Could the Phantom Troupe take down Meruem?


  1. SethTheProgrammer

    SethTheProgrammer3 ヶ月 前

    I've seen some people comment about Kite and his scaling so I'll answer some questions and stuff here most of them don't actually really effect anything in the video but I'll clarify: For Kite's near death ability, it should be important that it's supposed to stop him from dying, reincarnation is a post death ability. Now while I do think it's heavily implied it causes him to reincarnate, I still think that it being a "good spin" and causing Pitou to genuinely think he's a good fight implies more than that, and amplified his ability. Remember, Knuckle, who is scared of Pitou and gets bullied to oblivion by Youpi, is stated to physically equal to Kite, and Kite is never once ever implied to be near Pitou's level. Even Killua doesn't even bring Kite up to scare Netero, despite knowing Kite's ability, he brings up Hisoka and Illumi, which further implies an amp to me, even Ging only theorizes what Kite's ability does, it's never confirmed so of course I'm not going to claim I 100% know either. I'm not saying it's OBJECTIVELY true, and in fact, Kite isn't important really AT ALL for scaling the Troupe. This is the same for me saying he bodied leader and officer ants, which didn't have nen. Once again, the Troupe vs the Ants is moreso class scaling, then actually relying on Kite for anything. Even looking back I could've removed Kite from the entire video and nothing would change. And even if you want to absolutely say that Kite didn't get any amp from Pre-Death, then he'd have simply gotten an amp from getting a good spin. I've also heard an argument that Hisoka is stronger after dying. And while post mortem nen is stronger, there is no proof Hisoka has permanent post mortem nen, if anything his bungee gum had post mortem nen which he used to revive himself. (Reviving implying he's not dead) Only his bungee gum that restarted his heart is confirmed to be stronger. Also people are commenting on the arm wrestling and nen, saying the nen is not involved in the arm wrestling... Which I also said in this video and confirmed was absolutely the case even in combat scaling. I don't see why people are complaining about that. And this video is under the premise that they're in a confrontation with Meruem, not that they couldn't somehow find a way to nuke him or something.. Obviously a rose would beat him, but that's not the point of the video the video is talking about combat scaling. Also I'm aware Kalluto is a boy, and that Pitou is an It, when I wrote the script I try to imagine the characters and just pictured a female and usually give them their usual gender identity, kind of like what Killua does with Alluka but without the absolute confirmation they want it that way, which I probably shouldn't do. My bad. I even called Pitou a girl one time despite calling it an it like 10 other times in the video (it can also be referred to as he if you're mainly manga but I use it to be indifferent), it's a common error I make when writing. "Youpi couldn't instantly defeat Knuckle or Shoot" Youpi wasn't at his full potential and didn't understand how to use Nen until the very end, and it's implied he can evolve further beyond that. Pitou doesn't have the same weaknesses in talent, and was pretty much fully evolved from the get-go. Youpi being 10x stronger and it being stated "It is impossible for Shoot to beat Youpi" even without Nen abilities or any strategy does in fact confirm what I'm saying, it is not an anti-feat against me. Youpi is also specifically stated to be non strategic and wasn't even going all vs Shoot with it being confirmed he was absolutely going to win even without nen abilities or strategy (Volume 26, Page 16, Page 39) "If you use the stat books Komugi can beat Zushi!!" No, the stat books only have Komugi with higher total stats than Zushi, but these stats include things like Talent, Intelligence, Willpower and so on, which she used purely for board games. Zushi and Komugi are both just stated to be bottom tiers in terms of strength and combat ability but with Zushi actually having nen ability whereas Komugi has virtually 0. Total stats =|= stronger in the HxH databooks. "The series tries to convey fights through Randomness!" We've seen plenty of fights and have plenty of information on straight up 1v1 fights in HxH without "randomness." And I hardly can recall any reason why anything I said in the video is something that can be somehow narrative randomized in a VS vacuum, especially when I'm using pretty objective statements about their scaling like "The most formiddable character they've ever seen!" "It was impossible for him to win!" -Narrator "This character blitzes people relative to this character!", "He can one shot people stronger than this character, therefore-" etc. Bizarre and irrelevant argument. All in all I think most criticisms of the video are over minor details and not my main argumentation, but even then I'm finding a lot of these "criticisms" a little off balance and don't really make a lot of sense. I think my only real screw up was with calling Kalluto a girl and not giving numeorus prophylactic counters for some of these casual VS thoughts in the comments, but the video was 32 minutes as was when I recorded it and was cut down. Didn't want to make a 1 hour long video countering every conceivable idea people could come up with, like "what if they just run away and grab a nuke and nuke meruem in this VS Battle and power scaling setting!!!" like, c'mon.. "Morel was only at 35% and Pouf didn't dominate him" Pouf psychologically manhandled Morel then took his pipe and threw it in a river with zero effort. Also, in HxH, Aura is not like Ki in Dragon Ball where your power decreases hyper linearly as your energy does. For example, Knuckle Explains that if you have 10,000 Aura and you punch, maybe you use 80 Aura per punch, and your ultimate move uses like 1,000 through 2,000. It's more like a gas tank, not a power level, although, it allows you to put more gas into your attacks if you use that much aura if that makes sense. So unless Morel has an attack that uses over 35% of his total aura in one attack, which not even Gon's enhancer attack that amps his punch by 10x necessarily does, there's no reason to suspect that this 35% capacity is some serious nerf. Especially if they only fought for an instant and all that happened was Pouf bullied him and flew away to find Pitou and Meruem.

  2. Kobe Kola

    Kobe Kola11 日 前

    @I Am Dumb you cant compare captain level ants to the royal guard though. The whole reason they're the royal guard is because they're far more powerful than the other ants. And kite's ability always gives him what's appropriate for the situation. He was surrounded by enemies so it gave him a giant scythe that has an enourmous AOE. i dont think his ability is as random as we think. So the fact that it gave him that weird axe thing named "how could i die like this" is literally due to the fact that in that situation, he was going to die. And that weapon probably had some hand in reincarnating him. I mean look at the name. Edit: also just because kite says its a bad roll doesnt mean it actually is. Every time we see him use his ability it deals with the situation perfectly.

  3. Math Simon

    Math Simon19 日 前

    How about you doing a top 10 Nen power ranking excluding ants for Hunter X Hunter? I'm really curious since you broached the idea by stating Netero not even considering Hisoka as a threat.

  4. ricky yacine

    ricky yacine21 日 前

    morel was kinda right there is ways to broken the fight without any effort two characters can do that for the king : the cow mizamnana ability could be useful if he draw red card on the king then he has no chance and if he draw 3 card his finished second the monkey sayo and his 3 monkeys but he have to hit a blow to the king with his stick but there is low chance but since his a zodiac he still have s chance against him I give him 70% success third obviously brock one nanika after is ai gaz she danger level A and the king is only B threat she can end the king with one wish or order fron killua but probably at least 5 or 20 billion people will day for that wish so there you have it there is ging but post rose meruem I don't know for sure !!

  5. Muhammedlee

    Muhammedleeヶ月 前

    Lel u doing a good job, thx for the entertaining video

  6. Zane Clifford

    Zane Cliffordヶ月 前

    It's always been my take that the Mysterious On-the-verge-of-Death Crazy Slots Number was a kind of resurrection ability. Here's why: 1. Ging admits that Gon's explanation of what happened is garbled enough that it's unclear if Kite literally died or not, but he knows Kite "got caught", so he knows Kite didn't win the fight vs Pitou. This argues against a "power up" or "amp". 2. How else would Kite's soul have ended up inside the twin of the Chimera Ant King? His body wasn't eaten. One could say "maybe only his brain was eaten" but that has no evidence for it that I know of. A Nen ability could account for this, and whose else would it be? 3. A resurrection ability is super cool, an "amp" is super boring. Togashi is not a boring writer. Of course, it's just what I think, and it really doesn't have much of a bearing on the issue being explored in the video.

  7. jester man

    jester man23 分 前

    Just use those rose bombs homie

  8. Prateek Shetty

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    Why you sound slike toilet

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    The Spiders are basically Ocean's Eleven.

  12. GriZmon

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    Phantom troupe has a chance with pitou. I guess.

  13. CKL 95400

    CKL 9540019 時間 前

    Well if razor alone stop almost all the phantom troup, we can say no it's impossible

  14. //

    //3 時間 前

    He didn't stop them, he teleported them with a spell card. Anybody is able to do that.

  15. Serdiy

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    Meruem is nothing compared to my boots

  16. Ina Chang

    Ina Chang日 前

    I feel like faitan could activate post mortem with pain packer, but not like it’ll do anything maybe it’ll stun the king for like a secod

  17. eclectic tyrone

    eclectic tyrone日 前

    Meruem was so OP it was ridiculous.

  18. Bison Khue

    Bison Khue日 前

    Is it me or Meruem kinda looks like someone from dragon ball z

  19. K Sea

    K Sea日 前

    What about kite with both arms vs Pitou? Wouldn’t he have brought a better fight to Pitou? I mean he did fight Pitou from the night until the morning and Pitou even wanted to fight him again. Even with one arm he was manage to at least damage Pitou.

  20. toptier sagat

    toptier sagat2 日 前

    Kite could take out the Troupe by himself lol the Troupe are strong, no doubt but they can't do nothing with Meruem.

  21. adam

    adam16 時間 前

    I doubt that kite statement, you can’t forget that the troupe has very strong members and each member is probably about kite’s level of strength

  22. Abdallah Bensalah

    Abdallah Bensalah2 日 前

    The real question is how about gon in his rage mode vs meruem

  23. Piercer of the sky!

    Piercer of the sky!17 時間 前

    Probably meruem

  24. Mr Mario

    Mr Mario2 日 前

    You heavily overrate the aspect of fysical strength and aura amount, you were arguing that some of the abillities didn't do a lot to the surrounding area which is so dumb, when you have abillites that can finnish a fight without leaving a trace of proof that the fight even took place. The main point of the fights in hxh is that anyone can beat anyone by a combination of smarts, nen adaptabillity, nen power, restrictions. There are so many more things that go into a hxh fight than aura power or strength.

  25. Catto Uchiha

    Catto Uchiha2 日 前

    remember pitou said herself that adult gon's strength is equal to meruem the king himself

  26. Hamsel Estenzo

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  27. Nathan Richards

    Nathan Richards2 日 前

    Phantom troupe can most definitely beat meruem if they all jump him sadly they don't like to team up on enemies so it may be their downfall

  28. jlog 173

    jlog 1732 日 前

    What about ging lol

  29. Nyx Plasma

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    Watched the whole shit and now I can watch this

  30. Joshua York

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    King ant vrs yhwach?

  31. Sjsjsjjsjs sjsjsjjsj

    Sjsjsjjsjs sjsjsjjsj3 日 前

    They're just ants..... Use some bug spray...

  32. Yong

    Yong3 日 前

    Shizuki is so hot

  33. thot slayer

    thot slayer3 日 前

    lol that question should not even be asked... meruem was a complete god, he fucked up netero (rip my man netero) ho was already the most powerfull character in my opinion

  34. Nenad Milev

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    Man I got so much wallpapers from this video.

  35. Ambien Gaba

    Ambien Gaba3 日 前

    he would oblierate them within 1 minute if not 30 secs, hosiak is a joke, GUMMMM LOLLL, he could sense them from miles away and oblierate them in secs before they even blinks

  36. GigiDelaurenti

    GigiDelaurenti3 日 前

    Who in their right mind would even think Hisoka would win again merum? I get Hisoka has a mass cult following but you guys give him too much credit. He couldn't even hang with netero.

  37. Shivank Pasi

    Shivank Pasi4 日 前

    Phantom troupe ki auakat se bahar hai 😂😂

  38. Benny Bear

    Benny Bear4 日 前

    Bro hisoka would just deflect meruems attack with bungee gum and kill him as he says “Bungee gum has the property’s of both rubber and gum” whilst also saying “Bungee gum was named after my favorite gum as a child”

  39. SaurabhMishra

    SaurabhMishra4 日 前

    We all know that the strongest character in HXH is komugi.

  40. Usuxbayar PK 5023

    Usuxbayar PK 50234 日 前

    I think that hand wrestling rank is based on pure physical power. It means can’t enhance it. So if nen aura is big i think it can har big difference

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  42. ServerArchive

    ServerArchive4 日 前

    26 minutes to answer a simple question? I knew it was "no" the moment I saw the thumbnail.

  43. MeruemTV

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  44. rex buddy

    rex buddy4 日 前

    Feitan can solo everyone and kill thm

  45. TaoHK

    TaoHK5 日 前

    And to think that Meruem even in pre-Rose state when he gained Yupi and Pouf abilities is still not his full potential. It's obvious that Togashi is a DBZ fan, Meruem being a Freeza/Cell cross with some of their abilities (well one) but.....I hate using the what If's but let's play with this for a second. Meruem's one ability, that's a Cell ability when he eats a nen using human and his power doubles. Let's say and this is the what-if. He went through the selection. with all those people he had and now have eaten his power would be far greater than Pre Rose state by a long shot. He would be pretty much an unstoppable monster and would stomp anybody but of course that didn't go that way. I think the author meant for that what if to be discussed hence why for this character there's lots of possibilities. you see in other anime the villain is pretty set. Like you can tell what their full abilities would be and all that due to their backstory and things they have done that would get them to point B. Example. Madara was super predictable on how strong and what his maximum would be because the story kind of told us where he was going and explained it. Meruem, on the other hand, has a unknown unknown and like those choice-based games where you have multiple roads to choose from and it is up to the player to choose their ending we only saw only one path out of many. We saw Pre rose Meruem only. now again what if we can start over and direct a new ending like the natural selection ending and so on then you'll notice that Meruem's power and abilities would be different and the discussion would be which version of Meruem is the strongest. Now that is what I think about. If Meruem were a flat character kind of like every villain on every anime then we would only be talking about his prime abilities.

  46. Terrizo

    Terrizo5 日 前

    Bungee Cum 🥰👄❤💕💞💓

  47. Korg Meek

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    finks could 1 shot anyone

  48. Nova Chrono

    Nova Chrono5 日 前

    You know the answer without making this video. Impossible! Especially if phantom troupe fought the revived Meruem coz he's way more powerful combining the power of pouf and youpi.

  49. Blip Blop

    Blip Blop5 日 前

    Old Man Netero could beat them all up if he uses all him power, Meruem was able to beat Old Man Netero in strength and power. I feel like this is enough proof, but maybe I'm wrong

  50. Master Majesty

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  51. Talia

    Talia6 日 前

    The only thing that could kill meruem except netero's poor mans rose is komugi 🏆

  52. mr. boss

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  53. Technique Trinity

    Technique Trinity6 日 前

    With a lot of prep, yes. Otherwise, Meruem stomps.

  54. Think Positive ++

    Think Positive ++6 日 前

    I wonder why Americans love conspiracy theory. It's really prevalent on their politics, but anime? Seriously?!!! LOL

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  56. Piu John

    Piu John7 日 前

    Quick answer: NO

  57. Lowrence Alimat

    Lowrence Alimat7 日 前

    We still don't know chrollo's power...we don't know any of the hundreds or thousands abilities he has in his book

  58. Tantantunkeladiwewe

    Tantantunkeladiwewe7 日 前

    I get the Chrollo vs Zeno arguments, it's kinda fun, but some fuckers really think Chrollo is stronger or even on par with ISAAC NETERO, rewatch the show, read the manga again, get some help.

  59. yeahok

    yeahok7 日 前

    Short and only answer: yes , because power doesnt always determine the outcome of a nen battle.

  60. Stuart Duncan

    Stuart Duncan7 日 前

    Lol you got like 4 of their names right

  61. Monica Ortiz

    Monica Ortiz7 日 前

    alluka vs. meruem,,,,,Alluka would win :)

  62. Dracule D Mihawk

    Dracule D Mihawk7 日 前

    Chrollo with Knov and Knuckle abilities .now unleash your imagination...........

  63. KatePlays

    KatePlays7 日 前

    One word.. no

  64. Daniel Vasconcelos

    Daniel Vasconcelos7 日 前

    Benz knife? Kuroro could've just used the fun fun cloth on a "lowered-guard" meruem , and just literally stomp him

  65. Orodaiki

    Orodaiki4 日 前


  66. Daniel Vasconcelos

    Daniel Vasconcelos7 日 前

    Are you aware that nen is not all about strenght right? HXH shows us all the time that there are abilities that overcome strenght and speed and etc... right?

  67. Melis Derveni

    Melis Derveni7 日 前

    "Godspeed, which is faster than any other character" "Godspeed is surpassing the human limits" Meanwhile grandma following killua on a bike like a boss.

  68. //

    //4 日 前

    ​@Orodaiki Killua's movements in Godspeed: Whirlwind were never shown to be faster than Killua's movements in Godspeed: Speed Of Lightning, but even if we assume that they are faster: it is still unknown whether Youpi is able to keep up with Killua's Speed Of Lightning mode, because we have never been shown Killua using that against Youpi. Even assuming that Youpi is able to react Killua's movement in Godspeed: Speed of Lightning, as i've said in my previous comment, Youpi's speed was never shown to be much faster than the speed of a lot of the members of the invasion team - Knuckle was able to dodge and run away from Youpi a lot of times. Shoot was also able to dodge Youpi's attacks a lot, and was even able to land one attack on Youpi. All of this to say, that Youpi not being able to react to Killua's movements in his Godspeed: Whirlwind mode, doesn't mean that nobody else is able to do it.

  69. Orodaiki

    Orodaiki4 日 前

    // Killua is the faster after Meruem, eand Yupi can see Lightning of Speed Killua’s movement, but not Whirlind’s Killua’s mouvement It's not even his speed, even his time reaction is not enough against Killua

  70. //

    //7 日 前

    Also, Youpi not being able to react to Godspeed doesn't prove much, because: 1. Right before that happened Killua, while using invisibility with Meleoron, struck Youpi with his lightning, which might have affected Youpi's reaction speed later. 2. Youpi was never shown to be extremely fast: Knuckle was able to dodge countless of Youpi's attacks, and Shoot even kept up with Youpi in a fight 1 vs 1, by dodging Youpi's attacks and even landing one attack of his own on one of Youpi's eyes.

  71. Revolver -Hanoi Leader

    Revolver -Hanoi Leader7 日 前

    Chrollo beat the shit of pito

  72. hoofhearted4

    hoofhearted47 日 前

    i just finished HxH, and while i enjoyed it, i really didn't like the Chimera Arc. i hate how strong they made Meruem. the strongest character in the series barely scratched him. i mean, his death was well written and everything. and i liked the Arc due to the other characters. but i just thought it was dumb how strong they made him. ill have to read the manga now though. I did enjoy the anime and would like to continue the story.

  73. Piercer of the sky!

    Piercer of the sky!7 日 前

    Yeah I understand what you mean. I wish he was defeated or at least beaten up by strategy and teamwork.

  74. Rinne5 Edits

    Rinne5 Edits8 日 前

    I didnt watch the video, i just came to say fuck no

  75. benny perez

    benny perez8 日 前

    i don't need to watch this video to answer, meruem is shit, hes so weak my boy Tonpa can beat him

  76. janjan placer

    janjan placer8 日 前

    the answer is.meruem will murder all the phantom troop...thats it.

  77. Hxrri

    Hxrri8 日 前

    Just let Phinks wine his arm up 50000 times and let him throw a punch

  78. Drifter27

    Drifter272 日 前

    Plus add Shalnark's supersaiyan remote thing

  79. Chad

    Chad5 日 前

    @Peeferin 0-0 god tier strat right there

  80. Peeferin 0-0

    Peeferin 0-05 日 前

    While hidden in Meleoron's god's accomplice haha

  81. John Joshua Ignacio

    John Joshua Ignacio8 日 前

    Meruem would stomp those spiders

  82. oazby

    oazby8 日 前

    I can defeat mereum 𝘄𝗶𝘁𝗵 𝗺𝘆 𝗯𝘂𝗴 𝘀𝗽𝗿𝗮𝘆._.

  83. Raheem Ali Reza

    Raheem Ali Reza8 日 前

    Adult gon is something else but i want to see dom freecs

  84. Potato Jr

    Potato Jr9 日 前

    <a href="#" class="seekto" data-time="98">1:38</a> HISOKA'S LOOKING THICCCCC--

  85. Jordan Phillips

    Jordan Phillips9 日 前

    So we overlooking the guy who made a sun??? To kill the "queen" in meteor city???

  86. FIREFOX274

    FIREFOX2747 日 前

    Jordan Phillips they overlooking bruh...

  87. manuel ramirez

    manuel ramirez9 日 前

    nen is useless if you get your head knocked the fuck off

  88. Mister B

    Mister B9 日 前


  89. Me mES

    Me mES9 日 前

    they probably can ,they are famous for scheems and being sneaky , if netero can use a bomb to take him down they easily can without even sacrificing their lifes

  90. Richard Jackson

    Richard Jackson9 日 前

    If it would be the entire Troop vs him.... I think they would put up a good fight but they all would have to attack one after the other double teaming and triple teaming him and it's still wouldn't come out with the victory of the Phantom Troupe.

  91. Yuqi's Czar

    Yuqi's Czar9 日 前

    Can the Phantom Troupe even stand up to Netero? Answer: NO. His death was not in vain. Meruem was just the strongest there is, and the only one who can defeath Netero, who didn't really damage Meruem in their battle. Not until Rose. To Meruem, NEVER. Chrollo might put a little challenge especially if he's very prepared, but Meruem won't even give him the chance to open his book. Even if the troupe provided so much support. Feitan, Phinks, Nobunga are the best fighters after Chrollo, and even with Hisoka, they'd perish. Lol, all members of the Troupe can be ended by the Zoldycks. Zero was weaker than Netero.

  92. Berke Turan

    Berke Turan9 日 前

    Maybe Ging could take down Meruem

  93. Crispy

    Crispy9 日 前

    yes bc when gon powered up to adult gon pitou said his power was equal to the meruem , if the whole phantom troupe is as strong as adult gon they could beat meruem

  94. Piercer of the sky!

    Piercer of the sky!9 日 前

    @Crispy no because the troop don't have the amount of limitless potential as gon

  95. Crispy

    Crispy9 日 前

    Ilham Bintang what

  96. Ilham Bintang

    Ilham Bintang9 日 前

    are you kidding me lol.

  97. Karl Zanga

    Karl Zanga9 日 前

    Impossible. Even Hisoka and Kurapika beat them all.

  98. Gabriel Pita

    Gabriel Pita10 日 前

    A fair fight would be Komugi vs the Phantom Troupe 😂

  99. R _

    R _10 日 前

    <a href="#" class="seekto" data-time="473">7:53</a> “bloster”??? You mean burovuda?

  100. james mcdude

    james mcdude10 日 前

    Bro I love ur vids but this is like asking "could a platoon of space marines take down a chaos God?"

  101. james mcdude

    james mcdude10 日 前

    I would argue that adult gon could beat meruem because and stop me if I sound crazy post mortem pitou is almost as strong as the king. Now as for the intelligence gap I would say that while gon is not typically smart he is very smart when it comes to fighting. Not on the same level as meruem but he's pretty smart. Somthing I would like to see would be adult gon and God speed killua teaming up to give meruem the fattest L he ever did see.