Chef Eats More Food Than The Customers | Hell's Kitchen


  1. Emma Grace

    Emma Grace4 時間 前

    i definitely feel like no one actually complains and they just go around giving everyone random lines to make it seem that way 😂

  2. GoogIe

    GoogIe4 時間 前

    matt looks like a chunkier rob riggle with a receding hairline

  3. Jallen Subilan

    Jallen Subilan13 時間 前

    Survival of the fittest

  4. Arjuna

    Arjuna15 時間 前

    The cameraman intensifies the already hot situation

  5. A Jay

    A Jay日 前

    I wonder how Ramsey's kids feel when they watch their dad roast everyone in his sight

  6. A Jay

    A Jay日 前

    How do the customers possibly enjoy their meals whilst listening to Ramsey scream his head off all night?? 😭😭

  7. Callah Raji

    Callah Raji日 前

    what are those plates made of

  8. Nick Endres

    Nick Endres日 前

    I love how they say they don’t take disrespect from Gordon then take it when he says it face to face, and when being interviewed then they talk shit

  9. jacob lawson

    jacob lawson日 前

    4:46 gordon said schmuck before 2019. he invented the word

  10. MrJobofo

    MrJobofo日 前

    The first one isn’t cocky she’s just being the average black person.

  11. R. M

    R. M日 前

    There is no way I'd work for or with him.i like the dude.but no way

  12. SharaShaymin

    SharaShaymin日 前

    1:18 He couldn't even come up with an insult for the second chef. What perfect set of steps do you have to take so that he can't think of an insult??

  13. Richard 1908

    Richard 19082 日 前

    If gordon is bitten by a mosquito the mosquito would explode because of his blood pressure

  14. Zombycow

    Zombycow2 日 前

    "SHUT IT DOWN, TURN IT OFF!!!!" All the electricity in the city shuts off Fires all around the world go out The sun goes black

  15. gacha 28 street

    gacha 28 street2 日 前

    That remember me to Raj the crazy man idk how did he enter the competition

  16. Norma M.

    Norma M.2 日 前

    How has no one injured Ramsay

  17. Nisha Yadav

    Nisha Yadav2 日 前

    should i feel bad for stuffing my face wid chips nd laughing like a retard seal while watching dis?🙈

  18. Sean

    Sean2 日 前

    When has Jen ever, ever acted humbly? When?

  19. Fusionz Plays

    Fusionz Plays2 日 前

    1:37 lol

  20. Fusionz Plays

    Fusionz Plays2 日 前

    3:33 lol

  21. sssloe

    sssloe2 日 前

    _0 seconds in_ *it's fucking raw*

  22. Omar Sanchez

    Omar Sanchez2 日 前

    the mental abuse though, there’s probably a NDA they sign

  23. Malcolm Meikle

    Malcolm Meikle2 日 前

    It’s funny tho because Gordon is the last line of defence, so should he not spot that a streaks under or over? 😂😂

  24. Daxia James

    Daxia James3 日 前

    I am so stressed just from watching the show but it's like an addictive stress

  25. cessy _

    cessy _3 日 前

    these customers are getting on my nerves, I mean it's hell's kitchen standards over fast service.

  26. An Intelligent Cookie

    An Intelligent Cookie3 日 前

    I wouldn't be able to spend 5 minutes as a Hell's Kitchen chef. I'd be on the floor crying in a fetal position.

  27. walkero

    walkero4 日 前

    How Gordon still rich? Lol

  28. Leonardosxcrush uwu

    Leonardosxcrush uwu4 日 前

    Hes so angry omg 😂

  29. Adnan Chowdhury

    Adnan Chowdhury4 日 前

    Which season is this one?

  30. Austin B

    Austin B4 日 前

    People go here and expect it to be good 😭😂

  31. Kisam YT

    Kisam YT4 日 前

    That fucking Gordon ramsay is stupid You saying bad words for no reason And do be mean

  32. Atik Ananto

    Atik Ananto5 日 前

    Plot Twist: John Wick used Mr Gordon's pencil to kill Goons

  33. Rollerskating Hippo

    Rollerskating Hippo5 日 前

    I love how Gordon Ramsay screams and kicks stuff over when hes mad or impatient when Simon Cowell is ever so calm and cussing out people he doesn't like

  34. Nano Villa

    Nano Villa5 日 前

    “and you” - continues to stare at her in disgust because he is so furious he can’t even put an insult together lol . i love gr

  35. Cortez The Infinite

    Cortez The Infinite5 日 前


  36. Hendry Salvador

    Hendry Salvador5 日 前

    Foo rosann is my type bruh

  37. Kosmonomicon

    Kosmonomicon6 日 前

    Maitre d ': "It's a little raw for the gentlemen" Chef Gordon: "uH fUCkiN HELL"

  38. Asterix S

    Asterix S6 日 前

    Me staring at feminists 1:37

  39. Chris Reifel

    Chris Reifel6 日 前

    I feel so bad for that girl I mean I just want to give her a big hug

  40. Vad Zaborowsky

    Vad Zaborowsky6 日 前

    LOL omg those customers....."I want food" fuck that!! I would LOVE to be there for the entertainment value alone! The food is a bonus that's it lol.

  41. Gabriel Nascimento

    Gabriel Nascimento6 日 前

    Ah yes, enjoying a meal with your family and hearing Gordon Ramsey yelling at someone

  42. Zackery817

    Zackery8176 日 前

    “There’s no food coming out yet” hmmm I wonder what you should do about that *tell the chefs work harder *get more chefs “...let’s serve more water”

  43. Zechy's Channel

    Zechy's Channel6 日 前

    Gordon Ramsey words is too much!

  44. Rodrigo Leite

    Rodrigo Leite6 日 前

    Why is gordon ramsay a walking desridpectfull peace of shit?

  45. Black Knightz

    Black Knightz6 日 前

    "In this line of work you gotta have thick skin cause the thicker your skin is the more you'll learn and the further you'll go"

  46. David Mccrindle

    David Mccrindle6 日 前

    Jen is so cocky

  47. Naturally Me.

    Naturally Me.6 日 前

    I would bring snacks if I was a costumer 😂cause they already know it might take long

  48. Yes Ma’am

    Yes Ma’am6 日 前

    3:36 she literally just got burnt on the hand?? What did that man expect her to do??

  49. Mario Montilla

    Mario Montilla6 日 前

    1:21 Ramsay: "And you!" *can't think of a good enough roast* "Yeah"..

  50. ellie k.

    ellie k.7 日 前

    jean phillippe is so humble lol

  51. Louis Mendez

    Louis Mendez7 日 前

    Man how tf does Jen think she's in a position to be respected by Ramsay while fucking up all kinds of dishes 💀

  52. veggiesaremurder

    veggiesaremurder7 日 前

    Cooking shellfish and regular fish in the same pan is inexcusable. Shellfish allergies are extremely serious. Bobby could've killed someone.

  53. Lidia Martin

    Lidia Martin7 日 前

    Nadie: Absolutamente nadie: Ramsay pegando a la basura como un niño pequeño

  54. Sassy_Muffin

    Sassy_Muffin7 日 前

    Never understood why no one comments on how disrespectful Ramsey is. The way he insults people and shouts at them in their face, I could neverrrrrrrrrrrr tolerate that!

  55. Ghazi Hatk

    Ghazi Hatk7 日 前

    I would die to know why there's always a pencil on Gordon's Ear

  56. Joseph Consoli

    Joseph Consoli7 日 前

    I worked in a kitchen once in my life down south and can say that chef's are temperamental A-holes and treat the young help like what comes out of them. It's one of the worst jobs out there for a young person to start with. It got so bad that when I left, I came in dressed to nines right before my shift started, got my check, and quit on the spot. Yes, there was yelling and cursing, but I walked out of the place feeling like Zorro! :) I can bet they never hired a Sicilian New Yorker again! LOL

  57. M A X X M U S S

    M A X X M U S S7 日 前

    Telo ah

  58. Joyce Noneya

    Joyce Noneya8 日 前

    6:13 😂 (Matt Eating The Food & Gets Chewed Out By Ramsey) Girl: "Matt Are You Kidding Me?" Gordon Ramsay: "Bring Your Ass Here. Your Next."

  59. Itz Charge

    Itz Charge8 日 前

    This was the most pathetic season

  60. Cecilia Aguilar

    Cecilia Aguilar8 日 前

    I know for a fact my sensitive ass would have cried if he yelled at me. Lol 😂

  61. foxy.

    foxy.8 日 前

    "The wait is too long!!"

  62. Roma

    Roma8 日 前

    Imagine going to eat at Hell's Kitchen, notorious for the reality show, and bitching about waiting too long for your food. You knew what you were getting into when you decided to go, dude

  63. Suhrud Bangal

    Suhrud Bangal8 日 前

    Chef eats food at :06:30

  64. Esther Lian

    Esther Lian9 日 前

    Chefs: gets yelled at* Me: I would cry already!😭

  65. Geoffrey

    Geoffrey9 日 前

    I dont think i can be able to work for ramsy,if he yelled in my face it can easily turn into a fist fight.

  66. Anthony Tran

    Anthony Tran9 日 前

    Never seen people complain about food so much, just wait and have a conversation with your others like a normal person

  67. Dan

    Dan9 日 前

    Matt is one of the biggest douchebags I’ve ever seen

  68. Erick Torres

    Erick Torres9 日 前

    I like how he treats people thats the way to show them whos the boss.

  69. Hinata Patata

    Hinata Patata9 日 前

    Fuck off to the medic then

  70. Alopex Lagopus

    Alopex Lagopus10 日 前

    The customers are so annoying! They know what goes on and still they complain about the wait, like bro. You know what you were going into

  71. rebecca xx

    rebecca xx10 日 前

    literally me in a kitchen

  72. S. Haziq

    S. Haziq11 日 前

    I love watching American afraid of a one British guy

  73. Thamilol

    Thamilol11 日 前

    What did the customer think tho like there over 50 people thinking they can create 50 dishes in like 10 minutes lol also when the girl burned her hand I felt so sorry for her (even if this was like two years ago )

  74. Babu Frik

    Babu Frik11 日 前

    Matt is hilarious. Always bumbling around

  75. Mountain Dews

    Mountain Dews11 日 前

    id complain just to see gordon scream at the cooks id be paying for entertainment and not for the food I hope I get a front row seat!

  76. The Unknown

    The Unknown12 日 前

    1:31 dang I felt that

  77. T&S Podcast

    T&S Podcast12 日 前

    This is the most military cooking show ever

  78. Mahbus

    Mahbus12 日 前

    Its raww

  79. Фотихбек Отабоев

    Фотихбек Отабоев12 日 前

    Все ебаное шоу построено на унижении, оскорблении и отсутствии хоть капли уважения ко всем участникам, включая клиентов.

  80. Scott Aznavourian

    Scott Aznavourian12 日 前

    Either gordon takes downers now or fox told him to tone it down in later seasons. Not talking about the cursing (which is bleeped on tv) but he actually treats his chefs more like humans even while chewing them out

  81. 0five two4

    0five two412 日 前

    Matt is just like Raj