creeper in my apartment


  1. You Know It Joe

    You Know It Joe3 ヶ月 前

    There is a NEW CREEPER full length MOVIE coming out - 'GOBLIN' watch 4k youtube TEASER here -



    @Joshua Sanchez Watch her moving in the top crawl space while he is setting up the camera..LOLOL

  3. Creeper blow up 97

    Creeper blow up 972 ヶ月 前

    Did you show this to the cops at all

  4. Ace

    Ace2 ヶ月 前

    @Joshua Sanchez read his description

  5. Joshua Sanchez

    Joshua Sanchez2 ヶ月 前

    You Know It Joe when are you going to update that lost footage of that creepy woman ??

  6. Nathaniel Hayslett

    Nathaniel Hayslett23 時間 前

    How did you sleep when enemies were nearby

  7. Nathaniel Hayslett

    Nathaniel Hayslett23 時間 前

    How did you sleep when enemies were nearby

  8. mrs mc carmin

    mrs mc carmin日 前

    Bby call an exorcist!!!!😱

  9. Jason F

    Jason F2 日 前

    I wonder if she has a pet

  10. xroses

    xroses3 日 前

    PARASITE but the parasite lives in the attic lol

  11. Spacelord2525

    Spacelord25253 日 前

    Who could NOT hear that much noise coming from their kitchen!? C'mon.

  12. Just Sing

    Just Sing3 日 前

    anjayy gaberani liat tp penasaran

  13. Kendry Jimenez

    Kendry Jimenez5 日 前

    watches parasite once

  14. S P A C E L A N D U X U X A

    S P A C E L A N D U X U X A5 日 前

    When the title said creeper I thought he meant a Minecraft creeper

  15. ostfron1942

    ostfron19425 日 前

    Nul pfffffff! bande de cons d’américains

  16. ostfron1942

    ostfron19425 日 前

    Hahahahahaha! prout

  17. DerPentagonDieb

    DerPentagonDieb6 日 前

    This is the „Parasite“ movie in Real Life..

  18. Cre Hill

    Cre Hill6 日 前

    You drunk out the same container 😋😪😂🤢🤮

  19. M4LW4RE

    M4LW4RE7 日 前

    Woah man, be careful. Don't make it explode.

  20. aleevzlaa

    aleevzlaa7 日 前

    I can't believe that you can't hear any noise from the kitchen

  21. Jeremy Anthony Johnson

    Jeremy Anthony Johnson7 日 前

    Did you press charges against creeper?

  22. Joel Padilla

    Joel Padilla7 日 前

    I think this is so fake,

  23. Debbie M

    Debbie M7 日 前

    1. No door on cupboard, been in there for 2 weeks and not been seen? Na. 2. She would have seen him set up the camera 3. He would have smelled her pee by the sink. 4. Tag comes up about him being an actor...hhmm This is totally fake, how do we know that's not really his girlfriend? We don't!

  24. Heidi

    Heidi8 日 前

    I think she wants be your girlfriend

  25. Anant Salbarde

    Anant Salbarde8 日 前

    dont afraid of any ways Bharat ki jai Anant.

  26. Ms. Reality Universe

    Ms. Reality Universe9 日 前

    The fuck up is she would hsve immediately went back

  27. EDC Chanel

    EDC Chanel9 日 前


  28. Tierra TV

    Tierra TV9 日 前

    This the monster you run away from when you turn off the lights

  29. Edward Evans

    Edward Evans10 日 前

    did the guy cruel out of a vent or something?

  30. Dave T.

    Dave T.10 日 前

    this is one of my biggest fear having some strangers come inmy house while im a sleep...its such a scary and uncomfortable situation....its unbelievable that she lived there for weeks without beeing noticed earlier even tho she is watching tv and and closes the doors of the closet with making noises.... im curious what kind of person she is and what is going on in her head, but maybe its better not to know..

  31. Luna Ruiz

    Luna Ruiz11 日 前

    I live in New York so I need to know this.. where in New York did this happen????😱

  32. Szatmari Andrea

    Szatmari Andrea11 日 前

    Love how he felt the need to specify that's not his gf.

  33. Victor Navarro

    Victor Navarro11 日 前

    Hungry little bastard🤣

  34. David Hinojosa

    David Hinojosa11 日 前

    So did they ever confronted the lady???

  35. Agie Prayoga

    Agie Prayoga10 日 前

    Yes they did. Read the description

  36. Angie Renwick

    Angie Renwick12 日 前

    Fake ...

  37. Samer Awad

    Samer Awad12 日 前

    Who’s here after watching Parasite?

  38. Asia and Caucasia

    Asia and Caucasia3 日 前

    Haha me

  39. Blue Peasant

    Blue Peasant3 日 前


  40. Xing Zhang

    Xing Zhang5 日 前

    good movie. But I’m here cuz I google that word PHROGGING

  41. KarenLeos91

    KarenLeos917 日 前

    Samer Awad lol yes!!

  42. 84 Randy

    84 Randy12 日 前

    BRUH IN 21 seconds u can see her in the top right 💀😱

  43. I love memesss & Melanie Martinez

    I love memesss & Melanie Martinez13 日 前

    I can’t be the only one who taught it would be a Minecraft creeper

  44. Ricardo Rios

    Ricardo Rios13 日 前



    MRBENHAVOK13 日 前

    Such bad acting lmao, who wakes up and scratches their head like a retard, have bed bugs or what

  46. Alexandria

    Alexandria13 日 前

    Did he drink out of the same carton as her?

  47. Tv Pillay

    Tv Pillay14 日 前

    The movie parasite in real life

  48. DeeDee Dailey

    DeeDee Dailey14 日 前


  49. DeeDee Dailey

    DeeDee Dailey14 日 前


  50. thereal blue11

    thereal blue1111 日 前

    Then why was there an articles written about it

  51. Isaiah Hartman

    Isaiah Hartman15 日 前

  52. Roberto Ramirez

    Roberto Ramirez15 日 前

    here from Parasite

  53. Bradley Last Name is Blank

    Bradley Last Name is Blank3 日 前

    Roberto Ramirez me too

  54. world peace

    world peace15 日 前

    What happened afterwards

  55. AdamUK0151

    AdamUK015116 日 前

    Looks real very real but, what happend after? Police involved, where did she come from, how much did you make from19M views... (EDIT) note to self read description in future. Although description does say "i'm the only person in the video"

  56. Link Hero of Hyrule

    Link Hero of Hyrule17 日 前

    FAKE! You can clearly see her waiting to come out around the 20 minute mark of the video. Also, Joe Cummins, the owner, already admitted he's an actor.

  57. Raghu

    Raghu17 日 前

    She is not my girlfriend too....:-(

  58. Rajendra Soni

    Rajendra Soni17 日 前

    I can destroy evil or any ghost by just video call Free

  59. Seth Wellington

    Seth Wellington17 日 前

    Why does this video have so many dislikes? Would it have less negative attitude if the stalker was a guy, not a girl? Does it harm you somebody dared call a woman a creeper?

  60. __Chosen

    __Chosen17 日 前

    Who’s here after watching parasite? 💀

  61. rafael ramirez

    rafael ramirez18 日 前

    I pray this never happens in my house, everyone in my house is strap. No the less my 4 Rottweiler would tear you up.

  62. Amado V

    Amado V18 日 前

    parasite movie?

  63. J L

    J L18 日 前

    lets hope he doesn’t hand wash his dishes 🤢

  64. daisydoll tv

    daisydoll tv19 日 前

    2:53 this girl really be watching peppa pig at like 00:00 or something

  65. Jillian Jillian

    Jillian Jillian19 日 前

    The creeper took so long

  66. Me

    Me19 日 前

    Nice cover story to hide your side piece from you GF.

  67. Alie Carey

    Alie Carey21 日 前

    She drank out of the container!! 😨

  68. Jc Castaneda

    Jc Castaneda21 日 前


  69. Julie Hensley

    Julie Hensley21 日 前

    Are you serious? I am assuming this is not the girlfriend. This chic is right out of the Grudge. Is she coming in from another apartment???

  70. Vanessa Pena

    Vanessa Pena22 日 前

    You meant Creeper like from Minecraft

  71. Rashika Mangwani

    Rashika Mangwani22 日 前

    Who’s here from instagram