Comedians in Cars Getting Coffee: "Just Tell Him You’re The President” (Season 7, Episode 1)


  1. Olamide Fawole

    Olamide Fawole5 時間 前

    JPreporter letting us know how an American president should behave. 😂

  2. Michael Buchanan

    Michael Buchanan5 時間 前

    Surprised one of the questions wasn’t “Ya like jazz”

  3. Sheldon Priebe

    Sheldon Priebe6 時間 前

    Enemy of the state

  4. jazza0007spy

    jazza0007spy6 時間 前

    Obama ,, best president... trump is just pathetic in comparison

  5. Michael Deleuran

    Michael Deleuran7 時間 前

    This is a real statesman, a real President, a real comedian and super funny relaxed interview. Try to make the same now with Donald. OMG

  6. Alexandria Allen

    Alexandria Allen8 時間 前

    I miss Obama so much 😭😭😭

  7. Joe Weis

    Joe Weis9 時間 前


  8. C Y

    C Y12 時間 前

    Really? Coffee-mate is bad for your health. Even I, a normal citizen don't consume it.

  9. Hartley

    Hartley12 時間 前

    Murder with a smile = Obama

  10. Josh Mora

    Josh Mora13 時間 前


  11. krazed0451

    krazed045113 時間 前

    Only an American would call that car "perfectly proportioned", goodness it's ugly!


    BRIAN SAXTON14 時間 前

    I miss Mr Obama damn good commander in chief

  13. Chuck Itall

    Chuck Itall14 時間 前

    War criminal in car's is so "funny"

  14. BigFacts BigStacks

    BigFacts BigStacks15 時間 前

    I got to pet his dog, a truly surreal moment.

  15. Bobby King

    Bobby King17 時間 前

    Snoop need to smoke with Obama

  16. Phil O'Brien

    Phil O'Brien18 時間 前

    Obama would make a great comedic actor

  17. Greatpumpkin Patch

    Greatpumpkin Patch18 時間 前

    Big Mike's got low grade depression. call ellen degenerate and get some 12,000 throw pillows. Twisted &^%$ing perverts. Drain the swamp MASSRESISTANCE.ORG

  18. mich torrie

    mich torrie19 時間 前

    half breed socialist pig of a president

  19. Greatpumpkin Patch

    Greatpumpkin Patch19 時間 前


  20. Greatpumpkin Patch

    Greatpumpkin Patch19 時間 前

    Click here for real science

  21. PutinTrump2020 X

    PutinTrump2020 X20 時間 前

    America laughs with Obama while laughing at Trump

  22. Dominic Silva

    Dominic Silva20 時間 前

    From a Spanish American I just want to say FUCK YOU OBAMA!!!

  23. dan thePancakeMan

    dan thePancakeMan21 時間 前


  24. Dani Molina

    Dani Molina21 時間 前

    "My poll numbers will go down if you did harm to Jerry Seinfeld" is among the greatest quotes to come out of a President.

  25. jay bay

    jay bay21 時間 前

    Anonymity weird word to use? The way they filmed this is just weird I can't explain it

  26. vena309

    vena30921 時間 前

    Oh how much I miss having a classy President as Obama vs what we're given today. America went from a Porsche to a Ford!

  27. legendhasitstudio

    legendhasitstudio21 時間 前


  28. Rando'thol

    Rando'thol21 時間 前

    An interesting video

  29. Mark Muster

    Mark Muster21 時間 前

    "I beleve in shaving bevore the workout, cause thats how i do it" rofl. 😆 cool stuff

  30. Carol Ann Thornton

    Carol Ann Thornton21 時間 前

    Barack is the most UNCOOL creep EVER!! l love this show, but can't abide this destroyer marxist chump.

  31. Belinda Miller

    Belinda Miller22 時間 前

    The President of the United States and Jerry Seinfeld. Omg! How nice to be able to say that!

  32. Midi

    Midi22 時間 前

    Nobel price 🙈🙈. For what ..!!! Not natural

  33. Cygno Generati

    Cygno Generati22 時間 前

    Wow, it just hit me reaaaal hard what kind of an idiot is occupying that place now

  34. Irish Diva Jeffries

    Irish Diva Jeffries22 時間 前

    God, I miss this man!

  35. Jean Clayton

    Jean Clayton22 時間 前

    Its crazy seeing this and knowing now these two are kind liking kind....Pedovores in plain sight and yes your right two two clowns in the worlds horror show.




  37. Richard Drolet

    Richard Drolet日 前

    This says it all.....Trump has to go..period.

  38. D L Malley

    D L Malley日 前

    So COOL 😎 😍

  39. Richard Drolet

    Richard Drolet日 前

    Jerry.....your did you ever pulled this the way...the car....oooh la la nice 63 vintage classic bro.

  40. Michael Johnston

    Michael Johnston日 前

    Of all the world leaders alive Mr Obama is the person I would most like to sit down and have a coffee with. What a great guy!

  41. Jacqueline Waiariki

    Jacqueline Waiariki日 前

    This is Classic.. Beautiful sir you're a champ.. Being real is the best thing in the WORLD.. I'M LOVING IT🇺🇸😎👍🏿✊🏿

  42. D L Malley

    D L Malley日 前

    Observation: Unlike Trump, Obama READS A LOT . Not wasting time on just watching TV and Tweeting . INTEGRITY MATTERS

  43. JF R

    JF R日 前

    Did you notice, NOBODY bothers with Trump on a personal level like this?

  44. Lauren Hallowell

    Lauren Hallowell日 前

    “He’s coming up through the bushes. Don’t shoot” 😂

  45. The Pict

    The Pict日 前

    Does anyone other than me think Obama swaggered about high on his own arrogance. And he had a way about him, akin to a drunken drag queen that played to same appreciative audience at a Spanish Island holiday resort. All the same idiosyncrasies without much substance and the same content night after night. The worst USA president ever , the most obvious marionette of the deep state. A president who involved the USA in more wars than any president ever and yet two moths after entering the white house was awarded the Nobel Peace prize, lol . How the fuck does that happen? Oh and by the way this guy is no comedian, any comedian that is so far up a presidents arse that they cant see the sunshine is an imposter to comedy.

  46. TheSimsCommunity

    TheSimsCommunity日 前

    Obama should make like a series of his journey into presidential adventures 😅🤩

  47. Samenta Thorne

    Samenta Thorne日 前

    Imagine trying to forget the president we have now and take a stroll down a calm nostalgia only to be assaulted with his re-election ads 😫

  48. sagbrukje

    sagbrukje日 前

    Obama back, all others have personal agenda.....

  49. Buckaroo Bonzai

    Buckaroo Bonzai日 前

    Trump would be more interesting to talk to for sure and a lot funnier.

  50. Henri Maire

    Henri Maire日 前

    Yeah Barack Obama is a comedian indeed, not a president. Thanks Jerry for having made the point.

  51. Gregory McKenna

    Gregory McKenna日 前

    Hands down the best president ever! The world needs more people like the whole Obama family.

  52. Kris Watson

    Kris Watson日 前


  53. Frosty Arnie

    Frosty Arnie日 前

    Trump doesn’t even have 1% of Mr Obama’s intelligence and charisma.

  54. Leina D

    Leina D日 前

    And Trump worked in shows and movies. How?! 😬🙄 not fair

  55. Shannon Phillips

    Shannon Phillips日 前

    The contrast between Obama (smart) and Trump (moron) really becomes starkly obvious when you watch this. Because I forgot what a real president is like.

  56. Cat Knight

    Cat Knight日 前

    back in the good ol' days... this is so cool.

  57. Guy Person

    Guy Person日 前

    “OMG I miss him so much” let’s be honest we realistically haven’t had a good president in a while.

  58. Sharon Wilson

    Sharon Wilson日 前

    Love this!!! Very funny!!!

  59. Seven Nguyen

    Seven Nguyen日 前

    Coward of a president. So shameful!


    AHM WORLD日 前

    The best president with the best personality in America's history 🖤🙏🏼

  61. Dina Alvarez

    Dina Alvarez15 時間 前


  62. Clint Collins

    Clint Collins日 前

    Man - I miss President Obama so much!