Complete Disaster Full Interior Car Detailing Transformation! Dirtiest Car Detailing Series Ep. 4


  1. Stauffer Garage

    Stauffer Garage5 時間 前

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  2. Fatima Kane

    Fatima Kane時間 前

    you should’ve done a bug bomb, those roaches are probably still hiding

  3. Juliana Harman

    Juliana Harman7 時間 前

    i thought my car was dirty... i feel great about myself now😂😂😂

  4. Hind binanni

    Hind binanni10 時間 前


  5. David Pinto

    David Pinto19 時間 前

    Well i would Change the floor carpet

  6. xMLG_ReTiReYoUnG_MLGx

    xMLG_ReTiReYoUnG_MLGx20 時間 前

    It made complete sense in this case to...

  7. Ari B

    Ari B日 前

    sad to think that they probably had kids in there. can’t imagine what their home is like /:

  8. Monkeh Bunnes

    Monkeh Bunnes日 前

    Agitate. The word you are looking for is agitate.

  9. Ace 45

    Ace 45日 前


  10. The Cat Ate My Shoe

    The Cat Ate My Shoe日 前

    You just raised the value of this car just by cleaning it. Wow!

  11. Sauce Webanime

    Sauce Webanime日 前


  12. midhun bhasy

    midhun bhasy日 前

    Stauffer how will you clean the roof.

  13. 10 Speed Quein

    10 Speed Quein2 日 前

    Nice job

  14. 10 Speed Quein

    10 Speed Quein2 日 前

    All of the above

  15. Ella Van Sloten

    Ella Van Sloten2 日 前

    They shouldn’t be allowed to own a vehicle 🤢

  16. Memez _

    Memez _2 日 前

    The person who owned this car was the level of depressed billie eilish fans could only wish they could ever reach

  17. Aditya Naidu

    Aditya Naidu2 日 前

    For a sec I thought it's a dump yard

  18. Marina

    Marina2 日 前

    You are so brave. I would’ve lost it at the bugs 😂

  19. ILY3S 91

    ILY3S 912 日 前

    Music ? 8:28

  20. mining simulator man

    mining simulator man2 日 前


  21. mister massa

    mister massa2 日 前

    Imagine having sex in this car and a moldy chicken nugget go up your ass

  22. Wishing Star

    Wishing Star2 日 前

    #roach motel

  23. Cheeryshirley McF

    Cheeryshirley McF2 日 前

    #ROACHMOTEL This was DISGUSTING for you, yes? I cannot believe anyone would drive around in all that filth! How hard is it to pick up your dropped fries?!? Good job!!! You transform these vehicles! I am so impressed, I went out and bought my own brushes to clean our car! :)

  24. King Of The West

    King Of The West2 日 前

    Im generously a messy person and it blows my mind how many clean freaks I've ridden with and when I have an empty bottle they just say oh throw it on the floor I'm like but this is your car

  25. xx robbandsinn

    xx robbandsinn2 日 前

    Whoever owned this car doesn't deserve to live

  26. Souad El hamdani

    Souad El hamdani2 日 前

    damn some pp are like pigs

  27. Massimo Pisoni

    Massimo Pisoni2 日 前

    hello, i come from north italy, but this super work this spend for you? hours for this works? great! bye bye 😎

  28. Dominik R

    Dominik R2 日 前

    600 bucks is still way too much

  29. Dario E

    Dario E3 日 前

    Seeing how dirty and the fact roaches live inside the vehicle I would’ve probably steam cleaned all the plastic and areas my hands will touch .

  30. Naybella B

    Naybella B3 日 前

    Hmmmm NUGGETS

  31. Anah

    Anah3 日 前

    #roachmotel that was so nasty

  32. DarkRei96

    DarkRei963 日 前

    Is it ok not to clean the ceiling?

  33. Marshmallow Bear

    Marshmallow Bear3 日 前


  34. Cupid Starz

    Cupid Starz3 日 前

    What do u do when ur done cleaning the cars?

  35. THEAntElf

    THEAntElf日 前

    Give it back to the owner lol

  36. Cupid Starz

    Cupid Starz3 日 前


  37. Cupid Starz

    Cupid Starz3 日 前

    When I saw it I was like " mom let’s make sure to never eat I’m the car "

  38. World Known

    World Known3 日 前

    $600?? You'd have to pay twice that to sit in it...

  39. War Wrath

    War Wrath3 日 前

    If you dont do a how much lose change you found portion it aint real lmao haha

  40. Annelise Burns

    Annelise Burns4 日 前

    can you like do my car

  41. Leonardo Paredes

    Leonardo Paredes4 日 前

    #roach motel