Cryptocurrency: The Future of Finance and Money


  1. Coinbase

    Coinbase8 ヶ月 前

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  4. Dave

    Daveヶ月 前

    Hmm.. something just doesn't feel right about this whole Crypto-currency scheme... Unbreakable? Possibly. An anonymous creator👁️? Yes. A well managed inside job👌? Haha, very likely. 🤫

  5. Rahul Pratt

    Rahul Prattヶ月 前

    Dear coinbase, you're saying everybody can participate with a smartphone and internet connection. Well, you have the age limit restrictions.

  6. Me One

    Me One2 ヶ月 前

    Sounds like NWO 🤷🏽‍♂️

  7. Chico

    Chico3 ヶ月 前

    Everytime they say cryptocurrency they mean Bitcoin

  8. Darryle Pockett

    Darryle Pockett4 ヶ月 前

    The only crypto currency backed by physical currency grade gold. I'm loving it

  9. J Grant

    J Grant4 ヶ月 前

    What if governments limit one's access to the Internet? Or what if your national grid goes down? Or what if phone companies with the side of governments or large corporations add hidden software(?) to your phone to track or Limit what you can do?

  10. Christina smith

    Christina smith6 ヶ月 前

    In this growing world its important to know about what coins we invest in and its very important that our safety and security is always there so investing in @telecoin is the smarter way of investment. @Telecoin transactions are anonymous since all the transactions can be seen but the owners Telecoin address is not revealed.

  11. Joan Zuniga

    Joan Zuniga9 ヶ月 前

    Coming from the company is the middle man

  12. Tristan Hynes

    Tristan Hynes9 ヶ月 前

    That Asian chick is cute lol

  13. Khanh C

    Khanh C9 ヶ月 前 easy 10$ from coin base

  14. Akber ali Syed

    Akber ali Syed11 ヶ月 前

    The crypto is a future of the world, but i couldn't see coinbase involve on this system because theit fee's quite similar with banks.

  15. LanceOnline

    LanceOnline11 ヶ月 前

    Thanks coinbase you made it easy for me to get started.

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    التجارة الالكترونية - البتكوين11 ヶ月 前

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  17. James Ford

    James Ford11 ヶ月 前

    coinbase has been always targeted on making money, perhaps it is not so bad in modern world, but they practice illegal moves and that is their problem!

  18. kanal06 kanal06

    kanal06 kanal06年 前

    cryptocurrency has no future because coinbase fraudsters exist. they scare buyers. they do not give development. only take money from customers

  19. Earn Cash Store

    Earn Cash Store年 前

    Great Video. Thank you for good work!

  20. Indrra

    Indrra年 前


  21. Earn Cash Store

    Earn Cash Store年 前

    Great Video. Thank you for good work!

  22. TFV-solar

    TFV-solar年 前

    Nice video, thanks.

  23. Mari Boby

    Mari Boby年 前

    for 10$

  24. NonKisek

    NonKisek年 前

    "Freedom and brotherhood but dont forget to pay your taxes"

  25. jh bae

    jh bae年 前

    Can u add XRP on ur platform in your cryptofuture?

  26. NamJin Shipper's Club

    NamJin Shipper's Club年 前

    electroneum is the solution for developing countries

  27. Chiraag Sharma

    Chiraag Sharma年 前

    We need XRP do something

  28. Gana Moch

    Gana Moch年 前

    Coinbase pls stop promoting urself and promote ur service instead

  29. Columbus Underground

    Columbus Underground年 前

    This 12 day wait on BCH is killing me

  30. nume prenume

    nume prenume年 前

    coinbase: the future of poverty

  31. 2J

    2J年 前

    good lord I hate XRP and XRP holders. no one wants to buy your centralized bank coin.




  33. Amit Sinnas

    Amit Sinnas年 前

    Listen up all you XRP guys! No one wants your overpriced, irrelevant and centralized nonsense. So stop asking coinbase to list XRP !

  34. Taju Alim

    Taju Alim年 前

    Where is our Bitcoin SV?!? Y’all got time to do all these videos, but are withholding our coins!

  35. Remi Odufuye

    Remi Odufuye年 前

    Love this .. ultimately it promotes cryptocurrency adoption and helps us get away from centralized 🏦 🏦 Great job guys !

  36. Marco Santino

    Marco Santino年 前

    How to solve get paid in crypto and get rekt next week problem?

  37. Paul Ivan

    Paul Ivan年 前

    Great Video! very insightful and informative! if only Coinbase would allow signups by people from African countries like Uganda etc, so that they too can get the opportunity to get into the space, for better adoption.. Honest opinion!

  38. Mr Ahmed Bouchaibi

    Mr Ahmed Bouchaibi年 前

    Thank you. is best video in 2018 crypto currency is the future of economy & money

  39. Jason Sutter

    Jason Sutter年 前

    Btc is a scam......but ill buy your coins for $100 ....... any taker.......please :). on the real. BTC to the moon in 2025.

  40. Elite Traderz

    Elite Traderz年 前

    List Apollo (APL)

  41. Roy Pratt

    Roy Pratt年 前

    wow very impressed @coinbase. great video !

  42. Matt

    Matt年 前

    This entire video is basically TALKING about what electroneum (ETN) is already DOING. Seriously, replace the logos and have Richard Ells do a voiceover. Or just bring in ETN already.

  43. NonnoJaco

    NonnoJaco年 前

    Implement the fucking TRX is the only real decentralizated crypto can rise, XRP is shit

  44. Daan Ter Laak

    Daan Ter Laak年 前

    Banks wont go away! (Xrp)

  45. Alec Ortega

    Alec Ortega年 前

    BTC, ETH, LTC> xRp

  46. Super Invandrare

    Super Invandrare年 前

    add XRP coinbase we want XRP.

  47. David Schultz

    David Schultz年 前

    To bad your customer services sucks

  48. S K

    S K年 前

    Coinbase, when are you listing XRP???

  49. Wild Irish Rose

    Wild Irish Rose年 前

    Hey Coinbase, we know you are in the pocket of government and that you are now mandating 72 hour holds on withdrawals from your exchange. You are the very reason why people don’t trust cryptos. Regulation, manipulation, and playing god with our funds; do you know what that makes you?....a bank.

  50. Irwin K.

    Irwin K.年 前

    your fees suck. the only good crypto you have is ethereum. hope u go bankrupt

  51. Ghomri

    Ghomri年 前

    Welcome to Coinbase

  52. Sammy Daluz

    Sammy Daluz年 前

    Get ready for 2019-2020 bitcoin prices!!

  53. zackwong100

    zackwong100年 前

    Coinbase. We sell the shittiest cryptocurrency.

  54. Itsofficial

    Itsofficial年 前

    It's kinda scary y'all want xrp . You guys understand that goes everything against why Bitcoin was made in the first place? I'm wondering where this brainwashing is coming from

  55. TPFLR Metals

    TPFLR Metals年 前

    Gold/Silver & XRP FTW!!!!! Like if you have any of these

  56. B garlinghouse's biggest nut hugger

    B garlinghouse's biggest nut hugger年 前

    Yeah crypto is our future. So come on and list XRP!!!

  57. kNviCt

    kNviCt年 前

    XRP!!XRP!!! Stfu XRP can suck a bullsaxk

  58. Prestige212 w

    Prestige212 w年 前

    When are you adding XRP?

  59. Anthony Duncalf

    Anthony Duncalf年 前

    Yes banks have to much power and are run by criminals. Power needs taking away from them. The internet has cut out the middleman in a lot of sectors ,so now it's the banksters turn.

  60. dubstep1994

    dubstep1994年 前

    List The Divi Project #Divi. Most legit team & technology.