Cursed Treasure - Escape the Night S4 (Ep 8)


  1. Francisco De Torres

    Francisco De Torres6 時間 前

    Two (ex)Couple Pirates: *fighting Bretman: Imagine... killing your ex

  2. WhoAmI

    WhoAmI17 時間 前

    Alex and Joey: We need the skull! Bretman: *chucks it*

  3. Emma Monkey

    Emma Monkey日 前

    When JPreporterrs are better at being pirates than pirates are at being pirates 😯🤭

  4. Jessica Spindler

    Jessica Spindler日 前

    no one: not a single soul: bretman: colEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEn

  5. Milia Ramos

    Milia Ramos日 前


  6. Xxx_tomm

    Xxx_tomm日 前

    tana should have came back

  7. Arrianna Shirota

    Arrianna Shirota2 日 前

    why didn’t they use the wish to get them back home?

  8. Maria Emad

    Maria Emad2 日 前

    Colleen,bretman and ro are my favorite ppl in this season.😌

  9. Nedy Bobe

    Nedy Bobe2 日 前

    rosanna can get out of the chains she has lil hands

  10. Angelo Duarte Brito

    Angelo Duarte Brito3 日 前

    Bretman shoulder must hurt from holding this all show

  11. Dr. Erum Rashid

    Dr. Erum Rashid3 日 前

    -Everyone running for there life's- Ro: little fast feet little fast feet little fast feet

  12. God bless all Squad

    God bless all Squad4 日 前


  13. Alexis Faehnrich

    Alexis Faehnrich4 日 前

    Alex: And what a jolly rancher Me: ;-; I think it's a type of candy I'm not sure

  14. Alexis Faehnrich

    Alexis Faehnrich5 日 前

    Me: *sees thumbnail* Also me: Wait wut collen?!??! I thought they where gona bring back tana

  15. Rebekah Rose T. Barredo

    Rebekah Rose T. Barredo5 日 前

    Bretman winning the challenges : Me : PILIPINAS LANG MALAKAS

  16. Rebekah Rose T. Barredo

    Rebekah Rose T. Barredo5 日 前

    Alex making every challenge a tinder app

  17. Catalin Lol player

    Catalin Lol player5 日 前

    Bretman’s 5 seconds reaction: Coleeeeeeeeeeeeeeeen😂😂😂

  18. Isabella Peres

    Isabella Peres5 日 前

    Dose anyone else love the song at the end

  19. gianne

    gianne5 日 前

    pls everytime i hear alex's last words, i tear up i love him

  20. Gerald Lomeda

    Gerald Lomeda5 日 前

    Joey:Make sure to put it straight. Bretman:Ok! Alex:Not like you know how to be straight. Me:LMAOOOOO🤣🤣

  21. Digital Alex

    Digital Alex6 日 前

    No one: Absolutely nobody: Bretman:Colleeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeen

  22. Daniela Sanchez

    Daniela Sanchez6 日 前


  23. ice fox194

    ice fox1946 日 前

    These actors and their accents are just amazing.

  24. Charlie Howes

    Charlie Howes7 日 前

    Colleen: You bring me back to kill me again, thanks Alex: I pulled my weight and proved myself so much Rose: LITTLE FAST FEET LITTLE FAST FEET

  25. Niarra Wijaya

    Niarra Wijaya7 日 前


  26. Wrayleigh Wright

    Wrayleigh Wright7 日 前

    lol 😂

  27. Dragonwatcher y e s

    Dragonwatcher y e s8 日 前

    It was *so cute* when Rosanna kept going, “Little fast feet, little fast feet, little fast feet!” Am I the only one who thinks that?



    everyone trying to survive Alex finding a girlfriend

  29. gray

    gray8 日 前

    why are y'all coming after colleen? if you were murdered dont act like you wouldnt be mad

  30. your everyday idiot

    your everyday idiot9 日 前

    “don’t cheer him on!” *i like that one*

  31. Rylee Nicole

    Rylee Nicole9 日 前

    Joey:There was nothing we could have done to save him. Also Joey 5 min before Joey:pushes Alex's boat off course Joey:bye bye alexxxx 👋 Like tf I wanted alex to stayyyyy

  32. mirachris

    mirachris9 日 前

    12:25 ROs CHAINS ARE SO BIG FOR HER WRISTSS HAHAH, but they gotta play their parts ig haha

  33. Doli

    Doli10 日 前

    Am I the only one who cried when Alex was shot?

  34. Sofia Herbert.

    Sofia Herbert.10 日 前

    Joey: not that you know what being straight means Me: you don’t even know how to be straight

  35. 《Only Timishi》

    《Only Timishi》10 日 前

    *Beach! Gimme one!* - Joey Graceffa 2019

  36. truuffond

    truuffond10 日 前

    colleen be dying 3 times


    ASKING_THE_EMPIRE 1410 日 前

    3:15 should have been Tana.

  38. Super Wavey

    Super Wavey11 日 前

    And welp he brand back Colleen THAT COURSE BEEN NIKKITA

  39. Thomas Orange

    Thomas Orange11 日 前

    My favorite

  40. Katie Torres

    Katie Torres11 日 前


  41. Arielle Jones

    Arielle Jones11 日 前

    alex wth ik he single now but ur girl died and he be like heyyyy ladys like eww -__-

  42. Thiara Denise

    Thiara Denise11 日 前

    " b*tch I'm moana " - bretman rock 2019

  43. Nishith Rajanbabu

    Nishith Rajanbabu12 日 前

    3:17 Look at Rosanna’s face😂😂😂

  44. Hana Ajal

    Hana Ajal12 日 前


  45. - Hyp -

    - Hyp -12 日 前


  46. Star Blade

    Star Blade12 日 前

    She just keeps getting married

  47. Keira Davidson

    Keira Davidson13 日 前

    Kinda wish they brang back tim but we don’t all think the same

  48. Melissa Knichel

    Melissa Knichel13 日 前

    I love this show

  49. Melissa Knichel

    Melissa Knichel13 日 前

    he looks like black beard

  50. aaareon jaems

    aaareon jaems15 日 前

    "why cant i walk the plank" Rossana -2019

  51. ThunderPlayz 154

    ThunderPlayz 15415 日 前

    Pirates are going to kill ro and Miranda.. Ro's solution Ro: WHIER ENGAGED TO PIRATES☺️😍😘🤨🤠

  52. Alina Estevez

    Alina Estevez15 日 前

    Seeing Alex dies makes me wanna cry

  53. ArA Reagan

    ArA Reagan16 日 前

    Everyone: Running for their life. Rosanna: Little fast feet Little fast feet Little fast feet!

  54. Nneka Enyi

    Nneka Enyi16 日 前

    he shouldve brought tana back

  55. Desperate Boo

    Desperate Boo16 日 前

    Am I the only one who’s the most sad about Alex’s death?

  56. Edward Diaz

    Edward Diaz16 日 前

    It’s funny because Alex has a girlfriend

  57. Jim Ranada

    Jim Ranada17 日 前

    Wow my dad was born in the Philippines

  58. Real Brice

    Real Brice17 日 前

    I like how no one noticed the portal the collector opened was the town of everlock’s gate :/

  59. Azi Spazi

    Azi Spazi17 日 前

    Both times alex died he let it happen.. :(

  60. Angel Rubio

    Angel Rubio18 日 前

    ok but like isnt alex with lauren?

  61. Lily Perez

    Lily Perez17 日 前

    i- they broke up 2 years ago

  62. Mikail Khan

    Mikail Khan18 日 前

    Don't have to tell me twice Gotta go gotta go gotta go

  63. Jayden Soo Gamingplayz

    Jayden Soo Gamingplayz18 日 前

    Alex Nooooo

  64. Beth Hemmings

    Beth Hemmings19 日 前

    I know that this might sound rude and all but I with that lauren and alex where still together because they both could have been together during this



    JURASSIC PARK !!!!!!

  66. Ema Evstatieva

    Ema Evstatieva20 日 前


  67. KiNg TaeRin

    KiNg TaeRin20 日 前

    Imagine killing your ex.

  68. Hai Wasup

    Hai Wasup21 日 前

    I love the part (with the skulls), that they are wrong and they put in a flashback lol

  69. ๏ HØŃEŸ BÊE ๏

    ๏ HØŃEŸ BÊE ๏21 日 前

    Me: Watching Da Video Also Me: Reading Comments Me: Accidentally Reads A Spoiler- *Me: Why do I keep making the same awful mistakes* :C

  70. Bloody Bee

    Bloody Bee21 日 前

    Ro: Colleeeeeen! Alex: *gasp* Colleen... Joey: Colleen! Bretmen: (3 second pause) CollllllEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEN! Oml I died 🤣

  71. MiMi AlAwAdhi

    MiMi AlAwAdhi22 日 前


  72. Juliana Malfoy

    Juliana Malfoy22 日 前

    I have a question for everyone: If you were in Joeys position when he had to bring someone back who would you choose? But as a twist you could choose anyone from any season even the ones who lived...

  73. rando_ kiki

    rando_ kiki22 日 前

    NOOO ALEX!! 😭😭😭😰😰😰😱😱😢😢

  74. Jalei Mannis

    Jalei Mannis23 日 前

    Please NOT Rossan

  75. joy_belongs !!!

    joy_belongs !!!24 日 前

    Joey season 3: spits on his hand for the strong man thing against Manny Joey season 4: do I have to spit?

  76. Timothy Edwards

    Timothy Edwards25 日 前

    They have too many straight jokes

  77. mels bus

    mels bus27 日 前


  78. Kiera eve Barry

    Kiera eve Barry28 日 前

    He help them all proved himself to them Lowes

  79. Moonx Sky

    Moonx Sky28 日 前

    Well like a soft girl so i cover my eyes i get scared easily

  80. Rosie_twix_humphrey_dimius and breyers Horses

    Rosie_twix_humphrey_dimius and breyers Horsesヶ月 前

    scariest thing I've ever watched on JPreporter

  81. Sienna Elisia

    Sienna Elisiaヶ月 前

    Yo I just realised that this was posted on the 21st of August 2019 and I'm watching it on the 21st of August 2020 omg exactly a year later WOHA

  82. Kristine Mae Candido

    Kristine Mae Candidoヶ月 前

    You guys posted this when it was my b-day

  83. Analy Molina

    Analy Molinaヶ月 前

    I’m watching this because tommorrow I have to pick up my school chrome book and I don’t think I will wake up so I will just stay up

  84. Itzzachary Martin

    Itzzachary Martinヶ月 前


  85. CornQueen

    CornQueenヶ月 前

    Alex and Joey better be sorry when they see this episode

  86. Makaylah Anderson

    Makaylah Andersonヶ月 前

    I love escape the night

  87. Yvonn Ramirez

    Yvonn Ramirezヶ月 前

    I love when ro got stuck

  88. kittycatlover 444

    kittycatlover 444ヶ月 前

    I almost cried when Alex died

  89. Princess Pies

    Princess Piesヶ月 前

    at 3:19 cooooooooooooolennnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnn lol

  90. Princess Pies

    Princess Piesヶ月 前

    at 3:!9 brent men: COlennnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnn

  91. Vyldim

    Vyldimヶ月 前

    Ro: can easily break free by taking out her arm Ro: does not break free by doing so

  92. Josiah John

    Josiah Johnヶ月 前

    Who else goes straight to the comments after every episode to see if the funny parts are mentioned🤣

  93. Josiah John

    Josiah Johnヶ月 前

    Joey should have wished Liza, like if you agree

  94. LunaZn DORA

    LunaZn DORAヶ月 前

    She fell In the water and came back dry wow..

  95. Nourhan Cute

    Nourhan Cuteヶ月 前

    "Colleen walks in" Everyone : colleen!!! Brentman : colleeeeeeeeeeeeeeen 😂😂😂

  96. Scarlet afton ETN

    Scarlet afton ETNヶ月 前

    we're engaged to pirats and the rings can prove it rosanna honey no just no u make me lol

  97. Adhyeta Sharma

    Adhyeta Sharmaヶ月 前

    Ashish Chanchalini has more subscribers then you no hate.

  98. Ryu uuu

    Ryu uuuヶ月 前

    Of fcking course they he chooses Colleen, the best friend of the Protag lolololol

  99. Theresa Ruiz

    Theresa Ruizヶ月 前

    Alex:first the belly dancers then jassabell Me: what about Lauren

  100. iixoevii

    iixoeviiヶ月 前

    at 12:32 the cuffs were too big for there hands-

  101. Aquâ Doggø

    Aquâ Doggøヶ月 前

    When Joey asked for help and the guy said what do I look like your girlfriend I died😄