DaBaby - Intro (official music video)


  1. Glideds

    Glideds12 分 前

    Damn baby you making Lenoir niggas cry with this 🔥

  2. Vic Miller

    Vic Miller2 時間 前

    I fuck with this album! Starting from this intro

  3. iLoseOften-

    iLoseOften-2 時間 前

    "Wait a minute, who are you?" meme played in the beginning of the song. Thats fire 🔥

  4. Yung Chonk

    Yung Chonk3 時間 前

    I ain gone lie... this song make a nigga wanna cry 💯

  5. Nadair Banks

    Nadair Banks3 時間 前

    Fuck nigga

  6. Macenzi Smith

    Macenzi Smith5 時間 前

    I’ve lost three family members in four months, each one I was so close to. First loss of a family member too. When I first heard this song I felt every word. I didn’t go through what he did but I can tell you that this song is for everyone. I’m trying to go to school and get my shit together so I can make it for my family. This song makes me so happy and so sad at the same time. This is my song I listen to when I need to remind myself how grateful I should be for everyone in my life and everyone I’ve lost. This song will never get old written perfectly.

  7. lady Ortega

    lady Ortega6 時間 前

    True mothafucken G

  8. Jose Zuniga

    Jose Zuniga7 時間 前

    He deserves it ...i cat even hate.

  9. The Goat

    The Goat7 時間 前

    We need a Maroon 5 Sugar Remix ft. DaBaby


    EYESPAMML27 時間 前

    I watched this like 12 times


    EYESPAMML27 時間 前

    This song goes so hard

  12. Briel Philpot-Winkler

    Briel Philpot-Winkler7 時間 前

    I love him

  13. Jonathan Dennis

    Jonathan Dennis7 時間 前

    Him and Danny brown need to link up and drop something 💯💯

  14. Tierra Mccoy

    Tierra Mccoy7 時間 前

    Let’s start a business for you so they can’t say that you leaching nigga 💯💯💯🙏🏾🙏🏾🙏🏾

  15. Tierra Mccoy

    Tierra Mccoy7 時間 前

    Never gave a fuck about the world just about my family !

  16. A G

    A G7 時間 前

    Like: DaBaby Comment: Lil Mosey

  17. Zion Briscoe

    Zion Briscoe8 時間 前

    This make me feel just how my dad died

  18. Cadell Williams

    Cadell Williams8 時間 前

    Where was this music video filmed?!?!

  19. GoLDeN SeAiRRA

    GoLDeN SeAiRRA8 時間 前


  20. Samon Blackwell

    Samon Blackwell9 時間 前


  21. JaySidouMusic

    JaySidouMusic8 時間 前

    this song is so tight, it makes me wish he made more music like this

  22. ARMY Thats What I Am

    ARMY Thats What I Am9 時間 前

    Here because V from BTS said he likes Da Baby

  23. Sean Elsmore

    Sean Elsmore9 時間 前

    I don’t know why but who else immediately though of Jurassic world when they saw the thumbnail

  24. JaySidouMusic

    JaySidouMusic8 時間 前

    i see where youre coming from

  25. UhActed

    UhActed10 時間 前

    this song is fire like shit did he get better?

  26. JaySidouMusic

    JaySidouMusic8 時間 前

    i listened to his other stuff, this is his best song

  27. Aries10K

    Aries10K10 時間 前

    NEW DaBaby - Vibez REACTION jpreporter.net/v/%E3%83%93%E3%83%87%E3%82%AA-pPeFx5peIcc.html Like to support 💙

  28. Cody

    Cody10 時間 前

    Good luck

  29. Cody

    Cody10 時間 前

    I am sorry for loss

  30. Cody

    Cody10 時間 前

    I love you baby thanks for what you do

  31. Kimora VLOGS

    Kimora VLOGS10 時間 前

    I lost my dad a few days ago 😭💔

  32. Ewolf

    Ewolf10 時間 前

    Death is the reason i am the way i am today i think i can but i will never change death has 2 sides one side where death brings u to light and the other side where death brings u to darkness i choose the dark side and now everyday i stray farther from the light rip my spirits

  33. OnlyTheReal OTR

    OnlyTheReal OTR11 時間 前


  34. Ron Ronny

    Ron Ronny11 時間 前

    Y'all don't no hard this song 😂 is because y'all in the feelings 💔 of the song try not to till see like u agree

  35. Krysten Crawford

    Krysten Crawford11 時間 前

    I hope things get better for DaBaby. He is so strong to go through all these obstacles. I can’t imagine going through half the things he does. I admire him for his courage and bravery. Keep grinding DaBaby!

  36. Kendra Linkins

    Kendra Linkins11 時間 前

    Poo 📦📦📦📦📦📦📦📦📦📦 to $$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$ 🤑🤑🤑🤑🤑🤑🤑🤑🤑🤑🤑🤑🤑🤑🤑🤑

  37. Yung Purge

    Yung Purge11 時間 前

    Bro his flow is crazy on this beat 🙏🙏🔥🔥🔥 . Just his quickness with the world play is fire....Its like he's stumbling quickly onto the beat and it fits perfect 🔥🔥🔥🔥

  38. Devan Bolin

    Devan Bolin12 時間 前

    This shit make a nigga want a cry in the first 30 sec then stand up in dance by a min

  39. Irene Mccollum

    Irene Mccollum12 時間 前

    God bless you

  40. Dribble God3

    Dribble God312 時間 前

    Kobe likes cock

  41. GFS_Pluto

    GFS_Pluto12 時間 前

    Bro did almost put tears in my eyes

  42. Taysav

    Taysav12 時間 前

    Rip dababy’s dad and grandma I hope they both in heaven🙏🏾

  43. Beast Boss

    Beast Boss13 時間 前

    who else heard the wait a minute ho are you at the beginning

  44. Austin Mark

    Austin Mark13 時間 前

    0:03 why do i hear kazoo kid in the background? lmao has nobody else noticed?

  45. FFNC Rein

    FFNC Rein13 時間 前

    Fuck who don't like

  46. White G

    White G13 時間 前


  47. Larriqua Evans

    Larriqua Evans14 時間 前

    r.i.p dababy daddy😭😭☹😢

  48. cartierfayo

    cartierfayo14 時間 前

    The comments with the most likes rlly be the ones that say “Like to be a millionaire” or “Like or your barber will mess up ur haircut” etc like SAY SUM ABOUT THE SOMG LMAOOO😭

  49. Jaxson Wood

    Jaxson Wood14 時間 前

    man i die for this shit man keep on that grind fam

  50. 2pac run California 2pac run California

    2pac run California 2pac run California14 時間 前

    Not all fan of cuzs but I can relate to him I lose my mother and uncle it is hard everyday I struggle with it

  51. Juugy Juugz

    Juugy Juugz14 時間 前

    On repeat🎤🔊🎥!!

  52. Low Key

    Low Key14 時間 前

    Hit the rap game like cocaine in the 80 that was hot DaBaby a fool with it got his own style

  53. Osman Valverde

    Osman Valverde14 時間 前

    Trash sixnine was better

  54. Kyle Ramey

    Kyle Ramey14 時間 前

    Remember trying to Da baby to people and I got laughed at 😂😂 now he's blew up and nobody wanna act like I was lying

  55. lil King 2323

    lil King 232315 時間 前

    Da baby IBen listening to your music since last year

  56. TTV_ Trident

    TTV_ Trident15 時間 前

    This has got to be best music video of 2019 and the song is heat

  57. GXD

    GXD15 時間 前

    At the beginning of the song if you have headphones you can hear that vine “wait a minute who are you” 0:01

  58. Omari Thomas

    Omari Thomas16 時間 前

    Dababy what's your favorite song? Everyone, like so he'll see it and comment :)

  59. Lil Jupi

    Lil Jupi16 時間 前

    lil jupi 13th mixtape go check it out!! mobile.datpiff.com/mixtape/951759

  60. D.O.T.B Devonte On The BEat

    D.O.T.B Devonte On The BEat16 時間 前

    My boy the dababy🥶😇

  61. Donald Hunt

    Donald Hunt17 時間 前

    Had to listen to this hoe 3 times ina row. It really hit different. This earns him a spot in my book

  62. MILO The one and only

    MILO The one and only17 時間 前

    I almost started crying. Beautiful

  63. djwestbrook36

    djwestbrook3617 時間 前

    where those mountains at?