CHRISTMAS RECIPE: Christmas Beef Wellington


  1. Vanilla Pudding Pop

    Vanilla Pudding Pop3 時間 前

    That's one helluva Beef Wellington! I'd pick the pastry off and eat that - the rest can go to the dog.

  2. gamedemon89

    gamedemon895 時間 前

    Yo, guy that runs Gordon’s channel. Check this dude out.

  3. Mariguana

    Mariguana7 時間 前

    Today we will be making the most amazing Rumples stew

  4. Salama Nasser

    Salama Nasser13 時間 前

    GORDON'S children will never be vegetarian!!

  5. Ethan is not here

    Ethan is not here8 時間 前

    The kids: ITS TOO DRY

  6. PropperComerdy

    PropperComerdy23 時間 前

    His version is _Sexier..._

  7. Nigel Alvarado

    Nigel Alvarado日 前

    Ramsay ya le aplica a la cocaína jajaja

  8. Reviews.

    Reviews.日 前

    How do you make the puff pastry???

  9. moses money

    moses money日 前

    He snorted a gram before he started..

  10. Grace Carey

    Grace Carey日 前

    nobody: gordon ramsay: sEaSoN wItH SaLt aNd pEpPeR

  11. Yosief Araya

    Yosief Araya日 前

    I tried it, and the part when u roast it with oil it becomes really fragile. I learned that the hard way. 1:00

  12. Diaz 5938

    Diaz 5938日 前


  13. Memer Dude

    Memer Dude日 前

    Wait... what happened to the wrapper that was around the beef inside the pastry?

  14. Sean Chan

    Sean Chan日 前

    I regret watching this in October. CHRISTMAS TIME IS COMING SOON SOON

  15. Ardeshir Panahi

    Ardeshir Panahi日 前

    I've tried a lot of Gordon's recipes, but this one scares me 😶

  16. Yvan822

    Yvan822日 前

    7:27 "I'm ready to die and go to heaven" HAHAHAHAHAHAHAHHAHAHAHAH

  17. Aaron Mangilaya

    Aaron Mangilaya日 前

    It is just me or mr. ramsay is like preparing to dance while talking to the cam😂

  18. Battle Buster

    Battle Buster日 前

    Im in hell because i cant eat that

  19. Diana Frunza

    Diana Frunza2 日 前

    I tried that recipe did was good but I didn't find English mistake

  20. devil artist

    devil artist2 日 前

    I think gr was feeling pee during cooking this wonderful food .

  21. Adamz Daeni

    Adamz Daeni2 日 前

    First, pan - ON and then olive oil just a touch of it . Now season the beef with salt and pepper



    looks raw

  23. Matt Sprayberry

    Matt Sprayberry2 日 前

    To me it's not Christmas unless someone in my family kills a deer

  24. Maulana Solihin

    Maulana Solihin2 日 前

    everything seems woderfull untill he put that ham,

  25. Josue Zafra

    Josue Zafra2 日 前

    He's the Bob Ross of cooking

  26. Ryan Pillow

    Ryan Pillow2 日 前


  27. d87fresh1

    d87fresh12 日 前

    Made this put in oven at 200 for 30 minutes... Realized this dickhead was not speaking in freedom, fuck Celsius...

  28. Jeffrey Li

    Jeffrey Li日 前

    d87fresh1 Thanks

  29. d87fresh1

    d87fresh12 日 前

    @Jeffrey Li Celsius. Its about 410 Fahrenheit

  30. Jeffrey Li

    Jeffrey Li2 日 前

    So is the temperature Celsius or Fahrenheit?

  31. Voultronix

    Voultronix2 日 前

    "Bit of cocaine to help prepare the dish"

  32. Charles Tong

    Charles Tong2 日 前

    We are not cooking the beef,,,

  33. ehboi

    ehboi2 日 前

    When my crush rejected me 7:27

  34. Natalia Alianova

    Natalia Alianova2 日 前

    Gotta be honest with you chief,, that looks kinda gross

  35. Tim Huvane

    Tim Huvane3 日 前

    There is a guy Joshua Weissman who made an exellent beef wellington, he wants you to see his cooking skills, he has a JPreporter account. Hope you watch and either find it well or criticize it or whatever, I just stumbled across it and it looked delicious.

  36. Ducky Studios

    Ducky Studios3 日 前

    Nothing like some uncooked meat to set off that Christmas flu.

  37. Zandriel Grimm

    Zandriel Grimm3 日 前

    What's a good alternative to mushrooms? I've just never been a big fan of them is all

  38. Flying Ostrich

    Flying Ostrich3 日 前

    Just lightly _brush_ *brushes as fast asf*

  39. Alex Koh

    Alex Koh3 日 前

    It's only one way to Heaven !

  40. derek salinas

    derek salinas4 日 前

    Why does his DMT last longer than mine? Lol #drug'sarebadmkay

  41. Narxos

    Narxos4 日 前

    Gordon: FIRST I’m going to insult the raw meat for 10 minutes until it starts bleeding THEN We’re going sear the tits off it..

  42. SkyeRos 17

    SkyeRos 174 日 前

    Gordon Ramsey add On a Gordon Ramsey video ... Five stars everyone this is our future

  43. Ihate Myjob

    Ihate Myjob4 日 前

    This recipe is actually a family tradition of mine. We make it for Christmas dinner at my mom's house. It is delicious, you should make this if you can. It's such a great recipe

  44. britsniper32

    britsniper324 日 前

    Little raw cmon

  45. britsniper32

    britsniper324 日 前

    @JohnDark93 its a joke mate you know when he shoats ITS RAW XD i understand your miss understanding

  46. JohnDark93

    JohnDark934 日 前

    People tend to eat meat to get the meat flavor, if they wanted to get charcoal flavor, they would eat charcoal.



    Salt Wellington

  48. JohnDark93

    JohnDark934 日 前

    Butthurt comment

  49. Beef Wellington

    Beef Wellington5 日 前

    Hey that’s me 👋🏻

  50. Hernan Vega

    Hernan Vega5 日 前

    Vine por el guzzi

  51. railfanning fun

    railfanning fun5 日 前

    That's a nice dog

  52. alejandro alarcon

    alejandro alarcon5 日 前

    First time that i see him no use butter lol

  53. N. Melwani

    N. Melwani5 日 前

    this dish is the ending of every video !!

  54. Kati Casey

    Kati Casey6 日 前

    Gordon: I'm ready to die Me: Hey same

  55. Smiling Doggie

    Smiling Doggie日 前

    Then die!

  56. Sorrows City

    Sorrows City6 日 前

    "I'm ready to die and go to Heaven" Hell's kitchen in heaven could work...

  57. Perunamuusi On hyvää

    Perunamuusi On hyvää6 日 前

    Him: WeT wAtEr

  58. invs ink

    invs ink6 日 前

    3:57 How ur dog looks at u when ur completely off ur face on coke making a Christmas beef wellington at 2am.

  59. Minhazul Alam

    Minhazul Alam6 日 前

    they show Gordon more than the process.

  60. Laughing Matador

    Laughing Matador7 日 前

    Gordon Ramsay’a pronunciation for olive oil: “Olive o’l”

  61. Madeleine Bedwell

    Madeleine Bedwell7 日 前

    my grandpa makes heavenly beef wellington and just looking at gordons beef wellington makes me so hungry ;(

  62. Shuckle

    Shuckle7 日 前

    How many secrets have Gordon revealed this video?

  63. Spookefied

    Spookefied7 日 前

    I just love how exited he is

  64. Chris Luethje

    Chris Luethje7 日 前

    Gordon: eats bowl of salt Gordon: needs salt

  65. Julian Säuberli

    Julian Säuberli7 日 前

    Why does he always hop around?

  66. Jesset Campos

    Jesset Campos7 日 前

    Joy to the world Joy to the world, the Lord is come Let earth receive her King Let every heart prepare Him room And Heaven and nature sing And Heaven and nature sing And Heaven, and Heaven, and nature sing Joy to the world Joy to the world Joy to the World, the Savior reigns! Let men their songs employ While fields and floods, rocks, hills and plains Repeat the sounding joy Repeat the sounding joy Repeat, repeat, the sounding joy

  67. john mazuera

    john mazuera7 日 前

    Went to his restaurant in Vegas and ordered the beef was dry af, like British humor.....and just as unfunny

  68. Corrupt SuperMonkey

    Corrupt SuperMonkey7 日 前

    Gonna make this for my moms bday