Chiaki Nanami Haters Act 2


  1. Addison Duff

    Addison Duff日 前

    I don't hate Chiaki but she was pretty bland. She didn't really do anything in the animation. Also I'm a Komahinananami shipper so it's kind of funny seeing everyone fight over komahina and hinananami

  2. Utsugi.mp4

    Utsugi.mp45 日 前

    "I hate Chiaki Nanami because she gets in the way of Komahina!!" Hajime doesn't even enjoy Nagito's Presence... Your point?

  3. • Pastel Phobia •

    • Pastel Phobia •9 日 前

    Heehee gonna give me opinion on her development I don’t think her “goal” was to become closer with her class, but to become more confident in herself- she does have socialization issues (mostly due to her talent) but I think her arc is more about her self worth, since she did start interacting with her class more, but it seemed as if she was uncomfortable in doing so- when she dies, you can see that she found her self worth and confidence when you found something to actually live for (saving everyone) when she’s going through the execution maze, she becomes more confident and strong in the face of danger. When she’s with Izuru before she dies, she seems upset, but also accomplished because she had been able to break out of her comfort zone, go the extra mile, and become more strong- I also like how she met her goal, but still failed by dying. I would’ve much preferred if she got manipulated by Junko into becoming despair like everyone else, then dies some other way. But I really liked her character in the anime, I like the struggles she had, it’s fun analyzing her

  4. lαzy вlσssσм

    lαzy вlσssσм10 日 前

    If you haven't noticed, half of these people are sharing their opinion on Chiaki and explaining why she's overrated.

  5. Xflare

    Xflare11 日 前

    To all chiaki haters ou there... L O C K. T H E. D O O R S. S L E E P. T I G H T C U Z I'LL B E V I S I T I N G T O N I G H T

  6. 《 Nanami -Chan 》

    《 Nanami -Chan 》13 日 前


  7. 00Finator

    00Finator13 日 前

    Danganronpa V1: * makes the main character loves someone and forces them to love that character * Chiaki haters: i sleep Danganronpa V2: * makes the main character loves someone just like in Danganronpa V1 * Chiaki haters: REAL SHIT

  8. Monokuma

    Monokuma27 日 前

    Chiaki Nanami is a Mary Sue Edit: She is the anime version of pokimane. They are so bland and I don’t get why people like them

  9. • Yumixki •

    • Yumixki •ヶ月 前

    Lol i just like seeing people being dumb when they hate something

  10. Galactic Puppy J.R.

    Galactic Puppy J.R.ヶ月 前

    That moment when you hate both Komahina and Chiaki

  11. pomegranate seed

    pomegranate seedヶ月 前


  12. Madcatanime

    Madcatanimeヶ月 前

    Actually though, I really hate how everyone here says nothing about the *other* reasons for disliking Chiaki. Some of you all are really out here assuming only Komahina shippers don't like her, and so your only way of defending her is just- "Lmao, Komahina shippers" Like- Nah, that's not what the video is about, I'm interested in hearing people's Chiaki defenses, not the petty ship scolders, I'm bored

  13. Casie Kat!

    Casie Kat!2 ヶ月 前

    Okay I ship komahina but anyone who hates on chiaki “bEcAuSe sHe gEtS iN tHe wAy oF kOmAhInA” **Pulls out Tetris block** I won’t hesitate bitch.

  14. Naku

    Naku2 ヶ月 前

    “i hate chiaki nanami because she gets in the way of komahina” the perfect example of what gacha tododeku shipper girls opinions on ochako

  15. Aleksiej Dąbrówka

    Aleksiej Dąbrówka2 ヶ月 前

    The best part of this...comments are more toxic than this video tbh

  16. Aleksiej Dąbrówka

    Aleksiej Dąbrówka2 ヶ月 前

    I don’t like her and i ship komahina BUT WHAT THE FUCK 0:54 WHY?

  17. alex

    alex2 ヶ月 前

    i love kiaki fr without her danganronpa wouldnt be how it is now

  18. Beef Randon

    Beef Randon2 ヶ月 前

    They have no reason to hate her, all they say is she’s over rated, she’s focused on too much. ( these fans are just like mike haters in total drama)

  19. Beef Randon

    Beef Randon2 ヶ月 前

    “One sided love” lol they are all komahina fans that think it’s not one sided love ( hajime HATES Nagito in the game.)

  20. Rosemay Crichton

    Rosemay Crichton3 ヶ月 前

    bodies are about to be discovered kidding. I wouldn't really hate on those haters over a character. Even though she's one my favorite characters, I could see why some people don't really like Chiaki that much. Don't kill me, but.. In my opinion, I think Chiaki and Hajime are a cute pairing

  21. Grayman 2003

    Grayman 20033 ヶ月 前

    Bruh I love both Yamada and Chiaki 😔

  22. this is a name holder

    this is a name holder4 ヶ月 前

    I kinda dislike Komahina, I don’t hate Chiaki but I can see these people’s reasoning. Her personality and design is basic, cool ultimate, she’s over-rated, And the anime focuses too much on her. I like Chiaki but it’s annoying that she’s flawless, there’s so many reasons to hate her.

  23. raecynycear

    raecynycear5 ヶ月 前

    Thoughts on Chiaki: She is one of the most interesting and less complex character in my opinion. Thankfully there’s not so much personality traits. (Since she’s an AI, created by Chihiro.) I don’t dislike her, nor do I like her either. So, I find her as one of the characters I don’t mind. Even though I didn’t play the game, I respect that you like Chiaki, and there’s nothing wrong with disliking her. We all have different opinions. *But if you just dislike Chiaki because of some “ship” please get some help.*

  24. Chiaki Nanami

    Chiaki Nanami5 ヶ月 前

    This is... offensive to say the least

  25. I'm not creative.

    I'm not creative.5 ヶ月 前

    I was legit wearing my chiaki cosplay while watching this

  26. I'm not creative.

    I'm not creative.5 ヶ月 前

    people hate me....

  27. Heri

    Heri5 ヶ月 前

    First time?


    KIET LUONG5 ヶ月 前

    KomaHina is a nice ship and I don’t mind it but it is not canon because Nagito I feel like just plays with everyone’s bullshit in the game and also blamed Hajime in Chapter 3 plus there are not many signs of Nagito actually having romantic feelings for Hajime also I’m pretty sure Hajime and Nagito *HATE* Each other and Chiaki helped Hajime in Chapter 6? I think and Chiaki helped him give back his *HOPE* so I think Hajime and Chiaki is more canon than KomaHina (Sorry no hate I actually love the gay ship but sadly it is not canon why did I even make this comment)

  29. U bi

    U bi6 ヶ月 前

    Hi, I am chamyeel. Do you like Nanami? I like it too. She is a sweet and pretty gamer. After watching the video, some people will feel bad and some will feel the same way. I also felt a little bad as a fan of hers. Others seem to be upset, too, but it's a personal There are characters that you like and don't like. Of course he speaks badly. What you feel is your personality, your thoughts. But this is a personal opinion. Why does one of you hate Nanami? Why? It's personal taste. You can't change it at will.

  30. MiSS BuBbLeBee

    MiSS BuBbLeBee9 ヶ月 前

    I don’t mind it if people hate chiaki since everyone has an opinion, I just hate it when people bash or hate others for liking chiaki

  31. ロボット·keaboo

    ロボット·keaboo9 ヶ月 前

    _what's wrong with humanity_

  32. RP Bird

    RP Bird9 ヶ月 前

    Even I. A video about defending chiaki as a character the comments are still spitting on this one fictional character

  33. Lucy's Animations

    Lucy's Animations10 ヶ月 前

    “ I don’t think Chiaki will someday be with Hajime even if she was still alive.” THEN HOW DO YOU THINK KOMAHINA WILL HAPPEN? I’m pretty sure it’s less of a chance that KomaHina will happen than Chiaki and Hajime ????????

  34. p1xiegf

    p1xiegf10 ヶ月 前

    Serious question do yall actually like chiaki or is it because she's an UWU gamer girl??

  35. Amagidyne

    Amagidyne10 ヶ月 前

    Chiaki is waifubait. But I took the bait

  36. Robo Doggu

    Robo Doggu10 ヶ月 前

    How dare you diss my waifu-

  37. Justin

    Justin年 前

    Its so sad how they are saying Chiaki is a bad person, when in the animation she tried so hard to do anything to see her friends despite the fact that she is so close to death in a dungeon full of traps and her last words made me cry so much. It was so sad how her last wish was to see her friends :[

  38. pee man

    pee man年 前

    not everyone hates chiaki bc of komahina chiaki is literally kyoko but from aliexpress

  39. Kerrow220s

    Kerrow220s年 前

    Chiaki is boring. She has no personality other than "gamer girl so kawaii"

  40. Nezuko Kamado

    Nezuko Kamado年 前


  41. PinkuuRozu

    PinkuuRozu年 前

    Seeing people in comments agreeing with this thing is breaking my heart because I feel ashamed liking chiaki ;------;

  42. I'm Lily

    I'm Lilyヶ月 前

    Same ;-;

  43. Account moved

    Account moved年 前

    People hate her because of komahina!? How dare they komaeda gets in the way of hinanami and she did nothing wrong she fucking died twice

  44. ZD Silva

    ZD Silva年 前

    Did you watch the anime is the real question

  45. Half-Circle Guy#WLM

    Half-Circle Guy#WLM年 前

    Can we all agree that Hifumi needs more love

  46. Half-Circle Guy#WLM

    Half-Circle Guy#WLM年 前

    What if I told you... That I hate both komahina and hinanami? Also Chiaki was already designed to be a fanfave lol

  47. Hatsuko Washi

    Hatsuko Washi年 前

    0:00 why don't ppl say this crap about freaking Monika

  48. SHSL Trash -‿•

    SHSL Trash -‿•ヶ月 前

    She's meant to be creepy.

  49. Nabilla Dwi Ananda

    Nabilla Dwi Ananda年 前

    Did they watch dr3? I see chiaki and hajime have so much fun each other

  50. Nabilla Dwi Ananda

    Nabilla Dwi Ananda年 前

    Hei dude you say komahina? And chiaki block the fucking way? I play the game and both nagito and hajime hate each other

  51. Esork Gonzalez

    Esork Gonzalez年 前

    *K* Iaki

  52. Asfa

    Asfa年 前

    Its okay

  53. kero kero

    kero kero年 前

    istg most of the chiaki haters are fujoshis who praise komahina,, like,, can you not-

  54. Joaquin Jovane

    Joaquin Jovane2 ヶ月 前

    Not most a lot of people have good reasons

  55. shiduasdwia

    shiduasdwia年 前

    'm just gonna go ahead and say i haven't watched the anime, but i heard that she was just too "perfect" in the anime. now as for the game, no she was not useless, but she just stuck out as the character i was supposed to fall in love with. normally i wouldn't mind having characters like that, but they usually have flaws chiaki really doesn't. now then, if you've gone through her free time events, which i have, you'd know she has trouble making friends. though in the main story, is that shown?? no, it isn't.another thing that could be considered a flaw is her falling asleep randomly. this could be a major flaw, but it is not treated like one. her falling asleep at random times is treated as something cute. whenever i see it, it feels like the game is telling me, "oh she falls asleep randomly x3 it'z so cute!!!!" it's just used as something oWO QUiRKy. just to make it clear, i do not hate her because komahina exists. i don't exactly like komahina either. in fact, i don't like komahina nor hinanami so i do not hate her because of other characters .i will admit that she was useful in the trials at times, and she helped to progress the plot so i don't down-right hope she burns in hell. komahina will never be canon owo.

  56. Gabrielle Cunha

    Gabrielle Cunha年 前

    I T 'S S T U P I D

  57. pls_shut_ the_fuck_up

    pls_shut_ the_fuck_up年 前

    "Komahina isn't one-sided" Me: *dies of laughter*

  58. Ag Jr

    Ag Jr年 前

    That last one was the funniest.

  59. OK

    OK年 前

    I agree with the half of these Coments not because of komahina

  60. Oh no!

    Oh no!年 前

    chiaki best waifu

  61. Jordan Fazende

    Jordan Fazende年 前

    like geez guys the poor girl was fucking MUTILATED give her a break.

  62. orbit jimin

    orbit jimin年 前

    i’m honestly not a huge fan of chiaki at all but the person who said “it gets in the way of komahina” makes me cringe so hard. i love komahina with all my heart and half of the fan base is just 9 year old fujoshis. i don’t want little girls being mad because two fictional characters aren’t banging.

  63. Mira 01

    Mira 01年 前

    I will NEVER understand why people hate chiaki...

  64. aesoppu

    aesoppu年 前

    hi did you use an italian text to voice

  65. Akira Himura/ Kin Akiyama

    Akira Himura/ Kin Akiyama年 前

    How is Chiaki creepy?

  66. batwingz

    batwingz年 前

    I agree with the third one. I don't really like her, but I can understand why some people do.

  67. Dani

    Dani年 前

    The lovely amounts of komahina hate and calling komaeda a psychopath (therefore demonizing people with mental disorders and mischaracterizing an amazingly written character) in this comment section are astonishing! 💕

  68. Joaquin Jovane

    Joaquin Jovane2 ヶ月 前

    But you are ignoring the Real problems of chiaki

  69. wolfie the wolf

    wolfie the wolf年 前

    the komahina is a ones sided ship me wrong i'll wait

  70. Sofia Bernasconi

    Sofia Bernasconi2 年 前


  71. KCalero

    KCalero2 年 前

    People who hate on characters for surface level design without even attempting to understand the character themselves are pathetic. That's why I can never take people calling her waifu bait seriously. It's like they just see a girl who has big tits and likes video games and assumes there is nothing more to her character.

  72. KatieRose 1.0

    KatieRose 1.02 年 前

    I like her. Don’t like KomaHina as much. But I like her a little more than some characters.

  73. Little Underscore

    Little Underscore2 年 前

    Komahina is one-sided though.

  74. Stardustcoffee __

    Stardustcoffee __2 年 前

    Please don't hate me for this but my favourite caracter is Chiaki Nanami but i still think that she could have a better backstory and not be such waifu material

  75. arii_chan

    arii_chan2 年 前

    "Komahina isn't one sided" H-have have YOU even played the games!?

  76. Zanca ;P

    Zanca ;P2 年 前

    Chiaki is pure

  77. Flariz

    Flariz2 年 前

    Hmmm shes CLEARY Waifubait, but depise this fact I never felt much of anything towards her character....

  78. Simply A Cactus

    Simply A Cactus2 年 前


  79. franomora

    franomora2 年 前

    If you realized your also a ultimate gamer XD

  80. Ibnu Zacky Sam

    Ibnu Zacky Sam2 年 前


  81. 死 Tr/\y

    死 Tr/\y2 年 前

    *cries AGGRESIVLEY*

  82. Gasuta Wingard

    Gasuta Wingard2 年 前

    0:53 На костер того, кто это написал.

  83. Kumira Pau-chan

    Kumira Pau-chan2 年 前

    0:54 What ... ? Did you seriously put a fricking quote that an anti-komahina wrote (just like so many others in your first vid) to themself quote what they think the majority of Komahina shippers are thinking (which nobody mentioned in your other video) ? You *do* realize that's completely irrelevant, right ? Please, tell me you just found this on whatever website that put everything in quotation and that you did not seriously took this from a Chiaki fan comment just to spread more hate.

  84. Kumira Pau-chan

    Kumira Pau-chan2 年 前

    Thanks for your answer, I seriously freaked out there for a minute.

  85. MaxDoodle

    MaxDoodle2 年 前

    No, someone did actually say. It was from tumblr and he or she was anonymous and there was a post somewhere, but I forgot until I found someone who did quote that anon again. In which yes, it was a fan. But the point of this video is to show that people do dislike Chiaki and not to spread hate. I don't even hate Chiaki myself. Sorry if you found something you thought was irrelevant.

  86. SPLuigee

    SPLuigee2 年 前

    "i hate chiaki nanami because she gets in the way of komahina!!" I have no fucking words.

  87. Canon Gogeta [Vegeta Controlling]

    Canon Gogeta [Vegeta Controlling]2 年 前

    People are strange.

  88. Neater Doughnut

    Neater Doughnut2 年 前

    Most peoples arguments are “she’s just waifu bait and A MARY SUE” like that’s all the arguments I hear. I’m fine with the waifu bait (kinda. even though all the characters are pandering to some kind of person.) I mean like if you hate her fine but like don’t go to far and call her a Mary Sue right off the bat.

  89. A twat

    A twat2 年 前

    The best ship ever made in the entire world. (Not really.) Chiaki x arcade machine

  90. The salty Ocean

    The salty Ocean2 年 前

    Random person: chaiki is a trash wifu :me: YOUR A TRASH WIFU

  91. dfox6222

    dfox62222 年 前

    0:37 Why would you even compare Chiaki to Yamada? :(

  92. Green Velvet

    Green Velvet2 年 前


  93. Kayo Garcia Maquis

    Kayo Garcia Maquis2 年 前

    *K I A K I*

  94. Adrian Mamés García

    Adrian Mamés García2 年 前

    Pero nanami es la mejor del mundo

  95. Save Evans

    Save Evans2 年 前

    wow people are salty af

  96. ana

    ana2 年 前

    I like Komahina but what the actual fuck, why the hell would you hate such a nice character like Chiaki because she "gets in your ship's way"???

  97. Gamerbøi Cøntent

    Gamerbøi Cøntent2 年 前

    The first one triggers me Tbh the whole video triggers me-

  98. Ian Brindley

    Ian Brindley2 年 前

    KomaHinaNami. There, now everyone can finally shut up. It's been 4 years. That was rude. Sorry, but seriously: Ships are meant to be Canon 90% most of the time. (With only few exceptions)

  99. Celestine Buendia

    Celestine Buendia2 年 前

    I agree with most of these. And really, I don’t hate Chiaki. I like her about as much as Akane and Toko.

  100. Primus03

    Primus032 年 前

    Fuck you haters who says chiaki is a terrible person now ill call springtrap to kill all de hater

  101. AM2

    AM22 年 前

    Hinata/Nanami Defense Force, GO

  102. павел ивакин

    павел ивакин2 年 前


  103. YoshNaga

    YoshNaga2 年 前

    Here’s a challenge: find people saying that they hate Gonta. It will be hard because no one hates Gonta. Not even me.

  104. HVegaval

    HVegaval2 年 前

    To be honest,Almost every DanganRonpa characters are mary sue.But Anime!Chiaki is just another level. I also agree that game!Chiaki is quite a waifubait but she’s still one of my faves from SDR2. Also,Even I’m a komahina shipper,I know that it’s one sided.It’s clear that Hajime doesn’t really likes Komaeda.

  105. Jewell Venah

    Jewell Venah2 年 前

    "Almost every DanganRonpa characters are mary sue" They're overpowered but it's hard to call much of them mary sues. They're too flawed and have too many rivalries for that.

  106. The End

    The End2 年 前

    yall watch the anime

  107. Demon Daniel Howell

    Demon Daniel Howell2 年 前

    How ABOUT THIS PEOPLE HAVE THEIR OPINIONS SO JUST LET THEM BE. *cough cough* sorry about that

  108. The new mascot is shit I'm a better mascot.

    The new mascot is shit I'm a better mascot.2 年 前

    The last comment is comedy content. Where did you find that, Tumblr?