Chris Makes BA's Best Lasagna | From the Test Kitchen | Bon Appétit


  1. siri H

    siri H2 時間 前

    Are we gonna talk about how Andy didn't even chew that bite at 16:21

  2. Hoosh O'Daddy

    Hoosh O'Daddy9 時間 前

    John Oliver? Maybe Jamie Oliver

  3. Emma Rose Patrick

    Emma Rose Patrick日 前

    if chris made me this lasagna it would cure my depression

  4. Heather Heston

    Heather Heston日 前

    Happy birthday, Chris!!

  5. Khalil Hasty

    Khalil Hasty2 日 前

    Someone get this man a wooden spoon! that metal on metal is killing me

  6. E

    E2 日 前

    That flexible spatula name/link please

  7. marlin brando

    marlin brando2 日 前

    To the BA kitchen. Include your cookware. Yeah it makes the biggest difference

  8. Cough It Up

    Cough It Up3 日 前

    You gotta have ricotta...

  9. First Last

    First Last2 日 前

    Cough It Up nope

  10. Vitamin Bjørn

    Vitamin Bjørn3 日 前

    God I hate tablespoons as measuring food. Please use grams!

  11. Hanna K

    Hanna K4 日 前

    I absolutely hate lasagna but this is making me want lasagna

  12. She She

    She She4 日 前

    Can you teach us how to make ceviche

  13. S Phung

    S Phung4 日 前

    I'm 31 now and lasagne has been one of my fav foods for as long as I remember. This looks delicious but too bad I'm not much of a cook.

  14. Ruby_j

    Ruby_j4 日 前

    Ugh, I hate it when Americans call pasta fiesta sauce sandwiches lasagna.

  15. Kevin Williams

    Kevin Williams5 日 前

    No mozzarella?

  16. shanmarielk

    shanmarielk6 日 前

    My husband recently made this. It is LITERALLY the most DELICIOUS thing I have ever eaten. Please make this if you can, all of the time spent is WORTH it! Thanks Chris/Bon Appetit for this video.

  17. Richard Wild

    Richard Wild6 日 前

    At first, I couldn't stand Chris. He seemed so arrogant and dismissive. I have come to realize I was wrong, dead wrong. I have come to realize what he brings to the channel. So to Chris. I'm a huge fan. Keep doing you.

  18. SuperTiny98

    SuperTiny986 日 前

    I love watching the bon appetit videos but the sound quality is so quiet I have my volume cranked up to 100 and can still barely hear

  19. jay

    jay7 日 前

    then he destroyed it with cream and chicken broth

  20. wet cake

    wet cake8 日 前

    needs to sit minimum 30 mins out of the oven

  21. Frickes

    Frickes8 日 前

    I've cooked the meat sauce twice already and will do it a third time right now. Thank you very much for sharing this awesome recepie.

  22. MaquiladoraIII

    MaquiladoraIII9 日 前

    Can anyone else verify as to whether they've seen Chris & Tim Westwood in the same room?

  23. Lil Ingot

    Lil Ingot9 日 前

    Other food channel video comment section: omg that dish looks so delicious! B.A's video comment section: omg Andy is fucken delicious

  24. PinkiePie86

    PinkiePie869 日 前

    I love that there’s no ricotta cheese in this

  25. Bryce Cream

    Bryce Cream10 日 前

    I thought they would randomly sing b lasagna

  26. Sophie

    Sophie10 日 前

    OMG.... THE SALT?!?!?! Why SO MUCH SALT! Do they NOT KNOW many vegetables naturally have salt?!?!

  27. Hoori Rujub

    Hoori Rujub11 日 前

    Take a shot everytime Chris says "You know"

  28. unknownfancy

    unknownfancy11 日 前

    Chris is slowly becoming my crush

  29. Keenan Smith

    Keenan Smith12 日 前

    Where is the cheese :/

  30. xXLuK3Xx1

    xXLuK3Xx112 日 前

    Add cheese...

  31. Javier Corral

    Javier Corral15 日 前

    I wonder if you could make a green lasagna, there's a tangy verde that my mum would make, avocado, _ cilantro, lime juice, idk ... she wouldn't give me the recipe, I think she's a spy ...

  32. Barbara Sorrentino

    Barbara Sorrentino15 日 前

    bolognese normaly has no cream in there =D my grandma is shocked xD

  33. Jabba the Hutch

    Jabba the Hutch15 日 前

    Is it just me or was him using a metal spatula to stir vegetables on a non-stick pan infuriating.

  34. skollum

    skollum日 前

    In what world is that a non-stick pan?

  35. BillyBob Bobbins

    BillyBob Bobbins15 日 前

    Want a tip on how to elevate your bolognese? ... instead of chopping your carrot / celery / onion, grate them with a cheesegrater and add to the meat once it starts to brown. You just levelled up! You're welcome ;)

  36. Ava Ferry

    Ava Ferry16 日 前

    just when i thought chris couldnt get more perfect, he reveals that he watches john oliver

  37. Anwar Stanzi

    Anwar Stanzi16 日 前

    Luscious Plumpness at 15:44

  38. D'meer MarSel

    D'meer MarSel17 日 前

    Avid Watcher/Subscriber. Chris Morocco vids are the Only ones i mute, but still watch...:-) "Boooom" UGH! his voice his sooo annoying

  39. Jordana Felicia

    Jordana Felicia17 日 前

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  40. Michael Copado

    Michael Copado17 日 前

    I didn't make the lasagna but I did make the ragut using Chris' method and it was amazing. Best I think I've ever made.

  41. Charlie King

    Charlie King17 日 前

    Paris Hilton puts cheese on top, so I put cheese too

  42. Eros Delorenzi

    Eros Delorenzi17 日 前

    He doesn't know anything about Italian culture same with Americans

  43. margie reyes

    margie reyes18 日 前

    New drinking game: Take a shot every time Chris says ‘you know’

  44. ajsuflena

    ajsuflena19 日 前

    Is he Moroccan

  45. ajsuflena

    ajsuflena19 日 前

    I’m so hungry

  46. Shauni Gothic TV

    Shauni Gothic TV19 日 前

    Excellent cooking video.

  47. hedlund88

    hedlund8819 日 前

    I'm just scrolling the comments trying to find anyone mentioning the car choice for his buddy cop movie .good choice

  48. William Crawford

    William Crawford19 日 前

    The only thing it can make is fruitcake or 💩 pie

  49. Makayla Rillamas

    Makayla Rillamas20 日 前

    chris philly d 🤝 jumping right into it

  50. Nimesh Shah

    Nimesh Shah20 日 前

    Wayyyyy too complicated - buy the oven ready sheets and throw in your toppings, sauce and cheese...I got no time for this and it tastes fantastic! Been doing it for 20 years!

  51. Nimesh Shah

    Nimesh Shah18 日 前

    @First Last of course not...but why bother when you don't have to - it's like making fresh tortillas for a Mexican dish, when you can buy a pack of 10 for $1.29 ☺

  52. First Last

    First Last18 日 前

    You find boiling lasagna sheets complicated?

  53. Junior

    Junior21 日 前


  54. evokaiyo

    evokaiyo21 日 前

    Apparently, the term "Ragù Bolognese" isn't the correct word for the meat sauce. Authentically, the meat sauce should just be called Ragù. Lasagne (sheet pasta) as well as tagliatelle and tortellini, were invented in Bologna, but the terms Bolognese / Ragù Bolognese / Spaghetti Bolognese / Lasagna Bolognese were made up by the rest of the world.

  55. khalifa alqubaisi

    khalifa alqubaisi22 日 前

    Love you chris 🥳😍

  56. Gianna S

    Gianna S22 日 前

    Chris: a little bit of salt also Chris: adds a LOT of salt

  57. Tim Volk

    Tim Volk22 日 前

    LOL, "perfectly adequately" is not a thing by definition.

  58. Plays WithKnives

    Plays WithKnives22 日 前

    "painting our nails black and listening to the Cure" first belly laugh I've had for a while.

  59. Izabela

    Izabela23 日 前

    Okay, I've made it, it was delicious. Thanks. The meat trick is genius.

  60. Blah

    Blah23 日 前

    Making this now :)

  61. Kim Von Weihe

    Kim Von Weihe23 日 前

    what size stab pot is that?

  62. Jamie JunkJournals

    Jamie JunkJournals23 日 前

    Bad boys for life! 😁

  63. Nothing-Chan

    Nothing-Chan23 日 前

    Idk I maybe align more with the Brad sort of ideology on this one. I'd much rather have a layer of straight/mixed melted cheese. This lasagna is sorely missing the cheese element. Bechamel is not a replacement for classic melted and gooey cheese. It's really diary rich and creamy, but i think you're missing that cheese WOW that lasagna needs. Why not add some cheese layers to the dish and a bechamel to bind the cheese and the pasta? To me that sounds like a great way to get that cheese element while getting the soft and cream elements of a bechamel. I'd also rather even have a cheese layer over a bechamel layer. To me lasagna NEEDS to have more cheese. The cheese needs to stand out. That being said, your sauce seems fantastic. I'll give you this might be a fantastic sauce. Bechanel is not a substitute for cheese tho. It's got a lot of the dairy elements of cheese but it simply is not cheese. And dont try to correct me with "It's got parmesan cheese in it.". I think that's great but come on. Are you going to tell me you weren't already going to put Parmesan cheese on your lasagna? It wouldnt count if it didnt have it.

  64. rOsStAfArIaNSHU

    rOsStAfArIaNSHU23 日 前

    No Ricotta? well i guess it's better than my parents who use cottage cheese instead.