creeper in my apartment


  1. You Know It Joe

    You Know It Joe8 ヶ月 前

    Update - I'll answer all of your questions. Visit here - Like & Message me & I'll answer. Also subscribe to this channel & hit bell notification icon, update coming w/ more footage I found that I thought was lost! It's pretty crazy watching me try to confront her.

  2. GA31721

    GA317218 日 前

    @Tatt2 TTV Once I had seen the video on DDK after the content was posted and I got a notification. I wanted to do some research to find the entire video. Within 2 minutes I had the entire footage and contacted Joe on FB. Within an hr. later DDK removed the video. Im having the same issue right now with a video I posted on my personal FB acct. Now everyone seems to have been redistributing my video after I posted it on FB Back on Sept 12, 2019 then more so when I uled it to yt on Sept 23, 2019.

  3. Xine D

    Xine D9 日 前

    It was a good thing that she did not have nay sort of weapon hidden. Also, the fact that he probably didn't hear her while watching tv and all were probably because of 2 things: 1) AC was on (you can't really hear something on the outside if it's on. I dunno, it's like that for me.) 2) Heavy sleeper

  4. anas alhomsi

    anas alhomsiヶ月 前

    @gabitzu43 do you have crackheads living in your attic or is it just you and your mom

  5. # unicorn squad Glitter time

    # unicorn squad Glitter timeヶ月 前

    REEE this is really creepy!

  6. taliban

    taliban58 分 前

    lmao that bitch really sat down and said "let me watch some tv while im at it"

  7. taliban

    taliban59 分 前

    *pissing in my sink*

  8. Astrid Doodles

    Astrid Doodles2 時間 前

    Aww man



    It was moving up there from the start when you was setting up your camera, this is clearly fucking set up

  10. Steve Miner From Minecraft

    Steve Miner From Minecraft14 時間 前

    Aww man

  11. Frank Yang

    Frank Yang22 時間 前

    aww man

  12. StampyButterFox

    StampyButterFox日 前

    creeper awwww man

  13. Chelsea Antoinette

    Chelsea Antoinette2 日 前

    “pissing in my sink” LMFAOOOOOO

  14. Unkown DOT

    Unkown DOT2 日 前

    This woman should get her face in jail for 5 yrs

  15. Oniu Gabriel

    Oniu Gabriel3 日 前

    I thought there is an creeper from minecraft but it's just an idiot

  16. Mistr_SBT ?!

    Mistr_SBT ?!3 日 前

    Man, Minecraft updates are getting realistic just look at that creeper looks so real

  17. Daniel Blakeley

    Daniel Blakeley3 日 前

    Lol if that dude ever used his chin up bar he probably would of seen her

  18. pro vocation

    pro vocation3 日 前

    2019 - She's a homeless woman? #notsohomeless lol. Legit though, Fake: you deserve to have your food eaten by a squatter. Real: you deserve to have your food eaten by a squatter.

  19. Nicolas LeVasseur

    Nicolas LeVasseur4 日 前

    Awwww man

  20. Enjila Ales

    Enjila Ales4 日 前

    *_AW MAN_*

  21. I am THE ZUCC

    I am THE ZUCC4 日 前

    awwww man!

  22. NCR Ranger

    NCR Ranger4 日 前

    So it's fake then? Okay lol. I was wondering how she would know how and when to get in the apartment and know about the space to begin with. Then the "Check out my acting" annotations popped up.

  23. Johnny Pemberton

    Johnny Pemberton5 日 前

    i wish this was real

  24. Cool Survivor

    Cool Survivor5 日 前

    0:09 if this is real then how did you know you were going to catch “her” how did you know it was a female? 0:09

  25. melodie fatouch

    melodie fatouch4 日 前


  26. QwartZ OwO

    QwartZ OwO5 日 前

    You didn't checked that crawl space after that? It's probably hidden there somewhere or¿¿

  27. Ethan Reed

    Ethan Reed6 日 前


  28. Savage Dude

    Savage Dude6 日 前

    Thats why you need torches in your house. So creepers cant spawn

  29. wines are cool haha

    wines are cool haha6 日 前

    No no no 😐😐😐😐😐😐😐😐😐😐😐😐😐😐😐😐😐😐😐😐😐😐😐😐

  30. SadEdits

    SadEdits6 日 前

    Im the so called creeper we met at a club and he tried to kick me out i pretended to leave then came back and jumped into that hole and been there for about 4 weeks

  31. tom ee

    tom ee7 日 前


  32. Aaron Curtis fryer

    Aaron Curtis fryer7 日 前

    I saw the woman's legs moving at the start when he's setting the camera up

  33. yulyu

    yulyu2 日 前

    Aaron Curtis fryer her whole body was moving. it was dark tho and he didn’t see her. the nook is very high up. no one walks around their home with their eyes towards the ceiling

  34. Terry Anderson

    Terry Anderson7 日 前

    you never posted updates

  35. My Weird Life

    My Weird Life9 日 前

    I love how the dude wakes up exactly at the same time she’s out and about and instead to go see and check out what’s making noise he just goes straight for the carton like yeah totally not fake 🧐is it? But there is more evidence of why I think it’s fake.

  36. That's Bizarre

    That's Bizarre9 日 前

    NICE ... I swear I saw you on CHILLS channel ... of course I could be mistaken.

  37. deni saputra

    deni saputra9 日 前

    Creeper? Aw man!

  38. Green

    Green10 日 前

    Watch out man that creeper is gonna explode!

  39. водка Ăðăm

    водка Ăðăm10 日 前

    Its so creepy

  40. Chamary stigers

    Chamary stigers10 日 前

    You call police officers

  41. harry magruder

    harry magruder12 日 前

    She pissed in his sink, where did she shit?

  42. Mr.TopBottom

    Mr.TopBottom14 日 前

    imagine seeing this and realizing she was right there when you got that water.

  43. Firstname Lastname

    Firstname Lastname15 日 前

    Anyone from FactFiction?

  44. V R

    V R15 日 前

    I'm here after ig tv

  45. Mix Tuber

    Mix Tuber15 日 前

    Im here after the funfact* ❤

  46. Jam 55

    Jam 5516 日 前


  47. EmmaPlayzRoblox AndMore

    EmmaPlayzRoblox AndMore17 日 前

    Whos here From 7 creepiest videos caught on security Camera 👇

  48. stonks

    stonks17 日 前

    Thought that a Minecraft creeper would just suddenly appear out of nowhere

  49. Lauren McGrath

    Lauren McGrath18 日 前

    Where did she come from is that an attic where does that lead and go that she crawled out of and into ???? did u catch her in the act what happened. Please update me

  50. Te Toka

    Te Toka18 日 前


  51. Jen Heart

    Jen Heart18 日 前


  52. Swan Song

    Swan Song18 日 前

    Exactly what was that she was hiding in, a closet or cabinet of some sort? Did it have a door or was open? Also, if she never bathed, I'm surprised he didn't also notice a bad smell in the kitchen.

  53. grecia medina

    grecia medina19 日 前

    I remember this video a long time ago 😂

  54. Cristian Diaz

    Cristian Diaz19 日 前

    Creeper... Aww men

  55. Geless Geless

    Geless Geless19 日 前

    FAKE hahaha

  56. Kelly Navarro

    Kelly Navarro20 日 前

    Ok first of all who has a door in the ceiling? That is a cubby hole or small crawl space that she is sitting in and you can see her while he’s setting up the camera (so no it wasn’t 2 hours later like he states)! Second of all, that apartment looks extremely small, therefore there is NO way he didn’t see her “hiding” when he walked out- you can totally see that him wanting to the kitchen was completely staged- even the way he was walking you could tell that it was planned out for him to walk to the kitchen and then coincidentally drink from the same container. She makes a lot of noise as well and like I said, the apartment is small and there no way he didn’t hear her! Not to mention as soon as he went back to bed she came back out right away so there’s no way he didn’t hear her then either! And this video is all over JPreporter in videos like “top 10 creepiest videos” and such.

  57. Ride Out

    Ride Out20 日 前

    Creeper AWW man

  58. An Ivysaur

    An Ivysaur20 日 前

    It’s fake

  59. Miss Satan

    Miss Satan21 日 前

    *10 years later still no update*

  60. حياه avakin life

    حياه avakin life22 日 前

    2019 ¿👍🏼🤷🏻‍♀️


    JESSE CHAJ22 日 前

    What if she would have an std? Herps

  62. Daniel Wild

    Daniel Wild23 日 前


  63. MasterAaravRAW

    MasterAaravRAW23 日 前

    Why the hell is she pissing in your sink? Who would do that

  64. TheDestroyer76 todor despotov

    TheDestroyer76 todor despotov23 日 前

    Hey joe im not trying to be rude can you reveal the lost footage

  65. Michael McCorquodale

    Michael McCorquodale24 日 前

    Reminds me of "The Ring"

  66. Boy Lalito

    Boy Lalito24 日 前

    Fake as fuck.