔥🔥

  80. Gurnoor Sandhu

    Gurnoor Sandhu22 時間 前

    lil mosey: rhymes man with man

  81. Katleho Arosi

    Katleho Arosi22 時間 前

    Dababy killed it

  82. Jaiden Umaru-Savannah

    Jaiden Umaru-Savannah22 時間 前

    Lil mosey:this a lame ass beat The beat:beats ass

  83. Jaiden Umaru-Savannah

    Jaiden Umaru-Savannah22 時間 前

    Da baby Megan the stallion And yea

  84. Manvik28_7

    Manvik28_722 時間 前

    mosey rhymed man with man.......

  85. Kingpeppen

    Kingpeppen23 時間 前

    everybody talking bout how bad lil mosey’s freestyle was, but dababy’s freestyle was 🔥🔥