Colin reacts to Browns' 31-3 shellacking by the 49ers & says team should trade OBJ | NFL | THE HERD


  1. The Herd with Colin Cowherd

    The Herd with Colin Cowherd11 日 前

    Should the Browns consider trading Odell Beckham Jr.?


    BRIAN GOUDY6 日 前

    I don’t know, should you apologize for getting the story completely wrong...?

  3. MzGarrett24

    MzGarrett247 日 前

    Odell deserves better. I hope for his sake they do trades him.

  4. D P

    D P8 日 前

    Browns having the same problem with OBJ the Giants did. Which is a diva X wide receiver that wants the ball when the QB situation is transitioning. Mayfield needs time to learn the playbook, make reads and improve pocket presence. Hard to do that when a diva WR wants to catch deep highlight reel passes all the time for Twitter likes.

  5. JBB

    JBB9 日 前

    Alfonso Rodriguez trade him to the Vikings for Kirk Cousins and Browns have another loser at QB

  6. Hambone from Hargroves Louisiana

    Hambone from Hargroves Louisiana9 日 前

    Landry and calloway, make a good one two punch, they can afford to let obj go, an replace him with a top O lineman. Thats whats hurting him. Great Qb's look bad behind junk O lines. Especially if your a pocket QB.

  7. ravi8490

    ravi84902 日 前

    Baker or Sam Darnold?

  8. d morris

    d morris2 日 前

    #youre #right #but #they #need #to #trade #em #now

  9. Kyle Deming

    Kyle Deming3 日 前

    Baker should ask Johnny manziel how well arrogance and an over inflated ego works out in pro sports. Nick Chubb looks like the only browns offensive player who knows wins are earned.

  10. Dawn Goldberg

    Dawn Goldberg5 日 前

    Oh by the way ..... they lost again

  11. Isidbigi

    Isidbigi5 日 前

    Colin be hating

  12. Shot on Pixel 2 XL

    Shot on Pixel 2 XL5 日 前

    Another shameful week for Mr I'm dangerous 😂. Seahawks trashed them.

  13. Sean Miller

    Sean Miller6 日 前

    You can disrespect America but don't you dare disrespect football, or China...

  14. Kag Fre

    Kag Fre5 日 前

    Buy American

  15. awesomeboy123 000

    awesomeboy123 0006 日 前

    Trade OBJ to the 49ers

  16. Mike Gainan

    Mike Gainan6 日 前

    Baker has no time like he did last year I say wait till next year the draft but trading obj in my option would be worse

  17. The Truth

    The Truth6 日 前

    I tell you who accurate Lamar Jackson he should been on my browns the men is a beast never should pick Kitchen up for the head coaching job

  18. Andre Mckinney

    Andre Mckinney7 日 前

    So has richard explained why he lied on baker. seriously i don't know I haven't saw anything on this after the video showed that he did shake richards hand.

  19. Hunty49

    Hunty497 日 前

    Well the Patriot offense is a bit shy winning games by their defense. They could pick up OBJ to replace Antonio Brown.

  20. Mark Soucek

    Mark Soucek7 日 前

    Another fluke in my opinion

  21. California Dreaming

    California Dreaming7 日 前

    I’ve been arguing for a long time that OBJ makes circus catches but misses easy ones. If I’m right it’s most likely a concentration thing. But I understand why the Giants traded him because OBJ isn’t worth the headache. If he was a “good guy” like Larry Fitzgerald I’d say he’s the best thing since sliced bread. But he’s not so there you go.

  22. California Dreaming

    California Dreaming7 日 前

    I watched some replays of Baker on Monday against the 49ers and he was airmailing his throws. It looks to me like maybe his release point is too early, and if so, that might account for it. But he kept sailing the ball over his receivers’ heads.

  23. California Dreaming

    California Dreaming7 日 前

    Before the season began I wrote something like, “If I were an NFL linebacker facing the Browns, I would hit Baker Mayfield so hard I’d hurt his whole family.” Well, guess what? I think a bunch of NFL linebackers were thinking the same thing.

  24. California Dreaming

    California Dreaming7 日 前

    “Baker, this league is hard for Patrick Mahomes. . , .” Well said.

  25. cory silva

    cory silva3 日 前

    yeah the Colts and Texans showed him that

  26. Thor

    Thor7 日 前

    Not as bad as unthinkable bud ! I bet they win division Btw the future is OLine then DLine

  27. Thor

    Thor7 日 前

    I begged Cleveland to get Barclay begged! By the way you get hunt back this team all they have to do is run the ball all day long 50 runs a game

  28. musiq DEEP

    musiq DEEP8 日 前

    Colin is speaking truth

  29. Neo Blade

    Neo Blade8 日 前

    Colin COULDN'T WAIT 😂😂😂

  30. Michael Robert

    Michael Robert8 日 前

    Who ripped Houston for trading for Laremy Tunsil?

  31. T K

    T K8 日 前

    Niner's fan here and I feel bad for Brown's fans who are one of the more dedicated in the NFL...geez they've been through so much. But he's right about trading OBJ for a top offensive lineman who can stop elite rushers...Hope things work out for them

  32. Richard Oglesby

    Richard Oglesby8 日 前

    mayfield is a joke im so happy my team did not take him hes just another mark sanchez but worse he wont be in the league much longer

  33. Joe Burris

    Joe Burris8 日 前

    Colin Cowherd looks like the crypt keeper when he still had all his flesh

  34. We Hauling it

    We Hauling it8 日 前

    Trade 2 firsts for Trent done

  35. Ray Reyes

    Ray Reyes8 日 前

    trade OBJ because it's not working?.. dude.. they havent even been together for one season lol...

  36. Boy Wonder

    Boy Wonder8 日 前

    NFL defensive coordinators have figured him out. System QB

  37. bowen voowy

    bowen voowy8 日 前

    I bet Colin really gave it to his wife after he watched that game.

  38. opzz xsin

    opzz xsin9 日 前

    I thought the Browns were “playoff contenders”

  39. Daniel Arwas

    Daniel Arwas9 日 前

    He's 6"1 not 5"11

  40. Shot on Pixel 2 XL

    Shot on Pixel 2 XL5 日 前

    What about it looks like he has gained weight

  41. bowen voowy

    bowen voowy8 日 前

    Colin's actually what Skip Bayless thinks he is.

  42. Swen Augstine

    Swen Augstine9 日 前

    Sherman is lying you muppet you owe Baker an apology.

  43. opzz xsin

    opzz xsin9 日 前

    I thought they’d gotten rid of Johnny Manziel?

  44. bocoy noiu

    bocoy noiu9 日 前

    Trade him back to NY and convince them that he’s been “humbled”

  45. Woodey Maynard

    Woodey Maynard9 日 前

    2nd year blues, it happens to a lot of players. One reason is defenses watch the tapes and figure out the player. Mayfield needs to adapt, make some changes, and get back to improving on the field. Elevate the game and he can have a decent career.

  46. HuterDerSchwelle

    HuterDerSchwelle9 日 前

    Gregg Williams has the highest win percentage in Browns history. He made them look like an NFL team for the first time in years. The Browns reaction? "I think Kitchens is a better bet." They shouldn't be trading anybody until they call Gregg and give him his job back.

  47. bocoy noiu

    bocoy noiu9 日 前

    And they were comparing this guy to Patrick Mahomes

  48. Crayton Caswell

    Crayton Caswell9 日 前

    Colin's right, but "underpromise, overdeliver" does not work in government. Also, be real: Freddy Kitchens is not the guy thus far.

  49. Matt Smith

    Matt Smith9 日 前

    he shook his hand that's fake news question Richard Sherman's judgment for lying

  50. Ritchy Charley

    Ritchy Charley9 日 前

    Im a niners fan but listen this is the nfl how meny times you see a rookie surpose to be a baller in his first year their hypt him up cause he has receivers... But he's a rookie give that man 2 to 3 years first ppl.... This why i hate to listen to commentators who ain't never played no dame football a day in their life.... These commentators need to atleast played some type of sports at the high level before they start talking cause to me they talk to much.

  51. Tony Cook

    Tony Cook9 日 前

    All this trashing Baker and Sherman was wrong!

  52. Leroy Worsley

    Leroy Worsley9 日 前

    Colin is Right!

  53. Mando Silva

    Mando Silva9 日 前

    Browns fans: “Ight ima head out”

  54. Leroy Worsley

    Leroy Worsley9 日 前

    Save Marlon Humphrey! RAVENS DB!

  55. Leroy Worsley

    Leroy Worsley9 日 前

    I'm glad We got Lamar Action Jackson! #8!

  56. Mac Banks

    Mac Banks9 日 前

    Raiders should go for Odell. Carr really needs him

  57. Leroy Worsley

    Leroy Worsley9 日 前

    Be Humble & Hungry!

  58. FBI Stat Major

    FBI Stat Major9 日 前

    This manufactured beef is one of the smartest PR strategies I've ever seen in sports talk radio. Colin has a controversial personality but he's a legitimate marketing genius. Colin's actually what Skip Bayless thinks he is.

  59. Eric Miller

    Eric Miller9 日 前

    I thought they’d gotten rid of Johnny Manziel?

  60. Derrick Terry

    Derrick Terry9 日 前

    How does it feel to lie to everyone. Sherman is a lier.

  61. doliio volay

    doliio volay9 日 前

    Can’t argue “baker has to do a better job “

  62. David Pratt

    David Pratt9 日 前

    Their play calling sucks.

  63. NEM Skits

    NEM Skits9 日 前

    And they were comparing this guy to Patrick Mahomes

  64. doliio volay

    doliio volay9 日 前

    trade odell to the chiefs, make him relevant

  65. Tj Gray

    Tj Gray9 日 前

    Namath Namath????

  66. Bret Frost Sports Podcast

    Bret Frost Sports Podcast9 日 前

    Put some respect on our name #ninergang

  67. Rey Marquez

    Rey Marquez9 日 前

    I Saw the video of the coin toss....baker shook everyone's hand Sherman was high

  68. Sean Rosini

    Sean Rosini9 日 前

    Cleveland just needs to draft an o line

  69. macwit2cs

    macwit2cs9 日 前

    Surgical precision 😂😂

  70. Scottie Courtney

    Scottie Courtney9 日 前


  71. Raymond Weir

    Raymond Weir9 日 前

    Say what you will about Greg Williams. But it worked with Baker.

  72. lames troyer

    lames troyer9 日 前

    sock cucker you sure are dramatic. Why the fawk you always yelling too? Who hurt you? uncle paul? yeahhhhhhh uncle paul