Conor McGregor's spine-tingling walkout at UFC 246


  1. Joe Mama

    Joe Mama4 時間 前

    This dude gonna smash khabib and everyone in every division

  2. Tarun 420

    Tarun 42022 時間 前

    Everyone here repeat after meee!! Fook khabib!!!!! Foook khabib!!!!!!! Foookkkk khabib and terrorist snitch manger🖕🖕🖕🖕

  3. Tarun 420

    Tarun 42022 時間 前

    1:26 badass ✌💣

  4. The world king

    The world king日 前


  5. Southern Savior

    Southern Savior日 前

    I love he totally destroyed the weird tension between boxing gym and his mma by just having em both on team

  6. Ameer K

    Ameer K日 前

    The walkout was longer than the fight

  7. leanne16195

    leanne16195日 前

    What got me was when he appeared on the big screen the cheers, spine tingling.

  8. Pity rocking

    Pity rocking日 前

    The old man from the pub needs to be called up to the UFC

  9. bruno gomes

    bruno gomes日 前

    Brabo de mais, muito inteligente 🇧🇷

  10. argjent zahiti

    argjent zahiti日 前


  11. Walter White

    Walter White3 日 前

    Can crushed

  12. Wanwad Marwein

    Wanwad Marwein3 日 前

    UFC is not the same without dis super mega star!!! Haters can say wat they want but this guy brings a different energy to the UFC!!

  13. Pavan Nair

    Pavan Nair2 日 前

    The only reason the ufc is where it is now is because of this man. Alot of people seem to forget that.

  14. Josh Langston

    Josh Langston3 日 前

    Would've been cooler if he had beat someone who hadn't lost 6 of their last ten fights, including getting destroyed in his previous two. People are reading wayyyy too much into this. He beat a Cowboy who literally was there to a stepping stone for Conor.

  15. Kip Kipper

    Kip Kipper3 日 前

    Not really that cool

  16. Yeah Okay

    Yeah Okay3 日 前

    Lol its hilarious when people tattoo their name on themselves

  17. Pavan Nair

    Pavan Nair2 日 前

    His tattoo looks dope tho

  18. Alz Sensei

    Alz Sensei4 日 前

    1:40 did bald dude push that fool back?!?! 😭😭

  19. Albino Harambe

    Albino Harambe4 日 前

    1:28 Aaron Hernandez on the left shoulder of mcgregor 😂😂

  20. ProgrammingWithSid

    ProgrammingWithSid4 日 前

    Better entrance and energy than Khabib. He hates Khabib from his heart and brings that negative energy when facing that guy. But I don’t blame him. If I was Conor, I’d hate Khabib too. Just hopes he fights anyone but Khabib.

  21. Ludovico Ramirez

    Ludovico Ramirez4 日 前

    Fight complete?

  22. Jamie Lewis

    Jamie Lewis4 日 前

    This dude has transcended beyond wins, losses, and belts.

  23. sebaye 1

    sebaye 14 日 前


  24. Simon Gujbhi

    Simon Gujbhi4 日 前

    He has the best walkout song, of all time. That song mixed into Biggie is perfect.

  25. Jon Top

    Jon Top5 日 前

    Being English Irish, I feel a lot more pride in being Irish, as knowing it’s history and all the hardships, and even having a great uncle who fought for the original IRA, and knowing what England did to ireland, and how the Irish fought back, the Irish truly are the fighting people of Europe and this song represents that fully, how even a small country like Ireland is able to hold itself against the much larger British force

  26. ChuaChewa

    ChuaChewa5 日 前

    When it’s all said and done Conor is and will be the most famous and one of the most talented mixed martial artists of all time. An absolute super star up there with the likes of Ali. I think everyone should really take pride in knowing they have had the privilege of watching his legacy unfold over the past several years.

  27. Serzhan Serzhan

    Serzhan Serzhan5 日 前


  28. JoelAmbrose

    JoelAmbrose6 日 前

    How bout dude at 1:43 getting pulled outta the way lol. Who the hell was that

  29. desolate

    desolate6 日 前

    If he blasted Black and Tans coming out, I’d die

  30. MKT

    MKT6 日 前

    Booooong Pewpewpepwpwpepwpwpwew aaaaaaas daaaaaaaaaan

  31. Gaming legend

    Gaming legend6 日 前

    That's my boy

  32. Cian O

    Cian O6 日 前

    Delighted for his old boxing coach who got to be part of this!

  33. Joshua E

    Joshua E6 日 前

    I think the guy's changed his attitude a little bit. I like that!

  34. Blake Manning

    Blake Manning6 日 前

    His walkout against Khabib at 229 IS the most spine tingling walkout ever. Period.

  35. Hugo-Alistair

    Hugo-Alistair7 日 前

    No billionaire strut

  36. Karolina Ortiz

    Karolina Ortiz7 日 前

    I was surprised when Conor didn't do his strut. I was like WTF.

  37. Jon Top

    Jon Top5 日 前

    Karolina Ortiz he said he’s not gonna do it until he makes a billion

  38. Connor Mitchell

    Connor Mitchell8 日 前

    Being there live was something else

  39. Gareth Rice

    Gareth Rice8 日 前

    The melody was used in various songs as far back as the early 1800s, but is said to be even older. The lyrics of what has become the foggy dew were written in 1919 in homage to the heroes of 1916 that took on the world's most powerful empire

  40. Sumit Roy

    Sumit Roy8 日 前

    Conor McGregor is Special nitar

  41. Big Dick Brett

    Big Dick Brett9 日 前

    Bone chilling

  42. Kules

    Kules9 日 前

    Could've honestly included the whole fight with 1 minute more length

  43. SLAAQ

    SLAAQ9 日 前

    champ champ

  44. Herlcarl Josue Paez M

    Herlcarl Josue Paez M9 日 前

    Guaaaaooooo me encantó la actitud de Conor McGregor, deberia entrar al octágono y saludar asi siempre a sus rivales

  45. Theblack Hanter

    Theblack Hanter9 日 前

    Que entrada mano 💪👊

  46. Damian McCreedy

    Damian McCreedy10 日 前

    Looks like conor beat up another old man lmao i thought he just apologized to the whole world for doing that

  47. Lawrence Richards

    Lawrence Richards11 日 前

    He over wrestling fans get the reference

  48. Morgan Becker

    Morgan Becker11 日 前

    literally my favorite part

  49. Andres Medina

    Andres Medina11 日 前

    They play a different song on ESPN+, I don't know why...

  50. Andres Medina

    Andres Medina4 日 前

    @Jon Top I don't know the name, but it's not this one. I remember watching it live and wanted to relive the moment so I decided to watch it on Espn+ again, but the intro song was different.

  51. Jon Top

    Jon Top5 日 前

    Andres Medina what song

  52. Fox47 TigerAlionoFpce

    Fox47 TigerAlionoFpce11 日 前

    Might as well include the rest of the fight

  53. Test Account

    Test Account12 日 前

    my foot was a balloown MY FOOT WAS A BALLOOWN

  54. Daithi Halleran

    Daithi Halleran12 日 前

    Yo he walked out with no overcoat so that was a hint

  55. zac4three

    zac4three12 日 前

    No billon dollar strut this time

  56. Alejandro Miño

    Alejandro Miño12 日 前

    Cuando pelea devuelta?

  57. 11,99,999 Views

    11,99,999 Views12 日 前

    Goosebumps mAnnnn

  58. Giffameenute Official

    Giffameenute Official12 日 前

    anybody else notice that he didnt do the walk?

  59. Jon Top

    Jon Top5 日 前

    Giffameenute Official he says he ain’t gonna do it until, he makes a billion dollars

  60. ZeYu

    ZeYu13 日 前

    Who would love to see Conor be in an action movie?




  62. Randolph Jones Jr.

    Randolph Jones Jr.14 日 前

    _'All He Has Is A Left Hand."_

  63. Randolph Jones Jr.

    Randolph Jones Jr.3 日 前

    @Jon Top and a left shoulder

  64. Jon Top

    Jon Top5 日 前

    Randolph Jones Jr. and a left leg

  65. Satosun

    Satosun14 日 前

    1:40 ufc spock applies vulcan nerve pinch

  66. Brad Jolley

    Brad Jolley14 日 前

    Ain’t no fight like a Mcgregor fight

  67. J W

    J W14 日 前

    where full fright囧

  68. Ваня Наливайка

    Ваня Наливайка14 日 前

    Крутой выход короля