D&D Story: Ep 18- Xanu


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    Omg now I understand why sneeze dropped dead when sips temporarily died

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    ok Mewtwo

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    I'm still so excited :D still looking every few days at your channel if the new episode came up already or whaaat

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    The videos do not come fast enough.

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    I can't wait for next thing new vid. I need my dingo fix.

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    16:25 many of a human's olfactory nerves are in the nasal cavity, so while I don't know foreclaimer sensory biology, I'm pretty confident she can still smell.

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    14:42 I believe the man who calls himself Ohio Jack is, in fact, a foreclaimer. When he 'stabbed' gothi with the crystal, as explained in a q&a, he completely thought he was just helping her. He had no thought in his head of how this could be percieved otherwise. _he had no empathy._ he had zero empathy for the citizens of raskam, either. And as he says "I" in "I am with you" his eye darts away, as if hiding a secret. Yeah, he's a foreclaimer. No doubt about it.

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    Jack: *stabs Gothi, doesn’t care about Rascam’s city, hires people to do dangerous work, HAS DEMON HORNS OUT OF HIS HEAD* Gothi being the competent one: “You give off *bad guy* vibes.”

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    Dingo, can't stop saying thank you

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    Are you dead or what

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    Who made the music at 16:35 because I really like it

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    Im not like other augmented elves that take science too far.

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    I just bingewatched all episodes for a fun rollercoaster ride and got a deep emotional and epic story that is worthy of a Golden Globe. What the duck?!

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    Can you please post more

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    Please make a part 19 please😁

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    i love how sips is basically a warlock-

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    Why is hell is the first close up of Xanu on the MEch Dragon my fav. picture in this video?

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    sooo cool

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    I just started watching your videos a couple days ago and I absolutely love them. I think I've watched close to all of them already. You can definitely tell that your confidence and storytelling skills have improved with each video. Thanks for all the wonderful videos!

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    "inhumanely treated science experiment creature has only one friend who visits them and treats them kindly, and it's one of the main characters" is a trope that has me SO WEAK!! ( ; _ ; ) i love xanu's backstory

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    lol bubby prototype

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    Can I just say that I love her art style

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    Are the Jewel shards an Inuyasha reference

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    Actually Sips is a budget cleric.

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    How much you wanna bet that the dude who started the quest is actually a combination of the souls left from the machines and is trying to help xanu open the portal and take his revenge?

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    Xanu sees gothi. Sips:..... ssssooooooooo..... Gothi:yes? Sips:...... I got your old friend lingering in my head.? Gothi:what? Xanu:she didn't need to know that. Gothi: (sees him) OH MY GOD!

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    No one : Dingo : **brutally assaulting the 14+ icon**

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    Why does Solis and Stela sound so familer?

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    Gothi: Lights a Beacon Everyone in a 50 block radius: ~haste~

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    ok... your dm is creative but not good at hiding plots :D You are obviously creating a portal to where they ran away from Xanu and your party gonna have a choice:Help Xanu or prevent his revange

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    I subscribed

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    I've been watching this story play out for a while now and it just keeps getting better and better; I love the way you tell your stories, never know weather dingo is going to make us laugh or cry or both. Keep up the amazing work!

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    animation: "shows that they ripped the white star out of the sky" the power crystals: "are yellow"

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    Heheh...these intros are fine.

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    lol I'm making a d&d animation rn and this helps me

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    i lol d&d yassssssssssssssssssssssssssssssssssssss

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    What race is sips? Is he a tabaxi?

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    Watch the earlier episodes to see, I think it’s episode 3

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    Im calling it now jack is a part of xanu

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    17:24 Dingo: She is beauty, she is grace Me: She has a profile picture of an anime girls face...

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    So sips will go to the portal and the other two will meet to power the portal, then they’ll be together again...not good

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    watching this feels like the adventure zone amnesty: good editing, a story with plot holes that worked wonderfully, and player effort and investment. yall are great

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    Xanu? I don’t like it

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    Oh yeah, Jack is definitely up to no good.

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    Calm down, the videos always take about a month to make, so just be patient, she’s one girl working alone, so don’t freak out dude

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    When are you going to post a new vid

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    Dude the animations take a while, have patience, I say start complaining after 2 months, given that they normally take one

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    jpreporter.net/v/%E3%83%93%E3%83%87%E3%82%AA-dTnpq-r3_2Q.html i didnt know where else to put this

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    ;-; I need more

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    does anyone think jack is a secret forclamer? (i can’t spell it)



    Xanu: Thank you, Gothi. Your little gestures of kindness have made my days in prison bearable. I think you should take the rest of the day off. Gothi: What? Xanu: You don't look well. Maybe you should go home and rest. Gothi: No, I feel fine. Xanu: Trust me. It is better that you are not here this afternoon.

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    Some real strong Mewtwo vibes with that

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    2 years. It’s been 2 years since the channel started. what a wild ride.

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    Sips with all that *A N G S T*

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    I was on a plane when I watched this and right as the crystal got placed, the engines fired up and blasted us off. Great additional background music

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    You have a knack for dramatization and your voice acting is really good

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    jack WOW that face MMMMMMMMMMMMMMMMMMMMMMMMMMmm yeah do you need to see that check out

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    More! We need more!!!!!!!

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    Next up knight with know face

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    Anyone else waiting for this to all go super south? Because I can’t help but feel that the comment in the first episode about “TPK-ing the Universe” wasn’t about releasing the tarask

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    The intense 14+ slap

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    I've been on hero forge before and I loved it but doesn't it cost money to print and also once your character dies the figures are absolutely no use. but for a campaign like this is would rule to play with

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    This sounds like the origin of a specific Pokémon, called Mewtwo

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    Make moreeeeeeeee plzzzzz

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    MaKe MoRe PlEaZ SHUT THE HELL UP, you try animating something and see if you can release something this good in a month

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    So when is the next one

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    When’s the next part coming

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    This is so frigin Good!!

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    He said thousands of years he was shattered but foreclaimer upgrades give +700 years and gothi is still there before and after

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    " *I'm a very picky murderer* " well this series just gets better and better

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    I love how at the start of every episode now she slaps the 14+ sign like 20 times

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    The music box often given to the monkey when they play that tune, is called an organ grinder. Monkey Turns the level and it plays music. I can see how your character could be attuned to even use magic before he was awakened lol. Music attracts magical energies. In other folk tales and dnd storys musical instruments such as an "organ grinder" was often a sign that said entity actually had the potential to use magic of some kind. "cough cough bardic"

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    An I the only one feeling romantic tension between sips and gothic? Please don't be just me...

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    its just you

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    Xanu: I can create matter and destroy it, just like any other god, everyone who paid attention in 8'th grade science class: wait, that's illegal :I

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    It started off sad then you said plot twist

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    16:51 is that a hint that they are coming back??

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    This is the most visualy intresting ep up until now i love thus so much

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    Plot hole : 5 crystals for portal to work with one in dragon as portal worked the first time, where is the 6th crystal?

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    This is written and narrated like a movie

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    the funny thing id that I am 12 hehehe

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    This is the first case of genocide that I understand

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    Hi! My friend has started a D&D Animation/Story JPreporter Channel, and... Well if you're watching puffin forest you'll like Fuzzi's stories! SEARCH: Emperor Fuzzi D&D Gary The Goblin

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    First timer here, this is really cool and really enjoyed it. Will probably check the whole series. Questions: Is this like, a thing? Can I find more things similar to this? I got completely swept into the storytelling (I prefer getting read to than reading myself). I need more of this. Thanks!

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    Oh my g.o.d I LOVE YOUR VIDEOS I JUST SAW THIS ONE AND I WENT ALL TO THE BEGINNING THE FIRST VIDEO THAT WAS WELL SIPS (Silly name no offense) AND I LOVE HOW YOU END YOU VIDEOS WITH A .......Yeah...(the end after you say yeah) One way to make my dream take a lot of practice the more you practice the more your video gets better so...(SECRET:IM JUST USEING MY MOMS ACCOUNT AND IM JUST A KID) So........I'm one of those sometimes natty sometimes nice.

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