D'Angelo - Lady ft. Raphael Saadiq, Ali Shaheed & uestlove


  1. EtioBeeudi

    EtioBeeudi15 日 前

    A bunch of um itchin fa u ta scratch them .... you're my little baby 😘

  2. Icet Ismay

    Icet Ismay4 ヶ月 前

    So much would love to see more of this combo, all my favorites together

  3. Rob Council

    Rob Council6 ヶ月 前

    ...Soul personified! Can ya feel it! 👏🏽👏🏽😲😎🙂

  4. Roxanne Scott

    Roxanne Scott11 ヶ月 前

    Know this was from several yrs back but what show is this from?

  5. Nettie B

    Nettie B年 前

    😂😂😂 Did they just drive that.... 🙌🏽🙌🏽🙌🏽 come quartet lol that bass player tho

  6. Keith Waters

    Keith Waters年 前


  7. Marcus Reeves

    Marcus Reeves年 前


  8. AfroSoul

    AfroSoul年 前


  9. Terrence McCardell

    Terrence McCardell年 前

    Shoutout to the Soulquarians

  10. Damiao Rosa

    Damiao Rosa年 前

    Does anyone know the name of this song and who sings?00:56 - 02:56

  11. Nicole 523

    Nicole 5235 ヶ月 前

    Damiao Rosa I’m surprised you don’t know that, it’s Lady by D Angelo

  12. Jackie Thompkins

    Jackie Thompkins年 前


  13. u2good2b4gotn

    u2good2b4gotn年 前

    Welp, I guess that collab never happened.

  14. Cecilia Molina

    Cecilia Molina年 前


  15. Mary J

    Mary J年 前

    That was hot

  16. Brenda Williams

    Brenda Williams年 前

    That was a good performance.They all make a great group, or team.

  17. Brenda Williams

    Brenda Williams年 前

    Raphael got a office in his voice.It's like a office down his throat.Both of them.

  18. Cory Williams

    Cory Williams年 前

    Ali on da Bass!!!.....Awesome!!

  19. Cassio Soares

    Cassio Soares年 前

    Where are all these great musicians at? Sick and tired of all these playback performances on tv nowadays...

  20. Yoyo J

    Yoyo J年 前


  21. thickumzkandypoo007

    thickumzkandypoo007年 前

    Sing it Classic Chris Show

  22. Andreas Neumann

    Andreas Neumann年 前

    ach ne wer liebt den nich, scheisse der is so guuuut

  23. Swede McGuire

    Swede McGuire年 前

    Sure like this.... great vocals and vibe

  24. Shan Plez

    Shan Plez2 年 前

    OMG!!!!! I so needed this today!!!!!

  25. Ms. Dani

    Ms. Dani2 年 前

    This finna make me say a thousand curse words!!!!!!! YA'LL BETTA STOP GATDAMMIT!!!!!!! 😨😨😨🔥🔥🔥🔥🔥🔥❤❤❤

  26. DJ Ruckus

    DJ Ruckus2 年 前

    Fire!! shut up in my bones! I miss live performances like this

  27. Alex Decker

    Alex Decker2 年 前

    Has this version ever been recorded? Damn, what a groove! I like this version of Lady :)

  28. Mon Cherie

    Mon Cherie2 年 前

    Never knew this existed 😩❤️

  29. Jaden Jones

    Jaden Jones2 年 前

    Spanky Alford

  30. tubagee

    tubagee2 年 前

    who was the guitar player who started the song he was awsome .

  31. t9190kp

    t9190kp2 年 前

    That's Spanky Alford!...Just may have been the baddest Gospel guitarist EVER!!...RIP!!

  32. Kuji Chagulia

    Kuji Chagulia3 年 前

    *The original Lucy Pearl*

  33. cushe83

    cushe832 年 前

    Kuji Chagulia I WISH !!!!!

  34. Daniel Miyake

    Daniel Miyake3 年 前

    D'angelo was supposed to be in Lucy Pearl with Saadiq and Ali Shaheed, woulda been dope.

  35. Qu Co

    Qu Co2 年 前

    Yes indeed. This band was supposed to be called Lynwood Rose....

  36. cushe83

    cushe832 年 前

    Daniel Miyake Really ? Get the fuck outta here. You just blew my mind with that.

  37. joy fitzgerald

    joy fitzgerald2 年 前

    That's good information

  38. passion4posh

    passion4posh3 年 前

    They took it to COGIC !!

  39. joy fitzgerald

    joy fitzgerald2 年 前


  40. Ms Faith

    Ms Faith3 年 前

    I like how they took the quartet route!!!! Hilarious... I dig it!

  41. tipdub

    tipdub3 年 前

    so much greatness

  42. MsMoccaLovely91

    MsMoccaLovely913 年 前

    noooo he didn't bust out with quartet!!! lmbo that didn't happen. nope! 👀 lolol.

  43. Cococure

    Cococure年 前

    Strait outta church chileeeeee

  44. AudriLove

    AudriLove2 年 前

    MsMoccaLovely91 yes girl hehehe. I blasted out a "Yessir" out of my mouth lol

  45. Scott Smith

    Scott Smith3 年 前

    What were they saying at 4:14?

  46. Denise La

    Denise La4 年 前

    Ain't that the same drummer on Bilal....soul sister

  47. Scott Smith

    Scott Smith3 年 前

    Look up the SOULQUARIANS

  48. Denise La

    Denise La4 年 前

    Thank you

  49. Jessica

    Jessica4 年 前

    +Denise La questlove

  50. Joon VoicE

    Joon VoicE4 年 前

    Crazy Drum!!!!!!!!!

  51. Moh Bilal

    Moh Bilal4 年 前

    anyone know what version this is?

  52. Kareem Engram

    Kareem Engram4 年 前

    Pay attention to D's left hand while playing the keyboard...giving the bass player his room. Can I get a witness? LOLOL!

  53. Cherry T

    Cherry T8 ヶ月 前


  54. erik dennard

    erik dennard2 年 前

    SAY THAT !!!!!. This is Bass playing ! Damn it !

  55. Andrew Feigenbaum

    Andrew Feigenbaum2 年 前

    that bass player is Mr. Ali Shahed Muhammed, funny enough.

  56. Ousmane Ag

    Ousmane Ag4 年 前

    @Kareem Engram Only musicians would get this lol

  57. revmarcusstee3

    revmarcusstee34 年 前

    Gospel Legend "SPANKY" on guitar! RIP!

  58. horace burns

    horace burns5 年 前

    Gospel flavor at the end....Church boys sound good....

  59. Jasper Jamm

    Jasper Jamm5 年 前

    Raphael Saadiq didn't have to be wearing that guitar lol he never touched it

  60. I Luv Innovative Music

    I Luv Innovative Music4 年 前

    @kingofdaundaworld I am too! I am glad he is expanding his musical horizons ...Don't always have to make dope beats ...music is a progression for real artist and he is a real artist

  61. kingofdaundaworld

    kingofdaundaworld4 年 前

    Saadiq was playing the guitar I mean Chalmers was doing the work but he was playing Im really surprised by Shaheed on the bass though, solid pocket playing

  62. Afro Native

    Afro Native5 年 前

    he actually did play it..lol

  63. Jay Jackson

    Jay Jackson5 年 前

    Mostly definitely the KC&JoJo feel but 10000000000000x better !!!

  64. Jay Jackson

    Jay Jackson5 年 前

    Man this cats don took us to church on the sexy song ... Can't mix them 2 especially on the quartet!!👋👋👋slap 🔫🔫😕😕😱😱😅☝️💩😬quartet love song ....

  65. Willingboro Worldwide

    Willingboro Worldwide5 年 前

    I love how Raphael Saadiq a legend and genius in his own right is humble enough to play the background for other amazing talent.

  66. Willingboro Worldwide

    Willingboro Worldwide2 年 前

    @drxvms I can't agree with that, because Raphael has a legacy of his own and honestly paved the way for artists like D'Angelo, not the other way around. Regardless of the opinion that D'Angelo is more musically talented or not, Raphael doesn't need to play background to D’Angelo, he headlines his own shows. This was just Raphael showing love to a fellow brother that he respects.

  67. Willingboro Worldwide

    Willingboro Worldwide2 年 前


  68. mobetter x

    mobetter x4 年 前

    +kingofdaundaworld wrong! do your homework brother

  69. kingofdaundaworld

    kingofdaundaworld4 年 前

    @NoReasaonENT Saadiq wrote and produced most of brown sugar and all the hits on voodoo saadiq is the godfather of the neo soul shit

  70. drxvms

    drxvms4 年 前

    Raphael is a dope musical icon but D'Angelo has every right to be the lead ahead of him

  71. FungSTM

    FungSTM5 年 前

    Who was the guitarist ?Anyone ,thankyou

  72. Dee Rutt

    Dee Rutt5 年 前

    Spanky Alford

  73. AisAis

    AisAis6 年 前

    We need more men like them!

  74. Kenneka Liles

    Kenneka Liles6 年 前

    The last line is: Children let's go home!!!

  75. Will I am Musiq

    Will I am Musiq6 年 前

    RIP Spankey Alford... Your guitar playin will always be in heart!

  76. Scott Smith

    Scott Smith6 年 前

    What was the last line they sang at the end of the song? Can't make it out...

  77. Mary Thompson

    Mary Thompson6 年 前

    Yall took us to church!!!quartet style...

  78. gwenh1975

    gwenh19756 年 前


  79. Sam Blonde

    Sam Blonde6 年 前

    Smooth as hell.

  80. Lion Of Judah

    Lion Of Judah6 年 前

    Yeah man! He playing that damn Guitar aint he? He strumming them chords that go straight to the heart. Black Power

  81. kasra123

    kasra1236 年 前

    the amazing guitar player in this vid

  82. Lion Of Judah

    Lion Of Judah6 年 前

    Aw man i miss this kinda magik.

  83. Lion Of Judah

    Lion Of Judah6 年 前

    Fam. Im so sorry. who dat?

  84. keemyfoke

    keemyfoke6 年 前

    depends on what type of harmonization. If you're not harmonizing for the period of common practice then minor 3rds, aug 4rths and even minor 6ths might work. but honestly Saddiq said he's not really the best singer..

  85. Reneefah7

    Reneefah76 年 前