Comedians in Cars Getting Coffee: "Just Tell Him You’re The President” (Season 7, Episode 1)


  1. Becky Caughel

    Becky Caughel12 分 前

    Well that was very fun I never knew that he did anything like that

  2. Gopala Medapuram

    Gopala Medapuram46 分 前

    Watching this .. just 1/2 day ( 12.30 am 20th ) before ceremony .... weird feeling .. what this guy with Jerry , what this guy leaving with 4 years of weirdness .. can’t comprehend.. funny times

  3. New Guy

    New Guy時間 前

    LOL this video was demonized.

  4. richardnixonpog

    richardnixonpog3 時間 前


  5. A B

    A B7 時間 前

    When jerry ate the apple😂😂😂😂😂yo this shit funny as hell

  6. A B

    A B7 時間 前

    😂😂😂😂😂yo this shit is hilarious

  7. Marilyn McGhie

    Marilyn McGhie9 時間 前

    Still cool, seeing this the second time!

  8. hollybush cradley heath Original performance 16plus

    hollybush cradley heath Original performance 16plus13 時間 前

    so boring

  9. SlaveToTheBeard

    SlaveToTheBeard15 時間 前

    I thought for sure it was gonna be a fake apple

  10. Azeshib Jan

    Azeshib Jan16 時間 前

    If Obama ran for president a 3rd time. He would win a landslide. Like 80 percent of all votes

  11. RaiRaiBrown

    RaiRaiBrown16 時間 前

    Obama always made me feel at ease. From his beautiful smile, to his charm, and charisma. I would recommend he do the job again if I could.

  12. Bradley’s gunna need a bagels Me

    Bradley’s gunna need a bagels Me16 時間 前

    *goes to play golf during a pandemic* one thing Obama would never do

  13. RaiRaiBrown

    RaiRaiBrown17 時間 前

    It's kinda scary when you think that as a president you can't just go out with a friend and get some coffee.

  14. Isaac Hebert

    Isaac Hebert18 時間 前

    This is not about about who the man in the passengers seat used to be but about them having fun. I won't share my opinion about him but it was funny to watch

  15. Benjamin Gottlieb

    Benjamin Gottlieb日 前

    lol this made my evening. love em both

  16. Idahlial l1 Blanchfield

    Idahlial l1 Blanchfield日 前

    Awesome love this I was smiling all the way.

  17. Djfrankenstein

    Djfrankenstein日 前

    I feel like we need a associate president or something that is like a figurehead for diplomacy. Someone who can advise the President and also can be good with the people. Someone not focused on the specific administration but just focused on the office, the country, and the world itself.

  18. markus urschel

    markus urschel日 前

    Loved him as a us president Not like trump

  19. Eric the Red

    Eric the Red日 前

    Jerry Seinfeld is one of the few people that can say Obama drove him around while president. Due secret service requirements presidents (and VP's) do not drive a vehicle on the open road once elected.

  20. You Tube

    You Tube日 前

    I love Obama. He is awesome

  21. jason lin

    jason lin日 前

    The smiling peen intrestingly reply because flesh collectively type on a nifty alphabet. voracious, aware headlight

  22. Imanni Acosta

    Imanni Acosta日 前

    Give him some respect use the non presidential garbage don’t leave your bitten apple in his office

  23. In4mous 1

    In4mous 1日 前

    This have to be the coolest thing ever in presidential history

  24. K. Rose B

    K. Rose B日 前

    I have never watched this show. I really enjoyed this episode. 😊

  25. matsuyamarockers

    matsuyamarockers日 前

    Fuck Barack Obama

  26. Rocket Pliance

    Rocket Pliance日 前

    When do the comedians get into the car?

  27. Bryan Ekers

    Bryan Ekers日 前

    Darrell is such a buzzkill.

  28. Ptyty

    Ptyty日 前

    I love Obama he is a grown up man compare to Tantrum baby, what we had missed

  29. kylee beeton

    kylee beeton日 前

    ❤ Barack Obama rocks

  30. Victor Celna

    Victor Celna日 前

    Watching the Whitehouse unfold before the camera was awe inspiring. Then it dawned on me that these last four years it has been desecrated, and now is being plundered of its treasures by the present trash. Like watching on TV the Taliban smashing and blowing up history in Afganistan.

  31. Bobby Yeo

    Bobby Yeo2 日 前

    is that the guy from bee movie

  32. zglass920

    zglass9202 日 前

    He said hoopla I’m crying

  33. Greg Parks

    Greg Parks2 日 前

    “And that’s why I do it and I don’t really need a reason”. #priceless

  34. David Slocum

    David Slocum2 日 前

    Lol,classic."your a comedian with the president going no where." 👍😂

  35. MARKA Peterson

    MARKA Peterson2 日 前

    Oh man! President Obama driving the car, beautiful.

  36. Mark Techau

    Mark Techau2 日 前

    Coolest pres ever !!😊 Laurie Techau not Mark😉

  37. Kundo Kun

    Kundo Kun2 日 前

    “My other car is a 5 ton. bulletproof limousine”

  38. Sans Choas

    Sans Choas2 日 前

    That Tv dude question is not funny at all, make me sick to my stomach! How in earth he call him self comedian ! What the hell

  39. Sans Choas

    Sans Choas2 日 前

    He consider as president who achieved nothing! Made health insurance skyrocketed and profits all bank owner ! And made more people homeless and poor! He and Trump consider worse two president

  40. Richard Wind

    Richard Wind2 日 前

  41. Thordur Hognason

    Thordur Hognason2 日 前

    This car looks like it’s European ,one of few American car I would own

  42. barakodad 4fun

    barakodad 4fun2 日 前

    They're trying to make this look fun, and Barack is definitely cool, but isn't Jerry Seinfeld widely known as an asshole? I mean, it spoils the supposed random vibe of the show.

  43. Jack Bell

    Jack Bell2 日 前

    Child eater

  44. Paul Keogh

    Paul Keogh2 日 前

    A Paddy Wagon would’ve been more appropriate.

  45. Ricky Thou

    Ricky Thou2 日 前

    The worst President in history 🤮🤮🤮 This man a wolf in sheep’s clothing 👹👹👹

  46. SuperOOD

    SuperOOD2 日 前

    Jerry should have asked him about that IRS scandal! Obama lied to the American people.

  47. Roxima

    Roxima日 前

    This is why nobody invites you to any events, keyboard warrior.

  48. Alyssa Nautica

    Alyssa Nautica3 日 前

    I cry not even deep into the video - even the beginning feels like the America illusion at least in a prettier format.😭

  49. David Massey

    David Massey3 日 前

    This is evidence political correctness, cancel culture and critical race theory ruined everything. This should be deleted we do not want people thinking there ever was a good time in life.

  50. Maggie S

    Maggie S3 日 前

    This was just plain fun !!! 🤣🤣🤣

  51. Keabetswe Ranthako

    Keabetswe Ranthako3 日 前


  52. Reginald Torian

    Reginald Torian3 日 前

    "Just a lil gin I take mid day!" 'Obama

  53. Eli

    Eli3 日 前

    Politics aside, this was extremely boring and not funny. I had high expectations. That falls on Jerry this since he’s the comedian

  54. David Lee Williams

    David Lee Williams3 日 前

    Absolutely brilliant. Very funny😂

  55. Charlie OBrien

    Charlie OBrien3 日 前

    One of the best episodes ever. The opening bit where Jerry comes to the window and then acts bored while Obama finishes work is hilarious. Also it's funny how their self referential humor is so alike. "That's the way I do it and I don't need a reason" sounds like something either Jerry or Barack would say.

  56. Brennan Eid

    Brennan Eid3 日 前

    Such corruption being hidden by videos like this.

  57. Zach Sayers

    Zach Sayers日 前


  58. Alex De Armas

    Alex De Armas3 日 前

    Fuck Obama!

  59. MrGameMeister

    MrGameMeister3 日 前

    So I guess in terms of hierarchy it’s the speaker, Vice President, the president, and then Daryl...

  60. The Business Harper

    The Business Harper3 日 前

    Obama is just so effortlessly cool I can’t believe we went from him to Trump.

  61. Murphy Sczublewski

    Murphy Sczublewski3 日 前


  62. Rob The great

    Rob The great4 日 前

    I love you my President Obama God bless you and may he keep you safe always the whole world loves you Mr President

  63. jeremy stewert

    jeremy stewert4 日 前

    Now go visit Trump before he has the White House demolished to make room for a 7/11 and a hotel. I wouldn’t blame him if he did, the property value is going to go to shit after Harris and her Vice President Biden move into office. As of today gas is over $2.00 a gallon, it’s only going to go up from there.

  64. Ayy it’s Jon

    Ayy it’s Jon4 日 前

    12:46 when Obama nuts on him

  65. ErazoYTOfficial

    ErazoYTOfficial4 日 前

    I don't care about what he did as President. I love him for the memes.

  66. Syed Javed Ahmad

    Syed Javed Ahmad4 日 前

    One time, Sienldfeld disrespected , rediculed, a waiter in a restaurant. Sienldfeld is rude, arrogant, stupid idiot, jerk, God will bring him down. After that I stopped watching the show. Down with Jerk. 👎👎👎👎

  67. Charlie OBrien

    Charlie OBrien3 日 前

    and yet here you are.....puzzling.

  68. Opey Tailor

    Opey Tailor4 日 前

    I love the generic brand oreos in the White House cafe

  69. danny phantom

    danny phantom4 日 前

    Biden is president and I’m seeing this now🤦🏽‍♂️

  70. Porn Balls

    Porn Balls5 日 前

    i miss "007" , therefore we going to kick some ass.

  71. Mike Holstein

    Mike Holstein5 日 前

    He wasn’t a comedian, but he was a joke. So I guess it works....🤷🏼‍♂️

  72. A Chavanarorkrat

    A Chavanarorkrat5 日 前

    Obama: I made a call

  73. Teresa Ly

    Teresa Ly5 日 前

    Dude the best president in the best car

  74. Respect the Spec

    Respect the Spec5 日 前


  75. Lamb God

    Lamb God5 日 前

    I love Preseident Obama, such a nice charismatic guy😂

  76. Nurturing2

    Nurturing25 日 前

    I love that man❣️ He renewed my faith in humanity. Barack & Michelle are a total class act!!! Thank you for making a difference and making us proud!!! With love & gratitude. ❤️💕



    President Obama is the coolest President ever

  78. Masato Indou

    Masato Indou6 日 前

    Miss this type of president, no crazy scandals, just random fun stuff like this :)

  79. Masato Indou

    Masato Indou2 日 前

    @Chewie 13 hmm... am i gonna need a tin foil hat and some mushrooms to get all the facts that lead to those Hogwarts style trains of thought?

  80. Chewie 13

    Chewie 132 日 前

    There are plenty of scandals. Tax money to Iran like a thief in the night, Bath house Barry 1999 in Chicago -types of Rev Wright, he ok'ed late term abortion, and killed free market education. He is still cool and has a strong command of the english language.

  81. Kevin Compton

    Kevin Compton6 日 前

    All I see are traitors to the republic!

  82. Charlie OBrien

    Charlie OBrien3 日 前

    You must have missed the magats at the Capital.

  83. Woke Meta

    Woke Meta6 日 前

    It was nice and funny until they started trashing bush just cause they assume only democrats would wanna watch this. We like funny shit too ok

  84. Barney Rubble

    Barney Rubble6 日 前

    Funnily enough they were both ' flying low' ....tut tut

  85. Annywind

    Annywind6 日 前

    Such a great show!

  86. L L

    L L6 日 前

    I miss this man. Greatest president in my time ever!! An example of a good family man with an awesome first lady by his side, who cared how important his position was. Mrs. Obama was really out there making a difference and doing good out there with the public kind of work on her own and they had two little girls to raise through all that. Classy decent humble people.

  87. TS 00

    TS 006 日 前

    "Because that's how I do it and I don't really need a reason." That's why he is the President.🤣✌🏾

  88. Dm Deli

    Dm Deli7 日 前

    Two nigga's

  89. DevilG

    DevilG7 日 前

    18:06 Guard: Now that is one cool president 😌

  90. Xe Essex

    Xe Essex7 日 前

    Only a jew can sit infront of a president like that.

  91. Steven Thury

    Steven Thury7 日 前

    What a bunch of useless babble. Sums up Obama quite well.

  92. Gloria Rebelato Lavoie

    Gloria Rebelato Lavoie7 日 前

    I just loved this video! They enjoyed their encounter 💕

  93. kaudogg

    kaudogg7 日 前

    Spoiler alert.......Daryll is really in charge of the country

  94. bibicha bibicha

    bibicha bibicha7 日 前

    Coming from the future 12th January 2020.. Obama's just described trump's actual madness = Power toxicity. Period

  95. China Crypto

    China Crypto7 日 前

    this man is a traitor to America, the CCP’s got pictures of him finger blasting 10 year old girls. Wake up people.

  96. Krtz07

    Krtz077 日 前

    Hard to believe this was only five years ago

  97. Z Hany Z Osman

    Z Hany Z Osman7 日 前

    Amazing president! he's missed

  98. Devilfish303

    Devilfish3038 日 前

    As much as I hate Jerry, Obama is so cool that he made me like him.

  99. carizbiz

    carizbiz8 日 前

    He talks about having grey and blue suits (10:50), but he has one tan suit also, doesnt he :D

  100. James Waters

    James Waters8 日 前

    Privilege is toxic

  101. Harley Brignall

    Harley Brignall8 日 前

    A country Squire wagon is still a pretty fucking sick car

  102. Travis Clower

    Travis Clower9 日 前

    Obama: You’ve made a lot of money Seinfeld: So much more than you.

  103. Andrew Dressler

    Andrew Dressler9 日 前

    Obama is trash

  104. Andrew Dressler

    Andrew Dressler6 日 前

    @Shane Smith maybe its not about comparison. Its possible 2 presidents are trash. But Obama is a sheer trash deep state puppet.

  105. Shane Smith

    Shane Smith6 日 前

    Way better than Trump

  106. tomika vinson

    tomika vinson9 日 前

    This was great

  107. Philip Bagnall

    Philip Bagnall9 日 前

    12:32 Obama for the new season of Curb? 😂

  108. Carl-Johan Wulf

    Carl-Johan Wulf9 日 前

    This is a great interview! Love how open Obama is