Cleo trying Filipino food .. Mukbang aswell


  1. Kim Taehyung

    Kim Taehyung35 分 前

    I care for princess that much.” Auhhhhh BiTcH!😹

  2. Kim Taehyung

    Kim Taehyung43 分 前

    Bret: Cleo what do you wannna be when you grow upp :Cleo: a whitee😹 cutee

  3. D L

    D L時間 前

    They both got a lot of ❤️ for each other and I love how expressive and fun they are together

  4. KC Capid

    KC Capid2 時間 前

    Tanga ka? Tanga ka? Hahahaha kaloka bretman 😂

  5. Jaeleigh B

    Jaeleigh B2 時間 前

    i’m filipino too and this video gives me family ptsd 😂

  6. corialla

    corialla2 時間 前

    hey! just letting you know that styrofoam is terrible for the environment! it takes over 500 years to decompose! if you want to help the turtles try cutting back on that, maybe bringing your own containers. not using plastic straws helps, but that’s only part of the problem :))

  7. Sister Shelby

    Sister Shelby3 時間 前

    7:45 ok but sis said wii character

  8. Zariah Evans

    Zariah Evans4 時間 前

    If princess didn’t like Bretman then why is she doing videos with him like people really...I’m a fan not a hater

  9. Ur mom’s Memes

    Ur mom’s Memes4 時間 前

    8:43 that remix tho what a queen 👑 😂

  10. Kylee Tadifa

    Kylee Tadifa4 時間 前

    Please do more Filipino inspired videos

  11. Sabrina Farah

    Sabrina Farah5 時間 前

    I love bretman’s support for his sister

  12. Brookk Mariee

    Brookk Mariee5 時間 前

    YASSSS Bretman. Blue is my favvvv too :)

  13. Angelo Gabriel

    Angelo Gabriel7 時間 前

    Tanga ka May. Tanga ka? Hahahaha

  14. Rena Ryuugu

    Rena Ryuugu8 時間 前

    9:09 I can’t stop laughing 😂💀

  15. Angelina Ramirez

    Angelina Ramirez10 時間 前

    Se said I want to be white😂😂

  16. Natalie Aguirre

    Natalie Aguirre11 時間 前

    "Cleo Ur A Woman Of Color" Damn She LUCKY To Have Him😭❤️

  17. hello jally

    hello jally12 時間 前

    i thought they’re both naked

  18. Itali Holloway

    Itali Holloway13 時間 前

    Like if he’s better then James Charles☺️

  19. queen lylaz30

    queen lylaz3014 時間 前

    u guys are the cutest, love you guys so much 💓💕

  20. Natalie_ The#1WhyDon'tWeFanCx

    Natalie_ The#1WhyDon'tWeFanCx14 時間 前

    *Sinigal Is so good I can eat it everydayyy*

  21. jal

    jal15 時間 前

    tagalog challenge plsss

  22. Nina Mardja

    Nina Mardja17 時間 前

    Once upon a time... I WAS A HOE! loool 😂

  23. Shelby Childress

    Shelby Childress22 時間 前

    5:50 your welcome! 😘

  24. Celly Lozwe

    Celly Lozwe22 時間 前

    Cleo you're such a Great Mommy and your Relationship with God and the way you Value Him is Inspiring ♡

  25. Angeline Diolata

    Angeline Diolata23 時間 前

    😂😂 you both are so cute.. i'm starting to love your videos..😊 proud Kababayan 😊

  26. Shenna Cacho

    Shenna Cacho日 前


  27. Ronin Ashley Robert

    Ronin Ashley Robert日 前

    Are you guys Tagalog, Cebuano or any other Filipino Dialects I'm Tagalog

  28. Babyonfleek Gutierrez

    Babyonfleek Gutierrez日 前

    It soso funny when he said will you be my dad

  29. claire tanned

    claire tanned日 前

    "the support is so strong, the support is a body builder" breeeeeeeeeet! HAHAHAHHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHA

  30. Mitchie Topacio

    Mitchie Topacio日 前

    "Tanga ka mai? Tanga ka?" it's freakin' cuteeee

  31. Royroy Clerigo

    Royroy Clerigo日 前

    Friend: Do you know that... : B I T C H !!!

  32. Amor Nails

    Amor Nails日 前

    I want me a Cleo :((( FOLLOW MY NAIL PAGE PLS

  33. Gadz T

    Gadz T日 前

    Wait ,is chris cleo’s real dad? Or princess bf?

  34. meris mce

    meris mce16 時間 前

    Chris isnt cleo's real dad

  35. Eliana Auria

    Eliana Auria日 前

    my filipino grandma literally only fed me filipino food, if i didn’t like it she put banana on it. i eat pancit with banana now

  36. Benjamin

    Benjamin日 前

    I love how he shades her lmao 😂

  37. diamondz4lfye313

    diamondz4lfye313日 前

    This is my first time watching them. I see they cuss A LOT!

  38. Kaydawg

    Kaydawg日 前

    “Some things are really handed to some people 👀” Shoooo it’s so true

  39. X ł ë š ł ÿ ë X

    X ł ë š ł ÿ ë X日 前


  40. Abigael Faigao

    Abigael Faigao日 前

    “once upon a time i was a hoe” 😂😂😂😂😂😂😂

  41. min yoona

    min yoona日 前

    "Tanga ka may? Tanga ka?"

  42. Abigail Aboagye

    Abigail Aboagye日 前

    Stupid b***** calm dawn

  43. Layza 24

    Layza 24日 前


  44. Courtney Easters

    Courtney Easters日 前

    This is so ur niece... facial expressions on point....

  45. Girl Gamer101

    Girl Gamer101日 前

    Love the "wheels on the bus"remix 😂😁

  46. Jhanella Navarro

    Jhanella Navarro日 前

    Ag ilocano kay man. 24 hours challenge

  47. preslie credo

    preslie credo日 前

    hi sa mga pilipinong pinipilit intindihin lahat ang sinasabi nila😆😂

  48. V LEA

    V LEA日 前

    I just watched your whisper challenge with princess, can you do it again pleeeeaaase???!!!! 🙏🙏🙏

  49. marie banks

    marie banks日 前

    1:27 puta😂😂.... He be tiggerd😂😂😂👌 Love you💕

  50. Valerie Morales

    Valerie Morales2 日 前

    when he dropped the fucking rice i lost it ☠️☠️

  51. Even Julian Francisco

    Even Julian Francisco2 日 前

    Hahahhaahaa tanga tanga ka may hahahhaha

  52. Selestte Lord

    Selestte Lord2 日 前

    make up was on FCKIN FLEEK in this oneeee👏🏽👏🏽

  53. QE L

    QE L2 日 前

    Hahahaha u both are so naturally funny

  54. QE L

    QE L2 日 前

    When the rice fell off 😂😂😂😂😂 princess'face 😂

  55. Gabrielle Kaye

    Gabrielle Kaye2 日 前

    Cleo looks exactly like Princess but acts like Bretman!


    POODALOO2 日 前

    I honestly don't think getting a child into mukbang is a wise choice It can cause long term problems

  57. Alayna Kiana Vids and vlogs

    Alayna Kiana Vids and vlogs2 日 前

    I love all that food I’m Filipino

  58. And I Oop

    And I Oop2 日 前

    Just click it 8:28

  59. Genesis Del Rio

    Genesis Del Rio2 日 前

    Cleo’s personality is so beautiful and funny😭❤️

  60. Tenzii Kenny

    Tenzii Kenny2 日 前

    Hahaha that Chris part was very funny

  61. Jessica FR

    Jessica FR2 日 前

    Who is the lady? Sure she grew up in the us haha does she even speak tagalog?

  62. Mercedes MT

    Mercedes MT2 日 前

    Where does princess get her jeans from

  63. Maryam Kadkhodai

    Maryam Kadkhodai2 日 前

    No hate but it must be confusing for cleo I think she’s actually confused on who her real dad is lmao 🤷🏽‍♀️🤷🏽‍♀️ all that matters is she’s clearly being raised well so props to you princess 👏🏽👏🏽

  64. Unexpected Unicorn

    Unexpected Unicorn2 日 前

    I like how they just curse casually while Cleo was there

  65. Cupcake Love

    Cupcake Love2 日 前

    Cleo should be bretman daughter 😂😂😂

  66. tracy nguyen

    tracy nguyen2 日 前

    Cleo is so beautiful

  67. L M

    L M2 日 前

    tanga ka" HAHAHAHA

  68. Samantha Hernandez

    Samantha Hernandez2 日 前

    I fucken love you biatchhhh when you said “Beeeeeeee🐝🐝 😂😂😂😂😂

  69. GamerGurl _YT

    GamerGurl _YT2 日 前

    can u pls stop saying bad words U HAVE A CHILD NEAR YOU!!!!!

  70. katheline 18

    katheline 182 日 前

    me 2:41 tryin' to eat when my mom and my dad talking about me for being a shitty head at school.

  71. Angel Tomlinson

    Angel Tomlinson2 日 前

    8:30 the moment we all love!

  72. Jefftasha Claros-Villapa

    Jefftasha Claros-Villapa2 日 前

    Do you guys like always Mach when you guys are doing video it is cool I wish my brothers will Mach with me😕💎❤️💎❤️

  73. Bellas Art

    Bellas Art2 日 前

    I lose my shirt when they started speak tagalog 😂😂😂

  74. Janna Mariam

    Janna Mariam2 日 前

    Kilawan.. i laughed cause it's supposed to be Kinilaw HAHAHA

  75. Lyssa Marie

    Lyssa Marie2 日 前

    Janna Mariam it’s called Kilawin in some areas in the PH.

  76. Mariane Krymille Lapian

    Mariane Krymille Lapian2 日 前

    that "tanga kay mai, tanga ka" with accent hahaha wow

  77. Richelle

    Richelle2 日 前

    "tanga ka?! tanga ka?!" HAHAHHAHAHHAHAHAHHAHAHHAHA

  78. Auds Sunglao

    Auds Sunglao2 日 前

    End part "assumptions" was so enlightening. Cause, admittedly I also thought the same way about how bretman seems really rude to princess, but I get it now. Love you guys . #Realdeal

  79. Helya Haddad

    Helya Haddad2 日 前

    Bretman WHY yoouu never show us the food from close up😭

  80. ᄂ애인줘

    ᄂ애인줘3 日 前

    Love y’all beeeeetch *bret man rock voice

  81. Timothy Arocena

    Timothy Arocena3 日 前

    "Tanga tanga ka mai"

  82. karli midgley

    karli midgley3 日 前

    Omg.. laughed the whole video.. 🤣🤣🤣🙌🏻🙌🏻

  83. Kuruzaki gaming

    Kuruzaki gaming3 日 前

    Haha tanga kamay tanga ka penakbet🤣

  84. Leandro Paxtor

    Leandro Paxtor3 日 前

    eany ways i like ur videos

  85. Leandro Paxtor

    Leandro Paxtor3 日 前

    lmf ok thats enaufe airtime chriss lol deam

  86. Skit City

    Skit City3 日 前

    8:03 Cleo: Big *WOAH* sis yeah Bretman: *same*

  87. Jazz Gahum

    Jazz Gahum3 日 前

    24hours Tagalog challenge!

  88. Paige Beneteau

    Paige Beneteau3 日 前

    I can't believe Princess completely ignored the privilege she has when first starting out in comparison to bretman.... yikes can't relate

  89. Hana

    Hana日 前

    Girl, they addressed it in the video prior to this yikes research hun

  90. Amanda Nicole

    Amanda Nicole3 日 前

    Bretman: Cleo what do you want to be when you grow uP (ppppppppp)

  91. Michelle  Aforka

    Michelle Aforka3 日 前

    He said Cleo your a women of color😂😂

  92. Zebra Bitch

    Zebra Bitch3 日 前

    2:42 WHO TF

  93. Aäsha

    Aäsha3 日 前

    Y’all should do a video in Tagalog. I’m supposed they speak to Cleo in English and not in Tagalog she can always learn English at school.



    Bret mans face at 8:34 when she said she wants to be white when she grows up 😭😂😭😂

  95. Rebecca Reid

    Rebecca Reid3 日 前

    🤣🤣🤣 Princess doesn’t know the food names 😩

  96. marlin !

    marlin !3 日 前

    ya two should react to old videos of ya together !!

  97. aroub sharif

    aroub sharif3 日 前

    I love when bretman Started talking Filipino

  98. yeepers jeepers

    yeepers jeepers3 日 前

    Bretman is one of the reasons im proud to be filipino

  99. Lost soul ;-;

    Lost soul ;-;3 日 前

    Cleo's a divaa😂😂😂❤❤❤❤

  100. Lost soul ;-;

    Lost soul ;-;3 日 前

    Does Cleo know how to speak ilocano?or at least tagalog?

  101. angie._. washere

    angie._. washere3 日 前

    2:06 FINALLY Princess stands up Yasss bih😍

  102. vBlasianLee

    vBlasianLee3 日 前

    Cleo is the cutest she’s grown up so much shes so beautiful 😩

  103. Min Hope

    Min Hope3 日 前