Choose Your FATE Riddles To Help You Escape!


  1. Erika Lira

    Erika Lira8 時間 前

    Aré they going out....just started watching her

  2. michelle ashley

    michelle ashley23 時間 前


  3. michelle ashley

    michelle ashley23 時間 前


  4. michelle ashley

    michelle ashley23 時間 前


  5. Owynn Uber

    Owynn Uber2 日 前

    10:32 Kassie:"Ron Ron Ron weasly!" Me:wait whut

  6. Azka Azhar

    Azka Azhar2 日 前

    Am I the only one who loves Kassie’s witch laugh and talk?😂😂💕

  7. Acient Maya

    Acient Maya2 日 前

    Gloom why are you always so PRETTY and SMART ?

  8. Ultimate Gamer863

    Ultimate Gamer8632 日 前

    15:45 but you cant go through door 3 because its gonna be solid now, blocking the door

  9. Yes Insertlennyface

    Yes Insertlennyface2 日 前

    How can you wake up dead? In a bed?

  10. Crystal Macias

    Crystal Macias2 日 前

    Or that girl in jail could just kick down the door 🚪

  11. Crystal Macias

    Crystal Macias2 日 前

    The girl in that jail could just slip Through the bars cause look 👀 that girl in that jail is dumb

  12. The Blackouts

    The Blackouts3 日 前

    7:33 Cassie is so funny warming it up in the Microwave I was dying

  13. ipshita kaushik

    ipshita kaushik3 日 前

    My dog is a ROTTWILER



    i love you kassie

  15. Little Legend

    Little Legend4 日 前

    RIP to “billions of years of evolutionary advancement, And then we have Kassie”

  16. Whitney Simpson

    Whitney Simpson4 日 前

    Kasy says she doesn’t want nick to be killed because he is her ex boyfriend

  17. Dyograph

    Dyograph4 日 前

    Do they mean 7 pm and 5 pm

  18. Dyograph

    Dyograph4 日 前

    Did anyone realise that they said 7 am and 5 am???

  19. darkness angel

    darkness angel4 日 前

    I'll give you a riddle "How many tickles dose it make a octopus laugh?" Answer↓ "Ten -tickles " "tentacles"

  20. Marsh ;-;

    Marsh ;-;5 日 前

    I thought scorpions were venomous not poisonous.

  21. Pearl Vang

    Pearl Vang5 日 前


  22. Shadow Foxy

    Shadow Foxy6 日 前

    My teachers name is bob 🤣🤣🤣

  23. Kp0pped My Seoul

    Kp0pped My Seoul6 日 前

    “ 1214 “ was the answer to a riddle and thats also my birthday December 14

  24. Dani Bouche

    Dani Bouche6 日 前

    Jay:we love waking up dead in bed

  25. Rossie Ramirez

    Rossie Ramirez6 日 前

    HOW is the lava not burning the barrel!!!!!?!?!!?!!!!!!!

  26. Rossie Ramirez

    Rossie Ramirez6 日 前


  27. Lonpardub White

    Lonpardub White6 日 前


  28. Lonpardub White

    Lonpardub White6 日 前

    Oliver did it.

  29. Lonpardub White

    Lonpardub White6 日 前

    Mrs soames or Mrs sunders

  30. Lonpardub White

    Lonpardub White6 日 前

    The lavawould be melted buy then.

  31. Lonpardub White

    Lonpardub White6 日 前


  32. Jenine Benjamine

    Jenine Benjamine7 日 前

    Way did jay by meen to nick

  33. sara cara

    sara cara7 日 前

    How about u just peek in the door and see which one is safe.right?

  34. David Nguyen

    David Nguyen8 日 前

    2:50 I think the color corresponds to the fruit so 1 apple 2 strawberry 1 I don't know and 4 bananas so it's 1214

  35. David Nguyen

    David Nguyen8 日 前

    I choose door b

  36. David Nguyen

    David Nguyen8 日 前

    I mean I was right

  37. David Nguyen

    David Nguyen8 日 前

    Door 3 I mean she might not hold a grudge against you and fight the tiger

  38. David Nguyen

    David Nguyen8 日 前

    The man who got shot that's my answer

  39. David Nguyen

    David Nguyen8 日 前

    Door 3 it was a week ago ha a week ago

  40. Ryanz_Gamez

    Ryanz_Gamez8 日 前

    Whyz therez alwayz an deadz peoplez inz thiz kindz of videoz

  41. Strawberry Cindy

    Strawberry Cindy8 日 前


  42. Strawberry Cindy

    Strawberry Cindy8 日 前

    I Will Hack You

  43. Strawberry Cindy

    Strawberry Cindy8 日 前

    I’m 16

  44. Jaime Sotelo

    Jaime Sotelo8 日 前

    Kassie love your vids and Azzys watch u every day

  45. francis quek

    francis quek9 日 前

    Come get ur lava soup 🍲 just put it in a microwave🍲

  46. Tsundere Wolf

    Tsundere Wolf9 日 前

    Everyone: EWWWW A CREEPY STALKER GUY Me: well if its like pregame shuichi, komaeda, or kamakura then i mean ahem

  47. Elena_KH123

    Elena_KH12310 日 前

    You know what? People are dumb YOU HAVE TO SEE THE BLOOD TEST IT AND THE DNA 🧬 BOOM! NOTHING ELSE TO DO? EH?..... P.S It’s only for people who killed the person!......,NO JUDGMENTS!

  48. Someone that doesn't matter

    Someone that doesn't matter10 日 前

    No one: Me and my guy best friend:

  49. stylistevferris

    stylistevferris10 日 前

    Jay likes you you like Jay Just man up And be with Jay. Or He likes you You like him Just come on And break up with Terry I love ya but HE WITH JAY DUMP THAT WEASEL TERRY I HATE TERRY

  50. Dixie Lynn

    Dixie Lynn11 日 前


  51. ButterflyGirl66E

    ButterflyGirl66E11 日 前

    Let’s all just take a moment to look at the paused image at 5:40 (Idk why)

  52. Alicia Lim

    Alicia Lim11 日 前

    6:59 I did not see the answer yet so uh is it lava? because wouldn't it melt the container?

  53. the GG and Marine show

    the GG and Marine show11 日 前

    For riddle number two I thought that all the colors are in the rainbow so for example I will take strawberries strawberries are red and red is the first color in the rainbow that's basically what I thought

  54. Gabriela Mendoza

    Gabriela Mendoza11 日 前

    4:18 waking up dead? How can u wake up if ur dead? 😂

  55. Ann awesome

    Ann awesome11 日 前

    3:13 I’m 10 I knew that before she did

  56. bharathy80

    bharathy8013 日 前

    It’s 5366

  57. Danielle Zilly

    Danielle Zilly13 日 前

    It’s 7am where I am and it’s bright out here

  58. Ning Ren

    Ning Ren13 日 前


  59. Lakmina Ariyaratne

    Lakmina Ariyaratne13 日 前


  60. 18GachaWolfy Oceania

    18GachaWolfy Oceania13 日 前

    Literally every single video of these... “Stan was found Dead at the restraunt” it is ALWAYS “Someone was found dead in the” . Oof.

  61. Holly Kerr

    Holly Kerr14 日 前

    I got the lava protection one. Did u? Gloom didn't and I am a lot younger than them

  62. nupsu lps

    nupsu lps14 日 前

    oh. i tought it would be 51046, like 5=apple 10=strawberry 4=plum 6=banana

  63. ????????

    ????????16 日 前

    Phoebe got arroasted

  64. Alyssa Garrison

    Alyssa Garrison16 日 前

    15;35 triple sec

  65. Quliey The goddess hybrid

    Quliey The goddess hybrid16 日 前

    It’s her shadow she doesn’t have foundation well maybe