Creation of the Akatsuki MOVIE (ENGLISH DUB) - Naruto Shippuden: Ultimate Ninja Storm Revolution


  1. Jun Faith

    Jun Faith9 時間 前

    26:00 4 immortals just chilling casually

  2. Jun Faith

    Jun Faith9 時間 前

    Damn almost everyone in Akatsuki are monsters like immortal and powerhouses. I love it!

  3. Jun Faith

    Jun Faith9 時間 前

    3:21 gotta be thicc even when dead

  4. Brandon

    Brandon10 時間 前

    This is very good.

  5. Tzu-Chieh Chien

    Tzu-Chieh Chien12 時間 前

    Why does boruto look like a kid’s cartoon but naruto looks like an actual anime.

  6. Ramon Sanchez

    Ramon Sanchez21 時間 前

    Orochimaru thought he could take on sasori let alone someone like pain 🤣

  7. Focus OnBaseball

    Focus OnBaseball21 時間 前


  8. weeb commentator

    weeb commentator4 時間 前

    This was from a video game so the fighting would just be gameplay footage and this is only the cutsceanes if you read the description.



    So if nagato is older then obito then how did nagato ended up with the rinegan so young

  10. InuzukaLegend

    InuzukaLegend日 前

    Madara: "Zetsu, go tell Sasori, Itachi and Kisame to go get Deidara" Zetsu: "Ok....." He sounded so 'enthused' lmao

  11. Gamers Hub

    Gamers Hub日 前

    where is jozu biwa the first partner of itachi uchiha and was a former member of a seven shinobi swordmen?

  12. Noobie 4Life

    Noobie 4Life日 前

    How was Akatsuki mad explained in hindi -

  13. Andromeda

    Andromeda日 前

    Idc what anyone says, Konan was one of the hottest characters on Naruto

  14. WHT Snipez

    WHT Snipez2 日 前

    Hidan is like a little kid😂😂😂😂

  15. Vivid ÂÇÊ

    Vivid ÂÇÊ2 日 前

    What game is this?

  16. Yogendra Pratap singh vJdbeiYeaS

    Yogendra Pratap singh vJdbeiYeaS2 日 前

    Who is naruto among them

  17. Spart

    Spart2 日 前

    Obito is using akatsuki, Madara is Using Obito, Black zetsu is using Madara and Kaguya is using Black zetsu, lol.

  18. Eli_ProYT

    Eli_ProYT2 日 前

    What episode

  19. Z4n Getsu

    Z4n Getsu2 日 前

    The Group that change the Game and show the uniqueness of a 1man army.

  20. All YouTuber

    All YouTuber2 日 前

    Most interesting compilation of Naruto series.🙂🙂

  21. Ivan

    Ivan2 日 前


  22. Esceptico Artista Miguel

    Esceptico Artista Miguel2 日 前

    Orochimaru knew it was yahiko right away, man he was on some stellar level of association

  23. Epix

    Epix3 日 前

    im gonna get in trouble for watching this while online class lol

  24. Owkqnsnaba Whqnbeaoq

    Owkqnsnaba Whqnbeaoq3 日 前

    Is my is my mother goose club out

  25. BIkal Shrestha

    BIkal Shrestha3 日 前

    Is this a real or fan animation? Please tell if you know Have a great day guys

  26. Kakashi Jr

    Kakashi Jr3 日 前


  27. grooth

    grooth3 日 前

    so is this cannon? or is this the ultimate ninja storm weird story

  28. Pain

    Pain3 日 前

    the world will know the pain...

  29. Vonn Villuminati

    Vonn Villuminati3 日 前

    I’ve come here to invite you to he Akatuski 🔥🔥🔥💪🏾 Well I’m sold that’s one hell of invitation from a beautiful women

  30. Avi Sen

    Avi Sen4 日 前

    Conan is the most underrated ninja in the Naruto verse!

  31. Juano x

    Juano x4 日 前

    There is 2 different ways Hidan got into the group idk which one is the real way

  32. Verxcy.

    Verxcy.4 日 前

    I'm so powerful I told pain I have felt more pain than him




  34. Julian Sorto

    Julian Sorto4 日 前

    18:31 "Okay" he sounds so sad

  35. Certified Keyy

    Certified Keyy4 日 前

    “You WILL join the akatsuki”😂😈 That’s badass!!!

  36. Bernard Lee Sanota

    Bernard Lee Sanota4 日 前

    It game

  37. Bernard Lee Sanota

    Bernard Lee Sanota4 日 前

    Wait its is a game like a game u dont see the fight

  38. Bando YT

    Bando YT4 日 前

  39. Fino Fabria

    Fino Fabria5 日 前

    Hidan is probably the most handsome member.

  40. Hamka Bachtiar

    Hamka Bachtiar4 日 前

    Nah itachi

  41. nick Dash

    nick Dash5 日 前

    The Hidden Rain Village is so cool. I think the buildings are made out of pipes and gutters in order to carry the rain to the ground. The purple, grey, and red tones in the Hidden Rain uniforms are also very nice. Another thought I had is that since it’s raining so much, people that live in the Hidden Rain put more work in making the inside of their buildings look so huge and nice, because people are rarely outside.

  42. M Swietny

    M Swietny5 日 前

    Why skip verbing Kisame??? It is very interesting person.

  43. GhodShot

    GhodShot5 日 前

    Ngl Pain's red nails are fabulous

  44. Austin

    Austin5 日 前

    Who's dumbass idea was it to leave this out of the show??? This would've added SO much more to the Akatsuki's story.

  45. Itachi Uchiha

    Itachi Uchiha5 日 前

    What storm game is this?

  46. Whquheiehe Bdjendsjnd

    Whquheiehe Bdjendsjnd5 日 前

    Yang milih allah like 800 ya yang milih dajal abaikan saja

  47. rissa 2cute

    rissa 2cute5 日 前

    i thought kakazu had like 4 or 5 partners before he met hidan?

  48. Dikesh stha

    Dikesh stha5 日 前

    Shinra tensei sounds a lot good than almighty push

  49. angshuman das

    angshuman das5 日 前

    Why does Tobi look so bossy

  50. LtScarecrow87

    LtScarecrow876 日 前

    You’d think that for as smart Orochimaru claims to be, he’d have fucking remember the ONE guy Jiraya found with the Rinnegan

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  52. Hamza Suleman

    Hamza Suleman6 日 前

    Where is this from?

  53. Madara ManuLP

    Madara ManuLP6 日 前

    The is a issue in that story! Before hidan was teaming up with kakazu kakazu had mates before but kakazu killed every single one of his old mates because they piss him off. Later then Hidan became the teammate of kakazu and thank God that Hidan is immortal because he would get killed from Kakazu too.

  54. Rivaille *Levi*

    Rivaille *Levi*6 日 前

    That's not how Hidan was taken.

  55. 1-2 YT Bros

    1-2 YT Bros6 日 前

    Akatsuki Has to be the coolest thing i've ever seen in my life

  56. Kurikara G

    Kurikara G7 日 前

    Idk if I’m trippin but didn’t they alrdy recruit him? 24:14

  57. ShinOwen2

    ShinOwen27 日 前

    Why is this not in sub?

  58. Mohammed Almontasir

    Mohammed Almontasir7 日 前

    Konan is eater of logia type😹😹😹😹

  59. dog dealler

    dog dealler7 日 前

    what we wanted: Creation of the Akatsuki, full fights what wegot: Boruto, Naruto next gen

  60. Aaron John Ulanday

    Aaron John Ulanday7 日 前

    How they get Itachi?

  61. Amadiuso

    Amadiuso7 日 前

    Madara/óbito/Tobi helped itachi kill the uchiha and then he joined the akautski

  62. Max Sharpe

    Max Sharpe7 日 前

    Pain blasting away orochimaru was cool asl

  63. Dhirendra Godara

    Dhirendra Godara7 日 前

  64. Almafear

    Almafear7 日 前

    here's whole concept like: Akatsuki: Do you want to be a part of us? Enemy: No! Akatsuki: But I am stronger than you Enemy: Ok then

  65. Aaron Vogt

    Aaron Vogt7 日 前

    When kakazu told hidan to shut up😂😂😂😂

  66. mrtozo

    mrtozo8 日 前

    wtf why are these niggas skipping the fights god damn it?

  67. RyanIsaBab

    RyanIsaBab8 日 前

    I’m still looking for the sub button

  68. yuli gamein

    yuli gamein8 日 前

    kakazu isint techincly imortel i think...dont qoute me on this...but i belive he has one life time for every mask on his back..and his own so he could in theroy ..or could of lived...for around 600 years maybe more

  69. itachi

    itachi8 日 前

    Kishimoto nerfed Konan real bad

  70. Cameron Ursery

    Cameron Ursery8 日 前

    Hell Yeah Goku, we're strong asf

  71. Cvv Fhf

    Cvv Fhf8 日 前

    0:22 my love video :X

  72. Jyhit

    Jyhit9 日 前

    yo, was nagato controlling all the pains at this point?

  73. Elpapa Ramirez

    Elpapa Ramirez9 日 前

    Lady angle sounds like google translator

  74. Im a weeb sorry.

    Im a weeb sorry.9 日 前

    Hey Pein :< can I join the Akatsuki??

  75. xztakey

    xztakey9 日 前

    where tf is juzo?

  76. John Cruz

    John Cruz9 日 前

    Konan: we will protect you Pain: fight me

  77. Debopam Dutta

    Debopam Dutta9 日 前

    I had an idea what if kakuzu took hidans heart....

  78. LT War Chief

    LT War Chief9 日 前

    All of the Akatsuki's dub actors are on point

  79. That1guy 27

    That1guy 279 日 前

    What episode is this plz someone let me know

  80. kiki iriawan

    kiki iriawan9 日 前


  81. Narroto K

    Narroto K10 日 前

    examinee you to the bone😈😈😠😠😉😉😉

  82. Hurley Teachers

    Hurley Teachers10 日 前


  83. Vivianlovesgaming :3

    Vivianlovesgaming :310 日 前

    Kakazu has some long armpit hair😗

  84. Vivianlovesgaming :3

    Vivianlovesgaming :310 日 前


  85. Shaka5 Zulu

    Shaka5 Zulu10 日 前

    Bro why was Orochimaru’s music hitting so hard 🔥🔥🔥🔥🔥🔥🔥

  86. Kovacs Ábel

    Kovacs Ábel10 日 前

    Episode pls

  87. cain

    cain10 日 前

    i love this so much even if it royally fucks up the akatsuki recruitment timeline lmao

  88. Rxy

    Rxy10 日 前

    18:29 Okay!

  89. Qyquehuwhe Sguwdhuerh

    Qyquehuwhe Sguwdhuerh11 日 前

    ya allah plz forgive me stop watching this

  90. Mannases

    Mannases11 日 前

    damn sasori loyal af

  91. Ali the荘厳な

    Ali the荘厳な12 日 前

    15:24 biggest flex

  92. Roberto Bayos

    Roberto Bayos12 日 前

    Nani!??? I didn't know from the start the leader is obito hahahahahahaha and he acted like a weak one in shippuden hahaha

  93. Omkar Sangvikar

    Omkar Sangvikar12 日 前

    So is this like the avenger initiative?

  94. Hannah Cuevas

    Hannah Cuevas12 日 前

  95. Fathimath Nazneen

    Fathimath Nazneen12 日 前

    Pin mee please

  96. Jamie Haase

    Jamie Haase12 日 前

    Anybody notice when he was counting the group he only acknowledged pain himself and did not count the other parts of pain?????

  97. Zeto Kaiba

    Zeto Kaiba12 日 前

    Yeah cause the rest are just corpses.

  98. groni du23

    groni du2313 日 前

    but itachi was with another one of the 7 swordman of the mist before kisame and isnt it itachi kakuzu and the paper girl that was geting hidan in the akatsuki

  99. steamed bun

    steamed bun13 日 前

    Konan sounded like text to speech lol

  100. John Travolta

    John Travolta13 日 前

    Unfortunate that this is just Yahikos corpse controlled from a distance by nagato instead of a reanimated yahiko.

  101. Hector Hernandez

    Hector Hernandez13 日 前

    I thought zetsu didn’t yk now who Tobi was

  102. GodKage LD

    GodKage LD9 日 前

    You mean obito, zetsu knew obito at a very young age dude

  103. Almondater Top5

    Almondater Top513 日 前

    What about juzzo?

  104. Wilda Glasson

    Wilda Glasson14 日 前

    To think itachi was a top 2-3 member of u count obito at the age of 14 what a beast

  105. soul

    soul14 日 前

    so apparently narutos brother is itachi i am so confused

  106. GodKage LD

    GodKage LD9 日 前

    No wtf