The Museum of Death Part 1 - Escape the Night S4 (Ep 1)


  1. Joey Graceffa

    Joey Graceffa年 前

    OMG YOU GUYS SEASON 4 IS FINALLY HERE! 🎉 Who are you rooting for?! Episode 2 is NOW available with a JPreporter Premium subscription! ❤️ Make sure to give it a big thumbs up!

  2. Lily

    Lily24 日 前

    tanaaaa :)

  3. Kelly Evans

    Kelly Evansヶ月 前

    COLLEN STILL ALIVE Pls read this Joey

  4. Tae’s Tannie

    Tae’s Tannieヶ月 前

    Ro and tana

  5. Liam McDermott

    Liam McDermott2 ヶ月 前

    Bretman and tana



    Joey Graceffa yes

  7. Pinkish

    Pinkish7 時間 前

    Nobody: Not a single soul: Not even Bretman: Alex: *hAVE thEM DaB*

  8. Niyahh Boredd

    Niyahh Boredd7 時間 前

    i’m so happyyyyyy i get to watch it for free

  9. Fakeze swaze

    Fakeze swaze10 時間 前

    bitce nikita dragin i cant see her

  10. Timeless Classic

    Timeless Classic15 時間 前

    Liza needs a Acting career

  11. Gacha_Emely is Mexican XD

    Gacha_Emely is Mexican XD16 時間 前

    I don't know if you guys heard but bretmen literally said "omg their so cute" to the dam guards like im shoocketh

  12. LoveliiezCozy

    LoveliiezCozy17 時間 前

    Nobody: No one: Literally nobody and no one: Tim: Prolly

  13. Wolfania

    Wolfania17 時間 前

    11:32 HAHAHAHAHA

  14. Wolfania

    Wolfania17 時間 前

    *Everyone that hoped for Ro and Mat to be reunited* HELL YES!!

  15. Zynyah Burnett

    Zynyah Burnett日 前

    Everybody willing to do the chant destine (I think): we do some kumbaya stuff I sin about that life

  16. Hannah Huza

    Hannah Huza日 前

    no one: some one: make them dab

  17. Veggie Turtle

    Veggie Turtle日 前

    Why destorm I hope he dies forever

  18. _naymah_ rahman

    _naymah_ rahman2 日 前

    When you punch someone in the hurts! A LOT!😀

  19. Col 105

    Col 1052 日 前

    Whose here rewatching it in August

  20. Spillz

    Spillz2 日 前

    Guard: ok ima just take 1 step Alex: so you have chosen death.

  21. KyulLey 3w3

    KyulLey 3w32 日 前

    Soo no one's gonna talk about the collector looking like Okoye?

  22. BitchChannel XD

    BitchChannel XD2 日 前

    Nooo Liza died at the start... My fav Yt 😭😭😭

  23. DepressedAoi

    DepressedAoi2 日 前

    The fact that Liza wouldve been in the cast just makes me mad

  24. SandStorm XII

    SandStorm XII2 日 前


  25. Sam Da Potato

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  26. Logan Nix

    Logan Nix3 日 前

    They needed to put Ava in the cast

  27. AFSS 9

    AFSS 93 日 前

    matty patty? what are you doing matty patty

  28. maurits visser

    maurits visser3 日 前

    Omg dying for bretman😂😂😂

  29. JoLlIe BeE

    JoLlIe BeE3 日 前

    Gabbie Hana got cancelled twice before she really got CANCELLED

  30. Juan Solorzano

    Juan Solorzano3 日 前

    Teehee watching it for free. Sorry if you bought it 😁. Also I’m still sad Liza wasn’t in this

  31. Hector Garcia

    Hector Garcia3 日 前

    Were tana

  32. Gracie Riley

    Gracie Riley4 日 前

    Lizas my fave and shes dead already

  33. Emilio Martinez

    Emilio Martinez4 日 前

    27:09 let's find some food oh I got some breast milk 😂

  34. Luisa Furtado

    Luisa Furtado4 日 前

    Forgot about lauren

  35. Mindy Hauber

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  36. M I S T Y

    M I S T Y4 日 前

    If it wasn't Liza breaking out of the Life Crystal then she woudl've survive with joey. (even tho she did but with a soul) And to replace her but who? In my prediction Liza would obviously survive with joey but the ending will still be the same. Maybe at s5 liza will appear?

  37. Rachel Wallace

    Rachel Wallace4 日 前

    I didnt know yall were such great actors

  38. S̷i̷n̷s̷ A̷T̷T̷A̷C̷K̷

    S̷i̷n̷s̷ A̷T̷T̷A̷C̷K̷4 日 前

    Biss u brought a katana there why didnt u use it

  39. K A S H

    K A S H4 日 前

    "I thought you died with vine?" 😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂

  40. chloeisnotcreative

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  41. Eve Burke

    Eve Burke5 日 前

    MatPat “ I did cancel my live stream for this”

  42. Aʅҽx

    Aʅҽx5 日 前

    Kikita and Bretman are legit The Whole movie🥰

  43. Aza Belle azainthestars

    Aza Belle azainthestars5 日 前

    Here for Bretman 🤣🤙

  44. Zevelsuren Zegmed

    Zevelsuren Zegmed5 日 前

    Can you guys please do a season 5 season 5 can maybe a hmmmm... a haunted fairytale if not maybe one of the episodes

  45. gumdrxpz

    gumdrxpz5 日 前

    Was the deaths real or-

  46. 屁evelyn

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  47. Katherine Rivera

    Katherine Rivera5 日 前

    Maybe next season 5 can be about that all of them come back to life and ro can live because she's so sweeet?

  48. Hi

    Hi5 日 前

    “ joey killed all these bitches... and I was like... am I next?” -Bretman Rock 2019

  49. Hi

    Hi5 日 前

    “I thought you died with vine” THAT GOT ME GOOD 😂

  50. Lost Wolf

    Lost Wolf6 日 前

    Sorcerer: Follow me Tim: *I always know to not trust random white women*

  51. Wolfie Gaming

    Wolfie Gaming6 日 前

    Rest in macaroni

  52. Chantal Noordeloos

    Chantal Noordeloos6 日 前

    I love the beginning of this one. Love the idea of saving all the ones that were lost. Great setting too. I am really enjoying this series.

  53. Kawaii Cat Potato

    Kawaii Cat Potato6 日 前

    9:40 “maybe we are in heaven” Alex starts throwing punches 😂😅

  54. Kawaii Cat Potato

    Kawaii Cat Potato6 日 前

    9:05 “where?” 🤣🤣🤣

  55. Kawaii Cat Potato

    Kawaii Cat Potato6 日 前

    8:10 yep the people you murdered would want to give you kisses and hugs 😐😂

  56. fire Flame

    fire Flame6 日 前

    Can you make a session 5

  57. Addicted To YouTube

    Addicted To YouTube6 日 前

    Ngl it was the best thing ever seeing Alex Wassabi throw a punch

  58. Addicted To YouTube

    Addicted To YouTube6 日 前

    “I did cancel my live stream for this” The most youtuber thing I’ve ever heard

  59. Keith Ottaway

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  60. Keith Ottaway

    Keith Ottaway7 日 前

    I’m confused

  61. GamerGirlUnicorn197

    GamerGirlUnicorn1977 日 前

    One of my favourite parts was when mat was like “I cancelled my live stream for this” like girl 🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣

  62. dfxcgvhbj rdxfcgvhbjn

    dfxcgvhbj rdxfcgvhbjn7 日 前

    why they say it like that they said [i GoT a StIcK] [ i GoT a bOx]

  63. Hunter X Gaming

    Hunter X Gaming7 日 前


  64. LuciusNoscoper1

    LuciusNoscoper17 日 前

    “But somehow since I died I got married and had a baby” lmao that’s hilarious

  65. Nameless_GonER •

    Nameless_GonER •7 日 前

    Omg Alex Boi I love you 👌 I've never watched nor seen your channel but boi you smart uwu

  66. _.em_ _

    _.em_ _7 日 前

    Bretman cracks me uppppp

  67. Isabella Juarez - CHE Student

    Isabella Juarez - CHE Student8 日 前

    Bremen called rosanna a B word I was about to throw some hands

  68. Arditya Rizky Maulanaputra

    Arditya Rizky Maulanaputra8 日 前

    2:41 u aint quan chi girl

  69. Samantha Passlow

    Samantha Passlow8 日 前

    I love Nikita’s ‘Sucker Punch’ look!

  70. DarkRxse

    DarkRxse8 日 前

    I came here for liza koshy-

  71. KillerUnicorn 127

    KillerUnicorn 1278 日 前

    I swear Liza died so soon it made me actually drop my iPad

  72. Jerzyschnap Barone

    Jerzyschnap Barone8 日 前

    ᴡʜᴇʀᴇ's ʟᴇʟᴇ

  73. Marcuz rodriguez

    Marcuz rodriguez8 日 前

    Shush Joie.

  74. Izzy•Waz •Here

    Izzy•Waz •Here8 日 前

    Gabbie: i'm freezing Her seven foot gown: 👄

  75. Mya Dolce

    Mya Dolce8 日 前

    Lol I love the part where someone says make them dab

  76. Kevin Portillo

    Kevin Portillo9 日 前

    you guys can dp me

  77. Kevin Portillo

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    you can come to my room and play games with 30 min + 2 hours + chat

  78. Kevin Portillo

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    we will never meet, until i am ready

  79. Kevin Portillo

    Kevin Portillo9 日 前

    Joeseph Graceffa x Kevin Prudente may sixteen

  80. My Dad

    My Dad9 日 前

    DeStorm and Bretman were funniest and most iconic on here.

  81. Boombooms

    Boombooms9 日 前

    i want nikita :c

  82. Boombooms

    Boombooms9 日 前

    bret no-

  83. Fro5tyX

    Fro5tyX9 日 前

    yo matpat

  84. Peaches and Lemons

    Peaches and Lemons9 日 前

    I mean you guys

  85. Peaches and Lemons

    Peaches and Lemons9 日 前

    You should have told the guards to tell us where the seven keys and would have found that paper first l wish that happened

  86. Nep botics

    Nep botics9 日 前

    Why does this looks freaking real😫😫😫😫

  87. Janet Angeles

    Janet Angeles9 日 前

    Hold up i can see them move so they were alive 😅

  88. Shane Ward

    Shane Ward9 日 前

    It’s a very popular show bring back please joey

  89. ACraft12

    ACraft129 日 前

    Season 5’s next year

  90. Shane Ward

    Shane Ward9 日 前

    Joey if you make a new season I hope please bring back roe it’s my favorite show favorite youtuber

  91. The totality Of randomness

    The totality Of randomness10 日 前

    yuor a wazard herry

  92. Makkor

    Makkor10 日 前

    Joey: What did you guys find? Alex: I got a box Tim: i GoT a StIcK

  93. Gyanu Resmi

    Gyanu Resmi10 日 前

    11:50 Mortumer: The Carnival Master killed me Me: *LIAR!*

  94. Gyanu Resmi

    Gyanu Resmi4 日 前

    @ACraft12 No it was Calliope

  95. ACraft12

    ACraft129 日 前

    It’s true lol

  96. Janellete Banaag

    Janellete Banaag10 日 前

    Anyone else binging ETN for many times before its gone and never gets bored?

  97. Regina Cunningham

    Regina Cunningham10 日 前

    Course sunrise rise😏

  98. Regina Cunningham

    Regina Cunningham10 日 前

    What about the other one was was in the carnival

  99. Adriel Garcia

    Adriel Garcia10 日 前

    If mat dies I'm going to cry

  100. diogo holguin

    diogo holguin10 日 前


  101. James Venetsanakos

    James Venetsanakos10 日 前

    I was annoyed when Liza died - and why wasn’t teala there she was probs my fav one. Oh and Tana was just standing there - so destorm was lying and seriously Justine should be mad at Tim not Joey Joey did not want to bury her and Tana shouldn’t be mad Andrea wanted to kill her Joey said I can’t do this to Tana

  102. Valerie Torres

    Valerie Torres10 日 前

    I love that Colleen hates Joey but in real life there like BFFS 😂

  103. {Trāsh ßee}

    {Trāsh ßee}10 日 前

    Bretmen: Omg there so cute! Don’t think I spelled Bretmen right ;-;

  104. Makenna A'Shia

    Makenna A'Shia10 日 前

    We have to hold hands on some coom bah yah shi- LOL DESTORM

  105. Clever Has The Clout

    Clever Has The Clout11 日 前

    Anyone else bing watching this in or after july

  106. Alecdadragon

    Alecdadragon11 日 前

    Tana: Did you kill me? Justine: I thought you died with vine. 💀💀

  107. Royal-High Gamer

    Royal-High Gamer11 日 前

    np I wish you guys have a new season I'm really so happy if you have one and I love bretman Nikita and joey I love you guys so much and shoes sexy monster like roar take me pls like that so wish you guys luck and be safe at COVID-19

  108. Royal-High Gamer

    Royal-High Gamer11 日 前

    Love you so much

  109. Deaylee Smith

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    👯‍♀️ I like your videos😘🥰