[Choreography Video] SEVENTEEN(세븐틴) - HIT


  1. katiana v.

    katiana v.4 時間 前

    they’re honestly one of the best boy groups with dancing in kpop.

  2. Tae & 2 Sugas

    Tae & 2 Sugas4 時間 前

    I feel bad for taking so long to realise Seungkwan is barely in this video cause of his ankle injury.

  3. gaster sans

    gaster sans6 時間 前

    mds ... coreografia melhor de cada dia. vai ser dificil aprender essa kkkkk inpecaveis

  4. subtleyukhei

    subtleyukhei9 時間 前

    choreography of the year

  5. Aneeza Mazhar

    Aneeza Mazhar12 時間 前


  6. Sky Dream

    Sky Dream13 時間 前

    이러니까 내가 세븐틴을사랑하징

  7. planetwasabi

    planetwasabi14 時間 前

    seungkwan YEETing himself back in tho

  8. 우와

    우와17 時間 前

    뭐야 기합 이번엔 안 넣었나..? 하고 있는데 갑자기 뽝 기합 나오네ㅋㅋㅋㅋㅋ

  9. TheBreakfast Club

    TheBreakfast Club19 時間 前

    darker and darker and darkerrr

  10. alri yuri

    alri yuri20 時間 前


  11. Svt Caratdeul

    Svt Caratdeul20 時間 前


  12. Svt Caratdeul

    Svt Caratdeul20 時間 前

    Stream famsss streaamm 💛💛😭😭

  13. goha chi

    goha chi20 時間 前

    wait where did boo go @ 2:49

  14. farah Asyiqin

    farah Asyiqin21 時間 前

    2:48 look how seungkwan left

  15. crow

    crow22 時間 前


  16. Nao Hira

    Nao Hira22 時間 前

    One interesting fact, Jeonghan never leave the stage. He is in the hardest dance break as well. He's dancing literally through the whole song even though he has the least stamina in the group.

  17. xDmizex x

    xDmizex x23 時間 前

    is it me but is there only 12 memebers?

  18. jungkookie

    jungkookie日 前

    who’s the one in the white shirt who’s in the front?

  19. Carat17Army

    Carat17Army日 前

    Jun .he is a Chinese member and a lead dancer

  20. Ches G

    Ches G日 前


  21. Woozi Carat_17

    Woozi Carat_17日 前

    Carats don’t forget to stre*m the MV PLS, also always remind carats to stre*m everyday

  22. Woozi Carat_17

    Woozi Carat_17日 前


  23. Wang Sara

    Wang Sara日 前

    damn this is insane

  24. Talib Cafe

    Talib Cafe日 前

    why is this song not in album?? is dammmmm gooddd

  25. Hoshi ga Hoshii desu

    Hoshi ga Hoshii desu日 前

    It's digital single. Their full album will release on sept. 16 wait for it ^^

  26. Zaid Higuera

    Zaid Higuera日 前

    La mejor coreografía de k-pop de este 2019 UWU seventeen

  27. Laila Herlambang

    Laila Herlambang日 前

    It is just me that feels everything going so fast in this video😅😅

  28. Sa Ssy

    Sa Ssy日 前

    Okay dino is now my second bias

  29. neoctxo

    neoctxo日 前


  30. Douce Sweet

    Douce Sweet日 前

    🖤🖤🖤🖤Increíble sus coreos son geniales

  31. Kiku Dvoracek

    Kiku Dvoracek日 前

    I love their energy. They're the definition of giving 200%.

  32. tae30rw

    tae30rw日 前

    I loved it, they dance spectacularly. I love you very much my babies

  33. Elizabeth Dela Paz

    Elizabeth Dela Paz日 前

    I just can't believe how smooth Seungkwan's entrances and exits are O_o

  34. Asiah Mansor

    Asiah Mansor日 前

    please turn the lights on pledis 😂

  35. kpop mugicジュルレᄒᄉᄒ

    kpop mugicジュルレᄒᄉᄒ日 前


  36. Omar Martinez

    Omar Martinez日 前

    Nunca me cansaré de decir que amo SEVENTEEN :')

  37. Seokjinnie199223 Lee

    Seokjinnie199223 Lee日 前

    Pls somebody teach me their names!!

  38. Alexis Faith Casis

    Alexis Faith Casis日 前

    Why isn't anyone talking about Joshua? Bruv he slayed the whole ass performance❤️

  39. haruna

    haruna日 前

    anjay mase

  40. Fardhan Muh

    Fardhan Muh日 前

    Gilaa koreonya bukan kaleng" dong😱

  41. Mirna Smkk

    Mirna Smkk日 前

    Bukan kaleng" dong😱

  42. E. M.

    E. M.日 前

    seventeen hit sound :)

  43. Oktantiara Amalissholeha

    Oktantiara Amalissholeha日 前

    kenapa seungkwan ada pas part nya dia doangg???

  44. Madmads

    Madmads2 日 前

    Now waiting for the 2x Fast version from Weekly Idol.....

  45. K. Serra

    K. Serra2 日 前

    It's official, I'm in love with Wonwoo 😙

  46. alex tae

    alex tae2 日 前

    che son re tontitos q se ponen re lejos



    Why does one of them leave the performance and come back in?

  48. Jessica

    Jessica2 日 前

    He's recovering from ankle injury

  49. caylum styles

    caylum styles2 日 前

    I wonder what Sofia thinks over her brother body rolling for a bunch of people

  50. Dwinda Riyana

    Dwinda Riyana2 日 前


  51. Ivette Mercado

    Ivette Mercado2 日 前


  52. vickie

    vickie2 日 前

    Woozi breaking my heart 😻

  53. soonyoing

    soonyoing2 日 前

    centre jun and soonyoung r SO POWERFUL

  54. Екатерина Жирнова

    Екатерина Жирнова2 日 前


  55. Amy María Vilchez Navarro

    Amy María Vilchez Navarro2 日 前

    soy la unica que ve que no baila tanto Seungkwan :')...y me preocupa y quiero saber el por qué

  56. Nam Le

    Nam Le2 日 前

    Seungkwan isnt dancing in most of the choreo, why is that?

  57. isy rocha

    isy rocha2 日 前

    he is recovering from an ankle injury.

  58. KyuwonCarat

    KyuwonCarat2 日 前

    when I have a blurry vision and this freaking filter is so dark.... "UH EXCUSE ME WHERE ARE THEY?!"

  59. Preet Barot 31

    Preet Barot 312 日 前

    How to lose weight : try dancing to this 😂😂😂

  60. carat_ rengi

    carat_ rengi2 日 前

    The choreography is insane!!!!❣️

  61. Freedom Village

    Freedom Village2 日 前

    2:48 Seungkwan Joshua improve his dance talent good😂😂😂😂

  62. Lucie A

    Lucie A2 日 前

    So.. Powerful

  63. werine yera galana

    werine yera galana2 日 前

    jeonghan : "... if you can see..." me : NO JEONGHAN I CAN'T SEE ANYTHING BCS IT'S TOO DARK AND TOO FAR

  64. Chwe Cheese

    Chwe Cheese2 日 前

    This is why I don't have a bias they're so talented ???? Asdfghjk

  65. Ggyeu ll

    Ggyeu ll2 日 前

    저만 영상 어둡게 보이나요 ?

  66. Althea Bernabe

    Althea Bernabe2 日 前

    Super layo haha

  67. Katrina Ramos

    Katrina Ramos2 日 前

    I watch this everyday and I'm not regretting it. I'm so proud of these boys. I hope Kwanie heals well. Jun is so amazing huhuhu and deym Hannie is dancing in the whole song with only a few break. SEVENTEEN is so amazing. I'm proud of them and CARATs my family💜💜💜💜💜

  68. Larga Wu

    Larga Wu3 日 前

    Got dam the choreo is beautiful, seventeen’s choreographer deserves and award

  69. Elizabeth Chu

    Elizabeth Chu3 日 前

    I can’t help but notice that joshua kinda missed a beat at 1:18

  70. Annisa Maulida

    Annisa Maulida3 日 前

    My king❤

  71. Ariel Taclawan

    Ariel Taclawan3 日 前

    Why is that one member always leaving and coming? Sorry I don't know about it Pls no hate.

  72. Ariel Taclawan

    Ariel Taclawan3 日 前

    @Jessica ohhh thank you...

  73. Jessica

    Jessica3 日 前

    Because he has ankle injury so he only participates in some parts

  74. Andrea

    Andrea3 日 前

    Okay but remember how Jeonghan said that he doesn't get the choreography easily??? And now he's dancing almost throughout the whole song??? Imagine all the effort he put just to perfect the whole choreography????? Like???? Jeonghan??????!!! *Jeonghan?????!!!!!*

  75. bellis amore

    bellis amore3 日 前

    me shook....

  76. Din Din

    Din Din3 日 前

    who is this guy in panama?

  77. puppygyu

    puppygyu3 日 前

    Din Din i assume you’re talking about Vernon

  78. Irene Conde

    Irene Conde3 日 前

    Oh my wow O.O

  79. Alis Jones

    Alis Jones3 日 前

    One of the best choreo dance practices ever recorded. FACT 🙌🏼🙌🏼🔥🔥

  80. I B

    I B3 日 前

    HOW. DO. THEY. DO. THAT. SEVENTEEN choreos got me shocked every single time.

  81. Leah

    Leah3 日 前

    Seventeen once again never failing to be perfectly in sync. They might as well be one body. Great song, great dance!!!

  82. Jonginie

    Jonginie3 日 前

    Their energy is no joke scfaf

  83. loissmc

    loissmc3 日 前

    Definitely top era


    ELNI YATI3 日 前

  85. away far

    away far3 日 前

    안무를 너무 멀리서 찍는다 아쉽

  86. po po

    po po3 日 前

    순영아 진짜 대박이다

  87. shu shu

    shu shu3 日 前

    미쳤다 나 준이랑 디에잇 보고 눈 못 뗌 왜케 춤 잘 춰???? 사람이야??????