Craziest Night Ever | Rudy Mancuso, Hannah Stocking, Anwar Jibawi & Lele Pons


  1. Rudy Mancuso

    Rudy Mancuso28 日 前

    Thank you Google Maps and thank you for watching

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    LOVE U RUDY!!!

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    I like your stuff, BUT I l’m not old enough to have any real need for google maps

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    Sub to milk man cows

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    Sometimes it’s happened to me one time I had do do 3 things together

  8. Naif Shaikh

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    Rajnikanth sponsors Google

  9. zagros ghazi

    zagros ghazi7 時間 前

    what was the point ? rudy your becoming shit i loved you : (

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    apple users don't have Google maps unless they download it

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    He has 6.66 million subs

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    Do nada começou a falar em português

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    at the beginning of the video when he searches the restaurant "Oui Oui Paris" it doesn't exist, and I thought "I guess it's not a sponsor huh but he uses google map though, is he somehow sponsored by the google? I mean I wouldn't surprise if it wasn't, everyone knows google map" and I was right, it's a sponsored video.



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    You cannot do this in India🤣😂

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    I wish I could multitask like rudy

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    😱😱😱😱 a mãe falou em português!!!!!

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    Does Rudy laugh

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    Since when does google sponsor 😐



    Google maps always sucks

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    :) :)

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    Honestly I think we under appreciate google maps

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    Who else likes the Video before the end😅 👇🥰😝

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    Is his gf Kimmy from tall girl???

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    oooooo she look sexy

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    This is from an episode of spongebob

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    3:47 Anwar is auditioning as well WTF is he running back and forth too?? Hahahah

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    Ok who the fuck doesn’t know google i actually have never seen google sponsor anybody well played rudy

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    Is anyone else thinking how can he run this fast and how is he not sweating 😓..😍😘❤️😍😘❤️😍😘

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    This reminds me of Detroit metal city.,


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    Multitasking rudy😂😂

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    Great video👍 Nice concept!

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    *Waiting for JPreporter's sponsor*

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    I love rudie

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    Não sabia q vc é brasileiro

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    I'm Brazilian from São Paulo

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    I'm bra I

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    was that rudy playing the piano boy got them hands

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    Last part reminded me of when Joey from friends suppose to pick up his grandma after he forgets about the parade lmao

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    phone is upside down

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    Literally JPreporter stress

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    Literally the whole world uses google why are they sponsoring him?

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    This reminds me of the one SpongeBob episode

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    I can feel the sweat

  47. Ahyar Babas

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    it teaches something... and google still cant help if u stay stupid like that

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    quem é br da like kkkk! Rudy representando!

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    Bruh youre the best

  50. mg phone

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    I dont get it you include lele pons in starring while she apeared like 2 sec as waiter and you dont include ur gf acting person in starring~ why? Coz that person dont do youtube staff?

  51. Scitelz

    Scitelz5 日 前

    Fucking stupid he could just told her he was cold so he went to his car to go get it

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    her voice...

  54. Oscar Aparicio

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    Rudy Mancuso is my favorite musician and an actor because he is the best. I just wish one day I would really meet him one day. I wish I could be a musician or touch many instruments like him. 🎷🎸🎹📯🎤🎧

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    Fairy Tail

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    Anwar take it away 🇸🇴

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    This is exactly like the movie Mrs. Doubtfire + it's not even night

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    Rudy manusco and hannah stocking the diffrence is only 4500 exactly in my screen rudy 6.627.240 hannah 6.632.740

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    2:01 is that Lele Pons? Couldn't recognize her.

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    Omg I LOVE you you are amazing keep up the great work ❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️

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    Please a part 2!

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    Love you Rudy

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    Forgot about momma 😂😂

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    Por you