1. toasty_milk 1

    toasty_milk 13 時間 前

    were was declan

  2. Oliver Marukelli

    Oliver Marukelli3 時間 前

    wait didn’t emma get a cat?

  3. Taylor Rose

    Taylor Rose3 時間 前

    Guys where was Declan? I miss him!

  4. Logan Bates

    Logan Bates3 時間 前

    Emma: ''Im a cooking channel" Emma 2 seconds later: *holding up two knives* "now take some wooden forks"

  5. Sameera Ahmed

    Sameera Ahmed3 時間 前

    The water balloon fight was my favourite 💀😂😂

  6. Lauren Anzalone

    Lauren Anzalone3 時間 前

    why is no one talking about her water balloon fight lmfao

  7. Jazmin Mendoza

    Jazmin Mendoza3 時間 前

    When she said forks but actually took 2 wood knifes 😂 We love a crazy girl 🧡

  8. Sarah C

    Sarah C3 時間 前

    when she said, “roast marshmallows” my dumbass thought she was going to make fun of a marshmallow

  9. N R

    N R3 時間 前

    14:10 😂😂😂😂😂😂I'm dying. Why are her videos SO FUNNY and entertaining?! I love this.

  10. ItzAngelCakez

    ItzAngelCakez3 時間 前

    WoOdEn FoRkS *holds up knives*

  11. RobbyBobby 123987

    RobbyBobby 1239873 時間 前

    I'm literally watching this on my own private island on the Peshtigo River in Wisconsin. Boat landing 7 Road in Stevenson city Marinette County. #summergoles

  12. Liv Pacini

    Liv Pacini3 時間 前

    when she miss spells popsicle 😭😭

  13. Danielle Forteau

    Danielle Forteau3 時間 前

    i'm not a hater I actually love u, but u spelt marshmallows wrong

  14. jess m

    jess m3 時間 前

    wait you do realize you can just buy a $1 popsicle tray and pour orange juice or apple juice or any juice into each one and ... bam

  15. Miranda Holter

    Miranda Holter3 時間 前

    lol you said coming out of the fort that's what childbirth looks like, and I swear you almost said "Just crossed off make a child."

  16. Madison S

    Madison S3 時間 前

    I love how u still got Philz after u had the other coffeee 😂

  17. Bansplays

    Bansplays3 時間 前

    14:10 fav part

  18. Emily Hayward

    Emily Hayward3 時間 前

    Cashews for sure

  19. Ellana I Guess

    Ellana I Guess3 時間 前

    14:09 🤣🤣🤣 I’m crying

  20. Jennifer Jackson

    Jennifer Jackson3 時間 前

    Anybody else wonder what happened with the water balloon that went over the balcony 🤔🤔

  21. Emily

    Emily3 時間 前

    only emma would put the succulent by the only shady window when they need sunlight 😂🤦🏽‍♀️

  22. Kaitlyn O

    Kaitlyn O3 時間 前

    emma you wrote fucket not bucket lol

  23. Stefani.yanez Channel

    Stefani.yanez Channel3 時間 前

    when she had a water ballon fight by herself 😂😂😂

  24. Baylee Jensen

    Baylee Jensen3 時間 前


  25. Ella Barner

    Ella Barner3 時間 前

    The next video up should be you ethan and Grayson having a sleepover and do challenges that would be sooooooooooooooooo funny 😂

  26. B Geary

    B Geary3 時間 前

    When the water balloon fell of the balcony it killed me😂💀

  27. Ada Aroyo

    Ada Aroyo3 時間 前

    Wheres declen

  28. Hannah Dorman

    Hannah Dorman3 時間 前

    Where is your cat?

  29. Isobel Kim Phantomhive

    Isobel Kim Phantomhive3 時間 前

    Emma looks so pretty with her hair in braids!

  30. Jackie LeDoux

    Jackie LeDoux3 時間 前

    Where’s your workout outfit from?!

  31. Sarah Lawrence

    Sarah Lawrence3 時間 前


  32. kelvin agreda

    kelvin agreda3 時間 前

    Call me 438 600 1827 who ever did it ill PayPal em $10

  33. Ashlye & Sarahi

    Ashlye & Sarahi3 時間 前

    So did anyone else get anxiety when Emma put her stool on the couch, thinking it was gonna fall on her while she was in the fort Just me, great 😂😂

  34. Julianna

    Julianna3 時間 前

    wait where’s her cat

  35. Alissa & Sam

    Alissa & Sam3 時間 前


  36. B Geary

    B Geary3 時間 前

    She looked like Miley Cyrus when she flipped the Polaroid off. 😂💀

  37. Alexxx Something

    Alexxx Something3 時間 前

    Bro I got school tomorrow

  38. Rianne Flanagan

    Rianne Flanagan3 時間 前

    You did more in a day than I did all summer

  39. Reese _

    Reese _3 時間 前

    *Sick fork bro* !!!

  40. Ella Barner

    Ella Barner3 時間 前

    15:00 minutes of Emma being weeeeiiiirrrddd 😂

  41. Elaine Kim

    Elaine Kim3 時間 前

    Summer bucket lists have always been a thing doe lmao

  42. Karen Dela Rosa

    Karen Dela Rosa3 時間 前

    Wheres Declan???????

  43. Selina Antigua

    Selina Antigua3 時間 前

    It's literally almost the end of summer lol.

  44. Moa berglin nordling

    Moa berglin nordling3 時間 前

    you are good at drawing! keep doing it!

  45. xxxBri xxx

    xxxBri xxx3 時間 前

    I love how she bit right into that popsicle

  46. ProblematicChiyo

    ProblematicChiyo3 時間 前

    She added peanut butter to her popsicle to “spice up the flavor”

  47. ryan barrett

    ryan barrett3 時間 前

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  48. yellow flower

    yellow flower3 時間 前


  49. matea zoga

    matea zoga3 時間 前

    14:05 i’m crying-

  50. Rachana Surve

    Rachana Surve3 時間 前

    what about your cat??

  51. Fiona Gabron

    Fiona Gabron3 時間 前

    Where’s the cat

  52. Haroon Ahmad

    Haroon Ahmad3 時間 前

    U made me laugh so hard at 14:10 I wonder who it landed on

  53. Lilja Klitø

    Lilja Klitø3 時間 前

    Meanwhile everyone is in school stressing about math and stuff, Emma's summer isn't over yet

  54. Harry Dunn

    Harry Dunn3 時間 前

    Where was Declan the cat

  55. Morgan DeRaad

    Morgan DeRaad3 時間 前

    Why did Emma just try a new coffee shop then the next clip had Philz again

  56. Reanna Cicciarella

    Reanna Cicciarella3 時間 前

    Emma’s videos r getting worse and worse every time

  57. yourstruly laly

    yourstruly laly3 時間 前

    7:45 u sound like jojo siwa Love u tho no hate just saying

  58. Gianna Marie

    Gianna Marie3 時間 前

    Water ballon fight with yourself 🤣🤣

  59. Andiie Tee

    Andiie Tee3 時間 前

    So I’m in LA this week and I went to this vegetarian place called the butchers daughter and it was so good. It’s not relevant to this video but Emma is like vegan I think so ya :)

  60. David Stadler

    David Stadler3 時間 前

    emma: "i'm going to make a colourful bucketlist" also emma: *writes first word in black*

  61. 8 BP Narcos

    8 BP Narcos3 時間 前

    9:19 that’s what I was thinking 😂 😂 😂

  62. Zeke

    Zeke3 時間 前

    When she headbutt the WaterBalloon and fell off the balcony 😂

  63. aznbabyeegurl

    aznbabyeegurl3 時間 前

    The water balloon fight 🤣🤣🤣

  64. Katelyn Vorbau

    Katelyn Vorbau3 時間 前

    Where’s her cat?

  65. Sprousehart

    Sprousehart3 時間 前

    am I the only one that planed so many things for summer,and *didn’t do any of them* ?

  66. Riona MacManus

    Riona MacManus3 時間 前

    Macadamia nuts are my fav👌

  67. Ava Mielcarek

    Ava Mielcarek3 時間 前

    Ur shoulda took poleroids with your cat

  68. Elsa

    Elsa3 時間 前

    Now she owe us a video when she goes hiking, bring friends so you wont die alone.

  69. Madds Seth

    Madds Seth3 時間 前

    is no one wondering were her new cat is? or is it just ne

  70. Mr. Cromwell

    Mr. Cromwell3 時間 前

    This sux

  71. spongebob

    spongebob3 時間 前

    Her hair is so cute in thissssss

  72. •Mathea•

    •Mathea•3 時間 前

    7:46 Why did that remind me of Jojo siwa😂

  73. Jennifer Ramirez

    Jennifer Ramirez3 時間 前

    Emma: u know what i think the best nuts are? Me:eThAn

  74. a random human

    a random human3 時間 前


  75. Miranda c

    Miranda c3 時間 前

    *Whoever reads this you are* *beautiful* *You are beautiful* *You are special* *You are wonderful* *You are loved* *You are a beautiful person* *You will have a good day just pray* *You have a purpose* *If you have a dream follow it* *You are pretty even though I have never met you you are still pretty* *God loves you* 😇 *And you have a bright future* *Never forget this or don't let no* *one tell you different❤😇* *Btw I also make videos :) I would love to hit 15k this year so any support will help💞* *Have a nice day*

  76. Rick Rick

    Rick Rick3 時間 前

    This is the bad content side of JPreporter

  77. ida ebrahimi

    ida ebrahimi3 時間 前

    I’m sad rn cuz the white sad boi hours hoodie is sold out;(

  78. 7malaiLydia

    7malaiLydia3 時間 前

    Hahahah love your videos always!

  79. spongebob

    spongebob3 時間 前

    Ok but why do I love Emma recently 😂 liKe her videos are so much more entertaining and she’s hilarious now.

  80. Molly Cane

    Molly Cane3 時間 前

    Where is the kitty

  81. Jorja Brown

    Jorja Brown3 時間 前

    Why do you literally feel like my grandma, but I'm the same age. LOL