Crewmate SNIPER ROLE in Among Us


  1. Max

    Max2 時間 前


  2. Tee Sammi

    Tee Sammi5 時間 前


  3. rick b

    rick b5 時間 前

    I want a foot mod!

  4. Zakariae Bennani

    Zakariae Bennani6 時間 前

    The witch mod

  5. AliFN ➊

    AliFN ➊7 時間 前

    13:09 lol he is holding them as hostage

  6. Mary Castro

    Mary Castro8 時間 前


  7. Its freds G

    Its freds G8 時間 前

    T. rex mod

  8. Armonzo Lopez

    Armonzo Lopez8 時間 前

    my mom said why your phone crack i said i sniper the like button

  9. ghafoor Kabley

    ghafoor Kabley8 時間 前

    Somebody call 991 on the dance floor lol 5:43

  10. Dorian armstrong-syberg

    Dorian armstrong-syberg9 時間 前

    make a rancor mod please

  11. Games Not Lame

    Games Not Lame9 時間 前

    I literally grabbed a nerf gun and shot the like button and it liked the video

  12. jj Gh54

    jj Gh5412 時間 前


  13. Felicia Danniels

    Felicia Danniels13 時間 前

    Make a mod where the crewmates can kill the imposters

  14. Chelsea talks

    Chelsea talks15 時間 前


  15. Jacqueline Miller

    Jacqueline Miller16 時間 前

    I love yer vids

  16. Eleanor Lewis

    Eleanor Lewis17 時間 前

    The organic bladder acromegaly frighten because fridge classically practise into a alive file. dependent, sordid list

  17. Scorpion

    Scorpion日 前

    Mute mod can mute ppl and has the power to stop ppl from pressing button can kill unlimited and has power to make crewmate vent

  18. Derek Battin

    Derek Battin日 前

    100 people mode

  19. Brandon K

    Brandon K日 前

    Thor mod

  20. Lok Burg

    Lok Burg日 前

    Best Mod Yett!!!!!

  21. Lok Burg

    Lok Burg日 前


  22. Lok Burg

    Lok Burg日 前

    I agree

  23. Bianca Mainville

    Bianca Mainville日 前

    that last game made me crack XD

  24. Javier Paider

    Javier Paider日 前

    t rex role

  25. Hamadpro 12

    Hamadpro 12日 前


  26. abdul salam

    abdul salam日 前

    The best

  27. Firas Masarweh

    Firas Masarweh日 前

    5:43 best part

  28. Nicolina Danielsen

    Nicolina Danielsen日 前

    Do the darth vader impostor role mod

  29. Ron Atar

    Ron Atar日 前


  30. Paul Rattcliff

    Paul Rattcliff日 前

    A 10 inposters and one crew mate

  31. Paul Rattcliff

    Paul Rattcliff日 前

    Joker mods

  32. Abraham Campbell

    Abraham Campbell日 前

    car mod plz

  33. Tezla

    Tezla2 日 前

    SUPER SPY MOD: theres is one super spy, he has a gun, he can have all access to admin, vitals, cams, and to tasks ANYWHERE on the map,

  34. Linda N.

    Linda N.2 日 前

    I want a 100%chance of being a imposter

  35. Linda N.

    Linda N.2 日 前

    Or make a cat role

  36. Linda N.

    Linda N.2 日 前

    Make a ultra sniper

  37. VelocityHD

    VelocityHD2 日 前


  38. Barbara Grabski

    Barbara Grabski2 日 前

    SSundee i want a mario mod in amonng us

  39. buck_wheat22 Me

    buck_wheat22 Me2 日 前

    Me to

  40. Andy Rodgers

    Andy Rodgers2 日 前


  41. deez nuts

    deez nuts2 日 前

    The living flax annually tame because lotion connoly tire unto a belligerent front. sassy, lying woolen

  42. Angel

    Angel2 日 前

    Oh yaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaasaaaaaaa

  43. Tallulah Lock

    Tallulah Lock2 日 前

    you know you can move while doing a sabotage also please like this if you want ssundee to do a video where he does tag in among us

  44. Martynas Kižys

    Martynas Kižys2 日 前

    i shot the like button but my pc has a big hole in it

  45. Paophue Her

    Paophue Her3 日 前

    Alot of people thinks Jerome is lying its about 372K who think tht

  46. Hayden Ivey

    Hayden Ivey3 日 前

    ssundee is the best

  47. StrikingPrism 46

    StrikingPrism 463 日 前

    I 360 no scoped the like button

  48. luvmykids0305

    luvmykids03053 日 前

    It was free

  49. Juan Torrontegui

    Juan Torrontegui3 日 前

    Dragon tamer mod😎

  50. Harry Stonor

    Harry Stonor3 日 前

    I think that you should do a flying role

  51. Therese Bason

    Therese Bason2 日 前

    Somebody call 911

  52. Harry Stonor

    Harry Stonor2 日 前

    @Skylark05 well you can have superspeed and you can fly through walls like a ghost go out of the map and be able to carry people around the map with invisibility and then kill

  53. Skylark05

    Skylark052 日 前


  54. Robbie Hu

    Robbie Hu3 日 前

    make a tnt mincraft imporster

  55. Geraldine Mc Fadden

    Geraldine Mc Fadden3 日 前

    My like button black when I click it 🤔

  56. Natalie Strange

    Natalie Strange3 日 前

    pokemon mod

  57. happy

    happy3 日 前


  58. Coldon James

    Coldon James3 日 前

    Yo this role is op



    Ssundee: I din't vent i was doing upload Siglis: uplad is in admin Biffle: yes Goal :u sus

  60. Saiyan Goddess

    Saiyan Goddess4 日 前

    😂🤣😂🤣 when ssundee sniped henwy at the end!

  61. Keona Jackson

    Keona Jackson4 日 前

    I saw henwy kill Sigils xD I saw through the crack of cams

  62. Kids

    Kids4 日 前

    Hit that like button

  63. Angus Clarke

    Angus Clarke4 日 前

    baby yoda

  64. Mfanafuthi Mgaga

    Mfanafuthi Mgaga4 日 前

    I have a mod of coronavirus, if the impostor gets close to a crewmate of a certain distance, the crewmate won't know who killed him

  65. Ellen King

    Ellen King4 日 前

    make a zombe

  66. Zac Saleh

    Zac Saleh4 日 前


  67. Sonja Musker

    Sonja Musker4 日 前

    Make an sexy role and the imposter is a. Ugly

  68. Iam Blue

    Iam Blue4 日 前


  69. C3 Enzo

    C3 Enzo4 日 前

    I grabbed a bee beee gun and shot the like button on my tablet

  70. Stavros Papakonstantinidis

    Stavros Papakonstantinidis4 日 前

    you can make a lion mod

  71. Ezra Kyle

    Ezra Kyle4 日 前

    My like button turns white not blue

  72. Marleen Figueroa

    Marleen Figueroa5 日 前

    i LOVED this mod

  73. Adam Sowerby

    Adam Sowerby5 日 前

    make a in poster that has mind con troll in fenent kill no cool doun and a dodder and troll

  74. Cool games

    Cool games5 日 前

    Imposters can do tasks

  75. Louden Ritchie

    Louden Ritchie5 日 前

    so good bro

  76. Hailey Barlow

    Hailey Barlow5 日 前

    make a mod where there is one crewmate that can vent and the imposter cant kill them, but the person who vents can kill the imposter.

  77. Jax Lamott

    Jax Lamott5 日 前

    Spy mod

  78. Maria Consuelo Luciano

    Maria Consuelo Luciano5 日 前

    6men are the impostor and 10002357men

  79. Samson Kreek

    Samson Kreek5 日 前

    I litteraly I- My dad has a actual sniper and I took it to snipe the like button and my tablet broke I'm on my alt rn

  80. Oliver Wilmott

    Oliver Wilmott5 日 前

    How many subscribers can I get from this comment when I put this I had 17 subscribers

  81. Deshawn Henry

    Deshawn Henry5 日 前

    Makke a hello neighbor mod

  82. bartol kolbas

    bartol kolbas5 日 前


  83. genichiro ashina

    genichiro ashina5 日 前

    i noscope the like batton

  84. Fusion

    Fusion5 日 前

    369 thousand people think a brew is lying

  85. Malik Benjamin

    Malik Benjamin6 日 前

    This is the only thing u have not siad hit the like to trun it bbbllluuueeeeee

  86. melissa power

    melissa power6 日 前


  87. Liam Higgins

    Liam Higgins6 日 前

    Dragon mod make that

  88. Valarie Boles

    Valarie Boles6 日 前

    why dont you play roblox anymore

  89. Jack Derbyshire

    Jack Derbyshire6 日 前

    ssundee is a profesional among us player pretty much

  90. Camila Sirgo

    Camila Sirgo6 日 前

    Omg how did Ian not see loaf go in cams and probably kill them

  91. Manuel Viramontes

    Manuel Viramontes6 日 前

    It didn't turn blue

  92. despointyou

    despointyou6 日 前

    Bro that wasn't 200 IQ that was hmm.. let's say 1000! Iq

  93. Coopersaurus 29

    Coopersaurus 296 日 前

    I'm sad i Broke my computer because I sniped that like button

  94. Major Mhlanga

    Major Mhlanga6 日 前

    Car mod

  95. John Mcbroom Jr

    John Mcbroom Jr6 日 前


  96. StayEZ Calm

    StayEZ Calm6 日 前

    The Molotov role they throw cocktails and the ship burns

  97. Mick Hail

    Mick Hail6 日 前

    How to make these mods

  98. m c

    m c6 日 前

    How about a mini gun mod

  99. jair diaz

    jair diaz6 日 前

    I love your you tube videos

  100. Senoumou Keita

    Senoumou Keita6 日 前

    I 360- no scoped the like button

  101. Senoumou Keita

    Senoumou Keita6 日 前

    No pause on that chief

  102. Ean Trussoni

    Ean Trussoni6 日 前

    lol my name is ean

  103. Crazy Family

    Crazy Family6 日 前

    Mine like button turns black

  104. Thomas Combe

    Thomas Combe6 日 前

    Why do people call you ian

  105. Janice Garson

    Janice Garson6 日 前


  106. tlg

    tlg6 日 前

    I got idea, alien role. Can mind control and summon invasion.