DaBaby - Intro (official music video)


  1. Navontae 223

    Navontae 2232 時間 前

    Addison ray little brother in the back

  2. prettyloving knight

    prettyloving knight18 時間 前

    This my husband love him ❤️❤️😍

  3. Da bro Smauzer

    Da bro Smauzer21 時間 前

    Bro RIP KIRK this hits different cuz my dad was murdered when I was young in 2009 i know how you feel man it sucks all I can do is pray that my dad is good in heaven 🙏🙏😩😭😭

  4. Henry

    Henry23 時間 前

    Who’s here when people are protesting

  5. Jayden Tyler

    Jayden Tyler日 前


  6. Khanya Nelani

    Khanya Nelani日 前

    Ok, Lets Go #BabyOnBaby!!!

  7. thatEHDEN

    thatEHDEN日 前

    Great song. Possibly the worst audio quality on youtube.

  8. bradlee Sigmon

    bradlee Sigmon日 前

    My JPreporter channel is Bradlee Sigmon and my TikTok is Bradlee Sigmon

  9. bradlee Sigmon

    bradlee Sigmon日 前


  10. Sixtens Sommarfåtölj

    Sixtens Sommarfåtölj日 前

    when he stops rapping the amazon rainforest will be safe

  11. Black Man

    Black Man日 前

    Took it like a G when she had cancer😭🥺😞

  12. Sexer

    Sexer2 日 前

    I fuck with u like Martin fucc w Gina...

  13. Joshua B.R

    Joshua B.R2 日 前

    This is like what he went through

  14. Marily blessed

    Marily blessed2 日 前

    Hands down realist shit i heard

  15. Steve Lanier

    Steve Lanier2 日 前

    The resting spirit of tu pac has jumped into this nigga... Bruh i aint felt no vibe like this since pac This shit hard nigga

  16. ke3xdrifting

    ke3xdrifting2 日 前

    Baby you the realest...!

  17. Grey - Greens

    Grey - Greens2 日 前

    If Dababy ain't in the third jumanji I dont wanna watch it.

  18. Shad's channel

    Shad's channel2 日 前

    Lost my dad when I was young to

  19. Jayden Dishman

    Jayden Dishman2 日 前

    Thank you, I like this music, need time to be trained. ✌🏻

  20. Natasha Henry

    Natasha Henry3 日 前

    Your daughter is so cuteee

  21. Princess Lexi

    Princess Lexi3 日 前

    intro u know

  22. Agyapong Prince

    Agyapong Prince3 日 前

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  23. J. Pimp

    J. Pimp3 日 前

    You can tell this man put his heart in this song!

  24. Son Goku

    Son Goku3 日 前

    Didn't y'all notice the muzzle he got on they need that for joker

  25. Graham Da Yam

    Graham Da Yam3 日 前

    <a href="#" class="seekto" data-time="64">1:04</a> Anyone else notice that that's Stunna 4 Vegas?

  26. Graham Da Yam

    Graham Da Yam3 日 前

    It's really weird how this is on the same album as Vibez

  27. chxxstxxn

    chxxstxxn3 日 前

    RIP kirk

  28. Synth clan

    Synth clan3 日 前

    To the 21k people that disliked this I hope you get testicular cancer and die

  29. Lil reesee REE

    Lil reesee REE4 日 前

    I know how it is to have someone die close to you like really close it this is my fav song And it was my mom dad and this is the best line I rock behind my daddy <a href="#" class="seekto" data-time="1740">29:00</a>

  30. hunter wallis

    hunter wallis4 日 前

    “Wait a minute who are you” in the beginning took 8 months for me to realize

  31. Oofurno bruh

    Oofurno bruh4 日 前

    Is it me or am I hearing Kazoo Kid?

  32. Memes4Dayz

    Memes4Dayz4 日 前

    Where’d u film dis

  33. Itzzz The official Jose

    Itzzz The official Jose4 日 前

    I can relate to him, it hurts. My brother died this week on the 26th of May. R.I.P junior 🖤

  34. Theo Gameplay

    Theo Gameplay3 日 前


  35. Seanwyll Bolivar

    Seanwyll Bolivar4 日 前


  36. Corey Wilson

    Corey Wilson5 日 前

    Baby was ready for Corona before it hit with all them masks

  37. Booty M

    Booty M5 日 前

    Felt this song the best rapper 💪🏽

  38. Matt Spooner

    Matt Spooner5 日 前

    I been fuckin with his .40 blastin, getting bitches music lately.. easy to forget this is the song that got me on baby on baby.

  39. Lokesh Khatri

    Lokesh Khatri5 日 前

    Nobody Literally nobody Me: they used jumanzi set for location

  40. Cat Fished

    Cat Fished5 日 前

    Anyone else hear kazoo kid at the beginning?

  41. Jaylon Berry

    Jaylon Berry5 日 前

    That dude stolen the lemonade and the child I’m sleep

  42. Ethan Parr

    Ethan Parr5 日 前

    This is a deep song but it's the best one

  43. Alexandra D

    Alexandra D6 日 前

    Baby on baby on baby

  44. Dylan Estupinan

    Dylan Estupinan6 日 前

    My grandma passed in 2015 from cancer so the first sentance in this damn song almost made me shed a tear this song makes me think of her. R.I.P Sharon Young - 2015 luv u grandma

  45. CowboyFank lol

    CowboyFank lol6 日 前

    This song has drake vibes

  46. The Gaming Bond 34

    The Gaming Bond 346 日 前

    Those choir singers blend so well with DaBaby

  47. Aidan Cantara

    Aidan Cantara6 日 前

    play "good ole mountain dew" or dueling banjos or parlez nous a boire

  48. ljuba

    ljuba7 日 前

    The kazoo kid inthe beginning hits different

  49. BuzzedLightyear

    BuzzedLightyear7 日 前

    Short king anthem 🎯🎯

  50. Josh Morrison

    Josh Morrison7 日 前

    He do be brushin his teeth

  51. Da T

    Da T7 日 前

    Mayweather rapping....haha!!

  52. Daylien DATKID

    Daylien DATKID7 日 前

    Dababy #1

  53. Princess Summit

    Princess Summit7 日 前

    You're beautiful!

  54. bonnie the bunny

    bonnie the bunny7 日 前

    I really don't answer understand how someone dislike this song 😔

  55. queen zion

    queen zion7 日 前

    I miss my granddad he died😭😭😭😭😭😭😥😥

  56. Trudian Smith

    Trudian Smith7 日 前

    Hits different!!

  57. Erundina Ada Obama

    Erundina Ada Obama8 日 前

    WoW....i like that!!

  58. Ashton Mcphee

    Ashton Mcphee8 日 前

    this is by far babys best song, i dont give a fuk what anyone says/.

  59. Melvin Grier

    Melvin Grier8 日 前

    Am sad for you dababy

  60. siobhan slime adventures

    siobhan slime adventures8 日 前

    ''like on this song, im not rapping im preaching'' those lyrics hit hard

  61. rose

    rose9 日 前

    He’s gonna be the best dad ever.

  62. Everything About Aviation

    Everything About Aviation9 日 前

    Baby is such a good person

  63. Saleem Moore

    Saleem Moore9 日 前

    My favorite rapper no capp

  64. Bob Foster

    Bob Foster9 日 前

    This song got me through quarantine. I’m a senior in high school and when everything went south in my school year this song always got me through it

  65. Brandon

    Brandon9 日 前

    Say what you want about DaBaby, but this song hit differentttttt

  66. logan bilbrey

    logan bilbrey9 日 前

    Bro wtf how is there that many dislikes whoever dislikes this song is probably cousin fuckers or people who don't Appreciate this type of music

  67. KINGRYAN 30

    KINGRYAN 309 日 前

    This song is amazing I don’t know how someone can make all these great song

  68. ZEEZY chrome

    ZEEZY chrome9 日 前

    This song gave me a new found respect for DaBaby

  69. Reco Ricks

    Reco Ricks10 日 前



    F3AR_COSTAR10 日 前

    The shot at <a href="#" class="seekto" data-time="31">0:31</a> is so cool

  71. teddy banda

    teddy banda11 日 前

    Thinkin' 'bout my grandmama and shit I got the number one record, they acknowledged the jit (aye, yo, Kid) They goin' crazy when they play it, head bobbin' and shit And I'm just somewhere fucked up thinkin' 'bout my father and shit They found him dead a couple days before I started tour Same day I flew back to the city from Miami I was out there with the family Just lookin' at my daughter Thinkin' to myself like, "Damn, my baby look just like my daddy" Same time I got the news, my shit went number one, that's fucked up That shit there was confusin', a lil' bit, you know I flew in with the stick Okay, like let me know what's up before I lose it in this bitch And everybody tryna talk, I ain't tryna talk, I'm tryna click I'm tryna send somebody wit' him Somebody let me know what's happenin' My last name K-I-R-K, Kirk You know how I rock behind my daddy You know I never gave a fuck about the world, just about my family How the fuck I make it to the top same day I lost the nigga that had me? How a nigga perform on BET and a year ago couldn't afford a sandwich? I had to move in with TG when I went broke movin' out to Cali What you know you smilin' every day for all your fans, actin' like you happy? I spent a hundred thousand layin' my daddy to rest, but I ain't braggin' I got some questions, I'm a die about respect if I don't get answers My mama stood up in that chair, took it like a G when she had cancer My brother be thinkin' that we don't love him and let him struggle like we ain't family Like I won't give up all I got to see you happy, nigga We shocked the world, everybody know what's happenin', nigga I'm still Lil' Jon Jon, my song, it just went platinum, nigga We on our own time, let's go move out to Cali, nigga Put the kids in homeschool, let's go get us a mansion, nigga Let's raise our kids right, let's watch the shit we teach 'em, nigga Let's start a business for you so they can't say that you leechin', nigga How I know I'm the chosen one, 'cause sometimes when I be speakin', nigga Like on this song, I ain't rappin', I'm preachin', nigga If I love you, then I need ya (let's go) I fuck with you like Martin fuck with Gina (uh) We family like we Venus and Serena (hey) Let's go get married like we thank God and Kanisha (okay) Don't give a fuck about the world, just 'bout my people (facts) I don't care what the fuck they told you, we ain't equal (uh uh) Niggas ain't cut from the same cloth, these niggas see-through (aye) And I be too busy doin' me to see what he do, nigga Yeah, verse two, that lil' nigga from the other side (uh-huh) And I do it myself, whenever I ride, you know that my brothers ride (okay) And I still got a lotta shit on my mind that I can't undecide (yeah, yeah) Got me ready to slide Feelin' like Doe Boy when his brother died (Boyz n the Hood) You know how I step, you know how I rep You know about Baby, nigga (you know about Baby) You know how I'm comin' back for that cross if you ever play me, nigga (get back) You know how I got it up out the mud and turned it to gravy nigga (huh) And hit the rap game like crack cocaine in the '80s, nigga Fuck you niggas talkin' 'bout, bruh? Like (oh my God, oh) Look (oh my God) Look, man Look (oh my God) Baby on Baby, now that's Baby on Baby God is great (God is great) Big dawg, Baby (he goin' Baby on Baby on Baby, huh) Yeah, rest in peace to my daddy Rest in peace to my grandma Let's go If I love you, then I need ya (let's go) I fuck with you like Martin fuck with Gina (uh) We family like we Venus and Serena (hey) Let's go get married like we thank God and Kanisha (okay) Don't give a fuck about the world, just 'bout my people (facts) I don't care what the fuck they told you, we ain't equal (uh-uh) Niggas ain't cut from the same cloth, these niggas see-through (aye) And I be too busy doin' me to see what he do, nigga Uh-huh Okay, yeah Uh-huh Okay

  72. Kaliyah Brown

    Kaliyah Brown11 日 前

    rip dababy daddy

  73. Nyles Gem

    Nyles Gem11 日 前

    idk why this song had me in tears

  74. Joe Blow

    Joe Blow11 日 前

    -----funfact------ THIS shit 100% hands down is dope dope without any details

  75. Ibrahim Ahmad

    Ibrahim Ahmad12 日 前

    He was ready for corona with the mask

  76. Soso Niang

    Soso Niang12 日 前

    I love you DaBaby 🥵🔥❤️

  77. Wired_SupremexX

    Wired_SupremexX12 日 前

    I hits when you lose someone I lost my grandma🙏🏾🙏🏾🙏🏾🙏🏾

  78. Olga Karzun

    Olga Karzun12 日 前

    sounds like "she did it again" by dax

  79. Guadalupe Ybarra

    Guadalupe Ybarra12 日 前

    Hey dababy you are the best

  80. Guadalupe Ybarra

    Guadalupe Ybarra12 日 前

    This is the song

  81. Boky

    Boky12 日 前

    Yo what you guys think of dababy's new album

  82. MDA

    MDA13 日 前

    this song is a hitter