Cornbread | Basics with Babish


  1. Lee Wyse

    Lee Wyse13 時間 前

    As a southerner, I think you can get away with not using lard.

  2. vegasrenie

    vegasrenie22 時間 前

    BACON GREASE! Lard is so bougie.

  3. Luke Beks

    Luke Beks2 日 前

    Babish saying "Honeybutter" into my headphones feels like a warm blanket

  4. Rae Draconis

    Rae Draconis2 日 前

    My daddy was a Southerner through and through, and the man (God rest his soul) could NOT abide by sweet cornbread. He would always say "If I'd wanted cake, I'd-a ordered cake." :P That being said...I'd bet he would have liked the jalapeno cheese one. :) Thanks for reminding me of good memories.

  5. xSoporific

    xSoporific3 日 前


  6. Hammemo

    Hammemo3 日 前

    You Americans eat some weird shit.

  7. Oscar Jeremia

    Oscar Jeremia3 日 前

    Watches binging with babish Sees blue apron Me: FINALLY

  8. Bluebelle51

    Bluebelle516 日 前

    Oh THANK GAWD!!!! someone who doesn't think that corn cakes are corn bread and uses a real iron skillet I was afraid I would have to unsub

  9. Kris Ski

    Kris Ski6 日 前

    These all look so delicious, but you haven’t lived until you’ve had fried cornbread. Spoon cornbread batter into hot oil (in a cast iron skillet), then flip when golden brown.

  10. Bluebelle51

    Bluebelle516 日 前

    we usually add onions and call it hush puppies

  11. Ted Gunter

    Ted Gunter6 日 前

    Whats the song you have playing in the background

  12. Dolphinboi

    Dolphinboi7 日 前

    Every cornbread I've ever had was a salty craggly sandy mess

  13. Anti Social Moth

    Anti Social Moth9 日 前

    Oh, bless his heart. Honey, find a recipe that uses actual corn.

  14. Logan Cox

    Logan Cox9 日 前

    Honey butter was Andrew's nickname in high school.

  15. Skull Knight00

    Skull Knight0011 日 前

    H O N E Y B U T T E R

  16. mark king

    mark king12 日 前

    This plus your chili, makes a great meal.

  17. CQ Chase

    CQ Chase12 日 前

    C o r n

  18. V 33

    V 3313 日 前

    Cornbread w/o sugar is gross...😖

  19. DwightG

    DwightG13 日 前

    Cornbread and milk is one of the best things man.

  20. Emmanuel Martín

    Emmanuel Martín14 日 前

    Shut the front door

  21. Mario G.

    Mario G.16 日 前

    Could I just wait until butter is cooled instead of adding an ice cube? Or maybe using just 75% or brown butter and adding in 25% of cool butter to drop the temp a bit before mixing it with the batter?

  22. LucasWerewolf

    LucasWerewolf16 日 前

    why not use grams.. :(

  23. Nikki With The Blog

    Nikki With The Blog17 日 前

    7:50 my type of corn bread

  24. bamashutterbug

    bamashutterbug17 日 前

    As someone who was born and raised in the deep south... I can assure you ... this is not how it's done. Nice try though! On a side note, you ALWAYS turn the cornbread upside down when you take it out of the cast iron skillet to cool and the oil does not go IN the cornbread... it only goes in the skillet and it is never, ever sweet. Bless your heart ;-)

  25. Samantha Jacobs

    Samantha Jacobs17 日 前

    I'm from the south, and your first recipe really captured classic cornbread. My uncle really likes sweet cornbread, so i do eat it now and again, but i much prefer the regular cornbread over the sweet. Regular cornbread just goes with most things i think, whereas sweet cornbread is really good for a few meals.

  26. samiya

    samiya17 日 前

    i don't even come here to learn how to make food only cuz he is so funny

  27. Lauren Jost

    Lauren Jost17 日 前

    cornbread SHOULD NOT BE SWEET

  28. V 33

    V 3313 日 前

    Lauren Jost lies! 😂

  29. Hermit Crabbe

    Hermit Crabbe17 日 前

    Say "the thiccness I desire" again

  30. Paul R. Screvane

    Paul R. Screvane18 日 前

    8:40 anyone know what this song is

  31. Yoda

    Yoda18 日 前

    I always crumble my cornbread into my chilli so grain size matters next to nothing

  32. thejmeister

    thejmeister18 日 前

    How does something I've never eaten make my mouth water?

  33. Passive Agressive

    Passive Agressive18 日 前

    The thing is when you skillet bake, the bottom overcooks and becomes too hard

  34. Commander Shepard

    Commander Shepard18 日 前

    "The thiccness I desire" Ah yes another man of culture

  35. will prather

    will prather20 日 前

    Born and raised southerner who prefers sweet corn bread here. Don’t tell my family.

  36. Kilo Mintoni

    Kilo Mintoni13 日 前

    As a dessert, perhaps. A good buttermilk cornbread in my cast iron skillet. Whoo-wee. Sweet gets nasty with a meal. Rice and stewed tomatoes with _sweet_ cornbread? Nah.

  37. Zachary Dinubilo

    Zachary Dinubilo23 日 前

    Who else was expecting him to say he was sponsored by raid shadow legends

  38. Scorn of the moon

    Scorn of the moon23 日 前


  39. Kilik Shihoin

    Kilik Shihoin23 日 前

    It sounds good but but you Sinner

  40. Rebecca Galvin

    Rebecca Galvin23 日 前

    I just made the last cornbread recipe of the video and the honey butter for breakfast and it’s fantastic! Though I added about a teaspoon of vanilla extract to the honey butter mix because I love vanilla. 10/10 will make again.

  41. Gal Peleg

    Gal Peleg26 日 前

    I actually tried making the last version what you called the "apex". Honestly, I thought it had too much butter in it. I would prefer it about 30% less rich... If feels like a butter cake more than bread.

  42. Pocah Doll

    Pocah Doll26 日 前

    Please try "coffee" from Monster's inc pleasee

  43. Tevin Crite

    Tevin Crite26 日 前

    You gone one eat your corn bread

  44. Corn Bread

    Corn Bread27 日 前

    I can appreciate this video

  45. MissViolence

    MissViolence27 日 前

    I just really want some jalepeno and honey cornbread now..... it looks so good. >_>

  46. Lou Lenehan

    Lou Lenehan27 日 前

    If you wanna get really northern you should try making it with maple syrup.

  47. Peasant

    Peasant28 日 前

    *ASMR with Andrew*

  48. Julia Andrews

    Julia Andrews28 日 前

    i would like you to be my uncle pleazse thank you

  49. Jon V

    Jon V28 日 前

    No "Hot Water" cornbread?

  50. CyberOstrich _

    CyberOstrich _28 日 前

    Hey babish, I have a question. WHY DID THE BUTTER EXPLODE?

  51. DanRage47

    DanRage4728 日 前

    Honey butter... .honey butter.... honey beer... butter beer. DAMMIT.

  52. 593swheeler

    593swheeler28 日 前

    Why you gotta do me like that with the honey butter? Damnit, now I’m hungry

  53. MarkD1159

    MarkD115928 日 前

    Yankee cornbread makes me sad.

  54. Litleo Thetruth

    Litleo Thetruth28 日 前

    This man said the ratchet😂😂

  55. Jake Kirby

    Jake Kirby29 日 前

    I was raised on cornbread, and I approve! However, you should always flip your cornbread, I dont know why but its what i was taught

  56. Bushido Brown

    Bushido Brown29 日 前

    Wow blue apron! I cook for both fun and a paycheck, and have never through about sheet pan upside down cakes...let alone upside down cakes with corn batter what

  57. Bushido Brown

    Bushido Brown29 日 前

    h o n e y b u t t e r

  58. The Bee Man

    The Bee Man29 日 前

    If you want raw, unfiltered honey to kick that honey butter up to the next level, let me know

  59. Azure Fang

    Azure Fangヶ月 前

    I'm a "yankee", but the moment I saw flour go into that cornmeal I couldn't continue watching. I dunno what you were making in the second half, but that's NOT cornbread.

  60. Lanie Brumfield

    Lanie Brumfieldヶ月 前

    Even if it is northern cornbread I’m very proud you made it into jalapeño cornbread. Literally as I was saying I wish the southern was jalapeno, you said the other one would be jalapeno 😂❤️ love your videos...

  61. Swordsman Moonlight

    Swordsman Moonlightヶ月 前

    “This video is sponsored by Blue Apron” reminds me of how Death Battle would always do that before a fight.

  62. Rachel Barton

    Rachel Bartonヶ月 前

    As a southern, I think you did great 😘 I of course could do better 😂🤣😎 but I got secret tips and tricks (one specifically I found out by accident) but that's the perk of experience and tradition passed on to me. Thanks for doing cornbread justice 😄😚

  63. Owen Perdew

    Owen Perdewヶ月 前

    Bacon brown butter cornbread?