Civil TV: King Von "Welcome to My Neighborhood: O Block"


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  3. Gareth Stynder

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    Damn Von really gone

  4. Jimmy Lewis

    Jimmy Lewis15 時間 前

    Gang culture is stupid.

  5. KODB

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    04:27 this hits very hard... 😔

  6. Anthony Trueheart

    Anthony Trueheart15 時間 前

    Yo made it all that time banging in the chi to get murked in the a


    CEDRIC ATUYA21 時間 前

    the Goals for 2021 😥🥺

  8. TREK5900cheats

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    Get out your city man...

  9. walking hard

    walking hard日 前

    You're dependent if you're loyalty is bought and sold to the highest bidder. Translation....he gave money to his "homies'" so they wouldn't turn their backs on him and kill him. Von knew what was up. Keep you're friend's close but keep you're enemies aka "homies" closer.

  10. HooD StorieZ

    HooD StorieZ日 前

    Damn...i feel like Von still had a million untold stories 😢😔 this really was so sad....he was himself and feeling himself during his last songs and interviews 💯 real gangster❣️❤️

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  13. Moses The Prophet

    Moses The Prophet日 前

    Seeing this video, you would think he’s a great guy, but he’s not, or was not what he portrayed in this video. He lived a gangsta life till he died.

  14. Spider-Man

    Spider-Man日 前

    He’s just a product of his environment, sad but the truth. But to say he isn’t a good person is unfair, I didn’t know him and you didn’t know him either so to say he’s a bad person or a good person is just a terrible assumption.


    TYB_GELATO X2 日 前

    RIP 2 dis Legend he really changed da game n if he was still alive he would of changed a lot more shi no bap BITCH WE FROM 63RD!!!

  16. Eli Ah

    Eli Ah2 日 前

    they killed another Legend Y'all I Can't Even

  17. GruntOrBust

    GruntOrBust2 日 前

    Me tryna figure out where he took her. *youtube suggest the O*

  18. HarrierWT

    HarrierWT2 日 前

    This shit pisses me off I remember watching this shit when he posted it on his story and a little over a week later he died. 2020 is cursed for sure

  19. Pucbtw

    Pucbtw2 日 前

    Why does that look like Polo G at 1:55 in the white tank top

  20. Dark darie

    Dark darie3 日 前

    I miss you King von

  21. Autumn Rayn

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    Yeah yeah yeah....😔 R.I.P. even though I seen this 4 weeks ago just had to come back💔💔

  22. Ismael Terrazas

    Ismael Terrazas3 日 前

    RIP my G!! 🙏 definitely a real one taken too soon!! 💔

  23. Hayleigh Corley

    Hayleigh Corley3 日 前

    r..i..p king von

  24. Lightskin Fran Fine

    Lightskin Fran Fine3 日 前

    If you told me this was his last visit too Parkway I wouldn't believed you.😣💔. Long Live The Grandson 👑Von.🕊🕊🕊

  25. edmond c

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    Rest up von

  26. Andwele Harris

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    damn........that's all we can say.just damn

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  28. thatdude 1700

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    He cared about his people and his community...the world misses dudes like him

  29. Dominick Tv

    Dominick Tv3 日 前

    It sucks that it didn't get to do what he wanted in 2021

  30. Isabelle Joseph

    Isabelle Joseph3 日 前

    63K people liked this.. Von would not be happy lmaoo

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  32. Rey Lex

    Rey Lex4 日 前

    King von said at 4.58 "as long as you keep getting money aint gonna be no problems" that really stuck with me cuz notorious B.I.G famous quote "more money more problems". R.I.P VON gone to soon.

  33. Playboi Jp

    Playboi Jp4 日 前

    2:13 “Grandma said kiss her ass” - Sosa

  34. OfficialSoIcyEmo

    OfficialSoIcyEmo4 日 前

    This shit depressing .... he was still a human you can tell his love he had for his friends and family was genuine ... the image he portrayed in his music and in videos was for entertainment and rapping his personal life he had issues with certain people but he was still a human being and due to gun violence we lost one of the most influential artist of all time 🕊REST UP VROY!!! Fly high 🕊

  35. farley toussaint

    farley toussaint4 日 前

    It’s just tragic how these guys be dropping

  36. Okayy I'm reloaded

    Okayy I'm reloaded4 日 前

    King Von? Lol king Ron!!!

  37. Antix Lxner

    Antix Lxner4 日 前

    Three things I need in the studio one fasho tooka man

  38. aisha’s life

    aisha’s life4 日 前

    Damn mane everyone gonna die but this really got me

  39. Satama Gftyf

    Satama Gftyf3 日 前

    Amen to that.

  40. Oscar Lopez

    Oscar Lopez5 日 前

    Rip KING VON

  41. Nate Green

    Nate Green5 日 前

    Long Live King Von 🙏🏾

  42. Smizrs

    Smizrs5 日 前

    bro he said the goals got for 2021 thats crazy RIP OTF King

  43. Piscean Goddess

    Piscean Goddess5 日 前

    SMDH!! Y'all folk^ better listen tf up, wake tf up, & speak tf up and stop allowing the industry & these grafted mfs to slang our Kings and Queens! #period Y'all know EXACTLY what it is don't play! He's with Nip, another true King gone way too soon. I love my beautiful people and they hate us, but want our culture. #LongLiveKingVon

  44. Kare Bear

    Kare Bear5 日 前

    .Although Not the Same Situation as NIPSEY (Rip NIP) I can see VON revered in same I THINK THIS IS AN OPPORTUNE TIME FOR the GDs & BDs to put the love for their past Loved one's in a place of non remorse; & dont have to be buddy-buddy but Least have a Mutual understanding/ Amicable w/1 another. WE ALL LOSIN IN THE FUCKIN END OTHERWISE...Shit...put this on: Duck, Von, O, Kira, David, Shorty & Many more (RIP!) It may Not come easy but it can be DONE...if L.A. did it Why Cant the Fukn *Shy/CHI ?!?! TREND THAT SHIT!🤔💯

  45. midnight t0ker

    midnight t0ker5 日 前

    Fucked up what happened to him. Rip von

  46. ApeyBabyy Vlogz

    ApeyBabyy Vlogz5 日 前

    R.i.p a real one in the street. Young goat

  47. Russ Radoncicx

    Russ Radoncicx5 日 前

    Von was talkin about making the community better but it was him and all his homies doing the killings lol wtf

  48. ElSeñor Thë1šT

    ElSeñor Thë1šT4 日 前

    Shut up just because he was involved in gangs feuds doesn’t mean he didn’t want something better for the community

  49. tracy37

    tracy375 日 前

    So sad 🙏🏽🙏🏽🙏🏽

  50. Joshua Yanetsky

    Joshua Yanetsky5 日 前

    Man how did he die?

  51. Taylynn Nichols

    Taylynn Nichols5 日 前

    6400 block of South Dr. Martin Luther King Jr. is where they at btw its called parkway gardens

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  53. Isra Fil

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    See them kids over there ? They gone end up like him with the same mentality. Unless they get outta there.

  54. Isra Fil

    Isra Fil4 日 前

    @ElSeñor Thë1šT but you do know that ? 🤣🤣🤣 I feel sorry for whoever birth you

  55. ElSeñor Thë1šT

    ElSeñor Thë1šT4 日 前

    You don’t know that , shut up goofy

  56. Kelon

    Kelon5 日 前

    4:27 days crazy man he didn’t even get to complete his goals he had serious goals for the community man RIP VON

  57. Kelon

    Kelon日 前

    @Tlatoani Valle but by any means he wasn’t a good person at all but just rip

  58. Kelon

    Kelon日 前

    @Tlatoani Valle dat had nothing to do with him dying tho 🤷🏽‍♂️

  59. Tlatoani Valle

    Tlatoani Valle2 日 前

    He should’ve never killed anyone or done stupid shit like that 🤷🏽‍♂️

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  61. Brein 98

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    Lil Durk is not a mumble rapper but a mumble talker man, can’t understand him

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  63. Block A&R

    Block A&R3 日 前

    *it’s that big ass grill he got in* 😂

  64. Ladyd Jones

    Ladyd Jones6 日 前

    My prays go's out to his kids, family, friends RIP young man

  65. Tru Artist

    Tru Artist6 日 前

    He was a murderer tho

  66. Aran G

    Aran G6 日 前

    You know who was a REAL visionary storyteller at around the same age? Tupac! Most def NOT this chump. Inspiring young children to murder and gangbang.. Is that what we call a legend😂?? Adios👋

  67. NNFame

    NNFame6 日 前

    LL King Von..

  68. Delon Thomas

    Delon Thomas6 日 前

    Where am from in the Caribbean we got many fruits and veggies on our blocks respect to the chicago hood people one love to all

  69. Delon Thomas

    Delon Thomas6 日 前

    King von looks humble and peaceful gangs is destroying our race

  70. Wikktor Sanchez

    Wikktor Sanchez6 日 前

    Where were these fat outta shape wannabe thugs when he got shot??? Just another dead mush mouth never was fake gangster.

  71. 4PF -LEWIS

    4PF -LEWIS5 日 前

    Never was a gangster??? You must be old

  72. makael shepherd

    makael shepherd5 日 前

    Frr dawg😔

  73. shxrk betiru

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    Aww maan why 63 k likes?!!


    KESHAWN5 日 前


  75. JacieJermany

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    When he talks about his goals for 2021 😭😭😭😭😭😭



    LUL TIM - Energy feat. Quando Rondo Full Song NOCAPPPPP! I FINALLY FOUND IT RIGHTNOW! -

  77. ibreeshTV

    ibreeshTV6 日 前

    action soundtrack

  78. Queen Yemi

    Queen Yemi6 日 前

    @3:20 I can’t really hear what Durk said, ya Chicago accent thick asf LOL. Did he say he gave Von a watch for Prom and got locked up with it ???

  79. Queen Yemi

    Queen Yemi6 日 前

    @2:02 Man Von Loved All His People And They Loved Him! The Fans, Community, Kids, &Even The Elderly 😩❤️LOL. Nah, But Foreal, That Boy Was Too Official &Different. He Was In His Prime Time Man. 🤦🏾Imagine How Big He Would’ve Been In The Next 5 Years. Smh 🤦🏾 His Flow& Storytelling Was Unmatched! Periodt. Rest Up KING❗️🤴🏽 Von.

  80. Suman Das

    Suman Das6 日 前

    He said tooka gotta be in the studio 🤣🤣🤣

  81. AndreLucas

    AndreLucas7 日 前

    Dawg, no hating, but yall lucky asf for being born in us, as a Brazilian some of your so called hoods/guettos looks like some good as neighbourhoods from here lmao.

  82. Clamps-yt

    Clamps-yt7 日 前

    Rip king von

  83. Tyranzz 1

    Tyranzz 17 日 前

    When he said goals for 2021 I broke down 😫💔

  84. Z. M.

    Z. M.7 日 前

    He bought all of them Chains, broke bread with em and they didn't protect him. It was like 8 vs 2 smh

  85. G501 719

    G501 7197 日 前

    2 died n one injured I think they both was with action just unlucky

  86. Kenard Stephens

    Kenard Stephens7 日 前

    Couldn’t even see 2021 to do good things 😔

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  88. official_darklegends

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    Rip von

  89. Heat Pete

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    They need to make a mural of Von he got so much love in o'block fr

  90. Z

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  91. Willie Joseph

    Willie Joseph8 日 前

    Safe to say when you elevating yourself you gatta let go, whether that be friends/ ppl, family the environment you were fimilar with anything that can hinder you from getting to the top

  92. Xavier Vest

    Xavier Vest8 日 前

    Chief led could never come around like Von did

  93. SSM Gaming

    SSM Gaming5 日 前

    Maybe not anymore but before he was out there like Von even after he got money






    Now I'm Intrigued

  96. Justin Cloncs

    Justin Cloncs9 日 前

    And shit and shit and shit and shit and shit

  97. Abdoul Traore

    Abdoul Traore9 日 前

    Now this day Michelle Obama still dosen't give a fuk about O block 😔😤🤦🏾‍♂️

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  99. Tori G

    Tori G9 日 前

    Something about his eyes idk 😞 rip von

  100. 95 explorer

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    Rest up grandsøn 🕊⚡️ LLKV 🦅


    QUENESS YOMy9 日 前


  102. Heat Pete

    Heat Pete8 日 前

    sheeit ima leo u aint lyin 💯

  103. Drew Johnson

    Drew Johnson9 日 前

    Long live Grandson 🕊❤️

  104. Ray Stowers

    Ray Stowers9 日 前

    Wish he had stayed focused not get sidetracked BULLSH iT

  105. Domo Huncho

    Domo Huncho9 日 前

    No cap I fuck wit Von but this Chief Keef block 🤣

  106. Paris Paris

    Paris Paris9 日 前

    Got me crying at work at his goals for 2021 man that shit caught up t him before he could fulfill that purpose. Shit crazy

  107. Esther Okure

    Esther Okure9 日 前

    Wow, listening to his goals for 2021. #Sad

  108. The Porchiest

    The Porchiest9 日 前

    Now he dead lol

  109. Tyleers

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    RIP Von man

  110. Kiylea Bryant

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    Rip von

  111. KingNbaYoungboy NeverBrokeAgain4kt

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    Vons a real nigga nd went back to his hood all the time nd payed them back

  112. YoungBaby

    YoungBaby10 日 前

    Fly high king von😥🕊

  113. AA Squad

    AA Squad10 日 前

    Rip king von I miss u

  114. Naman Dutt

    Naman Dutt10 日 前

    This is low income projects? Multi storeyed building accommodation, clean green parks, good construction buildings and locality. This is heaven for real poverty stricken people. They want to commit crimes not do any good and blame it for projects

  115. Thaddeus NonStoppSoundzs

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  116. chiefwigom 17

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    Damn bro when he said 2021 im like damn😢 R.I.P Von fly high 🕊🙏

  117. Bae Grinder

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    Shiiiii fuck 63rd 😂😂❤️