Corey - Run Away (Official Music Video)


  1. Carmen and Corey

    Carmen and Corey5 ヶ月 前

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  2. Kirrona Loftis

    Kirrona Loftis4 日 前

    We culd neva forget to reply bc yall are the best

  3. Kirrona Loftis

    Kirrona Loftis4 日 前

    Carmen and Corey we culd neva to forget to subscribe bc y’all are the best

  4. Verley Scarlett

    Verley Scarlett4 日 前

    I love you Carmen a core add just said that to you did I

  5. Verley Scarlett

    Verley Scarlett4 日 前

    You are the best coming Cory please I wish I could see you one day please can you love me my new way to cry and what they call me teacher will you can you call me I love you guys common according you are the best 1 out of the whole entire world I come out your videos everyday I want to have iPhone I love you stay to 2 hours they to to you I love you very very very very well you Carmen love you baby CJ left you aided whether that corrige I like a Christmas tree we have a pretty cat I love your videos your video your current

  6. Marco Washington

    Marco Washington17 日 前

    I love your music

  7. Donavan Walters Tubbs

    Donavan Walters Tubbs6 時間 前

    Felt this song

  8. Camelia Hutchinson

    Camelia Hutchinson8 時間 前

    Own this is so cute

  9. Chenya Smith STUDENT

    Chenya Smith STUDENT日 前

    why he eating a cup cake in this video

  10. Queen World

    Queen World2 日 前

    Corey really eat a cupcake in the freakin video

  11. Zoe Stephens

    Zoe Stephens2 日 前

    I love ya'll song

  12. Jessica Holland

    Jessica Holland3 日 前

    Your singing is the bomb and carmen should sing love yall

  13. Shandra Hill

    Shandra Hill3 日 前

    My fav song ❤️

  14. Briley Harris

    Briley Harris3 日 前

    Is Carmen and Corey ya’ll favorite youbers

  15. Demarcus Sinkfield

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  16. Genesis Gomez

    Genesis Gomez5 日 前

    This my fav music video

  17. Latasha Prescott

    Latasha Prescott6 日 前

    I am so in love with it l can not stop listening to it

  18. Monii and Miya

    Monii and Miya6 日 前

    Love it❤️

  19. Romario Castillo

    Romario Castillo6 日 前

    I love this damn song 😍😍

  20. Seipati Nkatlo

    Seipati Nkatlo6 日 前

    Whose here from their Channel😁👌🙋‍♀️🙋‍♀️🙋‍♀️🏃‍♀️

  21. Jalysia Vanburen

    Jalysia Vanburen6 日 前

    I love y’all so much and I love you ❤️

  22. Kyrese King

    Kyrese King7 日 前

    Love this song

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  24. M6lti Tutorials

    M6lti Tutorials8 日 前

    i love you guys channel

  25. joseph tesfaye

    joseph tesfaye8 日 前

    corey and carmen nice combination CC

  26. Lyniah Johnson

    Lyniah Johnson9 日 前

    Period Pooh 🖕

  27. Monique Jamison

    Monique Jamison9 日 前

    I love this song

  28. salima edits Galloway

    salima edits Galloway9 日 前

    I love your song

  29. Lady gurl Rodriguez

    Lady gurl Rodriguez9 日 前

    Awwww I love u Darrian and yeah he fucked up my heart and no he didnt show me love and I would love to run away with u

  30. Mynaya Hutcherson

    Mynaya Hutcherson10 日 前

    i love yall channel yall the best i rock yall song at church and everything period.



    Song of the year!!

  32. The Azsa Show

    The Azsa Show10 日 前

    Corey is literally always eating

  33. Riiah x Tee

    Riiah x Tee11 日 前

    Y'all so cutte

  34. Ronnie Vasser

    Ronnie Vasser11 日 前

    Yo Corey was going on with that song is dope bro keep up the good work t

  35. parallel rj

    parallel rj11 日 前

    This fire

  36. Miracle Williams

    Miracle Williams12 日 前

    i just subscribe to day

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    Mariam D13 日 前

    Song on repeat 💯❤❤❤

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  41. Terri Fleming

    Terri Fleming14 日 前

    Tired of this shit

  42. Terri Fleming

    Terri Fleming14 日 前

    Hey can y’all make a noater video

  43. Markeisha Young

    Markeisha Young14 日 前

    Corey is so.cute

  44. Yayatoo Cute

    Yayatoo Cute15 日 前

    My fav song

  45. jordon smith

    jordon smith15 日 前

    i love this song becuse i be watching your vids and all of that