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  1. Rudy Mancuso

    Rudy Mancusoヶ月 前

    Enjoy. Watch more Stories From Our Future here

  2. Mahdi Sahel

    Mahdi Sahel13 時間 前

    You are. The best me amigoo 😀😀

  3. We ras sfdfdfe Werewolf

    We ras sfdfdfe Werewolf5 日 前

    The Red Special rat

  4. Carlos Vergara

    Carlos Vergara13 日 前

    Rudy you are so cool and the music you play ,song 🎺🎷🎹🎤🎸🎙🎵🎵🎵🎶🎶🔊😃👍👍👍🎬👍

  5. Brian Ringisai Muzondo

    Brian Ringisai Muzondo13 日 前

    i love your viede good luik rudy have a nice life

  6. Leo Z

    Leo Z44 分 前

    makes no sense he can afford a robot washing dishes and playing piano in a resturant.

  7. dalian F.

    dalian F.時間 前


  8. Jayden Playz

    Jayden Playz5 時間 前

    WHAT there a robot too

  9. FREEzyo_0

    FREEzyo_05 時間 前

    My fish died yesterday but i am still 13% human WTF?!!??

  10. Jayden Playz

    Jayden Playz5 時間 前

    That's sad

  11. Hollywood123 R

    Hollywood123 R5 時間 前

    Confused about the ending, someone please explain

  12. meryem akyuz

    meryem akyuz6 時間 前

    anwar looks so creepy in this video lol

  13. Zia-Ul- Arief

    Zia-Ul- Arief6 時間 前

    This is some black mirror shit

  14. MemoGalaxy

    MemoGalaxy6 時間 前

    Dlc for detroit becom human

  15. Baha Cherdabayev

    Baha Cherdabayev8 時間 前

    Black Mirror

  16. Carmen Cullers

    Carmen Cullers8 時間 前

    Hannah is the robot!!!!

  17. Awais chughtai

    Awais chughtai8 時間 前

    This is an amazing video... Absolutely amazing..!!

  18. Kamryn and carmyn

    Kamryn and carmyn9 時間 前

    He is so damn good



    that was a quality video awesome

  20. Vivaan Gupta

    Vivaan Gupta9 時間 前

    who saw lele hit like

  21. You and Me1

    You and Me19 時間 前


  22. wilser wzkm

    wilser wzkm9 時間 前

    I love it

  23. makskojda

    makskojda10 時間 前

    that guy was so lucky. why always i meet people with -3% of humanity xd

  24. Kennya Legendre

    Kennya Legendre10 時間 前

    This reminds me of the show life like

  25. Damian Silva

    Damian Silva10 時間 前

    Doing the same thing everyday gets me depressed just watching this video of home doing that. Lmaoooo

  26. Madhav C B

    Madhav C B11 時間 前

    You have an amazing creative talent...

  27. Evonne Ford

    Evonne Ford11 時間 前

    That was so cool. Food for thought

  28. Sarath V

    Sarath V11 時間 前

    dope shit

  29. 润泽 刘

    润泽 刘11 時間 前

    I know what's going on but why he ordered a man

  30. Frankie Waites

    Frankie Waites12 時間 前

    Speechless! Absolutely Fabulous!

  31. Khouloud Kiki

    Khouloud Kiki13 時間 前

    I see Anwar I watch

  32. palwinder singh

    palwinder singh13 時間 前

    Very creative

  33. Imad Daoudi

    Imad Daoudi14 時間 前

    black mirror 😂😂

  34. Harmonee Fleming

    Harmonee Fleming15 時間 前


  35. Shravani Baviskar

    Shravani Baviskar15 時間 前

    Oh myyyyy goddddddd There was such a huge suspense at the end . This is my most favourite video of Rudy till now

  36. Sikandar Khan

    Sikandar Khan16 時間 前

    omg the twist at the end got me so hard

  37. Robert KoraIja

    Robert KoraIja16 時間 前

    EA owns you

  38. Wuxi

    Wuxi17 時間 前


  39. Angel Flores

    Angel Flores21 時間 前

    Soo good reminds me of a mouvies a long time ago sad,happy and lonelyness

  40. Sweaterphant Cow

    Sweaterphant Cow22 時間 前

    If he lived alone, how did he from tye sofa to the bed without waking up???

  41. vivian olmos

    vivian olmos22 時間 前

    Lo key i feel bad for anwar and hanna they got hit by a bus

  42. Keila Castro

    Keila Castro23 時間 前

    WOOOOOAHHHHHHHH Me:SO ITS NOT THE GEAR 3000 YET? Also Me:We will be living under water in The Year 3000

  43. Vinoch Vasan

    Vinoch Vasan23 時間 前

    I thought that looked like Anwar

  44. Fernando Luna

    Fernando Luna23 時間 前

    Can anyone tell me what the cost for one of these robots because I would like to get myself an Anwar!

  45. Smile !!

    Smile !!23 時間 前

    This seems like Detroit become human anyone else think that

  46. NTT

    NTT23 時間 前

    The girl in the train looks like black widow

  47. NTT

    NTT日 前

    Rudy: sleeps in the couch Also Rudy: wakes up in the bed

  48. xoGUNZox .

    xoGUNZox .日 前

    Aww man how sad,love your videos bro keep it up😅

  49. Daddy's pantry

    Daddy's pantry日 前

    The alternative line of Detroit: become human

  50. Bamination Draws

    Bamination Draws日 前

    I cried at he end like if u did too :v:

  51. Jex Gaming

    Jex Gaming日 前

    By letting the robot (Rudy and Hannah Stocking) and experience death of other robot(Anwar Jibawi and Lele Pons) they became a 100% human I like this ending. It makes me comfortable

  52. Carlos Juarrero

    Carlos Juarrero日 前

    It looks like anwar but at the same time it doesn't look like him. But i know its him

  53. PawsPawPaw

    PawsPawPaw日 前

    Awesomeeeeee, speechlesa, u better create short movie for this concept

  54. Antok S

    Antok S日 前

    Just wondering how many percent I am right now