CHRISTMAS RECIPE: Christmas Beef Wellington


  1. AZ Toy Review by Aariz and Zayyan

    AZ Toy Review by Aariz and Zayyan4 時間 前

    Gordon Ramsay! This worked thank you! It was so yummy

  2. 법치주의

    법치주의5 時間 前

    당신은 알고리즘이 인도한 영상에서 한국인을 찾으셨습니다.

  3. Boomer Kingzley

    Boomer Kingzley7 時間 前

    Rumples: drop something on the ground for me pleeeeeease

  4. Raidyn Playz YT

    Raidyn Playz YT8 時間 前

    He is definetly on cocaine

  5. Few

    Few8 時間 前

    Is that some thing burning his feet?😂

  6. Faiz Mappia

    Faiz Mappia8 時間 前

    Kayaknya itu Masi mentah Kapa?

  7. Astravo35

    Astravo3510 時間 前

    i found the end card video


    BEST CHEF IN TOWN12 時間 前

    Subs to my channel

  9. Black War

    Black War15 時間 前

    la puta madre un año de ser subido y 16 millones de vistas y no lo traducen

  10. Riri

    Riri19 時間 前

    The music along with the rolling part had me so inspired lmao

  11. Rusibel Y. Martinez Andrade

    Rusibel Y. Martinez Andrade21 時間 前

    I could legit eat the whole thing it's like six inches

  12. Rusibel Y. Martinez Andrade

    Rusibel Y. Martinez Andrade21 時間 前

    <a href="#" class="seekto" data-time="8">0:08</a>

  13. Rusibel Y. Martinez Andrade

    Rusibel Y. Martinez Andrade21 時間 前

    Ahh more food that I'll never learn to do

  14. Monkey 101

    Monkey 101日 前

    ‘We’re not cooking the beef, we’re searing it’ Me: -.-

  15. Ojitos De huevo

    Ojitos De huevo日 前

    Subtítles spanish please

  16. MrHazzard12345

    MrHazzard12345日 前

    Only a £100+ dinner at home.

  17. Vira

    Vira日 前

    im filipino and whenever i cook beef, i always go for mid rare but my parents think it's raw lmao

  18. d10531404吳 璠

    d10531404吳 璠日 前

    My dream now is to taste a Wellington

  19. Anandita Arya

    Anandita Arya日 前

    He kinda jumps a lot

  20. Idris Lokhande

    Idris Lokhande日 前

    I like to eat RAW. That RAW beef is tasty.

  21. JAYSONS pogis

    JAYSONS pogis日 前

    Wow those are lots of wasted plates btw who always washes your dishes😂😂😂

  22. Gamerz Adventurer

    Gamerz Adventurer2 日 前

    Gordon As A Kid Student That Hold His Pee For 3 Hours:

  23. Saul Hernandez

    Saul Hernandez2 日 前

    yumi.... raw meat

  24. Nutcase201

    Nutcase2012 日 前

    Guys bouncing around like he's on some Christmas crack

  25. Isaias Vargas lopez

    Isaias Vargas lopez2 日 前

    Todo crudo

  26. Malscavs

    Malscavs2 日 前

    Qué asco. Botulismo asegurado con ese tipo de cocción. Jajaja.

  27. OppaoaPower Extras

    OppaoaPower Extras2 日 前

    Uhm. I would just make it on christmas and call it christmas. Screw a new recipe.

  28. Darth Stal

    Darth Stal2 日 前

    the legends say ramsay is still holding in his piss

  29. Tim Joestar

    Tim Joestar2 日 前

    Tell me, what's your name? My name? Yes, your name, son. Uh... Beef Wellington? No, your name. Uhh...err... Fork on the left?

  30. Tiffany Boyde

    Tiffany Boyde2 日 前

    Its the music that finishes off this vid perfectly for me

  31. FBI

    FBI2 日 前


  32. Kaneki YT

    Kaneki YT3 日 前

    I love how he cooks he is happy at the same time i respect his passion of cooking. gordon thx for making our christmas dish better

  33. E030E03

    E030E033 日 前

    Who's Wellington and why is he beef

  34. Cicak Sange

    Cicak Sange3 日 前

    Ni org masak kek orang kebelet kencing anjir

  35. Kskdmme,ki99 Kskkskksk

    Kskdmme,ki99 Kskkskksk3 日 前

    Biz yılbaşı kutlamayız Sarı Pipi

  36. Julian Fujita Olofsson

    Julian Fujita Olofsson3 日 前

    I think he has cooked more wellignton than I have ever cooked food

  37. Derek Westbrook

    Derek Westbrook3 日 前

    Gordon: everytime there's meat out he comes Same deal with my gf after a night of drinking

  38. Mith ZEN

    Mith ZEN4 日 前

    the meat at clickbait looks still raw, mr gordon

  39. texas city

    texas city4 日 前

    Adam kayserinin pastırmasndan neler yapür

  40. Jesús Paz

    Jesús Paz4 日 前

    Yo nose mucho de cocina pero se ve sabroso y bello

  41. TSA. KYLE harith god

    TSA. KYLE harith god4 日 前

    I love the way he cooks.

  42. Muhamad Syahmi

    Muhamad Syahmi4 日 前

    But my religions against eating meat that is still red in the inside, so any recommendation to cook well-doned wellington?

  43. Ehsan Badaludin

    Ehsan Badaludin4 日 前

    Hey check this, i already try this method @t @t

  44. Sam Nowland

    Sam Nowland4 日 前

    What's saltpepper?

  45. Alexcippos Manini

    Alexcippos Manini4 日 前

    You are a fucking genius

  46. lhizunyi

    lhizunyi4 日 前

    He kinda sounds like Randy Marsh while making Beef Wellington's for some reason

  47. RamSLade On Blitz

    RamSLade On Blitz5 日 前

    "I'm ready to die, and go to heaven."

  48. Flaming Army

    Flaming Army5 日 前

    that's sad, he didn't season the oil, the pan, or the blender. :...(

  49. Sarah Phee

    Sarah Phee5 日 前

    Ramsay: Christmas wouldn’t be Christmas without chestnuts Me: Wut...😳

  50. Mark R

    Mark R5 日 前

    Just made a beef Wellington using Gordon's recipe and it was delicious. Doing that thing with cling film is harder than it looks but it did get results.

  51. NoodleSpoon

    NoodleSpoon5 日 前

    I made this tonight, it is sooo yum. I might just need to go easier on the salt next time. The parma makes is quite salty. So I’ll use less salt throughout the rest of the recipe steps.

  52. Jonathan Bonapos

    Jonathan Bonapos5 日 前

    Hahaha ready to die and go to heaven 😂😂

  53. forbidden fruit Delfin

    forbidden fruit Delfin6 日 前

    Watched this for like the 30th time since it was uploaded. Masterpiece

  54. GraceinStarryNight

    GraceinStarryNight6 日 前

    What type of ham did he use?

  55. Hunter Dixon

    Hunter Dixon6 日 前

    Not gay, but I love Gordon Ramsay.

  56. Pussy Slayer 45

    Pussy Slayer 456 日 前

    Ok But where's *THE LAMB SAUCE*

  57. Jorge Escobar

    Jorge Escobar6 日 前

    We just tried... with some variatons because of the quarantine and place we live in.... but it's amazing!!!! thanks for sahring this !

  58. Darth Revan

    Darth Revan6 日 前

    Looks like he snorted gfuel

  59. Mariano José Juárez D'Ambola

    Mariano José Juárez D'Ambola7 日 前

    What's the recipe for the dough?? Help!

  60. 애오엥

    애오엥7 日 前

    말 개빨라

  61. NG1 N3

    NG1 N37 日 前

    Why's it look raw

  62. greta thunberg official

    greta thunberg official4 日 前

    That's the colour beef should be lol. You've never cooked if you think that looks raw

  63. Lukas Wegener

    Lukas Wegener7 日 前

    Just the number 14.500

  64. Elliot Bridge

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  65. Zachary UponTheHill

    Zachary UponTheHill7 日 前

    Imagine making this with wait for it......magic mushrooms

  66. First name Last name

    First name Last name7 日 前

    IT'S F@&KING RAAAAAAAW!!!!!🤬🤬🤬

  67. Marcelo Nerva

    Marcelo Nerva7 日 前

    I like this 90's comercial filter of the video

  68. Steven Barry

    Steven Barry7 日 前

    Try this once Probably the most delicious beef I've ever tasted

  69. OwO //Kyle\\ OwO

    OwO //Kyle\\ OwO7 日 前

    Food aside Rumples is a cute name.

  70. Songs N

    Songs N7 日 前

    I cooked it he yells at me you dumb boy its raw do it again

  71. Crixtian Galindo

    Crixtian Galindo7 日 前

    yo hablo español pero amo a este vato

  72. Sayrox & Flack

    Sayrox & Flack7 日 前

    Not bad

  73. 유미진

    유미진7 日 前

    Chef Golden Ramsay, I learned how to bake steak last time. Thank you always.❤️ 아주 존경스러운 골든램지 셰프님 통고기요리 잘보고 저번에스테이크 굽는방법 배우고 또 배웠습니다. 항상감사합니다❤️

  74. Tahseen Chowdhury

    Tahseen Chowdhury7 日 前

    What could you use instead of ham?

  75. Ahmet

    Ahmet8 日 前

    definitely on cocain

  76. Maura Aranha

    Maura Aranha8 日 前

    Adorei a receita, principalmente a camada de cogumelos. Hummm Só não gosto muito de carne mal passada e esse caprichou. Kkkk

  77. Jade West willows

    Jade West willows8 日 前

    Why does this look like it was recorded in 2009

  78. TheMan WithNoPlan

    TheMan WithNoPlan4 日 前

    It was recorded in 2012

  79. Gopu nii-chan

    Gopu nii-chan8 日 前

    Ramsay: Aah, Beautiful, what a sexy piece of meat. Dog: woof Ramsay: Fuck off *shoots him*

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    Qwerty Games8 日 前

    He's been holding his piss for a couple of years now

  81. Benjiman Moua

    Benjiman Moua8 日 前

    Why meat

  82. 김김

    김김8 日 前

    저... ...한국인