Coronavirus III: Last Week Tonight with John Oliver (HBO)


  1. IɴSɪmpʟeTermsJordaɴ

    IɴSɪmpʟeTermsJordaɴ6 時間 前

    The camera is just slightly out of focus and that bothers me way too much.

  2. IɴSɪmpʟeTermsJordaɴ

    IɴSɪmpʟeTermsJordaɴ8 時間 前

    Please get a live voice conferencing audience to replace the live studio audience. It's just not the same.

  3. Cody Greenland

    Cody Greenland9 時間 前


  4. Shreyas N

    Shreyas N日 前

    This man needs some award for this. Goddamn perfect show.

  5. NW Emerson

    NW Emerson日 前

    Is it bad that I’m laughing hard at this picture at <a href="#" class="seekto" data-time="651">10:51</a>?

  6. Sheza Firoz

    Sheza Firoz3 日 前

    Having an auction for people's right to have protective equipment in the middle of a pandemic is the most American thing I've ever heard.

  7. Sheza Firoz

    Sheza Firoz3 日 前

    John Oliver and the Hamster cheering each other up is strangely heartwarming.

  8. Pacoste

    Pacoste4 日 前

    I like a lot of You gentleman (comedians / opinion-givers), BUT do You have to use the F. word like in every phrase? I can not play this to my family or people I know... and I understand the anger/frustration of seeing a nation and a globe going down, because of some people, it makes me outrage, as well, BUT do We have to use the F. word ALSO in here?

  9. Andrew Pei

    Andrew Pei4 日 前

    Want to learn aftermath of the coronavirus? Check out our AfterMath series!

  10. Luke Schaeffer

    Luke Schaeffer4 日 前

    Trump is comparing coronavirus to being at war..."except the enemy is violent." Wooo, gotya Trump! FFWD in time, Leftist media all refers to coronavirus as being like a war, but the enemy is invisible. Lol, it's like watching a really old recording of a psychic, when you know all the predictions s/he made are wrong. I miss the old stuff, like the Fifa bit. Seems like his writers only go for the lowest possible fruit, now.

  11. FO Biggles

    FO Biggles5 日 前

    Your war time president is a chicken ****. But I guess you know this already.

  12. you know the funny thing is

    you know the funny thing is5 日 前

    Maybe senior citizens shouldn't be running the country

  13. santiago momo

    santiago momo6 日 前

    Im just gonna say that the argentinian president said the same thing about the war against the invisible enemy, but im too lazy to check cause from consequence.

  14. Mark Valentine

    Mark Valentine7 日 前

    Hammy for President!!

  15. Alex Rough

    Alex Rough7 日 前

    You can’t imagine what idiocy is happening in Russia with the coronavirus. A digital concentration camp is being built under the curtain of isolation.

  16. drsingingeagle

    drsingingeagle8 日 前

    At <a href="#" class="seekto" data-time="164">2:44</a>, I swear he looks just like Harry Potter! I wonder if anybody else has noticed (and photoshopped) that.

  17. drsingingeagle

    drsingingeagle8 日 前

    UPDATE: Oh my god! I just googled “John Oliver Harry Potter” and the net did not disappoint!

  18. tang roro

    tang roro8 日 前

    I haven't watch the video, but I'm worried he's gonna minimize China's responsibility while blaming Trump for everything

  19. J Rohit

    J Rohit8 日 前

    Shitting on your cake and Choking on it too!

  20. Music and Affection

    Music and Affection8 日 前

    So why are people tryna come to america again?

  21. Andrew Flowers

    Andrew Flowers9 日 前

    Yay! No canned laughter!

  22. P S

    P S9 日 前

    My husband cheated on me with his coworker Maureen. He texted non stop while on our family vacation.

  23. Fire Ruby

    Fire Ruby10 日 前

    I live in Canada and I would vote for that fucking hamster!

  24. Nick Gamin

    Nick Gamin11 日 前

    I'm binge watching theses videos once I realized he reached 7 videos and wow seeing the evolution of everything in rapid succession is terrifying

  25. Kana Beats

    Kana Beats12 日 前

    I'm not only scared to get the virus cuz it sounds horrible, I'm scared of my medical bill if I have to go to the hospital

  26. Art Ellis

    Art Ellis12 日 前

    Why have no episodes of LWT since this one been cleared for viewing in Canada?

  27. king pin

    king pin13 日 前

    This is the Spanish flu all over again

  28. Kamden Vera

    Kamden Vera13 日 前

    wait... Americans are usually in debt because of college and housing loans

  29. Sebastian Krumscheid

    Sebastian Krumscheid14 日 前

    Now I know why Trump is calling Covid19 the invisible enemy we are in war with. He‘s actually looking this show!!!

  30. North Shore Adrenaline

    North Shore Adrenaline14 日 前

    "We've been forced to confront some of the strangest, darkest implications of our national mindset, in which market worship threatens to become a fucking death cult" - John Oliver

  31. OpLapDancePikachu69

    OpLapDancePikachu6915 日 前

    America: the country where comedians are journalists and journalists are comedians

  32. Timothy Montgomery

    Timothy Montgomery15 日 前

    Glenn Beck was the same guy that said the game Watchdogs taught people hacking. Just for the record

  33. Jason R Duke

    Jason R Duke15 日 前

    Your nation is already dead. Just lie back and let the 50 year stupidity test take its course. The BEST thing about this pandemic is the cleansing of the social morons in America. If youre too blatantly ignorant to understand grade school science as an adult, you absolutely DESERVE to die of this virus. #Cleanthegenepool

  34. Argos Fe

    Argos Fe16 日 前

    Will you make a video about Mitch McConnell?

  35. kejow

    kejow16 日 前

    <a href="#" class="seekto" data-time="914">15:14</a> "This was always going to be hard, but it actually didn't need to be THIS hard and that's why it's so profoundly disheartening that we are being led through this crisis by a man who may be less equipped to deal with this historical moment than anybody in recorded history" The exact same can be said about Brazil :( our genocide president said "70% will get infected, and there's nothing to be done about it" ... In a percentage of 1% death rate, it means at least 1 million Brazilians will die.

  36. Amy A

    Amy A16 日 前

    We love Andy brashear!! unless you are a brainwashed faux news watcher. Kentucky republikkkans suck!!

  37. Amy A

    Amy A16 日 前

    He still says it is a month later. Over 80,000 dead and counting the worst unemployment since the depression. Yet its all under control and they want to open schools and get the stock market back up so they can make money in insider trading.

  38. Kelly Stephenson

    Kelly Stephenson17 日 前

    Bet you money, Glen Beck isn't risking his life for anyone. He wants and is calling for others to.

  39. Art Vandelay

    Art Vandelay18 日 前

    Why is trump so obsessed with the fucking polls???

  40. The Truth

    The Truth18 日 前

    I love this show, and I just subscribed. You're doing a great job. Thank you.

  41. whong69

    whong6918 日 前

    COVID-19 Pandemic - USA as of May 12, 2020 Confirmed: over 1.3 Million Deaths: over 80,000 And the states are re-opening the economy as per Trump's demands so more people will die for his re-election...

  42. fr1nkly

    fr1nkly18 日 前

    I really like Last Week Tonight, but putting Glenn B*** on any media for any reason is a bad thing, please stop.

  43. Daniel Carter

    Daniel Carter19 日 前

    "shitting on your cake and choking on it too" , that is a line an a half mate, love it

  44. annqualise

    annqualise19 日 前

    i'm australian but i got a vpn so i could watch this - such an important story so i think it's a bit odd to say the least that this (and all of the other stories after this one) is restricted in australia (and i'm sure other countries as well). yes i know this mostly focuses on america but still

  45. Nessa Drennen

    Nessa Drennen19 日 前

    if that dude doesnt want his children and grandchildren to be slaves to debt he better be hoping that trump has a student loan forgiveness plan

  46. Sea Star

    Sea Star19 日 前

    ...."and somehow , he's got !$^&x!!%& stage envy. " So tragic, so funny, so true.

  47. Neomi Babineau

    Neomi Babineau19 日 前

    I love last week tonight and he’s making incredible points but I think they should use a laughing sound effect, is it just me?

  48. Brendan Callahan

    Brendan Callahan19 日 前

    Holy f#ck. Trump is such a scumbag...

  49. Ortum Lynx

    Ortum Lynx19 日 前

    Arrogance and ignorance will be the downfall of America.

  50. Sean O'reilly

    Sean O'reilly20 日 前

    I dont think sacrificing people for the economy is such a horrible idea.

  51. Curtis Hatten

    Curtis Hatten20 日 前

    relay food out of stores save lives

  52. Jason Tindell

    Jason Tindell20 日 前

    Jesus loves you all very much!!!

  53. The Unicorn of Power

    The Unicorn of Power20 日 前

    Dislike due to an unnecessary white background.

  54. Jessica Harding

    Jessica Harding20 日 前

    Glenn Beck says we will suffer from illness if we dont open up the country....WTF do you think we are suffering from right now you dumb fuck!!! And we were choking on debt well before this.

  55. james butler

    james butler20 日 前

    5 weeks later 5/10/2020 ...80k dead, infections are going up in 85% of the country, and nothing has changed when it comes to Trump. He could care less about the people. Only cares about his reelection, and his precious economy.

  56. Maric

    Maric20 日 前

    the essential workers dont deserve a parade, they deserve basic rights I mean come on, servers having to survive on tips? cashiers not being allowed to sit? are you a third world country?

  57. leslie landberg

    leslie landberg21 日 前

    Once again John Oliver is just repeating the old tired memes of the corrupt media. There's nothing to see here folks, the COVID-19 pandemic was a HOAX. Anthony Fauci admitted weeks ago that it is no more deadly than "a bad seasonal flu: %.01 fatality rate. It's all spin and theatre and you (and John) fell for it. If you want to not get sick, try socializing, reducing stress, running in fresh air (no mask required) exposing yourself to germs (so your immune system can function and get stronger) and getting the virus, so we can acheive herd immunity. AND SHUT OFF THE DAMN IDIOT BOX. YOU WERE ALL PLAYED.

  58. captainautobots

    captainautobots12 日 前

    Wow. You are either incredibly stupid or literally evil. Either way, you're voting for Trump! MAGA 2020! Buld that wall! Lock her up! Send them back! Pretend Trump didn't totally fuck up this pandemic response!

  59. readmeastory

    readmeastory21 日 前

    Yo they should screen for narcissistic and antisocial personality disorder(s) for any presidential candidate for the safety of humanity

  60. captainautobots

    captainautobots12 日 前

    Are you kidding? They couldn't even get this douchebag to share his tax return, which is connected to the only thing Republitards care about: money.

  61. cooper vint

    cooper vint21 日 前

    coronavirus VI is not available in canada can that be changed

  62. Sonny Finch

    Sonny Finch21 日 前

    Working from home works for you John. Lockdown isn't easy for normal people who can't afford emergencies.

  63. Michael Irvine

    Michael Irvine21 日 前

    Trump and The Republicans have now killed 26 times more Americans than were killed on 9/11 with their indifference to human suffering and sociopathic obsession with power. 9/11/2001 - 2,977 vs 5/08/2020 - 77,058 #DonaldTrump #Potus45 #realDonaldTrump

  64. Laronichill Titan

    Laronichill Titan21 日 前

    not funny

  65. William

    William21 日 前

    Please stop location blocking your content dude :(

  66. What Why

    What Why21 日 前

    please, do an episode on the post office and its new PMG.

  67. Miranda Dalgetty

    Miranda Dalgetty22 日 前

    Those people who said they would die for the economy, like how about y’all do something about climate change? Because that’s far more important than the economy.

  68. Morrigan Arianrhod

    Morrigan Arianrhod22 日 前

    Trump is too busy patting himself on the back for being "a war time president" to worry about anything...he's running around the white house right now screaming "I accomplished something Obama didn't"

  69. tryingmy best

    tryingmy best22 日 前

    I salute John Oliver for being one of the best late night show hosts to transition from Coronavirus.

  70. Eric Hanson

    Eric Hanson22 日 前

    "And by the way, I'd love to say that I would vote for that hamster for the president, but, given that their average life expectancy is just three years, I'm really gonna have to wait to find out who his vp pick is." Oh, wow... I believe that's more direct criticism of Joe Biden than MSNBC, CNN, and many other national news organizations will ever be willing to say about Mr. Biden. And yes, I know that what John Oliver said here is actually not unambiguously aimed at Biden at all and comes in the form of a joke, but it's still something other than the unending praise and complete lack of scrutiny toward Joe that many major media outlets seem committed to exclusively broadcast. I think Trump has been a terrible, terrible president, but that doesn't mean I need to ignore the flaws of everyone who says they are on 'my team' (in this case, somewhere to the left of the U.S. Republican party).

  71. Viv W

    Viv W22 日 前

    Just hurry up and give Beck that lethal injection so we can restart the economy already. :)

  72. ewan andrew

    ewan andrew23 日 前

    Wow you can see how hard he is trying to hold it together while filming this. Felt like he was on the brink of losing it over the stupidity of some of the stuff he was having to talk about

  73. Emus are great

    Emus are great23 日 前

    PARENTS HELP THEIR CHILDREN'S FUTURES BY BEING ALIVE!!!!!!! We've been through wars, recession, the great depression and an idiotic president and our economy is doing well enough after all that. We dont need to sacrifice people for "the greater good"

  74. J Summerby

    J Summerby23 日 前

    This gets so much funnier when drunk. I mean it was still funny when sober, but still. I bet if I drink more it will get funnier, or not, I mean what do I have to lose except my whiskey.

  75. Phoenix

    Phoenix23 日 前

    John Oliver, you are a fucking socialist & a libtard. If you are so fucking smart, why won’t you run for office. Instead of being a talking head for a fucking show. 🙄

  76. Olliekay

    Olliekay23 日 前

    oh god please tell me this is satire

  77. Mansour Killuminati 101

    Mansour Killuminati 10123 日 前

    Fake coronavirus lol

  78. AtR

    AtR23 日 前

    What about the deep seated corruption at the world health organization. John all you do it politicize.

  79. LaserGadgets

    LaserGadgets23 日 前

    You need to pay thousands for your education (to make sure you are not one of those americans, who want 1/4 pounders back, because it sounds like MORE MEAT than 1/3 pounders), 500 for entering a hospital....and now you have a donut for a president. Poor guys : c The house on fire analogy was priceless btw xD NOW you need water? NOW? No :

  80. Evette Scheepers

    Evette Scheepers23 日 前

    This was last video available in New Zealand, whyyyyyy, whyyyyyyyy? !!!!!! 😭😭😭😭😭😭😭😭

  81. jimmyfagan muzik

    jimmyfagan muzik23 日 前

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  82. doppler apples

    doppler apples24 日 前

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  83. Tim Herold

    Tim Herold24 日 前

    Andrew Cuomo absolutely has not done a good job with this lol

  84. J King

    J King24 日 前

    Yes we supposed to sacrifice ourselves so the Billionaires can keep their capitalistic American Dollars. You can be certain their not out there sacrificing, their locked in a room somewhere with their balance sheets looking at their profits and how they can capitalize on the situation we are in do to the Corona Virus. We don't see Mr.Beck, along with FOX,5 out there sacrificing do we.