Cheetos Makeup... Is It Jeffree Star Approved?!


  1. Me Too

    Me Too18 時間 前

    Since she didn't have exclusivity you should not open your mouth

  2. Me Too

    Me Too18 時間 前

    act like you care about Latina's Unless they copy your pathetic brand of clown makeup

  3. Me Too

    Me Too18 時間 前

    You're so annoying Jeffrey how is it feel to be canceled

  4. Me Too

    Me Too18 時間 前

    1 media you didn't even try it what's the point then I sat here through this whole video to watch you put lip gloss on your wrist and then throw a fit like a baby

  5. Me Too

    Me Too18 時間 前

    The point is just because she's Latina doesn't make a difference who cares

  6. Subha Nair

    Subha Nair20 時間 前

    I smh feel like that eyeshadow is hot and it's gonna sting the skin.

  7. Athena&Rosie playz Playz

    Athena&Rosie playz Playz日 前

    Jeffree: I don’t like Cheetos shhhh🤫 Me:gurl you just told 17.7 million subscribers Lol 😂

  8. THE 5

    THE 5日 前

    i love the eyeshadow

  9. M Kevona

    M Kevona日 前

    does anyone else feel like putting the flamin hot cheeto makeup looks like it would make our faces burn? no? just me? okay

  10. katie Wilkinson

    katie Wilkinson2 日 前

    I thought when he smelt the lip stick i though he was going to say it smelt like Cheetos 😂😂

  11. All_in_one_jj

    All_in_one_jj4 日 前

    Jeffrey my queen I promise I'm not hating but,where r ur eyebrows

  12. xXxHALODOGxXx

    xXxHALODOGxXx4 日 前

    1:39 all the way to 1:55 is basically what all the girls say to me smh 😭

  13. Khloe Riley

    Khloe Riley5 日 前


  14. Kinsley L

    Kinsley L6 日 前

    Who else LOVES Jeffree star 💫🤍🤍

  15. tayrona paradise

    tayrona paradise6 日 前

    Siempre me a gustado los cheetos 😋😋😋😋😋😘

  16. Carlton Schrimsher

    Carlton Schrimsher8 日 前

    You should do video of trying kids full face of makeup

  17. Bunny And Barry

    Bunny And Barry8 日 前

    Me the hole time*💁🙆🤷*

  18. IKEA Dog

    IKEA Dog8 日 前

    I stopped shopping at forever 21After this

  19. Harper Burgert

    Harper Burgert8 日 前

    No ur not at 18 min anymore

  20. Waalin Zaid

    Waalin Zaid8 日 前

    Is it just me or when he says 'hi how are you' is satisfying

  21. Nathaly Marquez

    Nathaly Marquez9 日 前

    "WHOAAAAAA" My poor ears.

  22. Ameira Archa

    Ameira Archa9 日 前

    If only I could slay ur hair girl I would look wack

  23. Abrielle Tyler

    Abrielle Tyler9 日 前

    Can we all just take a second to appreciate how Jeffery can do makeup in a white robe. : )

  24. Aycel Ahmed

    Aycel Ahmed9 日 前

    I love your videos but I just saw that you lost 100,000 subscribers

  25. Grace's Glamour

    Grace's Glamour9 日 前


  26. Gracyn Church

    Gracyn Church10 日 前

    Taco bell should make a makeup line. If they do Jeffrey should review it.

  27. fgteev fan

    fgteev fan10 日 前

    Jeffrey he is the funniest youtuber

  28. Carola Nass

    Carola Nass10 日 前

    omg jeffree i love sour cream and onion ruffles and cheezeits too!!!!!!!!!

  29. Erin BookNut

    Erin BookNut10 日 前

    Jeffree: Im going to shut up now... Me: Not likely.

  30. MFBTV

    MFBTV11 日 前

    jeffreestar your amazing

  31. sstarrz -

    sstarrz -11 日 前


  32. Savannah Anderson

    Savannah Anderson11 日 前

    I just started watching so idk

  33. Savannah Anderson

    Savannah Anderson11 日 前

    Where’s ur eye brows....??

  34. Peachyxlila

    Peachyxlila11 日 前

    when he put the "gloss" on his lips \he looked likee a 40 yro woman- ;>;

  35. A&M C&W

    A&M C&W11 日 前

    i hate chedos to

  36. jmg 544

    jmg 54411 日 前

    Donald Trump should sue giving away his secrets.

  37. 100 subs with no videos challenge

    100 subs with no videos challenge12 日 前


  38. Muhammad Khan

    Muhammad Khan12 日 前

    Is he she boy or girl

  39. Tatiana Baigorria

    Tatiana Baigorria2 日 前

    Is just jefree

  40. Tanya Bouch

    Tanya Bouch12 日 前

    I love your dog 🐕

  41. Alejandra BevilAcqua

    Alejandra BevilAcqua12 日 前

    i love how i saw the consperisie theirie palet in the reflection lol

  42. D S

    D S13 日 前

    Oh I fucking LOVE your hair colour! It reminds me of strawberry sorbet with vanilla ice cream :)

  43. Jaime Anderson

    Jaime Anderson13 日 前

    Jeffree: “I haven’t seen or opened the products yet”. . Jeffree’s Twitter: “should I review this product?” *literally with a pic of an opened Cheeto palatte*😗😗

  44. Angie Smith

    Angie Smith13 日 前

    Jefree: I have only tried Cheetos once Me:*throws phone* guys im literally dying

  45. Angel danyelle

    Angel danyelle14 日 前

    bruh forever 21 has cute clothes sometimes, but im not gonna continue to shop there😭

  46. Desarie Gallardo

    Desarie Gallardo14 日 前

    whos here in 2020????

  47. Krys Tucker

    Krys Tucker14 日 前

    Hey is there anyway I can talk to you personally I'm sure a lot of people say that to you but I have a reason to I think you were friends with my brother that did what he did to his self in January Who Sold real estate in Beverly Hills and I would like to talk to you

  48. Trinity Urban

    Trinity Urban14 日 前

    “COME BACK GURL” - Jeffery Star 2020

  49. Nyles Shelton

    Nyles Shelton15 日 前

    ok we can hate because they're shady, but the pigment is real.

  50. Grecia Perea

    Grecia Perea15 日 前

    😂😂😂😂🤣😂🤣😂 I can’t with her, this video it’s my favorite so far. FYI the bronzer reminds me of Kylies cosmetics 🤔😅

  51. B u t t e r c u p A r t

    B u t t e r c u p A r t15 日 前

    His tattoos are so unique! I love them

  52. singyee neo

    singyee neo15 日 前


  53. Aurelliana Rujan

    Aurelliana Rujan16 日 前



    PARK JIMIN16 日 前

    She is so famous but the way she talk to us is like we are same as him

  55. Miss Immigrant

    Miss Immigrant16 日 前

    Great film. Open Miss Immigrant USA website and join our community to proudly represent Immigrants. We always welcome new contestants, volunteers, ambassadors.

  56. Dark Roses

    Dark Roses16 日 前

    Me: * see’s the pallet * you gunna finish that?? Lol

  57. Just a monkey with internet access

    Just a monkey with internet access16 日 前

    Hot cheeto girls: 😳😌🖐💸💰💵 take it

  58. kyla tordera

    kyla tordera16 日 前

    Am I the only one who was concerned that the flamin hot eyeshadow was gonna burn😳🤣

  59. Kaydence Simpson

    Kaydence Simpson16 日 前

    Same I don’t really like Cheetos

  60. Tiny Tokyo

    Tiny Tokyo16 日 前

    as I’m watching this I literally forgot I was eating Cheetos :3 ..

  61. Mallory Hatfield

    Mallory Hatfield17 日 前

    Cheeto girls are QUAKING rn

  62. Bailee McCall

    Bailee McCall17 日 前

    12:00 was PRICELESS!!!

  63. Amelia Kendall

    Amelia Kendall17 日 前

    I really don’t like Cheetos either

  64. Chelsea_ Potato

    Chelsea_ Potato17 日 前

    **me trying to find the cheetos makeup and knowing I'm broke**

  65. C Whalen

    C Whalen17 日 前

    Jeffree: we cant fit all the Gucci bags in the Tesla!!!!!!! Me: rich people problems

  66. the next icarly Monstvilaite Kiezaite

    the next icarly Monstvilaite Kiezaite17 日 前

    Jefree star: Shhhh don't tell anybody Me:Bitch theres thousands of people seing this😂😂

  67. Zuzia Dybel

    Zuzia Dybel17 日 前

    Polska jesteście tutaj ? 😊😂

  68. Vero U

    Vero U18 日 前

    Jeffrey talking about forever 21 going out of business They where just anticipating covid

  69. Glitch Trap

    Glitch Trap18 日 前

    Can you do my nails?

  70. Glitch Trap

    Glitch Trap18 日 前

    Dang that red hair lookin like a hot Cheeto ready to be Eaten

  71. May Jailer

    May Jailer19 日 前

    Sunset the house down

  72. Carmen-Andreea Lozba

    Carmen-Andreea Lozba19 日 前

    How the peachy lip gloss was smelling? One smells like gasoline, the other one nothing, and the third one?...

  73. Bee Violet

    Bee Violet20 日 前

    Every hot cheeto girl needs this

  74. 𝘳ꪗɀꫀꪶꪶ ρꪖꪀꪊꫀꪶꪮ𝘴

    𝘳ꪗɀꫀꪶꪶ ρꪖꪀꪊꫀꪶꪮ𝘴20 日 前

    Omg wut itsl cool

  75. 𝘳ꪗɀꫀꪶꪶ ρꪖꪀꪊꫀꪶꪮ𝘴

    𝘳ꪗɀꫀꪶꪶ ρꪖꪀꪊꫀꪶꪮ𝘴20 日 前

    Al queen me omg

  76. 𝘳ꪗɀꫀꪶꪶ ρꪖꪀꪊꫀꪶꪮ𝘴

    𝘳ꪗɀꫀꪶꪶ ρꪖꪀꪊꫀꪶꪮ𝘴20 日 前

    I mind its cool

  77. Serena Guizar

    Serena Guizar21 日 前

    Is it gasoline or actual makeup??? Someone please answer!

  78. mangachanfan

    mangachanfan21 日 前

    The Riley Rose in my local mall closed too.. i kinda liked that store lol. BTW those palettes look pretty "cheesy" lol. Get it? Lol Ok.. I go now before they throw lettuce at me lol Thanks for keeping us entertained during the Covid crisis Star. We love you.

  79. Ellma Tahia saidur

    Ellma Tahia saidur21 日 前

    am i the only one who is eating cheetos (the flaming hot ones) during this??????

  80. Yusraa Vyadally

    Yusraa Vyadally21 日 前

    I love Cheetos Now I need Cheetos make up

  81. Clara

    Clara21 日 前

    Remember when Garret followed his tutorial and used Cheetos for eyeshadow? Yeah, we need a part 2.

  82. Addi p

    Addi p22 日 前

    No one My dum mind: are they edible? Is it flavored? Does it burn when you put it on?

  83. kristin johnston

    kristin johnston22 日 前

    jesus christ terry