China sees zero domestic Covid-19 cases for third day, but imported coronavirus infections surge


  1. Leonardo Rivera

    Leonardo Rivera11 時間 前

    Tedros is like Fauci; no matter how corrupt, they never pay.

  2. Kananjalan ID

    Kananjalan ID4 日 前

    China : celebrate.... World : thank you, we are tired.

  3. Biggus Diccus

    Biggus Diccus6 日 前

    China is definitely lying about their numbers people who believe Chinese media must be extremely gullible

  4. John Gilmour

    John Gilmour6 日 前

    they use their new dictionary, to give things new names, to hide the truth in my opinion! and trudeau, is being played by china, like the yo-yo he is! in my opinion!

  5. Cory Carr

    Cory Carr8 日 前

    That’s China folks. Alllll about them

  6. Zubair Siddiqui

    Zubair Siddiqui8 日 前

    so luckkyyy

  7. Kittipat Ekpiyanant

    Kittipat Ekpiyanant10 日 前

    We're hope for vaccine but is that zero reliable ? because communist isn't trustworthy as democracy , Don't be concealed and stop lying but I respect for the doctors and nurses all around the World 🙏❤️

  8. ItzAnthony

    ItzAnthony12 日 前

    We hate China:D

  9. Miguel Noble

    Miguel Noble12 日 前

    This July there is no more Coronavirus

  10. samiul Hazarika

    samiul Hazarika12 日 前


  11. H Jarra

    H Jarra12 日 前

    Dog and cat eating Liars

  12. H Jarra

    H Jarra12 日 前


  13. Vincent Lee

    Vincent Lee13 日 前

    the Chinese government mistreated the doctors and nurses when the covid started, now it acts as if it respects the doctors and nurses ....the government is the two - faces .

  14. Gaji Jasmin

    Gaji Jasmin13 日 前

    Chain has responsible too these covid 19 No one forgive chaina..Never bee

  15. Gaji Jasmin

    Gaji Jasmin13 日 前

    Never delet my comment... Channel

  16. Mariel Hernandez

    Mariel Hernandez14 日 前

    2nd wave is coming :(

  17. Memarthio

    Memarthio14 日 前

    *CHINA'S MALARIA POWER: China is very clever in their fight against Western virology which has broken international forensic laws of chemistry in the WHO. The UN's UNAIDS is the biggest culprit in Virology! Malaria Medicine is ancient tradition in China, and the word "CHINA" means "chemistry" in Chinese. Only with bio-chemistry can you fight any disease under forensic laws. Virologists are forbidden by law to issue false death numbers independent of police forensic laws. The WEST has abused it's position in the UN by using the UNAIDS to put Africa in debt, - China has vested interests in Africa, and will remove the UNAIDS with whatever means possible to alleviate financial problems in the African Union. ***

  18. H Jarra

    H Jarra12 日 前

    Lie cheat and steal is more like it.

  19. Peniel Rothi

    Peniel Rothi16 日 前

    This channel is deleting comments


    LDR RANDOM pRO16 日 前

    Its the first country to recover from covid-19 And us still challenging it



    China ur future is not bright.

  22. Ebrar Baskın

    Ebrar Baskın17 日 前

    Çinliler ağzınızı kıriyim

  23. Bipin Lama

    Bipin Lama18 日 前

    Do you even know how many people around the world are in trouble?

  24. hazel estrebello

    hazel estrebello18 日 前

    is pandemic really over in china i heard it on my cousin

  25. Anand Powerlifting

    Anand Powerlifting18 日 前

    Folks: Just Support Hong Kong Protesters, Tibet & 🇹🇼🇹🇼🇹🇼Taiwan 🇹🇼🇹🇼🇹🇼🇹🇼Taiwan is the future of China🇹🇼🇹🇼🇹🇼👍 And DO NOT BUY ANYTHING MADE IN CCP CHINA. Chinese Citizens denounce oppression and china virus coverups & criminality by Chinese Communist Party

  26. capitalismforme

    capitalismforme18 日 前

    China is engaged in the same manipulation they've practiced for years. What an evil government.

  27. Money counter 555

    Money counter 55519 日 前

    USA crying in the corner

  28. ReyCloud9

    ReyCloud922 日 前

    China Active Cases: 200+

  29. Mike Sollows

    Mike Sollows22 日 前

    China will destroy all others over time

  30. Jayesh Ingole

    Jayesh Ingole22 日 前

    Tumchay may chi gandd

  31. nika bubuteishvili

    nika bubuteishvili22 日 前

    No chinia

  32. Hunter Long

    Hunter Long22 日 前

    Let international investigators in to see what happened.

  33. Andrew Suh

    Andrew Suh23 日 前

    China did have the biggest and the most quarantine the world has ever seen and they currently have the most mask and protective gear manufacturing in the world

  34. Zyra Lois Simpas

    Zyra Lois Simpas24 日 前

    Sana All

  35. Ken O

    Ken O24 日 前

    Can’t ever trust anything this country says.....

  36. Zang ha

    Zang ha22 日 前


  37. X Chopchop

    X Chopchop25 日 前

    I went shopping yesterday and ate and did everything as usual. My friend stayed over. The mall was full of people, it’s true things are going back to normal. I still got my temperature taken several times, a few exits at the mall was closed though

  38. dirtbagdarrell2008

    dirtbagdarrell200826 日 前

    They killed all the infected, or they have a cure. Which one?

  39. dirtbagdarrell2008

    dirtbagdarrell200826 日 前


  40. Rushil Nandania

    Rushil Nandania26 日 前

    Fuxk u China you gave the pandemic to the whole world and now we are trapped in our houses... once again fuxk u China

  41. Zewditu Telila

    Zewditu Telila27 日 前

    Stop this virus this in silly you get everyone sick in the world

  42. Zewditu Telila

    Zewditu Telila27 日 前


  43. Sandeep singh

    Sandeep singh27 日 前




    They are responsible,n They are safe,,and the rest of us abut are paying for them

  45. Pritz P

    Pritz P27 日 前

    China is celebrating now while the world is still suffering from their mess!!! Wow. Send the Coronavirus back to China where it belongs!

  46. Nishit sathe

    Nishit sathe28 日 前

    This country has spread the virus all over the world

  47. Big Bang Attack4561

    Big Bang Attack456128 日 前

    If you believe/believed this then I don't really know what to say

  48. Theodoris Costa

    Theodoris Costa29 日 前

    Lies. China is full of it.

  49. 6MM 25

    6MM 2529 日 前

    China: celebrates Rest of the earth: dying

  50. MrStallion777

    MrStallion77712 日 前

    bunch of liars. Only 84,000 cases?

  51. Josiah Wong

    Josiah Wong18 日 前

    Anand Powerlifting narrow minded person

  52. Anand Powerlifting

    Anand Powerlifting18 日 前

    Folks: China lies too !!! Just Support Tibet & 🇹🇼🇹🇼🇹🇼Taiwan 🇹🇼🇹🇼🇹🇼🇹🇼Taiwan is the future of China🇹🇼🇹🇼🇹🇼👍 And DO NOT BUY ANYTHING MADE IN CCP CHINA. Chinese Citizens denounce oppression and china virus coverups & criminality by Chinese Communist Party

  53. Zubair Siddiqui

    Zubair Siddiquiヶ月 前

    Big clap for china

  54. Paul Jake Dado

    Paul Jake Dadoヶ月 前

    China always care about their country they dont even care the mother nature other country's have been quarantined for 1 months like my country I just want to say #FuckChina Btw no celebration till earth is fully recovered they celebrating but virus can somewhere they don't know if its gone or not

  55. Ivan Bellman

    Ivan Bellmanヶ月 前

    Ok... so these are lies... why is allowed to be up?






    Tang Ina nyo...

  58. Marvin Samson

    Marvin Samsonヶ月 前

    China ncov free na 🤣.. putang Ina . Tapos Yung ibang mga bansa at pinas .padami pa nang padami.. dapat sa China bigyan nang air strike nang ibat ibang Bansa. Ok Sana si pres.du30 Ang kaso nakakaawa.number 1 followers nang China .. pag China Ang dahilan or may gusto kunin sa pinas or kamkamin. Mouth Close siya . Pero dito sa pinas Kong makapag mura at mag papatay nang Tao ganun nalang. Kakawawang pinas halos hawak na nang China .. du30 buksan mo Mata mo. Sa ating mga Pinoy Ang pinas . Pero parang Tayo Ang nakikitira .. Ilan Chinese naba Ang Nan dito sa pinas. Ang dami na sila Lang Ang nayaman at yayaman pa. Ganito nlng Siguro Ang pinas Sad but true 🙁🙁🙁

  59. B C

    B Cヶ月 前

    Zero domestic case hurh. Nice lovely chinese fairy tale

  60. Jeffrey Nilay

    Jeffrey Nilayヶ月 前

    Mga ulul kaung lahat, mga manloloko, kasinungalingan lahat ng yn, sana maubos kaung lahat s china,at gerahin kau ng mga bansang hinawahan nyo, mga putangina nyong chinese, fuckyouall

  61. Lyn Shin

    Lyn Shinヶ月 前


  62. Trevor Kane

    Trevor Kaneヶ月 前

    China is guilty of killing hundreds of thousands of innocent people.....again.

  63. Trevor Kane

    Trevor Kaneヶ月 前

    Hahaha. No one in the world believes anything China says.

  64. SoulSynergy

    SoulSynergyヶ月 前

    I am very pleased. I am in tears and relieved.

  65. Man Petak

    Man Petakヶ月 前

    coronavirus enter the chat~

  66. Denny De waal

    Denny De waalヶ月 前

    Atmiorration to al of you , in this couse frome start un till now . Ife seen you doing what you did . Love back to you all

  67. suresh vuyyuru

    suresh vuyyuruヶ月 前

    Use indian TERMARIC everyday

  68. suresh vuyyuru

    suresh vuyyuruヶ月 前

    Use indian TERMARIC everyday

  69. mjs1231

    mjs1231ヶ月 前

    False. Remove this video

  70. Ansoumane Toure

    Ansoumane Toureヶ月 前

    Help America China stared it

  71. Sulangki Singha

    Sulangki Singhaヶ月 前

    china had sent infected product in different doubt


    JOKER NOOBヶ月 前

    KONTOL !!! PEMBODOHAN The world

  73. Dmariel Sanz

    Dmariel Sanzヶ月 前


  74. Katie MMB

    Katie MMBヶ月 前

    China is now owning us with health products

  75. jurgën

    jurgënヶ月 前

    china IS the disease

  76. Aaron Young

    Aaron Youngヶ月 前

    Haha we know that's a lie

  77. tashi kun 0.2 CULTURED UPLOADS

    tashi kun 0.2 CULTURED UPLOADSヶ月 前

    Epicenter of virus *did not change count that much*

  78. tashi kun 0.2 CULTURED UPLOADS

    tashi kun 0.2 CULTURED UPLOADSヶ月 前

    I think that its weird that the num didn't change that much

  79. Kyoety

    Kyoetyヶ月 前

    You don’t learn, do you?*

  80. raheel rehmat

    raheel rehmatヶ月 前

    Nice joke

  81. RaconGamingYT

    RaconGamingYTヶ月 前

    Yay corona virus is going down!

  82. ipendot

    ipendotヶ月 前

    a thief always had a positive view of the victim until he sucker punch. lately the victim realize it was nothing more but sweet nothings. china with its government is a double talking idiot, never trust them.

  83. Haley Parrot

    Haley Parrotヶ月 前


  84. Harami Mota

    Harami Motaヶ月 前

    And Chinese ppl don’t have the right to change others religions FYI Muslims Chinese sent to re education camps 😂

  85. Harami Mota

    Harami Motaヶ月 前

    First the virus and now celebrates wow shame on u Chinese cat and dog meat eaters

  86. ma man ma homie

    ma man ma homieヶ月 前

    percent or per cent any news with typo are fake news

  87. Blake Steven

    Blake Stevenヶ月 前

    Wow you guys are so happy while the other states are suffering because of you people from china. More dogs,bats, rats, snakes, etc. Whats next?