Cleo trying Filipino food .. Mukbang aswell


  1. Cent Valdez

    Cent Valdez9 時間 前

    Tanga ka Mae? Tanga ka? PINAKBET.

  2. Its Me

    Its Me12 時間 前


  3. Shary Lane

    Shary Lane12 時間 前

    Awww their facial expressions and noises they made when Cleo walked in

  4. Ilsa Nadine NIPAL

    Ilsa Nadine NIPAL17 時間 前

    I love Princess when she speaks ilocano. Hahahahaha

  5. rm ralph mathew

    rm ralph mathew20 時間 前

    Turn on the subtitles😂

  6. Trinity Fray

    Trinity Fray3 日 前

    *Chris behind the camera salivating*

  7. EddieThomas2020

    EddieThomas20204 日 前

    If they ever do a live action remake of Lelo and Stich. Cast👏Cleo👏as👏Lelo👏 periodt

  8. nika Gaerlan

    nika Gaerlan4 日 前

    tanga ka tanga ka?filipino will get this🤣

  9. Theo Stan

    Theo Stan5 日 前

    P.S. New JPreporterr here. Hug to hug or Collab maybe? 😇😘

  10. Kirstin Simons

    Kirstin Simons5 日 前

    I love how in the screen someone is grabbing food 😂😂

  11. Angie Saucedo

    Angie Saucedo5 日 前

    Bret your so rude I can’t

  12. chrisnola18

    chrisnola186 日 前

    Jk I just watched all the way to the end lol

  13. chrisnola18

    chrisnola186 日 前

    Why is he extra mean to princess here lol

  14. Dory And friends

    Dory And friends6 日 前

    Bretman:Cleo what do you want to be Whalen you grow UP Cleo:I Be WHitE Bretman:she wants to be white 😮 omg Me:she has big dreams

  15. amelia moore

    amelia moore6 日 前

    "thats enough airtime for you" LOL

  16. hitchcock scene

    hitchcock scene7 日 前

    if anybody especially a sibling calls me a stupid bitch, im fucking smacking them in the fucking face.

  17. CHRIS M

    CHRIS M7 日 前

    "Memen"😭😭💕💕💕that was so cute 🥺

  18. Maemae Mumu

    Maemae Mumu7 日 前

    So, they are Ilocano! 🙈😍

  19. MoonGi

    MoonGi7 日 前


  20. Ronel Mediavillo

    Ronel Mediavillo7 日 前


  21. Bryson

    Bryson8 日 前

    Yeah she got help from him but like at the same time this channel wouldn’t be the same without princess

  22. DesirieJoy Timbol

    DesirieJoy Timbol8 日 前

    Try filipino only

  23. hazel gonzaga

    hazel gonzaga8 日 前


  24. Queeni Avakin

    Queeni Avakin9 日 前

    Bretman has been teaching princess how to stick up for her self in the real world

  25. Ashlee's Diary

    Ashlee's Diary9 日 前

    9:33 cleo rolled her eyes 😆, thank me by liking this peeps.

  26. Cute smiIe

    Cute smiIe9 日 前

    OMG I'm 🇵🇭 😮😜

  27. Maisha Jahan

    Maisha Jahan9 日 前

    It’s just so cute that Cleo calls Chris daddy.

  28. Dorian Gray

    Dorian Gray10 日 前

    Weird creepy guy : what do u do Bretman :what do u mean I DO ME 🤦😂😍

  29. Amaris Renae

    Amaris Renae10 日 前

    “So what do you do”? “Bihhh I do me “ 😂😂 PERIOD

  30. Etherealvixen

    Etherealvixen10 日 前

    listen to this bitch hahaha for you Bret! because your so awesome!

  31. Dreicarl Production

    Dreicarl Production11 日 前

    1:26 shookt😂

  32. Zenaida Dayao

    Zenaida Dayao11 日 前

    Yassss ako ay filipinooooo

  33. Selena Baltazar

    Selena Baltazar12 日 前

    Why is Cleo neck like that ? I’m sorry but I really want to know

  34. Cloe Reboton

    Cloe Reboton12 日 前

    "cleo what do u want when u grow up?" Cleo:white Im dying😂

  35. Diane May Manabat

    Diane May Manabat12 日 前

    "So don't ask me to explain SHIIIIIITTTTTTTT" HAHAHAHAHAHAHA

  36. Selene Tau

    Selene Tau12 日 前

    4:50 Is when Cleo comes in .

  37. Selene Tau

    Selene Tau12 日 前


  38. Jasmine Kiko

    Jasmine Kiko12 日 前

    You guys be lookin cute in ur outfits 😍

  39. ari simpson

    ari simpson13 日 前

    "the support is a bodybuilder biiiiitch"

  40. Broken_ Cupcake

    Broken_ Cupcake13 日 前

    “She wants to be cockasian” Lmao that got me laughing 😂 😂😂

  41. CouchPotato 21 vers.2

    CouchPotato 21 vers.214 日 前

    tAnga KA mAinngklshshsvsv

  42. Jeraldin Arroyo

    Jeraldin Arroyo14 日 前

    put the captions on at 1:26 ur welcome 😂😂😂😆😆

  43. John Kenneth Villasor

    John Kenneth Villasor15 日 前

    Cleo patra look like

  44. najwa Launto

    najwa Launto15 日 前

    tagalog: grabe naman yong lalaki hindilang alam nagsabi na ng tanga ikaw ang tanga hindi kona to etotoloy nakita kolang to kasi nag search ako ng mukbang filipino food maranao:miatingas ene a mama abno bakla biono ka pralay ako niyo pero mesubra dun agiya mama

  45. Picka Gacha

    Picka Gacha15 日 前

    You is so rude 😂

  46. Willier John

    Willier John15 日 前


  47. Willier John

    Willier John15 日 前

    Hahahahhahahha. I ❤️ you Princess and Bretman

  48. Mary Jane

    Mary Jane16 日 前

    1:58 I'm dying. Lol sibling love.

  49. Denise Astilla

    Denise Astilla16 日 前

    Tanga ka? Tanga ka?😂😂😂

  50. tea time

    tea time16 日 前

    Cleo:daddy Chris:yes Cleo:mommy Princess:yea Cleo:MENMEN Bretman:yes

  51. Reality Lover

    Reality Lover17 日 前

    You guys are so cooperative siblings.So good to see you

  52. Nina Collins

    Nina Collins17 日 前

    U guys remind me of my sister and me

  53. Ylhay Yayyy

    Ylhay Yayyy17 日 前

    Bret upload more! Im binge watching!

  54. kadia dabreux

    kadia dabreux17 日 前

    They are sooo funny omfg😂😂😂

  55. Danielle Forteau

    Danielle Forteau17 日 前

    bro cleo almost fell off the chair

  56. lorenz jude rol

    lorenz jude rol18 日 前

    tanga ka mae Hahahah

  57. solarCllab

    solarCllab18 日 前

    Eat food while watchin this Feels like a family dinner

  58. Phamily Pham

    Phamily Pham18 日 前

    hey bretman u should eat vietnamese food on this channel

  59. alaias Besitos

    alaias Besitos18 日 前

    When the rice kept falling I couldn’t stop laughing

  60. Arianne Jose

    Arianne Jose19 日 前

    In the philippines being rude to your siblings is just normal so stfu idiots they are pilipino