Colin Cloud Is Sherlock Holmes on America's Got Talent | Got Talent Global


  1. Priya Vlogs

    Priya Vlogs時間 前

    That hand lick was ligit man

  2. Maher Ahmed

    Maher Ahmed4 時間 前

    Why dose this guy dress like doctor who???

  3. Scheweine

    Scheweine5 時間 前


  4. faizan ul haq

    faizan ul haq7 時間 前

    Imagion if his wife can't cheat her

  5. Pushpita Karmakar

    Pushpita Karmakar8 時間 前 god...

  6. Copy Strike Police

    Copy Strike Police9 時間 前

    Little did we know he is secretly a government spy who has trained in the arts of hypnotism so before the show he hypnotizes the audience to agree with him

  7. Cassie Anderson

    Cassie Anderson18 時間 前

    Nope I refuse to believe this guy is that much of a blue blood. He prolly being paid! 🤒

  8. Shamin Yasir

    Shamin Yasir22 時間 前

    this so fake, LOL, he asked the 1st girl if she was a teacher or not. She said yes XD WTF?? she's Lena Paul. LMAO. And if u wonder if she's a teacher on not u should search her name in the internet XD

  9. Svenska Krigare

    Svenska Krigare40 分 前

    Lol that's not Lena Paul

  10. Ilio 133

    Ilio 133日 前

    10:21 The other blond girl stand up 😭 poor her

  11. Shiloh Tatoy

    Shiloh Tatoy日 前

    I wonder if he has a sister named ENOLA 😆🙌😍

  12. Atri Ruj

    Atri Ruj日 前

    He is fireeee🔥🔥🔥🔥...

  13. Vintage records

    Vintage records日 前


  14. help me get 1k subscribers with 1 video

    help me get 1k subscribers with 1 video日 前

    this guy literally knows what I did last summer

  15. MD Masrur Akanda

    MD Masrur Akanda日 前

    10:19 when you think your chosen

  16. Nordic Gaming

    Nordic Gaming日 前

    Feels like it's staged

  17. Seenivasan S

    Seenivasan S2 日 前

    The first trick he already knew in which hand the coin was and named them and as he chose in random he used his own words

  18. I Love 1D

    I Love 1D2 日 前

    The thumbnail I was thinking 'Liam Payne #1d

  19. Puput Aryanto

    Puput Aryanto2 日 前

    10.21 lol 🤣🤣

  20. Arn Arrow

    Arn Arrow2 日 前

    Haha I know how he did his first trick

  21. Yeshi Choedon

    Yeshi Choedon2 日 前

    This guy could have predicted who was gonna win the show beforehand?

  22. Elisha Louise Molina

    Elisha Louise Molina2 日 前

    This dude should be in the movie now you see me

  23. Mahiyat Chowdhury

    Mahiyat Chowdhury2 日 前

  24. XxxRe250xx Re

    XxxRe250xx Re2 日 前

    This man probably won every among us round

  25. shreyas op

    shreyas op40 分 前

    No he predict by seeing the eyes and facial expressions in among us only the voice he can feel no other things arevthere to feel ok

  26. Y

    Y2 日 前

    Never invite this guy for a match of Among Us!

  27. Hassan Ali

    Hassan Ali13 時間 前

    I was playing among us before this

  28. Panchami Jhankar

    Panchami Jhankar2 日 前

    This guy probably knows who killed JFK

  29. Louie Duran

    Louie Duran2 日 前

    I was at home now, waching this video, and he wants the middle group of people say any animal. And i said cat, and here we go, the group says cats. I was shocked very amazing

  30. brookie brooke

    brookie brooke2 日 前

    I think he is a seer they can see the future

  31. Magic Duke

    Magic Duke2 日 前

    The lady who stood up in the crowd when she wasn't meant to, omg kill me I hate when that happens.

  32. Tuffsmoygles

    Tuffsmoygles2 日 前

    lol, when you hold a coin (or any hard object) in a hand your hand will look different, neat trick though.

  33. ravi soni

    ravi soni2 日 前

    Can anybody correct me what happen if audience think about elephant instead of cat ??

  34. Maarij Bilal

    Maarij Bilal2 日 前

    so who won in 2018?

  35. Cy Playzzz

    Cy Playzzz3 日 前

    Simon: one Khaled: *aNOtHer oNe*

  36. Echo YamahikoIkari

    Echo YamahikoIkari3 日 前


  37. Dr. Robin George

    Dr. Robin George3 日 前

    I don't understand.... did he licked her left hand and said what she ate ?!! 😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂

  38. Anoop Kumar Sharma

    Anoop Kumar Sharma3 日 前

    This guy should be in CIA

  39. sophia_midnight Gacha

    sophia_midnight Gacha3 日 前

    u just love how mel is so happy to stab simon

  40. Ashton Clarke

    Ashton Clarke3 日 前

    How tf does he do this

  41. Ty Baxter

    Ty Baxter3 日 前

    This guy has officially sold his soul. Did anyone see his demon tongue?

  42. Gstgafat Hdysygstst

    Gstgafat Hdysygstst3 日 前

    ya allah plz forgive me stop watching this

  43. Arafat Web Tips

    Arafat Web Tips3 日 前


  44. Jay Circle

    Jay Circle3 日 前

    im sure this guys not have a girl friend or a wife

  45. No Namer

    No Namer3 日 前

    6:54 any one know that guy???

  46. Rocketman

    Rocketman3 日 前

    This guy came to my school in Scotland in 2007 or 2008 as a speaker for a company called "Tree of Knowledge". I can't even remember what the talk was about but he did some magic during it (including mind reading). So crazy to see him on these big TV shows like American Idol, Penn & Teller, etc. He wasn't at all famous back then.

  47. xd_ laster

    xd_ laster3 日 前

    Ayesha IS PREGNANT

  48. Jacob Pierre Peralta

    Jacob Pierre Peralta4 日 前


  49. James Forgot

    James Forgot4 日 前

    its possible that she chose the cat to bring because its common for people to say and probably no one actually said oscar lol

  50. Nitya

    Nitya4 日 前

    This guy probably knows how trigonometry can help us in real life.

  51. Rishav Kumar

    Rishav Kumar日 前

    Well you're school student and hate maths but because of trigonometric calculations satellites are revolving around the earth and you're able to use appreciate mathematics and physics 😁

  52. Southern Chad

    Southern Chad4 日 前


  53. muhammed fazil

    muhammed fazil4 日 前

  54. Dark

    Dark4 日 前

    5:30 COVID 19 FAST TRACK

  55. M. Barsha

    M. Barsha4 日 前

    Throughout the whole video my face was like this👉👉😱😱😱😱😱😱😱😱...ohhhh myyyy godddddddddd

  56. Jass Meet

    Jass Meet4 日 前

    What if he is a wizard

  57. Abby C

    Abby C4 日 前

    Omg, at 10:22 that girl towards the bottom right corner stands up thinking he's talking to her... Poor girl, made me laugh out loud

  58. Brian Heydt

    Brian Heydt4 日 前

    This dude could find the vaccine for covid but scientists probably wouldn't belive it

  59. wanidu perera

    wanidu perera4 日 前

    100% natural home made coconut shell products

  60. Acacia Shelton

    Acacia Shelton4 日 前

    So when he stalks people all week it's "talent" but when I do it it's "illegal" 🙄 oookayyy

  61. nowty kid

    nowty kid4 日 前

    *Teach Me Plz*

  62. Ross Fenlon

    Ross Fenlon4 日 前

    I’ve seen Colin live in Toronto! He was amazing! Someone in front of us got their mind read and they were shocked! They told their partner that they had no clue how he did it! He’s amazing!



    What if the girl did not pick the white knife 🔪 then Simon would be 💀 (dead)

  64. baylee p

    baylee p4 日 前

    mel: this is a family show me: OR IS IT??

  65. anthony fernandes

    anthony fernandes4 日 前

    This guy probably knoes all the secret herbs and spices in kfc.😅

  66. Ovi zhimo Zeemo

    Ovi zhimo Zeemo4 日 前

    10:25 😂

  67. Daredevil

    Daredevil4 日 前

    Well Now we know Colin's password

  68. Jackson Hicks

    Jackson Hicks4 日 前

    Everyone talking about how smart he is, but no one talking about how good his outfits are



    Nicely scripted

  70. MochiiMochii

    MochiiMochii5 日 前

    eLlEn rOmE cHEesE

  71. Ben Dover

    Ben Dover5 日 前

    Any among us player be like:

  72. Emily F

    Emily F5 日 前

    This could/would be easily flawed and all this might/may be staged.

  73. brizzie brock

    brizzie brock5 日 前

    I don't know what to comment

  74. Void Does Shit

    Void Does Shit5 日 前

    Jesus Christ, now that I know Amercias Got Talent is completely fake its just cringe. Like, try watching the video knowing its staged

  75. Eva Elizabeth Shibu 14059

    Eva Elizabeth Shibu 140595 日 前

    Plot Twist: DJ Khalid didn't say another one

  76. Ummara Hassan

    Ummara Hassan5 日 前

    I knew that those numbers were something else when he showed them at first I couldnt figure it out but when they chose the tweet I understood

  77. e joža

    e joža5 日 前

    The munfuncionunts my brain

  78. Niraja Gadapalla

    Niraja Gadapalla5 日 前

    Imagine how it would feel when literally nobody in the world could lie to you...

  79. Robert Barrett

    Robert Barrett5 日 前

    He just creates a giant confused pool of random answers, then picks the one he planned on, either because someone in the crowd really says it, or he just pretends to grab it from the whole crowd. There's some remote signal trickery with the phones. Very great act.

  80. Kim Eunyoung

    Kim Eunyoung5 日 前

    realmente bueno hackear nada más que el mejor ha hecho mucho trabajo para mí y cada vez es confiable

  81. Wade Deadpool

    Wade Deadpool5 日 前

    Now this is how it works Just according to my study If I told you not to think about a black cat you will think about balack cat try this with a person ask him to hold a coin and ask give hime two people names say Sam and max tell him if the coin is in right hand think max and if is left hand say Sam and record this you will see some slight changes on his face and his expression then you can predict in wich had is the coin is it need high concentration and practice but you can do it is is called human cycology I am not sure about the cat and the other act but the coin one is on this logic.

  82. Ichigo

    Ichigo5 日 前

    Real Patric jane lolol

  83. I don't know my name

    I don't know my name5 日 前

    This gives me anxiety. How do I know that what did a person study earlier. And i make a complete fool of myself!

  84. ffh ffhhtd

    ffh ffhhtd6 日 前

    He looks like the chinese guy in the chinese video in my facebook feed xD. Who else recognize his face? HAHAHHA

  85. Hiranya Jimin’s lost jams

    Hiranya Jimin’s lost jams6 日 前

    This dude probably knows where jimin’s lost jams

  86. Justin Dondoy

    Justin Dondoy6 日 前

    6:00 and thats how covid started

  87. Shahadiya Sherin

    Shahadiya Sherin6 日 前

    It is hard to be his girlfriend 😂😂

  88. ahmad syahmi

    ahmad syahmi6 日 前

    what if it was a blue cat?

  89. Unreal Estimated

    Unreal Estimated6 日 前

    I'm sorry but the lady with the guy at the front at 10:21,this is just embarassing for her.

  90. Andrei Capellan

    Andrei Capellan6 日 前

    Colin:hey judges think of a one-digit number Simon:1 Heidi:9 Dj Khaled:Another 1

  91. bat manII

    bat manII6 日 前

    Imagine colin cloud in Among us

  92. Nakul Soni

    Nakul Soni6 日 前

    Unbelievable ❤️

  93. Raj Officials

    Raj Officials6 日 前

    Who noticed dj khaled

  94. Rack Jawlings

    Rack Jawlings6 日 前

    10:23 another girl stood up

  95. Rozu Kyaria

    Rozu Kyaria6 日 前

    I love to do this kind of stuff. I need to work on it more. But this stuff is real. Its like people are speaking to you when there not by mouth. Your mind and your emotions say alot. This is how we can do this. Everyone can do it. Just takes practice.

  96. Josh XD

    Josh XD6 日 前

    DJ Khaled was obv gonna say 1 😄

  97. Cow & Bear

    Cow & Bear6 日 前

    i know how to do the first trick

  98. Roblox Digger

    Roblox Digger6 日 前

    i would hate to play hide and seek with him

  99. lolama ma

    lolama ma6 日 前


  100. Ashwary Srivastava

    Ashwary Srivastava6 日 前

    I can explain how he performed every trick but i respect the hard work even done behind to reach there. Hint: Many of the things are setup and others he decide by himself but let audience believe the they chose for him like Oscar cat, no matter what you say he will always select cat and oscar plus the person he is picking is nothing but setup thats why he said "You are teacher or cop instead of let anyone raise hand and then predict his/her profession. btw, nice work, good.

  101. Roblox Digger

    Roblox Digger6 日 前

    ur insane howd you figure that out where you there? are you undercover?

  102. Mostafa zeid

    Mostafa zeid6 日 前

    But that’s a issue

  103. Tatenda Khalid Abdillah

    Tatenda Khalid Abdillah6 日 前

    10:22 XD in the corner another girl stood up, she thought colin called her

  104. Roblox Digger

    Roblox Digger6 日 前

    damn the f thats embaressing

  105. Moqa

    Moqa6 日 前

    Either he had dejavu and knew what would come, and had like a little clip of Mel b’s answers, and that one Justin Bieber thing, also the little cat Oscar. Or he is just a real magician.

  106. ABC SINGH

    ABC SINGH7 日 前