Collecting The Dead: Part 1 - Escape the Night S4 (Ep 1)


  1. Joey Graceffa

    Joey Graceffaヶ月 前

    OMG YOU GUYS SEASON 4 IS FINALLY HERE! 🎉 Who are you rooting for?! Episode 2 is NOW available with a JPreporter Premium subscription! ❤️ Make sure to give it a big thumbs up!

  2. OLIVIA Gauthier

    OLIVIA Gauthier7 日 前

    I'm voting for you or Colleen

  3. Norman Albert Ramones

    Norman Albert Ramones16 日 前


  4. james loney

    james loney16 日 前


  5. james loney

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  6. Wolf

    Wolfヶ月 前


  7. Christina Walker

    Christina Walker10 時間 前

    I've never seen anyone more flat than tana at 8:24 holy cow

  8. John Lim

    John Lim10 時間 前

    please bring Mirada Sings

  9. shook_bLoSsOm

    shook_bLoSsOm11 時間 前

    At 26:37 Guards: What do you command? Timmothy: hAvE tHeM dAb.

  10. Shine17bright

    Shine17bright12 時間 前

    *Gabby was just a sass! Not hating ok just sayin!*

  11. Jazzy 4life._.

    Jazzy 4life._.14 時間 前

    Waiting for more free episodes!!!!!❤️❤️❤️❤️💕💕

  12. ♡иєяυρι¢σяи🦄

    ♡иєяυρι¢σяи🦄14 時間 前

    I came here for Bretman 💁🏽

  13. Emily D

    Emily D14 時間 前

    joey still sassy as ever

  14. Emily D

    Emily D14 時間 前


  15. Kevin Reads

    Kevin Reads15 時間 前

    assjklfkd Rosanna next to Destorm bouncing and clapping her hands 29:59

  16. Suga Queen

    Suga Queen16 時間 前

    Ro I miss you i I hope ro stay alive

  17. Sachihiro

    Sachihiro16 時間 前

    “Staring at me with his little beady eyes.” Im wheezing 😂

  18. Skÿ Wøłfïę

    Skÿ Wøłfïę16 時間 前


  19. Lillian Niver

    Lillian Niver16 時間 前

    Bretman: Nikita said there would be cute boys Gabbie :Where? 😂

  20. Pollo Loco

    Pollo Loco16 時間 前


  21. Hannah Wozencroft

    Hannah Wozencroft17 時間 前

    *mAyBe wE aRe iN hEaVeN*

  22. Mary Anne T.

    Mary Anne T.17 時間 前

    Gabby: So are you on our team now...? Sorceress: Yes. For now. Tana: So WhY aRe YoU sO piSsY aBoUt iT?

  23. Thao The Gamer - Roblox And More!

    Thao The Gamer - Roblox And More!17 時間 前

    When Alex fought the guard, I was like DAYUM ALEX GOT THE SKILLS

  24. Noahs noah fan oh no no

    Noahs noah fan oh no no18 時間 前

    Mannys back!!!!!!! 😀😀😀😀😀😀😀😀😀😀😀😊😊😊😊😊😊😊😊😍😍😍😍😍❤❤❤❤

  25. Noahs noah fan oh no no

    Noahs noah fan oh no no18 時間 前

    When i watched nakita shoot manny i was like😠😠😠😠😠😠😠😠😠😠😠😭😭😭😭😭

  26. Elias OSMAN

    Elias OSMAN18 時間 前

    Thx for season 4 Like if u loved this vid!👇

  27. Evan Bernal

    Evan Bernal19 時間 前

    5:52 glass scene

  28. Tiffany Hyter

    Tiffany Hyter20 時間 前

    ya'll do to much

  29. Tiffany Hyter

    Tiffany Hyter19 時間 前

    but i love to watch

  30. Tiffany Hyter

    Tiffany Hyter20 時間 前

    but i love to wach

  31. Jeffery258

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  32. Xx Alquen xX

    Xx Alquen xX22 時間 前

    I just want it to be free ;w;

  33. Beatiful Mum

    Beatiful Mum22 時間 前

    Allmost all of my fav youtubers/viners are in here!!

  34. Rizzo 260

    Rizzo 26022 時間 前

    Mat you better shut down this hole evil thing with theory power if you’re still in this ...I am literally about 2 mins in this so IDK

  35. Uniquely Nathalie

    Uniquely Nathalie22 時間 前

    When will the other one come to be free cause I watch all 3series just to not to be able to watch the 4th one due to premium ughh the reason why I watch the others to get a better understanding so when bretman comes on and I can’t even see it ... so when will I be able ??

  36. ruby2004 Alharbi

    ruby2004 Alharbi23 時間 前

    I only came for bretman periodt

  37. Kinzie —

    Kinzie —日 前

    *Bretman : I was like peaches, and he mario*

  38. DiversiónConEsme

    DiversiónConEsme日 前

    😂 bretman Had me dead at 9:34-9:36😂 *THERE SO CUTE* and their there enemys in THE episode 😂

  39. DiversiónConEsme

    DiversiónConEsme日 前

    *i'm Just Here for bretman Rock*

  40. thebabyhazel

    thebabyhazel日 前

    I feel like Tana would be me if i was in this situation lol

  41. Σωκράτης Κορδάς

    Σωκράτης Κορδάς日 前

    Joey can you please make all episodes free? Because I realy want to see season 4 and you now (I cant wait 😅).

  42. Melba Arda

    Melba Arda日 前

    Mortimer - 1stAve.

  43. Melba Arda

    Melba Arda日 前

    Mortal Kombat

  44. toek mengheang

    toek mengheang日 前

    Do u guys have any other movies other than escape the night

  45. It‘s EASY PEASY

    It‘s EASY PEASY日 前

    Shawn Dawson💞💞💞 Omg Nikita and Bretman😂😂😂

  46. Honey_ Luv

    Honey_ Luv日 前

    Omg thx for giving us s4

  47. Helen Bosward

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  48. Andrea Molina

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  49. Jr cool Jr cool cuphead

    Jr cool Jr cool cuphead日 前

    Go go Alex if you did i 😭😭😭😭

  50. Jina Sosa

    Jina Sosa日 前

    let me watch it I can't buy prenimuim or free month

  51. Kayla Harper

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  52. Abdul Majid

    Abdul Majid日 前

    When I first watched this episode it was not even premiered since when it was premiered?

  53. Tui-Mariana Chadwick

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  54. BlueGloop

    BlueGloop日 前

    Where's Manny? He died too (He probably busy but I want a explanation, kinda like a theory)

  55. Allie Blanchard

    Allie Blanchard日 前

    So why are you so pissy about it???

  56. Idk Lolll

    Idk Lolll日 前

    Joey always wanna act like he saving someone or something when he’s really saving himself 😂

  57. YoutubeFeed

    YoutubeFeed日 前

    bretman =)

  58. edawghizzle 1.0

    edawghizzle 1.0日 前

    Colleen dies first I'll riot

  59. z m

    z m日 前

    I hope GABBY DIES

  60. Shizrehs Life

    Shizrehs Life日 前

    Where do I watch this

  61. Teagan Tvyu

    Teagan Tvyu日 前

    Joey: These are the collectors guards! Bretman: There so cute!

  62. Kermit Thick

    Kermit Thick日 前

    Masquerade of the dead.

  63. Kermit Thick

    Kermit Thick日 前


  64. Yuriko Himito

    Yuriko Himito日 前

    I forgot that these are youtubers, I mean it's really good. Like I'm watching a scripted reality show, but better.

  65. MyCute TeddyBear

    MyCute TeddyBear日 前

    I saw many youtubers

  66. TheCartoonGuy !

    TheCartoonGuy !日 前

    I love how bretman just focuses on Alex


    Myaee.world日 前

    Ro and Alex and Bretman


    Myaee.world日 前

    Omg Alex back

  69. fero x arbenita

    fero x arbenita日 前

    Why can they bring liza backkkkkk

  70. Rodris27 7

    Rodris27 7日 前

    When they were in the glass cases they moved a little

  71. Brock903

    Brock903日 前

    If I was in this I would give everyone so many excuses that i can't do the challenge because I'm young

  72. MoreDope-_-Soilder

    MoreDope-_-Soilder日 前

    Joey killed all these biches >:I

  73. matthew trinidad

    matthew trinidad日 前

    Nikita looks like baby doll from sucker punch

  74. charleston humilde

    charleston humilde日 前

    I know season 2, 3, and 4's symbols, but i dont know season 1 Will you help guys?

  75. Ryzel Raina

    Ryzel Raina日 前

    rosanna looks so small next to destorm lol

  76. Ryzel Raina

    Ryzel Raina日 前

    "we're all gonna turn to dust" got me like.... Thanos shnapped

  77. Theresa Stroup

    Theresa Stroup日 前


  78. Fatusha Jalo

    Fatusha Jalo2 日 前

    Bateman and Alex live

  79. SimplyMJ

    SimplyMJ2 日 前

    Bretmann brought me here.

  80. Andrea Alba

    Andrea Alba2 日 前

    who remembers when every single ETN free?

  81. Devina De Noel

    Devina De Noel2 日 前

    i dont like it when we have to pay for thw episodes

  82. This is me YT

    This is me YT2 日 前

    I really think glozell was revied cause she died last and there was for artifacts from season 1!?!?!

  83. JoweyIs my best frend

    JoweyIs my best frend2 日 前

    Giv joy a cahns pliss

  84. leen

    leen2 日 前

    Im sad the fact that i can't watch ep2 because it's not available in my country hm..i live in Malaysia and i really love escape the night but sadly can't watch the full series

  85. 1979niall

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  86. Tokai Mohd

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  87. Paul Confer

    Paul Confer2 日 前

    Ware's roi wasabi