Contraband Police - Part 2 - WE FOUND DRUGS


  1. Tyler Pritchard

    Tyler Pritchard2 日 前

    Hey Trev have you ever thought about hopping in a GTA 5 RP server. You can change to a CIV and to a Cop.

  2. Ollie Moss

    Ollie Moss4 日 前

    How can we get this game??

  3. d3l3te6900

    d3l3te69006 日 前

    if the vehicle dosent show up on the list its not allowed to cross

  4. Kyle Spence

    Kyle Spence11 日 前

    For the third car u missed the tail light

  5. D3N1STrains

    D3N1STrains12 日 前

    He had no entry permit thats what went wrong

  6. Tarence Brown

    Tarence Brown12 日 前

    You done with this series already ?

  7. MidgetKirsten

    MidgetKirsten16 日 前

    where’s part 3🥺

  8. Lady Latrice

    Lady Latrice18 日 前


  9. Conner Lehman

    Conner Lehman18 日 前

    Trevor buy this game it comes out

  10. Rowdy De Groot

    Rowdy De Groot20 日 前

    Id love to see you play Flashing Lights. And see what u think of it. Keep it ups bro loved your drugs sim vids aswell as many others haha

  11. Doober2011

    Doober201122 日 前

    You did great in the demo

  12. Doober2011

    Doober201122 日 前

    Do a series when the full game comes out

  13. Doober2011

    Doober201122 日 前

    The second vehicle that was not on the list had a broken taillight that you missed

  14. evil sam

    evil sam22 日 前

    Where is the next part my man

  15. Esnart Zimwanda

    Esnart Zimwanda24 日 前

    it should be a series

  16. Riley

    Riley25 日 前

    Trev make sure to cut open the part of the seat your back rest against to you missed that

  17. Boredz_Gaming

    Boredz_Gaming26 日 前

    11:23 trev you missed a rear broken tail light

  18. Ryan Buchanan

    Ryan Buchanan27 日 前

    This series has definitely been my favourite so far

  19. radboybmx

    radboybmx27 日 前

    Pls keep doing this as a series

  20. JRC Playz

    JRC Playz27 日 前

    Yaas this should be a series when the full game comes out!!

  21. Ursula Gaffney

    Ursula Gaffney27 日 前

    PLEASE DO A LONGER SERIES this is your best series yet

  22. Travis Tharp

    Travis Tharp27 日 前

    Atleast you admit your an idiot

  23. Przemek

    Przemek28 日 前

    Well I guess the producers forgot about one thing widely known and popular: BRIBERY

  24. Rin Price

    Rin Price28 日 前

    Trev, if you like this game then you probably will like this Papers Please!

  25. Kyan Peels

    Kyan Peels28 日 前

    Make this a series😁😁 its good

  26. Ruvaughn Vd Walt

    Ruvaughn Vd Walt28 日 前

    Team wash assome

  27. Isaac Swillie

    Isaac Swillie28 日 前

    What happened to Microsoft flight sim?

  28. vytautas

    vytautas28 日 前

    My name is Vytautas and u spelled it so funny

  29. Hello Im Nik

    Hello Im Nik28 日 前

    This is weirdly fun to watch :D

  30. 799_Khushal Nangalia

    799_Khushal Nangalia28 日 前

    4:42 5 people who watch this omg fishing for compliments 😂😂😂😂😂

  31. Colton Parker

    Colton Parker28 日 前

    Hey Trevor I have been a big fan since I have been 7 your the best youtuber ever

  32. Colton Parker

    Colton Parker28 日 前

    can you please watch my first JPreporter video

  33. Patrick Duffey

    Patrick Duffey28 日 前

    I love you super Cooper Sunday’s their the best but these series are rocking

  34. Damian Ramirez

    Damian Ramirez28 日 前

    part 3!!! pls :)

  35. Connor Sargent

    Connor Sargent28 日 前

    Lol the Russian accent😂

  36. DTactical_Gamings

    DTactical_Gamings28 日 前

    glory greatest to arstotzka

  37. hacker11 11

    hacker11 1129 日 前

    Vytautas is a Lithuanian name

  38. MikTukLui89

    MikTukLui8929 日 前

    If you ever played "Papers, Please" nobody's allowed to enter with contradicting information.

  39. Paweł Introducing

    Paweł Introducing29 日 前

    look steam closed beta testing no video games look

  40. HopingParrot265

    HopingParrot26529 日 前

    Can this please be a series

  41. Sgt. Grizzly

    Sgt. Grizzly29 日 前

    13:42 Did something come out of the fuel tank or is that just pieces of the tank?

  42. Poopoo1559

    Poopoo155929 日 前

    Move the face cam pwease

  43. Darkside gamer

    Darkside gamer29 日 前

    I’m enjoying this series 😂

  44. Neo Hack

    Neo Hack29 日 前

    you need to keep flipping the pages, you will see the rest of the vehicles and the guy with passport # wrong also has an expired entry paper work. enjoying the videos keep them coming

  45. Lego Man

    Lego Man29 日 前

    Please make this into a daily series in addition to Medieval Dynasty

  46. EJ Harvey

    EJ Harvey29 日 前

    I think that cocaine was some of your product what you say, Trevor

  47. NarUtoe

    NarUtoe29 日 前

    I'm from florida but I'm taking Spanish, and Russian Classes

  48. CarlGB

    CarlGB29 日 前

    Hope Trevor doesn't ever pursue a border control career.. he be holding a flip knife at ALL times.

  49. Truce 4-9

    Truce 4-929 日 前

    you missed the passport number and one of the rear lights was bad

  50. David Romo

    David Romo29 日 前

    I just realized you say "interesting" way to much

  51. Alex Villegas

    Alex Villegas29 日 前

    I just realized this is just like the paper please u🤣

  52. Aslan B

    Aslan B29 日 前

    Yes this should be a series!! 😊

  53. 3swagswagswag3

    3swagswagswag329 日 前

    oh shoot you know your country is messed up when u see the name Vytautas :Dd Lithuania ftw

  54. Joseph Terry

    Joseph Terry29 日 前

    I love the mid evil dynasty series please keep posting it

  55. Arthur Morgan

    Arthur Morgan29 日 前

    You should do cat vs mirror in super copper Sunday video

  56. Andrew Soan

    Andrew Soan29 日 前

    Where’s flight sim gone

  57. Balthazar Wissman

    Balthazar Wissman29 日 前

    Well, I guess I am one of 5 people who understand.

  58. Robdo

    Robdo29 日 前

    What happened to flight sim?!

  59. Gabriel man

    Gabriel manヶ月 前

    If the guy hasn't got the right car you have to mark it off on the inspection report!! this is gonna be a sick series!!!! 👍keep it up!!

  60. Dylan Smith

    Dylan Smithヶ月 前

    Upload more among us!

  61. Jd plays games

    Jd plays gamesヶ月 前

    Play Tony hawk pro skater 1+2 !!!!!!!!!!!!!

  62. cod of killers

    cod of killersヶ月 前

    Who else is getting drug simulator vibes

  63. Kodie Bravetti

    Kodie Bravettiヶ月 前


  64. A S

    A Sヶ月 前

    please slow it down. you are moving too fast, i am feeling sick already

  65. Renduevenstar

    Renduevenstarヶ月 前

    and ..... the broken tail light?

  66. Anton428

    Anton428ヶ月 前

    I'm not from Acaristan, I'm from Bulgaria brother and thanks for letting me through even that my vehicle was not registered in the book

  67. Danny Rocha

    Danny Rochaヶ月 前

    Trevor, when the vehicle doesn’t show up on the list it means it’s not allowed to cross.

  68. Gaming Galore

    Gaming Galore29 日 前


  69. David Chen

    David Chenヶ月 前

    I like this, it should be a series

  70. Gauri Boob

    Gauri Boobヶ月 前


  71. Hein Badenhorst

    Hein Badenhorstヶ月 前

    play more please

  72. Myikell Ross

    Myikell Rossヶ月 前

    I hope he gets the full game

  73. Jesse David

    Jesse Davidヶ月 前

    I love your content so much 🥰

  74. Jesse David

    Jesse Davidヶ月 前

    Big fan

  75. Subrat Biswal

    Subrat Biswalヶ月 前

    Please continue this series. I am loving it

  76. Bando

    Bandoヶ月 前

    Dude this game is official.. it’s oddly satisfying 🤔

  77. midou lanostra

    midou lanostraヶ月 前

    trev play some Streamer Life Simulator

  78. Gable Schoenfelder

    Gable Schoenfelderヶ月 前

    Loving these!!



    This game looks fun

  80. Mo SalaH

    Mo SalaHヶ月 前

    Trev aren’t u gonna play serious Sam 4

  81. MTS Legend

    MTS Legendヶ月 前

    Yes this amazing

  82. pro 9000

    pro 9000ヶ月 前


  83. Mark Henry

    Mark Henryヶ月 前

    I dont owe anyone anything now thanks to, *p a i d t o b e h o m e .c o m*

  84. Dean Cook

    Dean Cookヶ月 前

    Never let Trevor work at border force haha.


    MRJOHNDEERE3720ヶ月 前

    10:49 car had a broken taillight..

  86. ooof pacific

    ooof pacificヶ月 前

    pls make more awesome videos there all good.

  87. michael murphy

    michael murphyヶ月 前

    Thank you for explaining what the tools do with being visually impaired i couldn't see the writing that was being shown

  88. Vulcanic Outlaw

    Vulcanic Outlawヶ月 前

    I hope im able to run it on my shite pc or for a console release quickly

  89. AA77 77

    AA77 77ヶ月 前

    6:18 the right side mirror was damaged and you did not report it

  90. Damien Duyvenbode

    Damien Duyvenbodeヶ月 前

    Pasport and taillight you dont report

  91. xHerDemxn

    xHerDemxnヶ月 前

    2 episodes and it ends, hoping for the Full release of the game

  92. Delbert williams

    Delbert williamsヶ月 前

    11.24 broken tail light and back window

  93. Delbert williams

    Delbert williamsヶ月 前

    u missed the back light and dome light slow down buddy

  94. Taylor Alden

    Taylor Aldenヶ月 前

    Man says well this truck Isn't on the list of vehicles hmm. I think he good! Nope wrong vehicle Well guys if you know what is wrong with that last one please comment down and let me know Me dude you. Said the truck dosen't exist? Yo boss said wrong vehicle and you repeated that and you dont know what's wrong with the last one lol Guy drives up in Honda civic Papers say hondi rivic car dosen't exist Trev well you good never seen a rivic before lol

  95. Ryan Baliah

    Ryan Baliahヶ月 前

    Loving this series!

  96. Jungle Bever

    Jungle Beverヶ月 前

    The best part is that Vytautas is a Lithuanian name lol

  97. David Carr

    David Carrヶ月 前

    Was totally waiting for trev to say "yep, you're good to go" after finding the drugs and cigs on the last guy 😂

  98. Mud Dog

    Mud Dogヶ月 前

    Love the vids

  99. Mathew Barnes

    Mathew Barnesヶ月 前

    Among us would be good haha

  100. Pradyumna Hazarika

    Pradyumna Hazarikaヶ月 前

    You are an amazing gamer man, no doubt about that. But try to be a little more observant when playing such games. Like in 10:55, you say it looks good, but right there in front of you, there was a broken taillight, and in many more places you have missed out on such small details. One more such scenario is when you lost $110, the truck had a broken windshield as well a smaller broken window adjacent to it. I really love watching you gaming man. Just want you to be the best that's all.

  101. Awkward Studio

    Awkward Studioヶ月 前

    Isn’t there any midieval dynasty video for today??

  102. Awkward Studio

    Awkward Studioヶ月 前

    Medieval actually

  103. Navaneeth K

    Navaneeth Kヶ月 前

    Among us req....we need more