Create This Book 2 | Episode #6


  1. Beth Coupland

    Beth Coupland25 分 前

    I think you went wat to far for the ugly one

  2. Chip Light

    Chip Light31 分 前

    You are a real arrest!!!!!!Don't say you are not!!!!!!!

  3. XxMiss _beexX

    XxMiss _beexX時間 前


  4. SkylarCookie Playz

    SkylarCookie Playz2 時間 前

    As you can see its 6/17/19 But this was posted on the 21 *I wonder what happened* (NO HATE COMMENTS PLEASE)

  5. Celestial Lunars.gacha

    Celestial Lunars.gacha2 時間 前

    Moriah, that brush is a blending brush. It's not for just separate colors. Sorry if I sound mean, I tried to word this so I didn't sound like a bich. PS I love all these drawings 😍. Your a lot more talented then me😅.

  6. Kitten Cat369

    Kitten Cat3694 時間 前

    I 100% agree about the spider thing

  7. slime queen

    slime queen5 時間 前

    I hate spider webs

  8. Møønlīght Drāgøn

    Møønlīght Drāgøn6 時間 前

    *london is my city*

  9. Mara Rosales

    Mara Rosales8 時間 前

    For the last page u could use th watercolor on paper and then put the paper in the box and choose 3 at random Love u Moriah💜💜😃😃

  10. little stich

    little stich11 時間 前

    You are not messy at water colors i love your water colors❤

  11. Sharlene Crespo

    Sharlene Crespo12 時間 前

    Hi I love your videos 😍♥️♥️

  12. Julia Grosche

    Julia Grosche13 時間 前

    i agree with you for the spiders. MY friend has two tarantulas. I very much do not like them.

  13. Donutcream Cake

    Donutcream Cake15 時間 前

    Shen she said poop she read my mind

  14. Miss O_o Miss

    Miss O_o Miss10 時間 前


  15. Hurma Eman

    Hurma Eman16 時間 前

    More episodes ❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️

  16. HeyItsLadyBug

    HeyItsLadyBug16 時間 前

    I never liked spiders! >~< Im with cha moriah

  17. Travis Shisler

    Travis Shisler18 時間 前

    Cool book

  18. Lucina Bramble

    Lucina Bramble18 時間 前

    You are so talented I love it




  20. tirza trash

    tirza trash日 前

    i wish there were more episodes sooner no rush though :) love you

  21. Vikki Kelleher

    Vikki Kelleher日 前

    It's an Arachne not a bug

  22. Rose the drawinggamer

    Rose the drawinggamer日 前

    For the ugliness into beauty one How am I supposed to make my bully a nicer person through art?

  23. Ender Queen

    Ender Queen日 前

    "oh look, theres a bug *on my bug*" -Moriah, 2019

  24. Sienna Howard

    Sienna Howard日 前

    Can you do a Lolita themed video

  25. Daniel Rodriguez

    Daniel Rodriguez日 前

    When are you going to do episode 7

  26. KawaiiSquish

    KawaiiSquish日 前

    Its amazing thai ur so freaking creative!! i suck at drawing ;( grrr i have always wanted to be good at it

  27. Ducky-witha -knife

    Ducky-witha -knife日 前

    I'm one of the spider lover's!

  28. jjac141108

    jjac141108日 前


  29. Char Char's World

    Char Char's World日 前

    Moriah: some people don't like the cuteness, sparkliness and SPRINKLES Me: WATTTTTTT

  30. Melody Gant

    Melody Gant日 前

    I get my book today I'm so excited😍

  31. Emily Ruholt

    Emily Ruholt日 前

    You are an artist on everything you are awesome

  32. Tod Kupstas

    Tod Kupstas日 前

    Lol as I was watching this video I was eating ice cream and I literally looked at my ice cream with a weird face 😂😂😂

  33. Alani Zacharska

    Alani Zacharska日 前

    Don't change the panda please, i think it's cute and i love it. It looks great so i think you should leave it like that.

  34. Safe Boi

    Safe Boi日 前

    0:47 I think Pikachu is beautiful

  35. Pretty YUNIcorn

    Pretty YUNIcorn日 前

    I have the same squishy at the intro

  36. Princess_ Miyah9

    Princess_ Miyah9日 前

    I love your Channel and one quick question how old are you

  37. hamza humayun

    hamza humayun2 日 前

    woooooooooooooooooh the 🐜 looks good 😍😍😍😍😍😍😍😍😍

  38. TheUnicornCookie MineBlox

    TheUnicornCookie MineBlox2 日 前

    Moriah: sorry if i let you down... Me: no no its fine *five minutes later* Me: ITS NOT OKAY *CRIES* Moriah: ⊙-⊙

  39. chicken man & dinosaur dude

    chicken man & dinosaur dude2 日 前

    Ur sooooo good at this stuff

  40. Chocolate Pharm

    Chocolate Pharm2 日 前

    Hi moriah I'm 8 years old and me and my dad love channel

  41. CaramelKittty

    CaramelKittty2 日 前

    What’s your favorite color? Moriah: *Yes*

  42. Mamabread Playz

    Mamabread Playz2 日 前

    spiders have tiny paws!! :3

  43. ana bartolome

    ana bartolome2 日 前

    the top of it w the worm and the eye it looks like a snail

  44. Weird Channel

    Weird Channel2 日 前

    I would put butterflies for my ugly thing and make it my beautiful

  45. Weird Channel

    Weird Channel2 日 前

    IM AFENDED SPIDERS ARE SOOOOOOO CUTE (like comment if u agree)

  46. Debbie P

    Debbie P2 日 前

    Would love to get this book and the first one, but I can't draw for toffee, would have no clue where to start and end up just looking at it wistfully...stroking it every now and again....

  47. ninja_ 09

    ninja_ 092 日 前

    Why did you start to draw? and do you have any tips for other people like me who want to draw like you?

  48. Harley Francis

    Harley Francis2 日 前

    I think spiders are butiful and cute! Not being a hater tho, I luv this channel. BUT NO HATE TO SPIDERS!

  49. Jennifer Hinojosa

    Jennifer Hinojosa2 日 前

    I love spiders they are beautiful!

  50. Insane Evie

    Insane Evie2 日 前

    i would drarw a spider then add gucci bags around it and chenel lol

  51. Black Cat66

    Black Cat662 日 前

    I saw a spider in my room two nights ago and I’ve been sleeping in the guest was a big spider