DaBaby Crushes Ice Cream While Eating Spicy Wings | Hot Ones


  1. First We Feast

    First We Feast4 日 前

    Thanks to everyone who came out to ComplexCon! Let's make it a full spice lord takeover next year.

  2. The Freem Team

    The Freem Team21 分 前

    The Freem Team should be on the next one 🙌🏼🧡

  3. Joey Stoick

    Joey Stoick時間 前

    First We Feast Sean, bring me on this show. Let’s do a 20 wing reverse snake episode. We start hot and finish hot! Shoot me a message if you think you can handle the challenge!

  4. Mike Fox

    Mike Fox3 時間 前

    @falak sherhell make it big for sure especially if he keeps selling out and acting like hes to good to interview certain people a lot of people might quit watching because of it either that or he doesnt have control of whoever "reaches" out to people and they are lieing to sean either way i hope its a seans not a liar and a snob and its his employee that is a liar


    KING DIEZEL3 時間 前

    Bring on Deontay Wilder, Errol Spence, Andy Ruiz, or Floyd Mayweather. Matter fact Zach Galifianakis and Donald Trump would be hilarious

  6. Avery Woron

    Avery Woron8 時間 前


  7. MrMartin

    MrMartin3 分 前


  8. 47wedgwood

    47wedgwood7 分 前

    Why he got no legs ?

  9. royal x14

    royal x1412 分 前

    Why hasnt Denzel Curry been on this show yet

  10. Dynasty 22

    Dynasty 2214 分 前

    Audience *sucks*

  11. J Wilbert

    J Wilbert15 分 前

    But them 11’s though!

  12. Greg Davis

    Greg Davis18 分 前

    That boy goin str8 to toilet after this. Hot wings and ice cream has my stomach sdoing circles just thinking about it.😂🤣

  13. The Freem Team

    The Freem Team21 分 前

    Love this show TFT need to be on the next one 🧡

  14. XxmanderxX

    XxmanderxX26 分 前

    Audience ruins the authenticity of the video. Don’t really like it

  15. mike hunt

    mike hunt29 分 前

    He looks like an ape🦧

  16. NetWork Production

    NetWork Production時間 前

    ✔ this🔥💩out 👇🏾 jpreporter.net/v/%E3%83%93%E3%83%87%E3%82%AA-eoRLGNs9e4U.html

  17. help

    help時間 前

    Damn white people laugh at anything

  18. Suc A duck

    Suc A duck時間 前

    Do Nardwuar pls

  19. lil JEW

    lil JEW時間 前

    I thought you weren’t allowed to eat with grillz in

  20. David T

    David T時間 前

    Not going to lie I wish this was a regular episode

  21. C-Razy

    C-Razy時間 前

    Not a fan of the live show. The ambience is off. Please keep it at the studio. The guests can’t really settle in and you can see they’re distracted.

  22. Mimi Edwards

    Mimi Edwards時間 前

    The Audience was real deal laughing for no reason🙄🤦🏿

  23. Destiny Cantu

    Destiny Cantu時間 前

    I understand the reasoning behind having a live audience. But it was just weird. I like the more personal interactions.

  24. Maria Oseguera

    Maria Oseguera時間 前

    Ya'll need J.Cole on here

  25. lunatikk13

    lunatikk13時間 前

    I’m not gonna be watching these any longer if they’re with the audience

  26. Teluf

    Teluf時間 前

    “Aye fuck it”

  27. Oscar Villegas

    Oscar Villegas時間 前

    Invite lil pump he loves hot wings

  28. Tanaysia White

    Tanaysia White2 時間 前

    Can u get big Sean on there plzzz

  29. Jairo Perez

    Jairo Perez2 時間 前

    Do lil tecca next🔥🔥🔥

  30. 808 Industries

    808 Industries2 時間 前

    Have review brah on this

  31. 808 Industries

    808 Industries2 時間 前

    Have the review of the week guy next week

  32. KingDonXVI

    KingDonXVI2 時間 前

    I hate the crowd.

  33. Deneshia Hurd Paudel

    Deneshia Hurd Paudel2 時間 前

    I love DaBaby but hands down Halle Berry by far is the Queen of this hotwing challenge...she took that shit like a champ...watch the vid 😂😂😂

  34. B-Jay

    B-Jay2 時間 前

    Can you get someone from slipknot?

  35. Sunny Frank

    Sunny Frank2 時間 前

    You should get chef David Chang on the show

  36. Toby Arguello

    Toby Arguello2 時間 前

    Petey Pablo to DaBaby

  37. Tony Colon

    Tony Colon2 時間 前

    Ditch the audience.... right

  38. Terrie Fielder

    Terrie Fielder2 時間 前

    You should have blove do this she loves spicy stuff lol

  39. OFCLTrapStar

    OFCLTrapStar2 時間 前

    I could never do that shit I would be sweating IMMEDIATELY‼️😂😂😂😂

  40. Sur 4th

    Sur 4th2 時間 前

    jpreporter.net/v/%E3%83%93%E3%83%87%E3%82%AA-GWIELyWPjfI.html damn im late

  41. King Dee

    King Dee2 時間 前

    We need YG on another episode 😂😂😂😂

  42. matt matt96

    matt matt962 時間 前

    Literally a ad with you in it before the video lol

  43. Sparks Bonner

    Sparks Bonner2 時間 前

    You need to get Mat Best or Pat McAfee.

  44. USA Numba One

    USA Numba One2 時間 前

    Hot ones ad on a hot ones video, *hmm yes this hot one is a hot one*

  45. Carl Wells

    Carl Wells2 時間 前

    S/O NC 💪

  46. Faisal Rahman

    Faisal Rahman2 時間 前

    yesssssssssssssssssssssssss my favourtite fuking rapper I LOVE THIS FUKING SHOW

  47. Lyrics 4All

    Lyrics 4All3 時間 前

    He tried to make an example of him because he said the wings were weak

  48. Carson Blaese

    Carson Blaese3 時間 前

    Hey Sean, I think its time you get Elon Musk to take on the gauntlet of hot sauces

  49. Victor Magallon

    Victor Magallon3 時間 前

    Get the hodge twins on this

  50. Adrian Geronimo

    Adrian Geronimo3 時間 前

    should i buy my son this for christmas. YEA or NAH? amzn.to/2p9RHsb

  51. BigBuckz601

    BigBuckz6013 時間 前

    This nigga da baby was bout to beat the whole crowd up when they started booing his ass 😂😂😂 P.s get Megan the Stallion on there next 🥰

  52. Santiago Fabian

    Santiago Fabian3 時間 前

    This maybe the first time I didn’t feel the urge to clear my throat every time dababy talked🤔😂

  53. Red Muraira

    Red Muraira3 時間 前

    Yeah not feeling the audience at all!!’

  54. D.P. Johnson

    D.P. Johnson3 時間 前

    Nix the audience! It takes away the authenticity! I'm going back to the old episodes. Call me when they go back to why we watched the show.

  55. U wot M9

    U wot M93 時間 前

    I wish he would stop doing live episodes. They have all been good guests but weak episodes

  56. LaLa Aldridge

    LaLa Aldridge3 時間 前

    I love Da Baby

  57. 83rdox

    83rdox3 時間 前

    Get Wes Watson and Big Herc

  58. Angel Sanchez

    Angel Sanchez3 時間 前


  59. Nick B

    Nick B3 時間 前

    I been eating some chicken/I need me some dental floss 🔥🔥🔥

  60. PlannedPiper

    PlannedPiper4 時間 前

    18:43 When your friends overdosing.

  61. U wot M9

    U wot M94 時間 前

    Live ones are shit

  62. Shadow Sniper170

    Shadow Sniper1704 時間 前

    Do Dwayne Johnson or the rock please

  63. MikaisMe 85

    MikaisMe 854 時間 前

    Is this the concept now, or is Hot ones just on tour? I really hope this isn’t what the show has become.

  64. Dizmohh

    Dizmohh4 時間 前

    Had to be the best one

  65. Nudah Not Verified

    Nudah Not Verified4 時間 前

    Guys DaBaby probably CHOSE to have the audience there, no matter how you feel about it it was his decision