1. Lord Spink

    Lord Spink26 日 前

    So who else is looking forward to Crypto?!!!!

  2. Cperez6604 p

    Cperez6604 p16 日 前

    Lord Spink i have enoughto get him so im wating

  3. Noel Gallard

    Noel Gallard19 日 前


  4. Yolanda Romero

    Yolanda Romero20 日 前


  5. Yolanda Romero

    Yolanda Romero20 日 前


  6. Kevin Brieva caballero

    Kevin Brieva caballero21 日 前

    I have my 12000 points ready, Wattson and Mirage will have to wait

  7. Tachanka 343433

    Tachanka 3434337 時間 前

    You forgot the void walker video in the beginning when wraith is hacking into the computer and you can see crypto’s symbol

  8. Patch

    Patch11 時間 前

    So crypto made the that tower blow up in ice in worlds edge

  9. Penguiking

    Penguiking19 時間 前

    Wow, so not only is crypto behind the tower explosion but he also is the reason they're in the new location now.

  10. Kyle

    Kyle4 日 前

    Now that we know what this was all about... it wasn't that cool.

  11. eidanmacartney

    eidanmacartney5 日 前

    Crypto couldn’t here that loud ass blast ?

  12. Drift

    Drift6 日 前


  13. Aniket Prajapati

    Aniket Prajapati8 日 前

    Who’s here after season 3 launch

  14. Я не GG WP Отвечаю

    Я не GG WP Отвечаю9 日 前

    Чи да

  15. kelpistasty

    kelpistasty10 日 前

    Btw Key: Worlds edge is the new map for apex season 3

  16. unfaful mercy

    unfaful mercy10 日 前

    i liked him with brown hair better

  17. DTC_ iDabGod

    DTC_ iDabGod10 日 前

    When you realize that the worlds edge key is the season 3 map 2 weeks later

  18. Gilbert Pun Chuen

    Gilbert Pun Chuen11 日 前

    Baby I'm pregnant! Me: 3:40

  19. Pinoy Public Pranks

    Pinoy Public Pranks12 日 前

    the first crypto teaser was actually a laptop hanging around in the canyon kings after the season 2 update.

  20. What's kraken?

    What's kraken?12 日 前

    Worlds edge= new map Easter egg = first hint Hotel? Trivago

  21. InHUM44n

    InHUM44n13 日 前

    Maybe they moved to a new arena because crypto broke the old one(on purpose)

  22. KDHD gaming

    KDHD gaming14 日 前

    What is the drone looks like drone is from warframe

  23. Nasif Anjum

    Nasif Anjum14 日 前

    5:27 I don't know about other platforms but on par it showed an event notification(season 3) and it said something about a new map called 'world's edge'

  24. Jacob Mills

    Jacob Mills14 日 前

    Ooh what if blood hound cant track him like maybe cyptos passive is something that allows him to erase his presence

  25. Ron Hraezlyr Silawan

    Ron Hraezlyr Silawan15 日 前

    *Crypto hacking the new map Me: He might be luring out someone, but who?

  26. Yangon Ball Z

    Yangon Ball Z15 日 前

    The second appearance scared me a little bit

  27. Nichalos Pierce

    Nichalos Pierce15 日 前

    ik what going to happen new map! because they made the meltdown season 3 trailer and it said new arena

  28. Junior Hill

    Junior Hill15 日 前

    Who is watching this in season 3

  29. Rawr Acheria

    Rawr Acheria16 日 前

    Is the "Luggage12345" a reference to Spaceballs?

  30. Samax

    Samax16 日 前

    I guess you missed one in the voidwalker trailer for wraith , She hacked in the computer to get some info with crypto's gadget

  31. jack ross

    jack ross16 日 前

    But now we know why he did it because he wanted revenge on them

  32. Happypizza16 Tv

    Happypizza16 Tv16 日 前

    Bro look season 3 trailer it well make since watch

  33. raiden0456

    raiden045617 日 前

    It would have been fkin hilarious if he failed his first attempt because he forgot to add ";" somewhere

  34. PK Lo

    PK Lo17 日 前

    World's Edgy is the name of the new location we're gonna be at. Pretty sick Easter Egg tbh

  35. Cyrus Baguio

    Cyrus Baguio17 日 前

    You forgot Pathfinder Loading scren. At the top left corner you can see Crypto. (Path screen when he was holding a brown long thing)

  36. WadeCabreraPlayz

    WadeCabreraPlayz17 日 前

    Yooo season 3

  37. DraZoX_SneaX

    DraZoX_SneaX17 日 前

    Ok that is so COOL. i did not know that XD

  38. Atomic Forever

    Atomic Forever17 日 前

    Watson was a disappointment. Hopefully crypto revives the series.

  39. HUNK

    HUNK17 日 前

    Vid starts at 0:48

  40. Derpown YT

    Derpown YT17 日 前

    Crypto skin is already dope i wonder how legendaries would be like

  41. Franklin Galletti

    Franklin Galletti17 日 前


  42. Bautista Cabral

    Bautista Cabral17 日 前

    If u dont know, there is an audio from wraith in game in the same zone where crypto appeared. U just have to press action botton in the laptop

  43. Arshdeep Jassal

    Arshdeep Jassal18 日 前

    Is it just me or does the ring announcer sound like James Charles 😂

  44. Liam W

    Liam W18 日 前

    i bet its a hint for the release of titanfall 3

  45. Savitar The God Of Speed

    Savitar The God Of Speed19 日 前

    Unpopular Opinion: I Hope there Not doing a new Map, i Hope there expanding the Map we have

  46. maral Chan

    maral Chan19 日 前

    3:37 Wait I don't see this one on ps4😐

  47. Angel Ramirez

    Angel Ramirez19 日 前

    I swear if respawn adds a space biome/dimension/area then I'm never gonna stop playing apex

  48. Dan T

    Dan T19 日 前


  49. Game24tv

    Game24tv19 日 前

    deserve all fat like we can send

  50. Samuri_bri

    Samuri_bri19 日 前

    The background of the pictures of that yellow tower look to be in hydro damn

  51. LAWAND_ 255

    LAWAND_ 25519 日 前

    Ngl if apex adds team deathmatch in season 3 it will be sick

  52. Shakes2015

    Shakes201519 日 前

    cripto should bring this game back to the top

  53. WOLFRHD!

    WOLFRHD!19 日 前

    funny thing is, the "space elevator" is just actually the portal tower

  54. M0BI

    M0BI19 日 前

    He will be released in 1st october which is also season 3 update (i got this info from the official website)

  55. Pebble CupCake

    Pebble CupCake19 日 前

    and I thought announcer's voice changed to bloodhound😂

  56. Noel Gallard

    Noel Gallard19 日 前

    I think cryptos place is where cascades is.

  57. yup I'm tricky

    yup I'm tricky20 日 前

    Imo it's going to be near runoff

  58. TheseAreMy Crocs

    TheseAreMy Crocs20 日 前

    Crypto is hoker

  59. ATM Quavo

    ATM Quavo20 日 前

    Who thought krypto was wraith .

  60. LDR Productions

    LDR Productions20 日 前

    did you check out the laptopin the room. writh says there are other worlds with different withs running around.

  61. top muff

    top muff20 日 前

    Crypto liget has a destiny robot 😂👌

  62. techwiz90 3

    techwiz90 320 日 前

    The elevator is going in hydro dam

  63. Currently Reloading

    Currently Reloading20 日 前

    I thought that was just glitching like volume glitches

  64. MStriker 2006

    MStriker 200620 日 前

    What if actually, the people who were hacking apex were hired by EA to give us more hipe for kripto

  65. Djustin Rutgers

    Djustin Rutgers20 日 前

    6:00 I'm sure it is under hydrodam