Cordae - The Parables [Official Music Video]


  1. Cordae

    Cordaeヶ月 前

    Let me tell you...✍🏽

  2. D Thomas

    D Thomas2 日 前

    You are the best

  3. xgamez

    xgamez8 日 前


  4. Chermorrow Jacobs

    Chermorrow Jacobs14 日 前

    Best rap Alive

  5. goundoba tamanate

    goundoba tamanate15 日 前

    lets goo

  6. Kayci Elizabeth

    Kayci Elizabeth18 日 前

  7. Allie Rose

    Allie Rose24 分 前

    yeeeee 👌💯🖤

  8. Apolo romero

    Apolo romero11 時間 前

    look like nahmir took the title back

  9. J B

    J B日 前

    This man, gotdamn it🥵🥵🔥🔥

  10. tomthekidd 427

    tomthekidd 427日 前

    plaxico I might shoot myself - wordae

  11. Salvador Martinez

    Salvador Martinez日 前

    Nawl Julian Valdez Does.

  12. 93 Til Infinity Steez47

    93 Til Infinity Steez472 日 前

    He actually rappin no ab-libbin with that New school style. Is this what boom trap suppose to sound like?

  13. Blasian

    Blasian2 日 前

  14. H.B. Waters

    H.B. Waters2 日 前

    Boy got that NAS flow!!!

  15. Jacooz.999

    Jacooz.9992 日 前

    This song slaps

  16. D Thomas

    D Thomas2 日 前

    Let me tell you🙏🏾😭😩🔥

  17. Troy Basco

    Troy Basco2 日 前

    Bruh everyone saying cole and it’s dr dre all the way

  18. Eric Ete

    Eric Ete3 日 前

    FaZe Pamajj brought me here

  19. Full Cry Kennels

    Full Cry Kennels3 日 前


  20. chris melton

    chris melton3 日 前

    This is better than playboi carti whole catalog

  21. Hip Hop Fanatic

    Hip Hop Fanatic3 日 前

    Young Goat @ it Again!! 🔥💯🤟🏾🐐

  22. Avgeek07 Aviation

    Avgeek07 Aviation3 日 前

    Cordae on a different level

  23. Bryanna Benavidez

    Bryanna Benavidez3 日 前

    This shit firrreeeeee asf 🔥🔥🔥 he should realese more often 🥵🥵🥵

  24. The End

    The End4 日 前

    Ебать это же годнота полная

  25. Mr Crabe 1053

    Mr Crabe 10534 日 前

    Underreated song so far

  26. George Becker

    George Becker4 日 前

    How the fuck did I not hear this til now.... uuuuuhhhh

  27. Lutho_hypeman

    Lutho_hypeman4 日 前

    I always thought he sings trap just by looking at him but damn son 👌🏾 I'm a new fan now

  28. Cristian

    Cristian4 日 前

    The last of the young talents

  29. Cristian

    Cristian4 日 前

    the last of the lyrical miracles

  30. Seymoine Durham

    Seymoine Durham5 日 前

    SNAPPIN! Who is this dude ???

  31. Joel Afuola

    Joel Afuola5 日 前


  32. Bouzo Lastname

    Bouzo Lastname5 日 前

    With a little more work and consistency I can see him hitting the J.Cole status in a few years.

  33. R4NDOM D2DES

    R4NDOM D2DES5 日 前

    So we can’t get Cole on this?

  34. NoMercy Beats

    NoMercy Beats6 日 前


  35. imsoong rai

    imsoong rai6 日 前

    I needed this

  36. RJ Santos

    RJ Santos6 日 前

    My son be reading BOOKS

  37. Lil Mae

    Lil Mae6 日 前

    This my favorite song rn🎶‼️🔥

  38. Rurisa Luc

    Rurisa Luc6 日 前

    then there's YBN Nahmir: "never thought that I would blow up and get them raAaAcks"


    IM YOUR DADDY2 日 前

    When ur song gets popular because of diary of a wimpy kid memes

  40. Alexandra Cordova

    Alexandra Cordova6 日 前

    He sound like j cole

  41. Morena Modise

    Morena Modise6 日 前

    Brilliant track 🔥💯but ayo somebody enlighten young homie that pythons ain't venomous they constrictors😅

  42. karma sang.

    karma sang.6 日 前

    One of the lyrical rapper's of modern hip - hop

  43. Andy Lorenzo

    Andy Lorenzo6 日 前

    Carring ybn

  44. ひJ44y

    ひJ44y6 日 前

    man he aint original at all, never woulda blown up with out nahmir

  45. gmizzac

    gmizzac6 日 前

    Clearly the best of the old YBN crew. Lyrics and beats on point. Salute young one!

  46. Pineapple

    Pineapple6 日 前

    At the beginning sounds like this man is talking right in my ear and just switching sides

  47. Hazbije

    Hazbije7 日 前

    Where is the lyric guy?? 😫

  48. Richard Herrera

    Richard Herrera7 日 前

    YBN Cordae got bars 🔥🔥🔥🔥

  49. Nathan Harkin

    Nathan Harkin7 日 前

    Cordae is the new king coming up eminem and dr dre co signing this man is sick and I am from Ireland 🇮🇪 fuck at old doggg

  50. Michael Gaines

    Michael Gaines7 日 前


  51. B&B Ltd.

    B&B Ltd.8 日 前

    Sharpie like trump lmfao

  52. Affect

    Affect8 日 前

    Damn, did he ever tell us?

  53. Random Person94

    Random Person948 日 前

    This my shit lemme tell ya

  54. Yamanshot

    Yamanshot8 日 前

    How did this not go viral 😕

  55. MrKaje72

    MrKaje728 日 前

    You can tell Nas influences his flow

  56. Tyler Fletcher

    Tyler Fletcher9 日 前

    Cordae being solo is the best

  57. Blac SLIMP

    Blac SLIMP9 日 前


  58. triton

    triton9 日 前

    he mispelt parables at 0:44 lmfao

  59. SPeedLimit5% I-

    SPeedLimit5% I-9 日 前

    HEAT 🔥

  60. R.N.O ent.

    R.N.O ent.9 日 前

    Bruh younsound like a knock off Cole on god im don't here and i.listen to 15 seconds

  61. R.N.O ent.

    R.N.O ent.9 日 前

    Cordae a goofball clout chaser he used ybn to get on then shook them , he came. At Cole and Cole turned out to be right !where the fuck is pump now ! Its only a matter of time before people realize he's a goofy

  62. Jeevant Jain

    Jeevant Jain10 日 前


  63. choji man

    choji man10 日 前

    That beat tho!🙌

  64. King Nado

    King Nado10 日 前

    Put some respect on his NAME! This ma shit

  65. Greedy dee

    Greedy dee10 日 前

    He spazzin🔥

  66. Parker Phillips

    Parker Phillips10 日 前

    “don’t forget the ybn”

  67. zVelocity

    zVelocity9 日 前

    U do know he left YBN right?

  68. H4lmakai

    H4lmakai10 日 前

    What are those shoes in the beginning

  69. Han Kim

    Han Kim10 日 前

    Was Parables spelled wrong in 0:18 so it got blurred?

  70. Jeremy Whalen

    Jeremy Whalen11 日 前

    Yeah man, this song be reminding me there's worse shit in life than being stuck safely in a home

  71. Austen Anderson

    Austen Anderson11 日 前

    No this is sum Joyner vibes

  72. Kaz K

    Kaz K11 日 前

    This song bang 🔥🔥🔥🔥🔥

  73. bill nye

    bill nye11 日 前

    Do a track with Cole.

  74. Edilberto Luz

    Edilberto Luz11 日 前

    This’s 💣💣🔥🔥

  75. Chase Landis

    Chase Landis11 日 前

    The 1.4 k people who disliked this can smd

  76. Lil WRLD

    Lil WRLD11 日 前

    Little Classic ! Good 👍

  77. Gutzy Ambadar

    Gutzy Ambadar11 日 前

    just came from nahmir's wake up and wow

  78. Aykut Başdemirci

    Aykut Başdemirci12 日 前

    when he say "N*GGA FUCK YOUR TRUCE* this is mos def intonation

  79. Aykut Başdemirci

    Aykut Başdemirci12 日 前

    First verse intro feels MOS DEFFFFFish

  80. Veector Cheenedu

    Veector Cheenedu12 日 前

    🔥🔥🔥🔥 mad vibes

  81. OG Nizzo

    OG Nizzo12 日 前

    Cordae a real spitting...young bul is cold🔈🔉🔊

  82. Manuelon T.

    Manuelon T.12 日 前

    Cordae killing it ! 💯 I’ll like to see a ft with Joey bada$$ Straight Fuego 🔥

  83. Isaiah

    Isaiah12 日 前

    This dude has good handwriting 🤔🤔

  84. Claude Nyanta

    Claude Nyanta12 日 前

    deserves more attention. keep it up

  85. WetMelon

    WetMelon13 日 前

    Bru this song doesn't get old.... cordaes onto somethin no🧢

  86. Viktor

    Viktor13 日 前

    0:34 looks like juice

  87. TheNames HoboJoe

    TheNames HoboJoe13 日 前

    Please jump on this beat, i cant find an instrumental but, this is the original video > Big A Prada "SouthSet"

  88. Andre Trujillo

    Andre Trujillo14 日 前

    Tough track. Weak video.

  89. Sane Esane

    Sane Esane14 日 前


  90. Sane Esane

    Sane Esane14 日 前


  91. Sane Esane

    Sane Esane14 日 前


  92. Sane Esane

    Sane Esane14 日 前


  93. Sane Esane

    Sane Esane14 日 前


  94. Sane Esane

    Sane Esane14 日 前


  95. Sane Esane

    Sane Esane14 日 前


  96. Sane Esane

    Sane Esane14 日 前


  97. Eduardo Ctin

    Eduardo Ctin14 日 前


  98. kingrclrg

    kingrclrg14 日 前


  99. Diego Nin

    Diego Nin14 日 前

    Bro why Cordae so underrated

  100. Jeremiah Burkett

    Jeremiah Burkett14 日 前

    Cordae and Harlow for 2021 XXL Fresh

  101. Cameron

    Cameron14 日 前

    he sound like Joyner lucus

  102. Israel Douglas

    Israel Douglas14 日 前


  103. Nylez Fuller

    Nylez Fuller14 日 前

    J cole, kendrick and ybn need to colab

  104. Chermorrow Jacobs

    Chermorrow Jacobs14 日 前


  105. Axetec

    Axetec14 日 前

    bruh your like 12 stop drinking

  106. Terrence O

    Terrence O15 日 前

    Cole Vibes😤🥶

  107. Shaqmusik

    Shaqmusik15 日 前

    check me out! You're Welcome.

  108. Aman Patel

    Aman Patel15 日 前

    Vibe 🔥