1. Laila Knight

    Laila Knight4 時間 前

    Clare really did it and made queen look amazing love the looks

  2. Yaritza

    Yaritza7 時間 前

    Queen can’t dress for SHIT sometimes 🤣🤣🤣

  3. Eliezel Perez

    Eliezel Perez19 時間 前

    queen 10-10 boy look swag to 10-10

  4. Eliezel Perez

    Eliezel Perez19 時間 前


  5. Drake George

    Drake George日 前

    his fitt is actually fire

  6. Ashley Jackson

    Ashley Jackson日 前

    Awe this is my first time watching yall and omg you both look great!

  7. Aleah 123

    Aleah 123日 前

    Y’all so cute

  8. keyona bouey

    keyona bouey日 前

    Make this a series queens outfit was 9/10 and clarences was a 7/10 cause them shoes was not it 😂😂

  9. LKMob

    LKMob日 前

    Queen outfit I’ll rate 8 🥰🥰 Clare you can style 😂 Clare outfit I’ll rate a 5 lmao 😂 Queen you tried it but his outfit wasn’t tooooo bad. ❤️

  10. Melissa Perez

    Melissa Perez日 前

    Queen a MFING 10 😍 she look sophisticated , not saying she not but damn she look good in hem target clothes

  11. The ValeroHunt

    The ValeroHunt2 日 前

    Let me find out Clare is low key 🔑 a fashion designer! I love it .! He was so into it and he even got the accessories..the shades would have been perfect! Maybe it’s just me but I actually like the shoes with his outfit Queen picked out! Y’all should make this a theme I really enjoyed it ♥️

  12. laface unmarked

    laface unmarked2 日 前

    The outfits are cute u don't have to be in name brand things all the time the out fits were flawless..😘.... y'all did that... fuck what people say y'all gotta focus on y'all future fuck the materialistic shit.....

  13. Seia Cheyenne Sitagata

    Seia Cheyenne Sitagata2 日 前

    if they were all black pants his fit would’ve been fire. non cuffed pants

  14. TheBFSG

    TheBFSG2 日 前

    queen looks so pretty

  15. The Aquarian Empress

    The Aquarian Empress3 日 前

    I liked this vid but y'all should set the budget and not go over no matter what. Makes it more interesting. Nice vid!


    L AND N SQUAD3 日 前

    Yo ehats up with queen face 1:39 no hate its just funny😂💓

  17. Da'Meya Mundy

    Da'Meya Mundy3 日 前

    nobody: 17:39 passes chris sails: i could jump higher than that

  18. Ashley May

    Ashley May3 日 前


  19. Crackhead Energy

    Crackhead Energy3 日 前

    Y’all should do Walmart next

  20. Crystal Quinn

    Crystal Quinn3 日 前

    good job guys especially clare

  21. Crystal Quinn

    Crystal Quinn3 日 前

    loving the new intro

  22. Honey Gold

    Honey Gold3 日 前

    I love how dedicated they were 🥰😭

  23. Caitlin White

    Caitlin White4 日 前

    clarence actually look good af with that fit on .. he look like he got a whole nother personality 😂🤣🤣 queen looks real good

  24. Sheree Hill

    Sheree Hill4 日 前

    Queen I don’t why u dressing me I want u to undress ok 😂😂😆ok boo she look cute tho they did good dressing each other ❤️😍

  25. sadelovely7470

    sadelovely74704 日 前

    I liked both outfits Queen the shoes 👞 for Claire weren’t that bad if that’s all you could find and yes do more videos like this and then y’all actually go on dates wearing what y’all have dressed each other in.

  26. Liana Bryce

    Liana Bryce4 日 前

    Queen- 10 Clare- 8 Loved this video! Y'all should do it again!

  27. A'Nijah

    A'Nijah4 日 前

    Walmart homecoming

  28. Kierra Dancer

    Kierra Dancer5 日 前

    Do Walmart

  29. Minnie B

    Minnie B5 日 前

    her outfit cute, but not for a first date maybe a interview.

  30. Haja Touray

    Haja Touray5 日 前

    I love this Clare should really get into styling. I loved what cleared said when he looked at queen picture 😍🥰🥰

  31. SincereLiving

    SincereLiving5 日 前

    You both a 10 Ya'll are so adorable!!!

  32. The Queen Taraji Harrison

    The Queen Taraji Harrison5 日 前

    I rate his an 97

  33. The Queen Taraji Harrison

    The Queen Taraji Harrison5 日 前

    I rate Queen's an 100

  34. Dilsa Monteiro

    Dilsa Monteiro5 日 前


  35. Raven Brock

    Raven Brock5 日 前

    the jumppp LMAOOO

  36. Raven Brock

    Raven Brock5 日 前

    yesssss do Walmart for Grammys

  37. sharon mccann

    sharon mccann5 日 前

    now that u all dressed up go head out n have yaselfs a great date night

  38. Jyea Atori

    Jyea Atori5 日 前

    You should do primark next

  39. Angelica Smith

    Angelica Smith6 日 前


  40. K_beautyyy 12

    K_beautyyy 126 日 前

    This was such a cute vlog🥰

  41. Ashanti James

    Ashanti James6 日 前

    Love both fits minus Clare’s shoes🤣🤣

  42. I am Ebony lotus

    I am Ebony lotus6 日 前

    He did really good 😄

  43. Shari Mclean

    Shari Mclean6 日 前

    The shoes 💀🤣🤣🤣

  44. Shari Mclean

    Shari Mclean6 日 前

    The way clare be slapping them cheeks 😂😂😂😫 I love them

  45. Shaye Bates

    Shaye Bates6 日 前

    Yall should dress like this more ‼‼‼

  46. itsyogurl dede

    itsyogurl dede7 日 前

    @3:28 😂😂

  47. Edrisa Helms

    Edrisa Helms7 日 前

    Love the video


    JOSE & DEMETRIA8 日 前

    Omg I love this idea!!! Have not seen anything like so far😍

  49. Evelyn Roquemore

    Evelyn Roquemore8 日 前

    Very go out on a first date!

  50. Vloggingwith DIORre

    Vloggingwith DIORre8 日 前

    Clarence did a good job dressing her! lol

  51. Vloggingwith DIORre

    Vloggingwith DIORre8 日 前

    clare won this one! lmao

  52. ꧁༺Alissa King༻꧂ G

    ꧁༺Alissa King༻꧂ G8 日 前

    You guys actually both looked good 👌 I like Clare's outfit he chose for queen though mind you her figure is what makes that outfit pop lol

  53. Kayla Rivas

    Kayla Rivas8 日 前

    If you’re coachable and dedicated like this comment. Follow me on instagram @k.godessx

  54. Zhena Ray

    Zhena Ray8 日 前

    10:35... how to properly spank the boo-tay, oo-tay! 😍😳😂💗

  55. Shelle Hayes

    Shelle Hayes8 日 前

    This is so cute clare outfit was a 9 just bc of the shoes but queen outfit was a 10 she look cute asffff🥵😍😍

  56. Shelle Hayes

    Shelle Hayes8 日 前

    Clare smacks her butt “ we gotta talk after the video 😭”😝🥵😍

  57. Racheal Myers

    Racheal Myers8 日 前

    Both outfits look nice !

  58. chynadolls_playhouse

    chynadolls_playhouse8 日 前

    I loved queens outfit the most it fit her perfectly 💕 good job Clare 👏🏼 I like Clare’s outfit to but the shoes really did throw the fit off. It really is harder to shop for guys because ladies have wayyyyy more options than guys. But queen good job the clothes were really nice 🙌🏼

  59. chynadolls_playhouse

    chynadolls_playhouse8 日 前

    I think you guys should definitely do a series🙌🏼 i love this video 💕 def one of my favs. I’m loving the energy and loving the vibes ✨

  60. nj 2 smooth

    nj 2 smooth8 日 前

    Clare should be a stylist❤️❤️

  61. Ana B.

    Ana B.9 日 前

    I’m cryingggg she dressed Clarence up like a dominican 😂😂😂😂😂

  62. Hottshvt Manii

    Hottshvt Manii16 時間 前

    Ana B. 💯💯