Confederacy: Last Week Tonight with John Oliver (HBO)


  1. Joseph

    Joseph時間 前

    A slave who went full on gangsta, hijacks an enemy ship and sail to freedom, then proceeds to serve 5 terms in Congress Crowd: ....... Women flies a plane: *WOOOOOOOOOOO HELL YEAH SHE'S SO BADASS*

  2. S D

    S D時間 前

    US public schools do not teach a unified curriculum. In KS, I was taught the alternative history of the Civil War. I had to go college to unlearn what I had learned through the process of critical thinking. There’s no liberal agenda in higher learning, there’s the realization public schools have one.

  3. Robert Olmstead

    Robert Olmstead4 時間 前

    17:06 Had to come here after all the ridiculous Facebook conspiracy theories about Tom Hanks.

  4. Long Shlong

    Long Shlong4 時間 前

    Never owned a slave and my family fought for the union I’m just saying there were a lot of men that fought to protect there families

  5. Dan Fredrickson

    Dan Fredrickson32 分 前

    @RonPaulHatesBlacks a lot of "Nazi" were also forced to serve in both the wehrmacht and the waffen SS as well as members of the confederacy.

  6. RonPaulHatesBlacks

    RonPaulHatesBlacks4 時間 前

    Lot of Nazis fought for the same reason.

  7. Long Shlong

    Long Shlong4 時間 前

    I didn’t know a brit has a say. All deaths were America. I’d be cool if he talks about the killing and suppression of the Irish after ww1. He wouldn’t cuz he doesn’t want to support that narrative. Probably would go down on price If he asked.

  8. Stephen2462

    Stephen24623 時間 前

    Considering he has a radically different perspective of it since he wasn't subjected to the bias of the US educational system, he has quite a lot to say. Kind of like how Chinese people aren't taught about the Tienanmen Square Massacre, so a foreigner can have a good chance of knowing more about it. Yes, which makes attempts to glorify the Confederacy that much more shameful. Whataboutism, much? This show is primarily tailored towards Americans, so it's no suprise he'd go more into America's ongoing problems. And even then, he has discussed issues between the Irish and British in other videos.

  9. mozzy5150

    mozzy51505 時間 前

    LOL I like how the Democrats now wanna get rid of their own history. It will not Help...democrats are racists, they always have been, and always will be. While they are going around tearing down these statues and lecturing everybody about racism, Democrats are still judging people by the color of their skin.

  10. Stephen2462

    Stephen24623 時間 前

    First, modern day Democrats are not Civil War era Democrats; the latter has far more in common with modern day Republicans, so calling it "their own history" is misleading at best. Second, as JO pointed out, statues are not for remembering history, they are for glorifying it. Wanting to not glorify the Confederacy is not racist. Third, Republicans are the modern party of bigots. Shame on you for trying to project that onto Democrats.

  11. RonPaulHatesBlacks

    RonPaulHatesBlacks4 時間 前

    If that was true, then racists would vote for Biden. But you won't. None of you will. And we all know it. Nice try tho

  12. Kerry Ow Buland

    Kerry Ow Buland7 時間 前

    The British Crown is a symbol of secular domination, imperial colonialism built on thr backs of African and Indian slaves. Should we remove all the symbols in the UK you proudly display? Should you return all the wealth your people benefitted from? I am not a supporter of the Confederate Flag, but removal of historical monuments should be done by those in authority based on consensus.

  13. Stephen2462

    Stephen24623 時間 前

    Nice whataboutism

  14. Julie Castle

    Julie Castle22 時間 前

    This program should be repeated.

  15. Robert Lust

    Robert Lust日 前

    Is Colbert on vacation or not running Google ads or possibly being a statue on display in Charleston. #Colbert2020 please

  16. Robert Lust

    Robert Lust日 前

    Hears a coronita with real science

  17. Robert Lust

    Robert Lust日 前

    #ubi420 Texas aquapondics or hydro pondics I guess. Depends on plant needs and environmental impact. Also parasites and diseases. Are we civil warring over unemployment and corruption. Voting seems retarded this year secret police suck, hear about that JPreporter who incited looting? Mansions on JPreporter ballen some times. My favorites don't look like they got mansions but sets. V ball

  18. Robert Lust

    Robert Lust日 前

    I know they got sun and oil, and a real gigs factory good Alamo

  19. Robert Lust

    Robert Lust日 前 lol

  20. Jack Guyett

    Jack Guyett日 前

    >ugly history ok buddy

  21. ravenof1985

    ravenof1985日 前

    considering there has been a mob wanting to rip down the lincoln/emancipation statue, it doesnt seem like it WILL stop anywhere.

  22. Dan Fredrickson

    Dan Fredrickson36 分 前

    @RonPaulHatesBlacks there are factor in why the sun appears to rise in the east and set's in the west which is out of any ones control. On the other hand what prevents someone from defacing and destroying a statue?

  23. Dan Fredrickson

    Dan Fredrickson40 分 前

    @RonPaulHatesBlacks they defaced the statue of the guy who defeated the confederates and later became a "radical republican" to ensure former slaves would have there freedom. Although they didn't deface Lincoln, they certainly pushed the line by defacing the general who defeated confederacy and once you've created a precedent, what is going to stop it?

  24. ravenof1985

    ravenof19856 時間 前

    @Dan Fredrickson i have the strangest feeling we are arguing with a willfull idiot

  25. RonPaulHatesBlacks

    RonPaulHatesBlacks8 時間 前

    @Dan Fredrickson What is to say the sun wouldn't have risen in the west this morning? How about the fact that it didn't happen?

  26. Dan Fredrickson

    Dan Fredrickson8 時間 前

    @RonPaulHatesBlacks well considering they've defaced the Grant statue, what is to say a few bored people wouldn't have taken down a Lincoln statue?

  27. cody flowers

    cody flowers日 前

    The one thing is to not eat advice from the country that gave us slavery

  28. R Hartley

    R Hartley日 前

    2020 and the NBF statue is STILL in place. F*ckin' embarrassing..

  29. Billy Brabant

    Billy Brabant日 前

    Add one more guy an you have the 3 stooges!!

  30. Billy Brabant

    Billy Brabant日 前

    Fly it high an proud!! Germany is a rotten country! We even have to protect them like a big brother!!

  31. Youtube bruh

    Youtube bruh日 前

    Wait wait wait wait! That poll doesn’t add up *pulls out calculator* Ok let’s math this 48+38+9+6=..........101 -_-

  32. Stephen2462

    Stephen2462日 前

    Just a rounding error. Nothing unusual for a poll like that.

  33. Youtube bruh

    Youtube bruh日 前

    Here’s yet another reason. The American civil war is sometimes known as the beta to ww1. Why the hell would you celebrate that?

  34. Arthur Wu

    Arthur Wu日 前

    I think we should let the people decide what we should do with the statues, I understand that the statues aren't the best thing to happen but maybe we should ask the people who are actually affected by the statues by having to look at them every day.

  35. Justess Delaware

    Justess Delaware2 日 前

    We are in deep trouble. And now we cannot even leave this others will let us at this point...maybe never.

  36. Arthur Wu

    Arthur Wu日 前 This means we can do better, everyone can, but this means we should also be thankful for what we already have. Anyways, if you really wanted to move out of the US I'd suggest moving to Australia. My dad went there for a business trip and he seemed to like it. Also, it's ranked about 9 places above the United States in terms of the HDI, which is not monumental but is something. There are issues, though.

  37. Pandaman786 Haq

    Pandaman786 Haq2 日 前

    Can't erase history but they erased Tulsa's history

  38. Plum Darkness

    Plum Darkness2 日 前

    I like how John Oliver just blew over that guy's response about how his ancestors had owned and ran their own farm, which was his main argument. Instead he rips into his bit about slaves costing too much then moves on.

  39. Stephen2462

    Stephen2462日 前

    Because it was a hilariously insensitive thing for that guy to say, and easily overshadows the point he was trying to make.

  40. lord Sesshoumaru

    lord Sesshoumaru2 日 前

    ya this didn't age well, a scale of hitler to hanks while run forest run fled America for Greece citizenship to avoid being held accountable for r@ping children. all in all what is to be expected pandering to an audience mocking Jesus and believing the civil war was about slavery. they fought to separate from America to keep slavery..? that's racist, you're racist...

  41. emilia thorning

    emilia thorning2 日 前

    Did the news about the racist guy say “is there a gender wage gab in child labor”

  42. Heath Harward

    Heath Harward2 日 前


  43. John doe

    John doe2 日 前

    Racism is a black on white crime .

  44. RonPaulHatesBlacks

    RonPaulHatesBlacks2 日 前

    Clementa C. Pinckney (41) - the church's pastor and a South Carolina state senator. Cynthia Marie Graham Hurd (54) - a Bible study member and manager for the Charleston County Public Library system; sister of former state senator Malcolm Graham. Susie Jackson (87) - a Bible study and church choir member. Ethel Lee Lance (70) - the church's sexton. Depayne Middleton-Doctor (49) - a pastor who was also employed as a school administrator and admissions coordinator at Southern Wesleyan University. Tywanza Sanders (26) - a Bible study member; grandnephew of victim Susie Jackson. Daniel L. Simmons (74) - a pastor who also served at Greater Zion AME Church in Awendaw. Sharonda Coleman-Singleton (45) - a pastor; also a speech therapist and track coach at Goose Creek High School; mother of MLB prospect Chris Singleton. Myra Thompson (59) - a Bible study teacher.

  45. stella lee

    stella lee2 日 前

    Dear John, please broadcast about the unbelievable decision of South korean court on Son Jungwoo, who ran the illegal pedophilic porno site in USA but he finished his sentence in prison for ONLY 1 AND HALF YEARS.

  46. Dutchik

    Dutchik2 日 前

    States rights to have slavery.

  47. Nate Dawg

    Nate Dawg2 日 前

    11:24 "I hope no slaves show up on this" "Please turn the page" *curb your enthusiasm theme starts playing*

  48. Mike Allain

    Mike Allain2 日 前

    13:30 JESUS WANTS A HUG!!

  49. Max M

    Max M2 日 前

    Confederate is American history.

  50. matt nolan

    matt nolan2 日 前

    left wing sum

  51. Johana Schwartz

    Johana Schwartz2 日 前

    Ironic, a Statue lives matter Movement

  52. Johana Schwartz

    Johana Schwartz2 日 前

    The generals would be like #StatueLivesMatter #Meetoo

  53. akhu aja

    akhu aja3 日 前

    USA the strongest country in the world is unrivaled, but will be destroyed from within, sorry for the American people who are unaware that the mentality of the American police + racist fascist president is the starting point of the destruction of the world's strongest nation, will soon split into small states and not super power anymore!

  54. Chris Gardiner

    Chris Gardiner3 日 前

    History is written by the victors. And the victors are the RULERS of the entire world. First off the people in THE UNITED STATES OF AMERICA have no clue as to who rules their daily lives.. It's part our fault for not caring enough about the constitution of the United States or the amendments.... And a big part of the problem is that we as a nation have been systematically dumbed down to the point of retardation. Read these books: KJV BIBLE (2) "THE RULES OF EVIL " by: F TUPPER SAUSSY (3) "THE SUPPRESSED TRUTH ABOUT THE ASSASSINATION OF ABRAHAM LINCOLN " by: Burke McCarty be careful because these books will scare the s*&t out of you 🙁🙁🙁😢😢😢

  55. JCBs At the helm

    JCBs At the helm3 日 前

    Humanity is evil, a disease upon the universe....and hopefully we will destroy ourselves before we impact more than the Earth.

  56. poet in a paper bag

    poet in a paper bag3 日 前

    This John Oliver is a facetious arsehat...the audience laughs on cue and don't have a clue as to his shtick.

  57. dye john

    dye john3 日 前

    Statues are not history, most history is found in books, I have dozens of history books, but I don't own one statue.

  58. Chris Gardiner

    Chris Gardiner日 前

    @Stephen2462 ah... you know what.. your right.. forget I said it..

  59. Stephen2462

    Stephen2462日 前

    @Chris Gardiner So what? That doesn't detract from dye john's point in the least. Various rich people, I presume. But I don't see how that's relevant. And now you're just spewing conspiracy theory nonsense that isn't even related to the topic.

  60. Chris Gardiner

    Chris Gardiner日 前

    @Stephen2462 they ripped down statues in Philadelphia pa. And do you know who owns 99% of the world's media??? The answer is the same nation and organization that owns and controls the entire world, including THE UNITED STATES OF AMERICA . Notice I said "THE UNITED STATES OF AMERICA", and not the United States... That's because they are two separate entities, the United States ceased to exist in 1871 when the corporation titled THE UNITED STATES OF AMERICA was formed, this is a privately owned corporation, the citizens of THE UNITED STATES OF AMERICA (the United States) no longer have any RIGHTS what so ever. All our rights disappeared with the signing of the 14th amendment. The 14th amendment is the most treasonous piece of parchment in the history of the United States... 😢😢😢 Before the 14th amendment we were called "people", and were given rights by our Creator and the state in which we were born. ☺☺☺ After the signing of the 14th amendment we are now called "CITIZENS", and are granted PRIVILEGES by the federal government of THE UNITED STATES OF AMERICA 😢😢😢 a person is = sovereign (a person was their own king or boss if you will) ☺☺☺ The word citizen means = EMPLOYEE OF THE GOVERNMENT (citizen is a Latin word) 😢😢😢 rights = cannot be taken away. ☺☺☺ PRIVILEGES = CAN BE TAKEN AWAY. 😢😢😢 If you look at your DRIVERS LICENSE, marriage license, your utility bills, your credit card BILLS and your TOMBSTONE will all be in CAPITAL LETTERS... because you are a corporation 😢😢😢😢 Please read the following books if you want to know the truth: (1) KJV BIBLE (2) "THE RULERSOF EVIL " by: F TUPPER SAUSSY (3) "THE SUPPRESSED TRUTH ABOUT THE ASSASSINATION OF ABRAHAM LINCOLN " by: Burke McCarty

  61. Stephen2462

    Stephen2462日 前

    @Chris Gardiner Except the history books DO say otherwise, which was dye john's point. And there's plenty of monuments to it besides the jim crow era statues that people are trying to take down.

  62. Chris Gardiner

    Chris Gardiner3 日 前


  63. LMSPetRescue

    LMSPetRescue3 日 前

    Are we not going to talk about the fact that Mississippi forgot to ratify the 13th amendment until 2013?!?!

  64. R Hartley

    R Hartley日 前

    Wait, what? ... Nevermind. It's Mississippi. There's no surprise here.

  65. Kit Wright

    Kit Wright3 日 前

    dont know your sons rights? southern clueless moron.................garsh i feel good to be stupid!............dump chump before he kills us all.

  66. 90 99

    90 993 日 前

    so you want to replace confederate statues with black peoples statue? idiot fuck

  67. Doop Snogg LLC

    Doop Snogg LLC3 日 前


  68. Erik

    Erik3 日 前

    How is America the greatest country in the world?

  69. Avi Chetri

    Avi Chetri3 日 前

    To be fair, at least they have these conversations about their bloody past. A lot of countries think racism is a Western/US thing, apparently, it was a common connotation amongst South Koreans when addressing their racism towards migrants. They assumed that they weren't racist because they don't talk about it.

  70. Brenden

    Brenden4 日 前

    The Statues being torn down is horrific, and not because its "part of history" I don't really care if they stay up or come down, What i'm horrified about is the fact that the states that these statues belong to are just letting this happen. Statues can be torn down or built if the state says so. You can't just go destroying property that belongs to someone else without their permission.

  71. karyns ortega

    karyns ortega3 日 前

    Brenden nah dumbass they took it down cause those people that were made a statue for are horrible people that shouldn’t be remembered🤦‍♀️

  72. RonPaulHatesBlacks

    RonPaulHatesBlacks3 日 前

    @Brenden Utter nonsense.,the%20Stamp%20Act%20in%201766.

  73. Brenden

    Brenden3 日 前

    @RonPaulHatesBlacks nah its more like the people tearing them down are saying that they can do whatever they want, and the law has no say over them. You need to have order and law for anything to get better. Tearing statues down isn't how you change things.

  74. RonPaulHatesBlacks

    RonPaulHatesBlacks3 日 前

    Some people think slavery is horrific. Other people think removing statues of slavers is horrific LOLOL

  75. Brenden

    Brenden4 日 前

    actually your wrong about the confederacy being about slaver, i mean it was. But that wasn't why they split from the U.S. And they split apart because of the lack of states rights and them not being heard. So that was why they split and started the war.

  76. RonPaulHatesBlacks

    RonPaulHatesBlacks3 日 前

    @Brenden If the Civil War had anything to do with "states rights," the rebels would have said so in their own declarations of secession, which you have obviously never even read. They seceded over slavery. Either you believe slavery is morally wrong and indefensible, or you don't. Simple.

  77. Brenden

    Brenden3 日 前

    @RonPaulHatesBlacks you realize that the north was trying to slowly take away slavery in the south. Which btw was there right as a slave state. So therefore they split from the union because of slavery wanting to be taken from them. That's why it was about states rights. Also in the very beginning of the article it even talked about the confederate states not having their rights.

  78. RonPaulHatesBlacks

    RonPaulHatesBlacks3 日 前

    The confederacy didn't mention "states rights" or "not being heard" even once in their own declarations of secession. Instead they cited "slave" and "slavery" a whopping 80 separate times, and proudly announced "Our position is *thoroughly identified* with the institution of slavery -- the greatest material interest of the world."

  79. Joshua Fleming

    Joshua Fleming4 日 前

    Robert E. Lee’s great grandson said the statue should come down

  80. Joshua Fleming

    Joshua Fleming4 日 前

    I was surprised that this came out 2 years ago we’re having this conversation again

  81. On standby the whole time

    On standby the whole time4 日 前

    Someone loved that Grow A Penis joke

  82. Velnias

    Velnias4 日 前

    If we need statues to remember history, then where are all the statues to King George? Where are all the flags to the British Empire? What about statues to Hitler, Mussolini, and Emperor Hirohito to remember WWII? That argument that taking down the statues is removing history is such utter BS. They only use that argument to cover their ass of wanting to glorify these traitors and use them to help rewrite history making the Confederate states look like the victims as conservatives have always done and continue to do.

  83. Zack Pumpkinhead

    Zack Pumpkinhead4 日 前

    3:37 the only reason I get that reference is the comic strip Pearls Before Swine. It's in the Sunday newspaper and children read it.

  84. Nathan is gay for real

    Nathan is gay for real4 日 前

    movie trailers

  85. Robert Miller

    Robert Miller4 日 前

    Kia ora John, I Love your show! But John but as as you are a Pome you can't throw stones as England and the UK were absolutely horrible to almost 25% of the land based planet earth! The British Empire wasn't about democracy! for example India wasn't given independence until 1947 for goodness sake! Just add Kenya, Pakistan, etc etc. The People of Hong Kong were never given the right to vote while the British Governed the place right up until they turned Hong Kong over to the Commies in 1997! We have to be careful we aren't being holier than thou! I am a New Zealander and I am a Pakeha (European or Non Maori decent) of 4 Generations on my mothers side and 5 on my fathers side! Obviously I have previous generations that I can trace prior to those born in New Zealand! My earliest New Zealand European ancestors settled here in the 1840's. In New Zealand there is no doubt that my ancestors (British Empire) probably did wrong; we certainly did as a collective Pakeha group so to speak! Can we change the past; well here in NZ we are trying to! But changing the name of the Tasman Sea, tearing down statues of Queen Victoria hasn't happened yet and I hope it doesn't happen! Why do I say this? Because we can change the future but we cant change the past! So John just remember you come from one of the most brutal (and Successful) Empires in the history of Humankind! Just saying! I know my father who fought in WW2 considered himself part of the British Empire and we were until 1947 when Britain thanked us for our loyalty by classifying us as Aliens under the Alien Act of 1947!

  86. viktor1496

    viktor14964 日 前

    He constantly brings up the horrible past of the UK as well.... what are you even going on about? There is a difference between those who remember and those who forget or even celebrate the past. Just because there are some UK idiots who still celebrate the horrible colonial past of the British empire, doesn't mean the confederate symbols are any less of a problem/

  87. verdatum

    verdatum4 日 前

    Ya know what? I'm gonna go on record here: I think that slavery is bad. That's right, I said it; and I stand by it!

  88. Joe Weis

    Joe Weis4 日 前

    Some GOP People Praise the Benifits of Slavery for the Rich !

  89. Utente Medio

    Utente Medio4 日 前

    I'm an historian, and not all the things said in this video are accurate

  90. Doop Snogg LLC

    Doop Snogg LLC3 日 前

    *a historian

  91. viktor1496

    viktor14964 日 前

    Like what?

  92. brandon sims

    brandon sims4 日 前

    Obviously it will stop somewhere. Apparently not before Thomas Jefferson, George Washington, and Fredrick Douglas.

  93. Fuad Efendi

    Fuad Efendi4 日 前